Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve Eve is sitting on a stool in the lounge, taking slow lazy bites of a cut up banana. Her cheeks are flushed and she looks slightly disheveled. She is wearing a button down white blouse and a pair of black slacks with patent leather pumps. A laptop sits in front of her and she idly taps at it as she nibbles at her late night snack.

A security officer steps in and announces. "Someone from the FBC is here to see you Ma'am." Eve doesn't even glance away from her laptop as she motions for the man to let the visitor in.
Trixie Trixie wasn't expecting to even be allowed inside the TerraSave building. Needless to say, she is on her best behavior as she steps into the office. "Sorry to intrude, Ma'am... I know it's late. I was looking for Doctor O'Connal?" she says softly. "It's... in regard to some recent events."
Eve Eve glances at Trixie, a piece of banana held about halfway to her mouth. She flushes and puts down the banana and slips to her feet, walking towards the woman at the door. "Doctor O'Connal has gone to bed, unfortunately, I'm her assistant Eve Magnusson." She holds out a hand to shake and gives a bright, dimpled smile. "Maybe I can assist you?" She takes a step back and gestures to the stool next to hers. "Please, come sit with me?"
Trixie "Thank you," Trixie replies softly, blushing a little herself and shaking the young woman's hand firmly. She takes a seat on the offered stool, careful not to let her slung carbine bang against the legs of the stool. "I hope you can. I know you've been investigating strange things in the city, and I've just been in the middle of something strange. Normally I work in the Zone... the Quarantine Zone, I mean. We do regular patrols there, even these days with the police and the French military slowly taking over custody of the site. We still have problems with potential looters and other trespassers, and the cops and the military don't have the staff to cover it all."
Eve Eve's curiousity is piqued and she gazes at Trixie, picking up her piece of banana again and taking a nibble before she speaks up. "What is the strange thing that happened?" She asks, her eyes taking Trixie in to see if she can figure out the flavor of her mood. She settles, leaning against the counter, as she gives Trixie her full attention.
Trixie "Well, frankly, some jerk tried to murder me while I was walking patrol a few nights ago. Maybe we get occasional thrillseeking gang members, more zombies, and a licker or two, but actual assassins are something I've /never/ seen in there," Trixie replies.
Eve There is a word that Eve has been hearing far too often. Trixie might notices a tightening around Eve's eyes when the word is said. "I see." She slowly drawls, pushing her plate of food away before she speaks again. "Is that..assassin going to come after you again, do you think?" She asks, her gaze still leveled on the FBC operative as she reaches out a hand for her laptop, pulling it closer.
Trixie "Him? Not likely. He missed his first shot and tried to back off, then ducked behind an abandoned car. I fed the car a grenade, and the explosion knocked it and him into a building. Then the building fell down on him," Trixie replies, with a 'what can you do?' shrug. "What got my attention was how professionally he was equipped... suppressed Beretta '92 handgun and a P90 for weapons, wore black fatigues. You can't just get a P90 or black ops clothing at your local army surplus store, even in the States... around here, it would be impossible for the layman to even see them outside of the news."
Eve Eve taps something into her laptop and she frowns, glancing over at Trixie. "It might seem a bit cold hearted, but I'm happy you dropped a building on him." She says quietly, considering her other words. "Seems like a lot of people have been marked, and are being hunted. I recently met a woman named Isabel who was targetted as well. She's staying here, and we're trying to keep her safe." She eyes Trixie, notes her weapons and grins weakly. "I don't suppose you would be needing the same protection now, would you?"
Trixie "Feh, he had it coming. Anyone who shoots at a F.B.C. soldier with a grenade launcher and is enough of a dumbass to hide behind a car does. Hey, wait... did you say /Isabel/? As in Isabel Welsh, the Zombietown Journals Isabel? Geez, this is luck!" Trixie cries, perking up dramatically. "My people have been needing to talk to her about setting the record straight on that BBC video! Um, if it can be done safely, I mean," she adds hastily.

She shakes her head at the question, stifling a giggle. "I couldn't, I don't think... the service wouldn't allow it, since I have to be available for duty and all that. Wouldn't want to be flagged as a deserter, 'cause they /shoot/ you for that. But it doesn't surprise me that people are being targeted. The one that came after me was one of those Guns For Hire mercs... after we pulled the building off of him, we ran his dental records, and it seems that's who he worked for."
Eve "Isabel Welsh, yes. She spoke with Esa Collins this afternoon with an eye to posting something to her Journal." Eve confirms, picking up another piece of banana and biting into it. "I certainly don't want you to get shot for deserting, but the offer for you to come here if you need to is open, even if it's just for a night." She gives her attention to the laptop for a moment, long enough to shoot off an email to Emma. "I'll tell the Doctor what you've said and see if we can find anything out about this mercenary group."
Trixie "Esa was here, too? Wow, these webs sure come together. And for what it's worth, there is a rumor that these GFH goons are connected to Umbrella, and to a known terrorist in t he Middle East... but I couldn't get a name of that terrorist. I'm really sorry, but it's above my pay grade," Trixie says contritely. "And if I can arrange it with my commanding officer, I'll accept your offer, at least for one night. Maybe two, depending on how that goes."
Eve Eve grins and she rests her chin on her palm. "All we need is some popcorn and nail polish and it would literally be a slumber party. The only men in this building most of the time are security." She taps on her laptop, still taking notes as Trixie gives more information. "Esa was here earlier, he and Isabel talked and he did well, at least I think so. So we shall see how that turns out, yes?"
Trixie "Oh, awesome!" Trixie cries, grinning. "I haven't been to a sleepover in /years/!" She sobers a little as Esa and Isabel are brought up, and nods. "I've been working with him some, and I'm hoping he'll stay in touch. The F.B.C. will miss him when he's gone. I'm hoping he'll find a better position somewhere," she says sincerely. "And I'm /really glad/ they're working on setting the record straight. We need all the help we can get."
Eve Eve claps her hands together and lets out a soft happy sigh as she closes her laptop with a snap. "It's settled then, a girl's night in. I look forward to that." She says, sliding her laptop into its cache and snapping it closed. "Emma is likely going to want to see you, possibly before she flies back home for a short vacation." She swings one of her legs back and forth slowly. "Do you have a phone where I can reach you if she asks me to?"
Trixie "Just let me take down the number for you," Trixie says, producing a notepad and pen. As she writes, she adds, "Just give me a minute and a phone so I can square this with my C.O., and a landline would be best... some scanners can pick up cellphone signals."
Eve Eve points out a telephone on the wall near the door. "You're staying tonight?" She asks, a grin on her face. "It'll be slightly quiet, I think everyone went to bed."
Trixie "I'm sure gonna try to. Let's see what he says first," Trixie says softly, tearing off the notepad page with the number and passing it over, then standing and moving to pick up the phone. She dials the number hastily, then brings the receiver to her ear, listening intently.
Eve Eve watches as Trixie goes to use the phone, slipping the notebook page into her pocket. She picks up her plate, hops off her stool and cleans up her mess, even coming back to the counter to wipe it off with a damp towel.
Trixie Trixie glances sidelong at Eve as she cleans up, without interrupting her conversation. A moment later she hangs up the phone. "Yessss... Looks like we're go!" she says, grinning. "Just lead the way and I'll try not to get left too far behind?"