Umbrella Surveillance System
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James Scott Several days had passed since James officially joined TerraSave. His first mission was to locate a missing doctor, and the first step of that was to question the person who brought that information. So after letting the secretary make a few calls, the teen took residence in one of the conference rooms, sitting himself at the head of the table with his legs crossed while he awaited Tabitha's arrival.

He's dressed well for once, a crimson tie contrasting nicely with his ebony button-down and business-like slacks. But he doesn't look comfortable, more like he'd rather be somewhere drinking.
Tabitha Tabitha steps in, wearing a long black trenchcoat that coveres a set of blue surgical scrubs over a black leaotard. Hair mussed and looking like he's been running double shifts, she looks as if she's been sleeping in what she's wearing and only getting short bouts of that. A hand rakes her hair out of her face as she looks in. Not exactly what she was expecting
Eyes land on James, opening a bit as she almost bolts backwards out of the door.. but.. Emma said this was a safe place, so she only halts in her tracks for a hearbeat or two.
James Scott "Well, I guess if I ever needed proof I'm not as pretty as I was before Raccoon, this is it." James mutters to himself before pushing up onto his feet and offering a small smile. "You must be Tabitha. I'm James Scott, a friend of Emma's. Feel free to take a seat."

The teen indicates one of the seats closer to him, but it's more an open invitation to sit wherever she feels most comfortable. "I'm investigating the missing doctor. I was wondering where exactly you got the information from." Despite his cold expression when she first entered, he's flashing an honest smile now, clearly trying not to frighten the poor woman any more.
Tabitha Tabitha seems a bit flustered, though more at her own reaction. She extends a hand. "Oh! you're James! sorry. I'm.. well, I'm still pretty-much lost and discombobulated." Her long coat gets thrown over one of the other chairs as she has a seat, raking her hair back once more with splayed fingers. Shoes drop to the floor as she settles into the seat next to James, bare feet vanishing as she tucks her legs underneath her. "Lets see.. I got two messages. One from a cousin, then a week or two later, got a package from Jenny. Weird, that."
James Scott James takes the offered hand in a brief shake. "Does that cousin happen to work for Umbrella? Because that's where the information was from." He rests his hands on his lap. "Or perhaps you received a grant for them for medical school. That's something they like to do with potential virologists."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "Okey. two things.. First.. Craig, my cousin, worked for Umbrella corp. Scientist. At the time I thought it was a good career move. He sent me a message that Umbrella may be coming for me. Then, he vanishes. I heard something about something in Siberia about that time. Then, a few weeks later, I get home and there's a package on my table from Jenny. I dont know how she got in, but it was sitting there on the table with Emma's name on a bit of paper with the thumb drive. I'd not heard from Jenny in ages. NOt since school and the odd email here and there.""
James Scott "Well, I can tell you with complete certainty, that Craig is either dead or in hiding. So I'm sorry for your loss." James says with a small sigh, scratching at his beard. "I was a captain in the Umbrella Security Service. You share secrets they send a hit squad. I've had one come after me as well. One of them killed my father, and he was a founding member of Umbrella."

"So I'll be operating on the assumption this is a trap. Emma's been on their kill list for a while. To be safe, I'll also be advising her to keep her distance from you until I've been able to investigate more. Not that I doubt you, but because Umbrella is also notorious for making sleeper agents."
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes tear up a bit at the news. "I.. sorta figured on that", at the news of her cousin, pausing to wipe her eyes a bit. "..Trap? the thumb drive? I've never met anyone from Umbrella.. but if Craig thinks they may be after me.. I mean, I didn't bring a phone, maybe they tracked me from the airport using my passport.. but", looking a bit paniced. "And Bullshit if you want to keep me from Emma. She's the only one I trust here, No offense. She's the one person I know will do the right thing. And, now you want to seperate me from her? What, are You going to be my new protector and guard?"
James Scott "None taken." James says with a slight wave of his hand. "Then I'll advise her to be wary. But I may very well have to be, because if you aren't Umbrella and they have their eye on you, you'll be in danger too." He rests his face in his hands and sighs. "You may want to see if you can get some days off until we figure all of this out."
Tabitha Tabitha 's expression grown a tad Miffed. "Days off?!? The only thing that is keeping me sane right now is work. I just picked up and left my entire life.. well, what there was of it.. to come her in a rushed panic. Now, you're saying that i'm not as safe as Emma said. And, that I should hole up somewhere in the rare case that I happend to be more of a target than Emma? and that I should just Ignore people who I can help, that I know are in trouble, on the rare occation that I might be a target? possibly? You know i'm a doctor, Right? We make horrible patients. that probably carries over to being 'safe' too". She shakes her head.
James Scott "You're a doctor, I'm a killer." James says evenly, not showing any signs of annoyance. "You came here in a panic and left everything behind. My family died in Raccoon, and thirteen days ago my fiancee was murdered." That single blue eye that's been watching Tabitha turns crimson, likely the result of genetic modification by Umbrella.

"You packed up and strolled right into hell Tabitha. The fact that you're here looking me in my eye means that it's not some small chance that you might be in danger. But all the power to you, I'm not here to force you into protection. That'll be all."

With his piece said the teenager pushes up onto his feet and heads toward the door.
Tabitha Tabitha sighs, rubbing her forhead with one hands.. "Look, I'm sorry, okay. Wh-whatever you say.", not commenting on the eyes as of yet.. but, it didn't leave her notice. "What do you want me to do? I'm not really looking at a buffet of options. I only know three people in this city. If you want me to stay away from them, fine. But I don't have much else. Hell, i've been relying on the hospital for meals and", looking down at her scrubs, " "
James Scott "Keep doing what you're doing." James says with a slight shake of his head. "I'm playing this by ear for the most part. Despite the way I look, I'm still nineteen. Last year I was taking college classes and sleeping on Emma's couch." He turns back to the door and sighs. "I need to fill Emma in. I'm going to investigate, I just hope it isn't a setup."
Tabitha Tabitha nods. "Probably is. Hell, I didn't even conscider that the thumb drive might have some kind of tracking device. Hell, could have poked me and watched me jump." she pulls her knees up to her, wrapping arms around them as she rest her chin atop her knees. "make sure she's safe. She's supposed to be going on a trip soon. probably needs all the help she can get."
James Scott "Yeah. Stay safe, let me know if you need anything. Like food or a change of clothes." James pulls out his wallet and walks over to give Tabitha a business card. "I'll be heading to Bolivar too, so I'll try my best."
Tabitha Tabitha takes the card and tucks into the pocket of her scrubs. "Be careful..", making no move to stand. She seems to get lost in thought, several things sorta hitting her at once before she curls her arms tighter around her leg. She waits for the sound of the door closing before she begins to cry silently