Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's raining heavily, and thus, most are indoors. That means the offices are full of people.
    There are a line of meetings, and Emma is just finishing meeting with a UN representative. She exits her office, giving the older gentlemen a wave in farewell.
Bob Among those people hanging indoors today is Bob Delgado. He's finally had a chance to make it over towards Emma's place of employment after being quite busy lately. He does look pretty terrible, though. He's exhausted, red eyed, moving slowly and wearing sunglasses indoors. When Emma leaves her office with the old guy she'd been dealing with Bob gives her a friendly little wave and calls out, "Yo."
Emma Surprised to see Bob, he is given a smile. "'ello!" She says softly, looking a little concerned as well. She -is- a doctor, thus, is trained to see things. Nodding her head for him to follow, she would return her office. "Wa - want some coffee?" She asks, motioning for him to sit.
Bob "I'd love some," Bob replies to Emma with a smile, moving to follow her at a slow pace. "I hadn't seen you for a while and wanted to come check up on you. You're one of my favorite people in France, after all," he says as he makes his way towards one of her chairs. "How are things with you?"
Emma He is given a bit of a shy smile. Her casts are gone now, too. She'd go to pour some coffee, and bring it to him, putting cream and sugar on her desk if he wants it. "Th - that's kind of ya ta - ta say. I - I am okay, tryin' ta balance everythin' out, tha most peace I got was when I couldn't remember. You?"
Bob With the coffee in his hands Bob takes a little sip and leans forward in his seat, resting heavily. "I'm sorry you aren't getting much of a break. You're just too important now, I guess." His head tilts towards her and he smiles a little bit, "I'd offer you a hand, but I've been sucking for the past five days, ever since The Raid." It's spoken with capital letters.
Emma Sitting, Emma looks across her desk to Bob, frowning a little. "I - I am fine, yer needin' ta - ta take care of yerself. An' aye tha - the raid was a small piece of hell." She sounds sad. "Are ya - ya okay? Ya look like hell, ta be honest."
Bob "I think I've developed an issue with migraines, honestly," Bob tells Emma with a frown. "I thought I was just hungover for the first couple days, you know? But it stuck with me. Something down there got in my head and really fucked me up." He sighs slowly, as slow as he's doing everything else. "Nothing's working for them either. Had a Navy doc take a look at me but he couldn't do anything." Then he asks just flat out, "You know I didn't shoot anybody who wasn't a monster, right?"
Emma Standing, Emma goes to a cupboard and takes out her medical kit, going to walk over to Bob, motioning for him to remove his glasse so she can examine him. "I - I know." She says softly. "It s sad so many are affected by tha video, but understand, there are bigger fish to fry, an - an, this was a way ta knock out what yer not seein'." Sounds like she knows a bit more than one may think.
Bob Bob pulls off his glasses and sets them aside, wincing at the little bit of light in the room before letting Emma examine him without protest. "I know you wouldn't let that video get out without good reason, but I'm pretty upset that things turned out the way they did." Not that he sounds upset, only exhausted. "I only signed on to protect and take care of people but the other day this lady looked at me like I eat babies when I told her what I do."
Emma "I - I had reason." Emma says, as she examines him. "An' be - believe me, I cried doin' it, but tha - tha world needs ta know too, of tha true evils. An' some within your organization who.. work for other companies in secret, ne - needed ta be hit." Standing there is a sigh. "I - I will give ya some pain killers, we can run a CT if yer willin', ta make sure."
Bob "I wish I knew who was crooked. I've got one guy in my sights, but I don't want to hit just one and tip off the rest," Bob explains slowly, trying not to move his head or face any more than necessary. "If you still have the video you should send it to everyone from CNN to Al Jazeera if you want to make sure they show the monsters. I'm guessing that was your intent, right? So people have an idea about what we're protecting them from?" And then he shakes his head, immediately regretting it based on the pained expression on his face, "I'm already on the strongest stuff I'll take. Getting a shot of toradol daily and tramadol a few times a day when it gets really bad."
Emma "Who - who do ya suspect?" Emma asks, looking at him curiously, and then goes to put her stuff away."It - it was my intent. An'," She turns to face him, while resting against the counter, and crossing he ankles, hands on the edge of the counter. "It sounds like yer - yer doin' what ya can. I suspect stress, ta be honest. Yer goin' through a lot right now."
Bob "If I told you it could put you in danger. More danger," Bob tells Emma, looking at her for a few seconds before putting his sunglasses back on and picking up his coffee. The drink seems to help him relax back in his seat somewhat. "All I know is that I hate being sick. I can't tell you how ready I am for this pain to go away." Behind his dark lenses Bob shuts his eyes for a moment, "I'm glad that Marcus is finally dead, though. That makes this shit worth it."
Emma "I - I doubt that. I did it in part tha make Albert Wesker suffer some." She says openly. "I'm sorry yer - yer so sick. I wish I could help. Maybe sleepin' pills? An' aye, it - it is good."
Bob "Well shit, he's the crooked bastard," Bob says to Emma with surprise in his voice, moving a bit too quickly and causing himself to feel a rush of pain in his head. Setting the coffee cup down he places his hands on the side of his face and lets out an, "Ugh." But that won't stop him from talking, "Don't worry about it. It's not your fault. I don't like sleeping pills, I was on them in Iraq for a little while and I dreamt I had a kid and she was pregnant and it was so real I started trying to wire them money."
Emma Emma moves forward, and would go to step behind him. "Le - let me check her neck'n throat?" She asks, before actually doing it. "Yer - yer not aware of him?" She gambled and figured he was. "Who - who was yers?" She nods to the sleeping pills part, slowly. "Still, I want ta - ta figure this out."
Bob "Okay," Bob says, allowing Emma access to his neck again, not about to stop the doctor from doing her thing. "It was Wesker I was aware of. Have some physical evidence, too, but I was surprised you knew as well." As he examines him he says, "Honestly, I think the headaches and sickness are from something one of the monsters did to me. One of them got in my mind somehow, showed me some shit and just... just hurt me. I don't know how to explain it, but it makes me want to kill them over and over again."
Emma "I - I had some stuff on him." Emma replies. "Wh - what evidence?" When he mentions the monster a brow is lifted. "How - how so? What did it show ya?"
Bob "Some photos showing him making a deal with Umbrella and a memo about it," Bob explains, breathing a little bit more heavily than before. Before speaking again he closes his eyes to compose himself and lets out a sigh, "It showed me a little girl. A laughing little girl. It was like she was the one telling the big leech Marcus turned into what to do."
Emma "If - if ever need be, c - can I use that evidence?" Emma asks. "That is awful. Frightenin' an awful. An' greatly unsettlin' if those creatures c - can do that ta a mind. What did tha lil' girl look like?"
Bob "I've already sent it all off to higher to look into, unfortunately," Bob says to Emma with a little frown on his face. The frown increases when she asks him about the little girl and Bob has to pause for a few seconds, "Dark hair covering her face. Red dress." Slowly, he shakes his head, "I've got no idea what's going on there. I can handle the physical stuff, I mean, I killed more of those leech things than anybody and did a number on Marcus with my shotgun before Quinn dropped him, but I don't know how to prepare for the mind crap. Helmet and gas mask didn't do anything."
Emma Emma nods, not much she can do right now with that info. "I - I am sure you did." She remarks. "Well if these are a new form of attack, I guess all we can do is study tha affects and hope to finda - a way ta stop it."t=
Bob "Makes me the guinea pig, I suppose," Bob says with an attempt at humor, trying to chuckle a little bit through the pain he's feeling. He takes up his cup of coffee and finishes it off, setting the cup back down once it's empty. "I haven't talked to the other guys about it yet so I don't know if it's just me."
Emma Emma nods. "Who - who was tha other guy?" She asks curiously.
Bob "The other guys who were there. Crothers, Collins, Quinn, Rogers, Night, those guys," Bob says. "I don't know if they had the same experience that I did, but you can ask them about it."
Emma "Oh." Emma goes to sit, and nods a little. "I - I will need ta talk with them then. An' record all this."
Bob "Yeah. See if they got it or if I'm just going nuts," Bob says, his head lowering for a moment. "That's a possibility, too. I mean, maybe I just snapped and now I'm suffering from hallucinations."