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Eve Eve looks up from her laptop and gets to her feet, gesturing for Emma to sit in her chair. "Ma'am, I got a few things done that you wanted taken care of. I wanted to discuss them with you, if that's okay." She clasps her hands behind her back and smiles. "First, I found and brought Isabel here, she has apparently been targetted too by assassins." She pauses, taking a step around the desk, pulling out a fax and giving it a brief look over. "I also have James Scott on the job you wanted him to look into." She places the fax on the desk and glances towards the door.
Emma Emma moves to sit, and listens to the details Eve has to give. There is a small, short nod. "G - good." She says softly, with a smile. "You - you do excellent work, I - I am not sure how I could do all this without you."
Eve Eve leans against the desk, her arms slowly folding over her chest. "I'm happy with my job here, you've got a good company and I wager that with some work we can turn it into something great. Make a difference." She smiles at Emma. "James is going to talk to Tabitha, make sure she's on the straight and narrow." She holds up two hands and frowns. "Just in case, I told him to be...polite." She quirks both brows and adds. "I also cautioned him to try to avoid violence in his search for Jenny, especially if it will lead back to us."
Emma Emma smirks a little. "So - so, ya mean somethin' more than hippied?" She asks. "Go - good plan, we do not need ta be known for violence. I know he tends towards it." There is a tilt of her head. "Ya - ya deal a lot with me, consider yerself paid a dollar more an hour now."
Eve Eve leans forward and makes a note on a pad. "Thank you." She says, a wide smile on her face. "Do you think we can handle keeping Isabel here for now, where she's safe? I don't think the attempts on her life are going to ease up anymore than yours will." She purses her lips and frowns slightly. "I have a feeling that James might not be enough in terms of security."
Emma "It - it is well deserved." Emma says, meaning it. "Aye she - she can stay, I'd rather a - a life saved an' all. An' I agree with ya there, James, may not be. Though we've yet ta have tha resources of a faction likebtha FBC."
Eve Eve nods and takes a seat on her desk. "Well if it will help, I can not take the raise. I mean, I am..fine for money." She says, smiling over at Emma. "I'd take a loss if it means we could help more people.
Emma Emma shakes her head. "No - no, yer fine ta take it, trust me, ya - ya go above an' beyond at every turn, I'd be lost without ya, it's likely not enough as is." She is given a smile. "Plus, my crazy life may scare most away, yer - yer awfully brave."
Eve Eve gazes at Emma, a slight smile on her face. "I'm not afraid, I'm going to do whatever is necessary to see you down this path. Someone needs to tell the truth and show people the dangers in this world." She purses her lips and sighs. "Besides that, keeping you safe is a challenge, and I like those as well."
Emma "It - it's like yer bred for this job and bein' -my- assistant." There is a bit of a laugh. "An - an I couldn't be more thankful!"
Eve Eve giggles softly and puts her hands over her pink cheeks. "You're way too kind Ma'am. I'm simply doing what I was taught. It's pure luck that I found you and TerraSave." She glances around the office and grins. "I think we're going to do amazing things, I'm happy to be a part of it."
Emma "Na, not - not to kind, simply honest." She grins. "I am - am sure we will achieve such a dream together." A pause, she tilts her head. "D - did ya meet my family when they were down?"
Eve Eve nods and she holds up a hand tilting it slightly back and forth. "Briefly, things were chaotic here at the office when your memory was gone." She says, leaning back on her hands. "We couldn't tell the press exactly how bad things were, it was..interesting."
Emma She lifts her hand, and rubs at the hidden spot where her stitches were, there is an invisible - invisible being that nobody can see it under her hair, scar. "I - I can't imagine wh - what it was like, ta be in such chaos. Mind, I was in hell too. Not knowing who I was.." She shudders.
Eve Eve reaches out and puts her hand over Emma's. "Well that is in the past, and you have a good future to look forward to. Right?" She furrows her brow and glances back towards the door again. "Will your family be back down for a visit anytime soon?"
Emma Emma would give her hand a squeeze in thanks, the support, is very much welcomed, and thankful for. She nods a little, too. "Ay - aye, they want ta come back, well Lennon, Evander, Kendrick an' Hew, all my brothers, unsure if all at once but they - they wanna see me."
Eve Eve gazes at Emma, silently for a few moments and then she taps her laptop. "If you want me to book them flights, you let me know and I'll take care of it." She crosses her legs and folds her hands on her lap. "I heard we might be taking a trip?" She asks, glancing at her boss.
Emma There is a shake of her head. "N - no need ta do that, they can plan their own, whenever they be ready ta come, ya - ya don't need ta worry 'bout my family they be yer job ya got enough on yer plate!" Emma shrugs a little. "There is - is interest in South America, yet now is - is not tha time. We got to much ta deal with here yet."
Eve "You've only to let me know you want something done. I have a very large plate, and a lot of skills." Eve murmurs, giving Emma a bright smile. "I'll keep an eye on our current affairs, leave you time to get in your hospital work. There is always to be a security team with you when you're not here, for your own safety."
Emma "I - I know, but ya should take time for yerself, a break, even for a day!" Emma says and sighs. "Guards guards guards, everyone wantin' me not dead."
Eve "I get time off, don't you worry." Eve assures Emma, hopping off the desk and dusting off the back of her trousers. "You just keep bringing me your problems and I'll try to bring you solutions to them. All right?" She says, resting a hand on Emma's shoulder. "Now, do you have anything else you need taken care of?"
Emma Emma shakes her head. "No - not really, think some rest would do us all well."
Eve "Then I will leave you to some rest, and I'll tie up some loose ends." Eve confirms, a thoughtful look on her face. "Maybe you should speak to Isabel too when you've the time, I think she was worried about you."

"Have you known her for very long?" Eve asks, glancing back at Emma with two slightly raised eyebrows.
Emma "She was?" Emma asks, surprised. "Well I - I met her back in Raccoon, an' off an' on since there, we've ran inta a few troubles together. Why?"
Eve "If you trust her, I will. I think she is a very nice woman." Eve says, her cheeks going pink as she steals a glance at Emma. "Just wondering, that's all..if she's nice, trustworthy..someone I can get to know better.
Emma "I - I think every person is - is worth tha chance, an' she has survivored much an' has a good heart." A pause, her brow lifts. "Get ta - ta know better?"
Eve "Everyone can use a friend." Eve says, grinning at Emma.
Emma Emma grins widely. "Well go - go forth, an' befriend." She smirks too, perhaps catching the subtle undertone.
Eve "I shall." Eve returns, giggling softly as Emma grins at her. "One never know how things will turn out, and she looks as if she can use a friend too."
Emma Emma grins all the more now, resting back in the chair. "I - I bet she can." Says the lass, softly. "It's 'bout connection, I find, nothin' else matters in.. a friend, as long as there be connection. Hopefully ya two can find that."
Eve Eve kneels near the hutch and opens a small fridge, pulling out a bottle of juice. Emma is seated in her chair behind the desk and Eve is leaning against the wall, quietly conversing with her as she drinks her juice. Both women are smiling and at ease.
Benny The door slowly opens and a familiar head pokes in, followed by the body of Benny Chan. "Hi Emma and miss Eve. Your office was empty and I heard some voices from Eve's office here so I thought I would check in." He did knock twice before he opened the door, that is kind of polite. "Umm...sorry I left so suddenly from the other meeting. What did I miss?" He says in a polite tone although he seems to be glancing towards Emma, as if he wants to say more but won't right now.
Tabitha Tabitha wakes from a nap in a nearby office. After a moment of reorienting she realizes she's not at the hospital. Spotting Benny's form slinking into to Eve's office, Tab follows. A hand on the door keep Benny from closing it on her nose. she slips in, giving Benny a gentle knuckle to the ribs.
Emma Emma idly smooths out her pencil skirt, looking up to Eve right when Benny comes in. Jumping some she gasps, and shakes her head. "Da - dammit Benny, so - sometimes ya need bells on." She remarks with a laugh. That's followed with a shake of her head. "Do - don't feel bad, it happens. Ya didn't miss much though." Luckily, eyes are that way and thus she is not startled by Tabitha, who gets a smile and nod. Looking to Eve again, it's as if she remembers something. "We will need ta - ta reschedule soon for my - my trip, now that I remember."
Eve "I'll make the arrangements tomorrow and see what all we'll need for safe travel." Eve says, giving Emma a slow nod as she sips from her juice bottle. "Hopefully the lads we've hired won't be bothered with a little traveling." She muses, her eyes on something far away.
Benny Benny was caught unawares by the stealthy brunette newly minted doctor as he gets gentlely nuckled in the ribs, thats spot where it kinda hurts still and jumps to the side before he's able to close the door on Tabitha. "Oww...hey, what the? Oh, Tabby?" He exclaims when he turns to see who snuck up on him. "Your like a ninja doctor...good one." He seems rather impressed with being snuck up on but quickly turns to face Emma when he startled her. "Oh, ah...yeah sorry about that Em." He grins at her bell comment. "A Benny bell would not be advised...the constant ringing would probably drive people nuts." He then quirks an eyebrow slightly when he hears talk about Emma travelling. "Em, I didn't know you were going on a trip? Where are you headed and for how long?" He has lots of questions it seems and then glances towards Eve, as she sips from her juice, noticing that she's distracted by something. He just stands there, with his hands folded in front of him and his back to the wall just beside the door.
Tabitha Tabitha makes her way to the first chair available, flumps down and tucks her legs beneath her after kicking off her shoes in a practiced motion. She pats the Armrest of her chair for benny to settle lest he hover for eternity. Tabitha looks to Emma, then to Eve for some form of guidance.
Emma Emma gives a small shake of her head to Eve. "I - I will not need ta have an escort. I'll be perfectly fine." A brow lifts, her attention turns to Benny. It's a look he would know all to well, she did catch there was something unsaid but doesn't press it around everyone. To his question, she smiles. "Home." The lass says simply, meaning Scotland. "An' I'm buyin' ya bells." There is a glance to Tabitha. "Yer - yer well aye?"
Eve Eve doesn't look happy about Emma not taking a security detail but she hides it pretty well. She sets her juice down on the desk and gives Benny a quick glance before she smiles at Tabitha "How are you two doing this evening?"
Benny Benny blinks when Tabitha offers him the armrest to sit down at, cheeks blushing slightly and looks about to turn down the offer since he likes to hover awkwardly, but instead he actually walks over and sits down beside the now shoeless doctor.

"Your going home? That's wonderful and I hope you have a great time." He glances towards Eve, trying to gauge her reaction to Emma turning down security but she he can add poker to her ever growing list of skills. He's going to have to ask Emma where she found such an extremely talented asssitant, because if he ever needs to hire one he wants to get the one with the same pedigree, well minus the glares of course - well as long as they aren't directed towards him.

"I'm doing well thank you, miss Eve. Your coffee was awesome by the way and I'd like to know what brand you were using." He won't mention spewing it out after Markus smacked him on the head earlier. He then turns his gaze back towards Emma, "I'm not sure if I'll be around when you get back. I have to go away for a bit, but it was great seeing you at the dinner the other night and I wish you well with your...endeavours. Perhaps we could meet up for coffee before you leave?" He shuffles his feet a bit on the floor, trying his best to be comfortable sitting on the armrest.
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Emma and Eve, though the news still rattles around in her brain like a rock in an empty can. "Leaving? Now?" she leans forward in her chair, "Its not because of.. ", looking at everyone else here.. "...because.. is it?" She knows Eve knows, but isn't as sure about Benny and tries, in her huge expanse of hiding information, to be discreet. and .. does about as good a job as if she put a big red ribbon on it.
Emma "For a - a week, or two. It's been to long an' I need healin'." Emma says to Benny with a shrug. "But, I got family comin' here first, likely ta fly back with them. They are nearly as protective as you." She gives him a wink. But there is a change, she looks sad. "Yer - yer leavin', again?" Though used to it, it always made her sad when he had to leave again. "Bloody'ell, aye, we'll go get coffee, or shots?" Trying to find some humour anyway, she knows he'll get that joke.

Looking to Tabitha, the lass laughs. "Ya - ya mean someone out there wantin' me dead?" No, the red head hides nothing with this group, and -tries- to sound casual, trained ear would catch the undertone of nerves, maybe fear.

"E - Eve, tha - that reminds me, I'd like James ta set up some self defence trainin' for tha staff."%
Eve Eve nods, her hand picking up a pen and noting it in her ever present pad. "I'll speak to him about it." She says, and then she glances over at Tabitha, a faltering smile on her face. "James would also like to meet with you Miss. He has a few questions about the information that you brought to TerraSave." She darts a brief glance at Emma and then looks back towards Tabitha. "He can be trusted, so anything you remember will be a help.

Eve glances back at Emma then and she frowns slightly, pushing away from the wall to prop her hands on her hips. "If the press catches wind of you and your destination, I'm leaking that we sent a small army with you, just so anyone who might get uppity will perhaps think twice over it." Her eyes flash with a bit of anger and then she deflates, leaning back against the wall. "I'm sure your family can keep you safe though."
Benny He wants to tell her that he's going to handle it but he can't and he won't. Too much is at stake, more than anyone present knows and he won't risk it. His burden to bear alone. "I have things I have to take care and work is going to keep me pretty busy. Don't think I'll be back in Paris for quite a while." He won't elaborate on how long that might be. At Emma's comments he offers a wry smirk, "Coffee. Just coffee will do." What happens at reunion parties stay at reunion parties.

He glances towards Tabitha as she tries to be coy about information, giving her a little nudge with his elbow on her shoulder from his seated armrest position. "You shouldn't play poker Tabby...espeically not with miss Eve here. Don't worry, Emma and I have known each other for a long time and she's one of my best friends."

Looking towards Eve now, he nods in agreement with her assessment of Emma's trip. "I wish you would take more security with you Emma. I would offer to go with you myself if I wasn't already committed. Umm...did someone mention James? Like James Scott? He's working for you now, Emma?" He then glances between Emma and Eve. "James is training your staff...Terrasave members how to fight?" He bites his tongue, not literally but doesn't say anymore and then looks up towards the ceiling, crossing his arms now. When Even mentions that James will be speaking to Tabitha, he quirks an eyebrow slighlty and again holds his tongue.
Tabitha Tabitha blinks, and feels very much the kid in the room. She blushes at Benny's comment, but can't help but join Eve in concern for Emma.. "I.. you leak an army going with you, what if they send a Bigger Army to go after you? Then, suddenly, you're an army and a half short. I mean.. ", she looks to Eve.. If Eve is mollified, well, Tab can feel at more ease.. really.. honest.. no worring at all.. Tabitha looks to Benny then to Eve.. "..Yea..", moving to wiggle a tickling finger into Benny's ribs.. "ah suck at poker.." adding belated to Eve. "I.. don't know what else I can offer.. but.. Sure. I'll help however I can."
Emma Lips press together, Emma knows all to well, they will all protest till she agrees to bring at least some protection. "F - fine, I'll being -one- person, okay? I - I don't wanna attract attention ta my home, I'll go nice an' quiet like. Eve," Eyes move to her assistant. "I - I am sure yer able ta book such a flight? An," She adds in for them all. "My - my eldest brother is British military, th - that's all I'm allowed ta say 'bout him." So, she lets them guess what he is. "I'm safe."

She looks to Tabitha then. "James is - is good at what he does, I wanna figure out this Jenny stuff.

"My - my family would like ta meet ya." She says to Benny, but frowns anew. "Yer qu - quite busy for IT, guess we'll need ta make coffee count, then." She can't hide that the news makes her sad. "An ay - aye, James came ta me lookin' for work."
Eve Eve smiles at Tabitha and nods as Emma speaks. "Yes, just tell Mister Scott what you remember, and things will be okay." She glances at Emma and blinks once, and then again. "W-who do you want me to book the flight for? Not me, surely." She says, looking nervous for perhaps the first time since she's been in these offices. She leans forward and her hands are shaking as she makes a note on her pad. "" She glances over at Emma.
Benny Benny nods and smiles when Emma agrees to take one person to be her security. It's a small win and he'll take it, considering how stubborn she can be. "I'm sure it will be fine, Emma. Just go and enjoy your time with your family. Whomever, is chosen for this detail should be someone you can trust. Someone who is observant, discreet, highly trained in both close and ranged combat. Also a good driver to take you to places. But that is just my opinion and your people I'm sure will choose somebody very capable." He smiles softly and then blinks, "James was looking for work? Oh, I didn't know he was recently unemployed...well, he's very capable and we know him, so that is a big bonus. He's extremely loyal, I know that for a fact and he can be counted on to protect you that is for sure. I just hope...well, that he's going to be okay with everything that happened. Perhaps this will help take his mind off of things, with him helping you out and keeping busy."

Suddenly, Benny slips off the armrest into Tabitha's lap when she tickles him. "Woah...I'm so sorry." He stammers, his cheeks flushed bright red now and he backs away slowly towards the door.
Tabitha Tabitha thinks the most frigtening thing she's seen so far is Eve nervous. Its like the whole world just got turned up to 11. This is, of course, completely disrupted by a Benny in her lap. Tabitha smiles, "My own fault", offering while she can. She watches Eve closely still, though does give Benny a reassuring warm smile.
Emma Caught off guard a bit herself, Emma lifts a brow and eyes Eve. "No - no, I need ya here, workin' yer ass off while I'm off havin' fun." A pause, her head tilts. "I - I think ya know tha - tha security I'm ta being." It's said in a way that suggests only Eve may get it.

She looks up to Benny and laughs. "I - I am gonna bring a pipe as protection, if it can stop a Licker I'm sure an assassin will fall." And she nods. "I'm trying ta - ta help him.

She looks yo Tabitha as Benny falls into her lap, a brow lifts. "Ja - James can be rough 'round tha edges but he has a good heart." She simply advises.    
Eve Eve's whole form relaxes, as if she is a bag of hot air that's been popped. "Oh thank God." She whispers, a hand pressed against her heart. She gets to her feet and looks more sure of herself, glancing around the office with a faint grin on her face. "I'm deathly afraid to fly, that's all." She says, taking a breath. "I'm going to go take a walk and get some goodness, I was nearly faint." She backs towards the door, a soft chuckle still on her lips. "Uhm, you folks be well. Emma, I'll have an outline of what we'll be working on atop your desk tomorrow." With that she turns and strides out the door, as if she's being chased.
Benny Benny goes back to his original hovering position that he first had when he came in now, his cheeks still flushed from his slip into Tabitha's lap. After he few moments, he's regained his composure a bit.

He did notice Eve's nervousness at the mention of her having to go on the flight as security, which was weird because she's normally cool as a cucumber but her glares could melt the power ice caps. "Oh, uh catch you later miss Eve and take care."

He then smirks and glances over towards Emma, knowing what her reference is about. "As much as I know deadly you are with a pipe, I would feel much better with you bringing some hired help just in case." When Tabitha gives him a reassuring smile, he shyly looks away from her and back towards Emma.
Tabitha Tabitha continues to watch Benny, bemused at his shyness. She turns back to Emma. "I'm sure Whassiz-name with the 'super secret' background is more than enough if Emma has her pipe.. and I gotta hear that story sometime", leaning back in the chair a bit more. "Anythin' you're wantin' me to do here while you're gone? Other than cover your shifts?.. and talk to that Mister Scott fella."
Emma Emma watches Eve leave, in a contemplative way. Then she looks to Benny. "D - don't worry, I will. I - I know people are fussin' over me like I'm royalty or somethin', I get bein' afraid -" She stops, for some time now, Emma has net quite been herself, least to the trained eye. And in that momemt, her eyes betray some hidden emotion she has shoved down. "I'll be fine." Is what she says to him, but is it to also reassure herself?

"Wo - work with Markus, a big priority is those files. He - he can be a grouch, just talk Star Trek an' he seems ta relax." She says to Tabitha.r
Benny Shy is Benny's middle name, well not really but you get the point. A concerned expression crosses his face when Emma says she's fine but again he doesn't want to comment about these things at this moment. That will wait for another time.

"Yeah, don't take everything Markus says too seriously but he's a very bright fellow and underneath the grumpiness he's a good man. Just like James, sometimes it takes a little longer to find it." He turns to say to Tabitha after Emma's comments towards her. See he isn't shy all the time.
Tabitha Tabitha nods, smiling. "I look forward to meeting both of them." She offers a smile to Emma. She's not known the woman that long, sorta taking the whole range of expressions in with a deep drink of someone she's bonded to in one way or another. It hits her with a blink of her eyes as she notices how un-upsetting that realization is. Not where she could even imagine seeing herslef two weeks ago. "If I can dig out a renal cyst, I got no problem finding the good in someone. Booze often helps."
Emma Emma is a little quiet, her eyes suggest she is looking inward. It takes a second to come around with a soft 'hm?' as if she missed something. She looks to Benny, and then Tabitha. "Patience, is important." A small, amused grin follows that. "Drinkin' can be a wall breaker." Her grey-green eyes move to Benny a moment.
Benny "I'm not sure what a renal cyst is...but it doesn't sound very appealing, but yeah I'm sure you will find the good." Benny gives Tabitha a grin and then catches Emma's glance. "Yeah, it will break something that is for sure." He then gives Emma, that /look/ that she reminds her that 'What happens in reunion parties stays at reunion parties'.

"Oh, uh...I guess we never got to take that tour of Paris. Sorry, Tabitha...I'm uh, sure someone else can show you around." He then checks his watch, glancing back towards Emma. "I have to get going but lets do that coffee soon, okay? You two take care of yourself." He then gives a little wave before heading to open the door.
Tabitha Tabitha says, "I better be heading out too.", moving to follow Benny. "I'm gonna need extra coffee..", waving to Emma as she departs."