Umbrella Surveillance System
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Behemoth After the nightmares beneath Paris, images of another nightmare returned to haunt one Emma O'Connal-- a nightmare buried beneath the earth that rose, unbidden, night after night to interfere with her rest. The smell of blood and spoiled flesh, breath foul and wet as a swamp, and that ragged moaning voice close enough to human to disturb.. she escaped that lab with her life, but the monster is still there.

She's gathered her friends, the ones most comfortable with violence, and they've road tripped their way toward the northern ends of Paris, where the farmlounds erupt in fertile bounty, vast emerald fields tipped with wheat as far as the eye can see. Drive, drive, turn off the highway, drive, drive, make a left onto this rarely-driven capillary, drive, drive, follow the dirt path, drive, drive, abandon the car. Brushing against the sky like the fingers of dead men are the three silos whose puzzle Emma deciphered before, and the high, untended farm fields that make seeing in front of you damn near impossible.

It's a pleasant afternoon, otherwise.
Emma It may be hard to believe, Emma did this alone, at night. But this time around, it is daytime. And she is driving everyone here. She knew the way. The closer she gets, the more tense she becomes, the stronger the memories are. That horrible experience just floods her head. At least this time she is not alone. And they are here to take that the evil that lurks beneath.

"I - I need ta put tha codes in, there are two." Says the lass, stepping out of the car after she turns it off. "There are two, that need ta - ta be done."
James Scott James is along for the ride this time. Instead of being clad in the armor that marked him as an Umbrella goon he's wearing clinking metal rings and a S.T.A.R.S vest. As he steps out of the car he lowers the one-eye skeletal helmet over his face and completes the transition into Balor.

"It's more than just the licker, right?" he asks, unseen gaze moving to Emma.
Benny Benny received an urgent call from Emma and he of course went to meet her. He knew this day would one day come where they would go back to the Silo that she told him about, the one that had the secret lab and a Licker still inside.

He came as armed as he could, which isn't much considering he's just a civilian now (IT guys don't get military grade weapons) but he has a cool set of binoculars, those will keep him safe.

He greeted Archene and James, when they all assembled togther - Team Night GO! The drive to the place was for planning and going over possible outcomes. "So, I will take point as I'm the best suited. James can back me up, because he's our heavy, Arch is our long range support and Emma can stay near Archene as back-up with her pistol. Does that sound good?" He follows Emma after she exits the car, nodding to her when she mentions codes.
Silent Night Archene is wearing skin-tight clothes of some black synthetic material, his usual sunglasses... and strangely long, fancy black cape, which is indeed a new adition. It is clasped to his clothes with some sort of dark metal, or possibly painted with a dark color to remain inconspicuous.

He steps out of the car after it stops, before moving to the cars back to take out his favored weapon from the back, slighting it over his shoulders... but still keeping it under his cape. He looks from Emma to James, "I'd expect for it to be more than a Licker, or at least, more than the Licker we are used to." He then turns to Benny, "I knew I could always trust you to make an effective strategy. I'm perfectly fine with that." He nods.
Behemoth The already-solved puzzle is trivially finished again: enter the numbers in one silo, the letters in the other, and as a group gather in the central one as the ground opens. Umbrella's engineering skills are impressive-- even after who knows how many months without maintenance, the subterranean elevator still works, though it seems a little slower than Emma remembered it; a little damaged, portions of the metal deformed, one corner of it twisted and split like a blooming flower with the steel petals dragging across the shaft walls in a spray of sparks.

Like nails on a chalkboard, it announces their arrival to anything that isn't deaf.

Flashlights click on, breaking the shadows with arrows of artificial light. Gather upon the scarred platform, press the button, and travel back down into the depths.. surrounded once more by the metallic shrieking, and the flickering trail of molten sparks that scatter across one half of the platform.
Emma Out of the car, Emma looks to James and shrugs. She isn't to up on all her Umbrella monsters yet. Of course, Archene being dressed like a LARP fail is amusing. Though she isn't laughing. Her gaze turns to Benny, right there the lass was about to protest being told to stay behind, but stops. "Al - alright," She says, not fighting the idea of being kept back and and safe. "I'll st - stay back with Captain Funny Pants."

Before they get inside she'd of reminded them of the mushy pile of zombies and the fact that the big monster goes through vents.

The ride down brings back a lot of unpleasent memories, she even kneels down to touch some of the torn up metal. "I - I didn' realize how close it - it was ta gettin' me, bloody'ell."
James Scott "Benny.. I'm gonna let you think about what you just said." James says, head turning so he can look at Benny. "But if you want to stand in front of the armored guy that can see in the dark without goggles, all the power to you." He gives his head a slight shake before checking the pistol and knife at his side.

Once they're inside the teen takes a deep breath. "I'm not sure we're getting back out that way. If we do nobody will be able to use it again." He doesn't go so far as to say they're going to die down there, but it's always a possibility. But true to his earlier statement, he doesn't flick on a flashlight, apparently not having any issues seeing in the dark.
Benny "Oh, I didn't anticipate it being so dark down here and I wasn't sure what kind of gear everyone had." Benny replies to James and hmms. "Well, you can take point then and I shall back you up. But everything else seems pretty sound and thanks Archene." He nods, checking his pistol that he removes from his holster, his trusty Samurai Edge that has been with him since he found it in the Arklay Mountains.

Looking back to Emma, he gives her a small smile. "Thank you Emma. Captain funny pants will need your assistance and I'm sure he's grateful for your company." He gives a wink to Archene, never having seen him in this get up before and stifles a laugh. "I think James may be right. Is there another exit out of here Emma? You drew me a map last time but I don't think saw a secondary elevator or staircase. Guess we might have to find one. Okay, stay alert everybody. Lickers can strike fast and who knows what else is in here." He racks his pistol to make sure that there is one in the chamber, checking his other gear and takes out a mini-flashlight to keep in his secondary hand just in case from his utility belt.
Silent Night "At least, I can humour my dear rearguard friend and help her not being as tense as she could be." Archene sighs quietly placing a hand on her shoulder and says, "This time we are here with you, everything will go well." Archene seems to trust Benny and James enough to just let them lead the way as well as they hope to, he will simply stay behind them and follow them. He draws his pistol from a waist holster, holding it firmly with a hand, only staying back as long as it took for Emma to follow them.
Behemoth At some point, the elevator has descended enough to enter a circle of hell-- whichever one is marked by darkness and flesh sloughed off the bone. It settles at the shaft's bottom with a gentle rumble.

There are.. things clinging to the walls. Fluids, long dried and caked over, and not all blood; streaks across the ground, ribbons of decaying organs and skin, muscle tissue, bone. The automatic door that leads to the security office has almost closed; it got stuck on what seems to be a severed head, throat a red mess, the peeling-off face and hair seeming more male than not. But it's a putrid sight, and so the gender is a guess-- who really knows what a soggy mass of chipped bone and sore-like red-orange is?

But given the facility seems to have no power anymore, that the door remains somewhat open is nice. With enough force, it could be pried open.
Behemoth With a bit of jostling and a whole lot of team spirit, the group manages to force the depowered door to the side, mechanisms be damned. Enough to squeeze through, in any case-- before them spreads the darkened office, with the adjacent unisex bathroom and the small security guard chamber in the corner. The glass that protected the guard has been shattered into a million snowflake pieces.
James Scott James stops to investigate some of the mystery stains, there isn't a sound of disgust from him, apparently his work with Umbrella made him immune to some of the gore. Once the bunch of them manage to pry the door open they moved into the main area. "We'll need to remember this place later. Once we clear it out it'll be useful. You know where this thing hides Emma? Aside from the vents."
Emma Emma returns the small smile to Benny in return. Then shakes her head. "No - no, but I didn' get ta - ta explore all of it, there may be?" She can only hope.

Looking to Archene there is an amused smile,and a nudge before she looks to James, after having helped heave the door open. She points forward. "It - it was in tha vents, there is an office ta tha side, an' it ate a dead body before I came after me, I can't say for - for sure where it is. An' there is a pile of zombies down tha - tha way in tha foyer."
Benny Benny cautiously walks through the now forced open door, his pistol held at the ready, turning his miniflashlight on for short scans of the ceiling, the corners of the room and looking for anything of interest, like a Licker waiting to ambush them.

"We should clear each of these rooms before we move on, just in case and we want to make sure nothing is in them that could sneak up behind us as we continue onwards." He sure wishes he had a ten foot pole, those things were awesome in D&D for poking at things or finding traps. "Did I say I have a bad feeling about this yet?" He asks no one in particular. When Emma mentions the vents, he makes sure to sweep his light to where all of them are located in this room.
Silent Night Archene just follows along quietly glancing about, hoping to see if he'd notice anything special in the room, "I think that the elevator was the part where we get the bad feeling. We are already at the point where something comes from the least expected place. He looks towards the vents as Benny ilumintates them, his pistol ready just in case.
Behemoth The office is silent. Here and there are signs of past struggles-- there's a dented pipe in the middle of the room, broken off of something, the end of it smeared in dried blood. The walls and floors are clawed up and crushed, as if pressed on by something with great strength or weight, and the general property damage left and right makes it clear that the beast Emma said lives here was, at least back then, alive and active.

But there is nothing. No one. Benny's light on the vent shows that the cover of this one is still on. Nothing has come through.
Emma Emma has fallen into silence, she knows this place, what is here. It's hard to hide her nerves. She stays in the back, though a familar pipe on the floor is grabbed, oddly, it helps her to feel a little better.

"I - I suggest any tha - that checks tha bathroom be fast? ya'll get easily t - trapped in there."
James Scott James nocks an arrow as they look around. "I'd say we could make some noise to draw it out, but between the ride down and us opening that door, it know we're here. Keep an ear out for the vents rustling." He clearly isn't too excited to be here, but he's been practically useless in previous licker fights.
Benny "Yup, sure looks like there was a Licker here. Those damn french kissing brain gecko things." Benny exclaims in a low voice and then nods to Emma, when she mentions the bathroom. "James your with me, lets go check out the bathroom. Emma and Arch, you hold this office here and make sure nothing sneaks up on us while we clear it." The ex-cop, still moves with a tactical confidence and holds the miniflash light with his off hand using it to support his domniant hand that is gripping his pistol, that way he can hold it steady for aiming.

He cautiously, approaches the bathroom door waiting for James to back him up, then scans the bathroom with his mini flashlight first to see what's inside before entering.

"I think we can assume it knows we are here but we don't know what else is so lets just go slow and steady." He says to James and hopes that a Licker tongue doesn't shoot out from the bathroom to try to french kiss him to death.
Behemoth Benny's flashlight carves glimpses of scenery from the walls of shadow. It glitters across the broken glass of the guard's room, illuminates the dried, cracking splotches of blood that stain the white-gold floor tiles, and the sign saying MAIN LOBBY that leads deeper into the small facility. Each look strikes Emma with a memory of her last time here, so far beneath the surface-- she can see the cracks in the walls and see, for transient moments, the licker as it leapt from the perches to chase her.

But for now, it's the bathroom that James and Benny move to examine. The mirror is broken and the shards are scattered across the floor like hailstones. Their boots crunch and stick with a certain disgusting squelch each step. All the stall doors are open except one, the same one Emma failed to open last time.. and avoided, in general, due to the rank odor of putrescence emanating from it.

That one isn't just open, it's laying flat on the ground, torn from the hinges. A leak from a broken urinal next to it drip-drip-drops on it. There's something inside.
Emma Emma some how, manages to cope with all this. A part of her expected to melt down, like the catacombs. But not this time. Even if the fear grows, there is more restraint. The lass stays near the back, making sure to keep out of harms way. Her medkit over her shoulder, and a pipe in her other hand, gun at her waist. She looks to where Benny and James go, frowning, remembering the smell that even made the doctor herself gag.
James Scott "Fuck. I'd back up if I were you." James says aside to Benny before he creeps into the bathroom proper. He draws the arrow back as he moves around to check. 'Just don't be snakes.' the teen thinks to himself, which is interesting considering his apparent lack of fear regarding everything else.

"Actually, I'd go back over to where Emma and Archene are. I've got a shitty feeling about this."
Benny "No way, brother. I never leave my partner. I got your back. Lets do this." Benny says to James and yeah, he's got a bad feeling about this. He waits for James to go first, then he'll step to the side so that they have a good angle on whatever the hell is in that stall. Please, oh please not let it be some gross Licker turd or something. He shouldn't have had sushi before he came here. "Guys, we are just checking something out in here first." He calls back to Archene and Emma, so they won't be surprised if they hear gun fire or them running out of the bathroom suddenly.
Behemoth If this were a movie, now would be when the music swells to a tense crescendo-- there'd be string instruments and dramatic pauses as the camera focuses on the final stall, drowning out the steady drip of water. The camera would zoom as James and Benny draw in, it would show a close up of their face, closer, closer, until the expectation of fright is thick enough to cut..

And then there'd be a break, and a sigh of relief, as the flashlight cuts into the stall and reveals nothing except some unflushed fecal matter. Whew! What a relief.

It's almost enough to make one overlook the slow-bleeding husk of mutant flesh clinging to the ceiling above the toilet. In European style, the stall walls reach to the top, and so no one could see it before-- but now, now it is exposed. It isn't a licker, and it isn't a human, either-- it's a grotesquery, seeming partially fused to the surface, a stretched-out torso with its joints twisted around, squatting like a frog upside-down. The skin is largely missing, exposing red-wet muscle and tendons, but around its head like a mane are still loops of drying human skin, hanging in saggy ropes.

It does nothing. But there's only moments to respond before it does something, anything.
James Scott "Shit." James says simply, helmet facing towards the unflushed toilet. But that bad feeling is soon justified as he spots a lump of flesh hanging onto the wall. Instinct takes over and he raises his bow and lets the arrow loose, which finds it's mark. Admittedly it'd be embarrassing if it missed from that range. That's when he notices it doesn't respond to the attack at all. "I thi-"
Benny Benny was not expecting to see the turd, then when he looked up in disgust he was really not expecting to see some grotesque, mutated fleshy sac of whatever the hell that thing is or was suspended from the ceiling. When James fired off his bow at the fleshy sacthingy, he reacted as well. "Holy fucking shit!" He cusses as he takes aim, then lets off a burst from his Samurai Edge. It is pretty hard to miss at this range, not to mention the thing didn't have any legs and was a pretty easy target. Yeah, the sound of automatic fire cuts off what James was saying.

Once the gunfire has ceased, he keeps his pistol and flashlight trained on the thing, glancing over to James. "You okay, man?" Then he yells back to Archene as well as Emma, "It's alright, there was...uh something in here but we got it." He hopes they did anyways and then realizes that his gunfire has really alerted whatever else was in here. "Stay alert out there. Watch those vents, we are coming out shortly."
Behemoth The arrow sinks into the thing's flesh deeply, the head penetrating with ease; the bullets likewise find their prey, bursting blood vessels and making a spray of ichorous blood fall to coat the toilet and floor tiles with noisy splatters. It's a messy attack, sure to elicit some retaliation--

But nothing comes. The creature is already dead; whatever process was transforming it seems to have aborted halfway, or maybe it starved to death after losing mobility. It's simply a husk, a maybe, a could-have-been.

What the hell is down here that Emma didn't tell them about?
Emma Emma reacts, this she can't help, and dashes forward a few steps with wide eye. "B - bloody'ell, ya two okay?" She calls out, something must of gotten in there! Looking over to Archene, the hand on the pipe tightens, knucles turn white.
James Scott "nk it's already dead." James finishes as the bullets sink into the creatures flesh. "We're alright!" he calls back out to Emma, echoing Benny. "This is new though." he hrms quietly, digging a phone from one of the vest's pouches he takes a low-res flip phone photo that isn't going to do anybody any good.

"Alright, let's not split up again. That's how people die." he sighs quietly and beckons Benny back to the rest of the group.
Silent Night "I agree with James, given the time that this place has been sealed, and how we don't really know the layout, we don't want to get ambushed." Archene nods in agreement, he takes a look at Emma giving her a brief smile.
Benny Benny nods, keeping his pistol still trained on the dead fleshy sac thing and waits for James to finish his his cell phone pic of it. "Agreed." He follows James out of the bathroom after he does one last flashlight sweep of it, making sure they didn't miss anything and then joins back up with Emma and Archene. "Okay, now that I've told every creepy crawly that we are here...we should continue on." He nods to Archene and then replies to Emma, "Yup, we are good. Lets go down that corrider towards that bigger room over there. James you lead, I'll follow behind with Emma and then Arch will bring up rear guard." He then checks his pistol, taking note how much ammo is left and puts in a fresh new clip, putting the old one in his pocket as a spare. "I'm ready."
Behemoth The group moves into the lobby. This is the room Emma likely remembers in the most vivid detail: vending machines and coffee tables, magazines and couches, papers and people.. oh, the people, a writhing mass of limbs and teeth and hunger gathered near the entrance to the western labs like the sarlaac's pit. Dozens of them, she might recall, pulling her in and assaulting her, squirming and staring at her.

It's completely gone.
Emma Very much relieved that they are okay, Emma would walk along side Benny, looking to James and then Archene too. There is not a peep from her about how she should go a head, or do something silly, she just keeps where she is until they enter the other room, and -stops-, dead in her tracks. Eyes go wide. "Fu - fuck, wh - where did tha pile of Zombies go?"
Silent Night "Keep your eyes open, there is likely more than just one strong thing down here. Even if any of you find any, don't forget that there should be another one about." Archene says simply after scanning the room, he looks at Emma, "BoWs are not necessarily friendly to each other, or something worse happened over here." He sighs, his hand being firmly kept on his weapon, "This is why research needs to be done."
James Scott "Pile.. of zombies?" James asks, stopping in his tracks as well. He reaches to his side to produce another arrow, nocking his bow once more. "Don't suppose they moved to a vacation home in the Paradise Islands?" He chuckles quietly, looking around the room before checking the ceiling.
Behemoth Two thin, spindly lickers cling to the ceiling, worn from malnutrition. They stare at James.
Benny Benny is really focused, that fleshy sac got his adrenaline up so he's trying to calm himself down a bit using his kungfu breathing techniques, inhale through the nose then exhale out from the mouth. He walks behind James, down the corrider towards the Lobby. When Emma swears, that gets his attention. "Pile...did you say pile of zombies? But...where the hell would a pile of zombies go down here?" He listens to Arch, giving the man a nod. "Right." Then he looks towards James.
James Scott "Well, that sure as hell ain't them." James says quietly, just kind of staring back at the lickers. Clearly he feels an emotional bond with them.
Behemoth The lickers love James and his friends. They leap down for hugs.
Silent Night WIth quick reflexes, as soon as the lickers drop down to lovingly hug James, like a brother, Archene opens fire on the easier to hit one, most of the spray of bullets hitting on it. Though after careful consideration, the spray seems to shoot clearly off target. Certainly, he doesn't want to hurt James.
Emma Emma doesn't get a chance to reply to anyone, the Lickers are here. She raises her gun to fire, and being so unware, closes an eye to shoot, and miss, badly.
Benny When, Benny looked at James he noticed that the teenager was looking up at the ceiling, so when he follows the man's gaze he see's what is up there. Two freaking malnurished french kissing brain gecko thingys! "Oh shit...they look like they are really HANGRY!" He then takes aim at the first Licker that leaps down from the ceiling, the one Arch hit and fires off a well aimed burst. The Licker tried to dodge, but it was a hair too slow and his bullets hit it right in the nards? Do they have nards? Well, wherever it hit - it was super effective because it died! He then quickly aims at the second Licker, but his shot wasnt very accurate and the second Hangry Licker was extremely quick in it's reaction to dodge. "Fuck! Look out, Emma." But he was already moving into a defensive position as the second Licker struck her. "No!"
Behemoth The trained combatants dispatch one of the slim lickers quickly; it stumbles backwards and flips on its back like a spider, waving its clawed limbs before going limp. The second goes for what looks to be the easiest target-- Emma! It lunges toward her and stabs with its claws, drawing heavy cuts across her stomach, before skittering along, staying in motion to avoid attacks.
James Scott James watches the licker's jump from the ceiling towards him. He readies his bow, but the licker he trains his sights on his quickly dispatched. So he moves it to the second licker which is attacking Emma. The projectile goes whizzing by, snapping against the wall near Emma. When the beast starts running he fires off another shot, which misses as well. "Goddamn fuckin' lickers."
Benny Benny narrows his eyes at the second Licker as it clawed at Emma. "You ugly piece of hangry shit! Try this snickers bars on for size!" He takes aim and fires off two bursts from his custom Samurai Edge, his aim is true and bullets chew into the creatures torso.
Emma What the everliving hell! The Licker is at her so fast before she is knowing, she is slammed onto the ground. Not only does it hurt like a SOB, but, she is bleeding pretty damn good to. For a moment everything is blur, their voices an echo.

Reaching out her hand she feels her gun, and snaps into reality, adrenaline hitting her. It's lifted from where she lays, and two shots are fired. One hits, luckily, the other does not.
Behemoth The gunshots echo through the silent chambers of the laboratory. The death wails of the lickers do, too, with all the ear-splitting notes of a crying child.

Deep in the northern lab, Momma roars back.
James Scott "Shut the fuck up bitch!" James screams towards the roar. He's clearly unhappy with his shots, so he hooks his bow onto the back of his vest and draws his sidearm. "Getting about tired of this shit." the teen grumbles.
Benny "Emma are you okay?" Benny says to her afer he reloads his custom Samurai Edge, with another full magazine, slipping the spent one into another pocket. He walks over to inspect the red headed doctor, checking to see how deep the wound is and will administer some first aid by applying some bandages. But then the scream from sometihng really pissed off and probably big reaches his ears. "You've gotta be fucking kidding me." He glances towards Archene then to James. "For the record, I've got a really fucking bad feeling about that." He takes a deep breath and then says to the group. "Lets go finish this and get the hell outta here." Yup, he's kinda ticked off now and getting hungry himself.
Emma Blinking a few times, Emma tries to slip into that meditative breathing she has learned, it helps, barely. Looking up to Benny, the lass doea a good job of hiding her pain, but, there is a good bit of blood. "So - sorry," She says to him softly, frowning, hell it's a look of guilt! "I - I tried ta stay outta tha - tha way." Clearly, it didn't work. The wounds may need some stitches but nothing life threatening. "Even tha - tha lickers want me dead, I - I just can't win." It's a poor, poor joke, one designed to grasp at straws for anything to lighten the mood.

Moving to sit up, slowly, the sound of the momma gets her attention to, with an amused look to James. "I - I agree, let's get it an' go - go home."

eaching for her medkit, the doctor would pull out a few items, a gel to help stop bleeding, and a disinfectant, it's about all she can do till they are out of here. After that, her gun would also be grabbed.
Behemoth The team treats Emma's wounds (or tries to) and reloads their weapons. With the gear ready, they steel their resolve and march toward the northern labs. This is a section Emma did not explore; she found the licker in the westernmost ones, originally, and fled straight from there back to the elevator. It should not be surprising, though, that it looks much the same-- while this wing might have had some different specimens and employees, as the group treks through the dark corridor, either side of them is met with broken glass and the sight of desks and test tubes and complicated, mostly-broken machinery. All around is damaged by the hungered frenzies of the beasts that have been trapped here. Eventually, leading toward the source of the earlier headache-inducing growl, the group turns into the last lab..

Emma knows the moment she sees it: this is the one. It has evolved since she saw it, the virus coursing through its veins unrestrained and left to mutate and advance-- unlike so many of the B.O.W.s. kept and disposed of in controlled conditions, this one has been devouring infected bio-matter and accelerating its own growth with a total lack of restraint.

What once was a normal licker now has a half dozen extra legs. The multiple claws on each foot have fused together to form one bone-like scythe per foot, and its torso has elongated, stretched long and thin. It likely has an extra hundred and fifty pounds on a normal licker, maybe more, and its stretched legs spread in all directions across the ceiling like a spider.

It has three rows of teeth in its mishapen head, and the tongue that gives the B.O.W. its name has split in two like a snake, each half prehensile and long enough to reach any point in the chamber.
James Scott "Oh, I hear you bitch." James growls, grasping the very pistol that took down Large Marge with both hands. He squeezes the trigger, putting three shots into one of the more menacing scythe legs, rendering it useless. "Fuck outta here with that shit. Ol' ugly ass bitch."
Benny "Holy...shit!?" Benny exclaims when he walks into the last lab where a giant, not so teenage looking, mutant, ninjalike Lickerpede has been roosting. He was full of confidence half a second ago, piss and vinegar for helping to dispatch two Hangry hangry Lickers but now the real battle begins. "Arch, you better get out the big gun for this one! Emma, get back take cover! James do your thing! Spread out and let that thing have it with everything you got!" He fires two quick bursts from his custom Samurai Edge, the thing is so big that he hits it easily with the spray of bullets, his first burst ripping up one of it's legs but his second burst only hit the boss thing's torso. The roar of Archene's giant fucking canon, nearly deafens him but the results are always pretty as he manages to disintegrate two of it's legs and then James is ripping into it now, having ditched the bow for some gunslinging lead. "Voltron sword that ugly mofo!" He yells and then dashes off to the side so that he's not an easy target if it survives the first volley from Team Night.
Silent Night Archene does get out his Barrett with a large flutter of his cape, and soon enough he makes two of his best shots with incredibly at the licker's leg, certainly trying to disable it before even attempting to kill it, likely so that Emma does not get hurt once more. But while shooting he is more than stoic and quiet, just as usual.
Emma Her movements are a bit still, not that typical grace she normally has. Turning into the lab, her jaw drops. She says softly, in Gaelic, something that sounds like a prayer just moments before guns go off. Snapping to her sense, eyes move to Benny briefly, at being told to hold back, but they are all..moving fast. Archene, and James are in there too. Lifting her gun, she aims, and shoots. Hell, they manage a good hit, surprisingly.
Behemoth The firepower on display is impressive, indeed-- unsurprising coming from a team with a mutant ex-Umbrella commando, a corporate secret agent that helped take down James Marcus, a kung-fu master from the frigid north, and a redhead. Its many multi-jointed legs are sawed through like hot butter by so many bullets filling the air they might as well be blades; Archene demolishes them with explosive percussion, while the others come with a bit more finesse, shattering bone and tearing skin. But regardless of method, six of the eight limbs are detached, falling to the ground with wet plops, as the monster shrieks and twitches. A few bullets sink into its thick torso and solid head, but the damage there is comparatively little.

The thing's weight is too much for it to hold itself to the ceiling with only two appendages. Both are on its right side; it swings back and forth until it pulls part of the ceiling in and falls, crashing to the lab floor with another almost-human growl. Computers break beneath it as it snaps a white, medical-looking desk and cabinet to pieces.

It shudders in pain, and its muscles and organs begin to writhe, crawling as if filled with teeming masses of bugs. It pulses, and grows, in a rush of expanding biomass. As it does, its twin tongues snake out-- one launching for Emma, and the other for James Scott. The former misses, but the second wraps around the young man's torso, bruising him and squeezing; it's suddenly harder to breathe as it tightens and threatens to crack ribs. He can't move until he's free, and any sort of attacking will be impaired.. but not impossible.

With its last two remaining legs, the mutant licker wobbles forward and swings wildly, missing the nearest, Benny, and falling pathetically on its side.
Benny Seeing as the creatures is on it's last legs - no pun intended, Benny is about to take aim at the upside down flailing creature but then he see's that french kissing freaky tongue start lashing out at his peeps. Thankfully, Emma is able to dodge it because that is one bad date that she doesn't need to have - Big Bro does NOT approve. However, poor James likes the french too much and gets caught up in it, literally! Tonsil hockey is fun bu not from this thing!

So, Benny switches his aim to the offensive tongue, then lets it have it with a burst from his Samurai Edge. "I told you last time, no kissing on the FIRST DATE!" He then switches his target to the creature itself, firing off another burst and he's lucky to blast the things last leg, hopefully crippling it for good because now it can't really move at all.
Behemoth The back of the licker rips apart. Where its spinal column should be there's a stretching pillar of reconstructed muscle fiber and veins, a tentacle-esque new limb whose upper end is sharp-tipped and bladed. Almost like the licker's tongue, but coming from a different part of its body, easily twice as thick as the licky bit-- and, it seems, controllable, as with a loud growl the almost-immobile creature drags itself closer with its last good leg. The joints on its torso, where the legs used to connect, squirm, and seem to be slowly regrowing-- the licker is regenerative, but not very fast. Still, if it isn't killed in short order, it'll repair itself.

The bladed tentacle whips around and swings. It isn't aimed at anyone in particular-- it's long enough that it can sweep the whole room. It's a blind, angry lashing, as the licker is still adjusting to its new form, new instincts.
Emma Before she knows it, James is lifted up by its tongue, she'd go to do exactly what Benny did. Skidding to a stop, she is caught off guard when another testicle like thing whips around and smacks her arm. Her arm that was not broken, there is a yelp of pain, and a stumble. "Dammit all-'ta fuckin' hell!" Yeah, she cursed again! Bringing up her gun she fires at the last leg.
James Scott And in an instant James is swept up by the tongue, it squeezing his ribs until they're close to cracking. "Heh, I hear ya." After a few moments of being whipped around a well places shot from Benny causes the creature to slam him onto the ground, eliciting a pained wheeze from the teenager.

"I'm alright." he huffs out, pushing onto his feet, only for a bone scythe to swing around and cut into his vest, staggering him. "You fucking bitch."

The gun he has is brought up once more, two rounds put into it's torso.
Emma This sucks flying whipping testicles. Emma it hit, and hit -hard-. This time she is flown back, smacking the ground, a deep gash up the middle of her, it's pretty bad, and there is a groan of pain, and a hell of a lot of blood.
Silent Night Archene Night quickly dodges yet another tentacle with quick reflexes, but with a glance he can see that half of the group isn't doing well enough. He quickly shot towards the mutated Licker's body before yet another glance, a more careful one.

Luckly, just as he was measuring the extent of Emma's wounds, he noticed yet another attack coming from yet another tentacle. This time, he quickly jumped in front of Emma, taking the tentacle square in the chest, before quickly checking on her. The blood on his chest visible from the 'scratch', given that it certainly cut through his clothes.

The cape is intact.
James Scott As Emma is hit James charges forward, drawing the combat knife from his side. With a leap he jams the blade into the licker's underside and runs down past it's regenerating legs, effectively butterflying the mutated creature, resulting in a glorious spray of blood and ichor. "Ol' ugly ass, neck scythe havin', can't hunt for shit, mutated scrotum lookin' bitch."
Benny Benny manages to dodge all the crazy tentacles, yes TENTACLES and tongues the creature attacked them with. He's fast on his feet and although he doesn't have the stamina nor fortitude of a James or other muscle bound soldiers, he's got excellent reflexes and luck on his side this day.

"Damn...that was some crazy shit." Benny exclaims after James rushes in to finish it off with a freaking knife, a knife!? Yes, he really wanted to use his Kungfu on it but alas he will have to save that for another time. One day, he will face a worthy opponent that he can finish off with pure martial arts skill.

For now, the victory goes to the team and the final kill to James Scott. He see's that Archene has taken a hit for Emma, putting a hand on the tall man's arm since he can't reach his shoulders. "Good save buddy. You okay?" He then moves closer to Emma, inspecting her wounds and shakes his head with a pensive expression. "Oh Emma...we need to get her to a hospital. Lets quickly search this place and get her out of here. I can drive Emma's car unless someone else disagrees?" He's the only uninjured one and an ex-cop so he's pretty confident with his driving abiliity to go really fast! " okay? Shit...your covered in...Lickerbug guts...well, the car detailing bill goes be a triffle high but the cost of doing business." He gives the teenager a small salute. "Nice work, James. Now, lets get the hell outta here and get our doctor to a doctor."