Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alejandro It's about lunch time and there's a bit of a crowd here. Most of the tables are occupied and the bar's crowded. There is one empty seat, however, next to Alejandro, a fellow dressed as though for a business meeting. He's got a glass of whiskey and an open menu on the bar top in front of him so he can make a decision regarding what he'll have to eat. After making his choice he closes the menu and waits patiently for a server while enjoying his drink.
Natalya Natalya walks into the bistro and stops near the door, looking around at the somewhat crowded place. She sees a seat and ignoring the stares that inevitability turn her way, she stalks toward it, a slight limp on her left side. She slides into the seat, taps the bar with two fingers. She glances around for a moment, sees the menu in front of Alejandro and plucks it up with two fingers, opening it to point to something when the bartender arrives. After the man behind the bar moves off she drops the menu back in fron tof Alejandro and waits.
Alejandro The... interesting looking woman who sits next to him gets a contemplative look from Alejandro. But he doesn't look at her for too long, instead calling the bartender's way and speaking in French to order something for himself. And then his attention returns to the Natalya, along with a nod, "Bonjour, madamoiselle." He's clearly not bothered by her presence, especially as the place is so full, but he appears curious.
Natalya A moment or two passes before Natalya turns to glance at Alejandro, and when she does she studies him, starting at his face and moving down towards his feet. She nods at him and brings up a hand to give a slow wave before turning back to wait for her burger. She snaps twice at the bartender, mimes writing until he hands her a pen and scrawls on her napkin. 'Bring me water too, please?' She then starts to dig her hands in her pockets, looking for her money and when she finds it she slaps it on the counter with a sigh.
Alejandro It's not Alejandro's first time getting checked out. Or sized up, for that matter. He doesn't budge while Natalya looks him over, calmly letting her take her time. Reaching into his suit coat's pocket he extracts a pen and offers it to the woman and says in French, "You can keep this one. I've got plenty." His chin thrusts at her slighty and he asks, "Having a long day?"
Natalya Natalya reads the card and shoves it into her shirt, nodding twice. She spots his whiskey and when the bartender drops off the water she points towards Alejandro's glass and then points at herself, offering a brief grimace that almost looks like a grin. She glances back towards the man who gave her his card and she leans against the bar, watching him, almost as if she is waiting for him to speak.
Alejandro "Alejandro Gutierrez," he tells Natalya, offering his name easily before his hand goes back into his jacket pocket to extract some money. He gestures to the bartender, "I'll buy that drink." Looking rather relaxed he turns back and says, "You've got a lot of interesting scars and you carry yourself with a great deal of confidence. Military, perhaps?" Without looking away he picks up his whiskey and takes a sip.
Natalya Natalya glances down at herself and then back up at Alejandro. She wheezes out a soft laugh and tilts one hand from side to side. Spotting a woman who walks in from outside, carrying an umbrella, Natalya gestures to the item in hand. Her gaze cuts back to Alejandro and she offers a mirthless grin. When the whiskey is set in front of her, she picks it up, takes a drink of it and shudders.
Alejandro "Sort of military is good," Alejandro replies with a faint chuckle of his own, paying close attention to the woman he's speaking with. When she gestures at the umbrella he cocks and eyebrow and a wide grin appears on his face. His vocal volume drops and he leans in a bit closer, "Umbrella trains their employees very well, or so I've gathered. There's work available to you, if you're looking for it." His own whiskey gets picked up, lifted in a bit of a toast, then the remainder is poured smoothly down his throat. Alejandro appears to be a very experienced drinker.
Natalya Natalya gazes at Alejandro as he drinks and when her burger is delivered she starts to pull it apart with her fingers. Every so often she puts one of the pulled apart pieces in her mouth. This goes on for a few minutes and finally she pauses, holding up one of her hands and rubbing her thumb against her first two fingers, raising an eyebrow at Alejandro.
Alejandro Alejandro's own food arrives, a steak. He's not shy about digging into it, either, though he makes sure to keep half an eye on Natalya for when she starts communicating again. There's no hurry to him, working through his food in a way that shows he very much savors the flavors. When Natalya makes her gesture Alejandro nods one time then reaches into his coat for a pen. He smoothly writes down a number on a napkin and slides it her way. "If you're really who you explained you are then this should compensate you adequately. Any specialties you can prove such as combat engineer, sniper, medic, pathfinder or heavy weapons specialist can demand more if you're willing to train troops."
Natalya Natalya gazes down at the napkin, picks up a pen and writes: 'I'm a sniper, and I've got experiences building and setting bombs.' She eyes the number again and almost seems to be considering the figure. After a minute or two she takes another piece of hamburger and nods at Alejandro her eyes measuring him for a few more moments. She picks up the pen again and writes on the napkin one more time : 'I'm in, if you fuck me over, I'll kill you. Keep that in mind.'
Alejandro After carefully watching Natalya think things over, Alejandro leans back a bit and gestures for the bartender to refill his glass. After reading everything she writes he grins at her and says, "Fair enough. We treat our contractors well, you'll find." He takes another bite of his steak before he talks again, "Our time to leave is still being determined, but I would not hesitate to settle any affairs in France while you've got the opportunity to. Should you find yourself needing assistance with anything let me know and I may be able to lend a hand."
Natalya Natalya offers another wheezy laugh and shakes her head. She sweeps her hand and offers a gutteral grunt. She pushes away what is left of her food and finishes her whiskey. She picks up the napkin, tucks it in her shirt with the card and gets to her feet. She stares at Alejandro for a few moments, and then nods, turning to the door and moving to exit.
Alejandro "Au revoir, mi amiga," Alejandro says, happily mixing languages without a care. He watches Natalya go with his lips pressed tightly together, seeming to carefully study her as she walks away. As she exits the establishment he returns to his steak and whiskey, taking care to savor both as he finishes up his lunch.