Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's another rainy day, but for Emma, that's good. She likes rainy days, they remind her of home - which is sort of being a broken record, saying that, but after your you know, killed, or attempted to be, comfort zones are neeed, and thus the rain just puts her in a slightly better mood.

There was a meeting to be had, a meeting of minds, to discuss what came in that encrypted file. There is information to get out of it, information she wants. So, those she knows would be able to handle the task, have been summoned.

Until they arrive (or are here waiting already for everyone else too), the lass is sitting in her chair, stairing at the rain, wearing a pencil skirt and top, while sipping some tea. Her ortho-boot is now off, and so is the cast on her arm.
Eve Eve sits in Emma's office on a small seat behind her desk. Her laptop is perched on her lap and she is typing up something as she eyes the screen, her black rimmed glasses balanced on her nose. She is wearing a sleek white button down blouse and a pair of pressed black slacks and black patent leather pumps. Her platinum blonde hair is caught up in a messy bun, and as usual she has her no nonsense resting bitch face on.

She gazes at Emma as the office fills and murmurs. "We need a private meeting after this one is concluded, Ma'am."
Esa Esa steps in quietly wearing his normal black gabardine trench coat, plaid four button casual shirt (the bottom only buttoned), blue jeans and black shoes. He walks in with a slight limp and carries a cup of coffee. "Hey Emma." He replies warmly.
Markus Berger Not too much later Markus arrives, looking the same as usuall but at least not having a murderous expression on his face and even his thousand yard stare is down to only half that. "So... Good day, I guess?"
Tabitha Tabitha puts a hand on the door before it closes completely. She slips into the door. Current attire is as usual; hospital-provided blue surgical scrubbs worn over a black dancers leotard. A long black trench-coat looms over her frame like something from a Terantino film. A hand combs through black locks as she pulls her hair out of her face to see what's going on. An open mouth is closed suddenly at the collection of folks notably NOT Eve or Essa. Though, Tab casts a glance to Eve as some sort of weather-vane for the current situation at hand. She slips in, moving to stand by the door so it can close. And, as someone who's worked long hours, immediatly looks for 1) a chair to settle into and 2) coffee.
Benny Benny somehow manages to avoid the front desk, yet again and pokes his head through the door when he opens it unannounced. What is he some kind of ninja or something? "Hey. I got your message, Emma...sorry, I'm late I was kinda napping...still feeling the effects from last night." He then steps into the office only if Eve doesn't pull a gun on him or anybody else for that matter, slipping in and then closing the door. He blinks when he see's all the people standing in the room, "Oh...hi everyone. Didn't know it was a formal kind of meeting." He walks to stand beside Markus, giving the scientist with the thousand yard stare a nudging elbow. "Hey doc, that stuff you gave me...whatever it was. It's pretty sic and uh...I hope there wasn't any side effects that I should be aware of?" He suddenly realizes this much later after the fact, oh crap too late now.

Putting his hands behind his back, he nods politely to the assembled group, first to the ladies, Emma, Eve and Tabitha. Then towards Esa and he already nudged Markus. He coughs clearing his throat, hoping that nobody really caught on to what he was talking about. "So, uh...I was summoned?" He glances towards a small table that may contain a coffee pot and water. Target locked!

He's dressed in his usual attire, well except for a clean new shirt this time, a blue graphic t-shirt with a picture of Pikachu on front and his faux-hawk style hair is slightly dishelved, like he just woke up and didn't get a chance to make it perfect.
Emma Emma looks over to Eve, lifting a brow while sipping at her tea, wearing her professional attire. Slowly, she turns in her seat and nods. "A -- always a meetin'." There is a bit of a laugh, head turning as Esa comes in, he's given a warm smile. "'ello, glad ya could make it."

There are plenty of chairs for everyone, a pot of coffee, and some tea, too. She may even of had something stronger to drink, if this wasn't a meeting. There is a nod to Markus, pleased to see him show up. "Glad yer - yer here!" A hand motions to Tabitha when she enters. "I - I think ya two are gonna work well together."

She then looks to Benny as he enters, and smirks, actually, laughs a little, at seeing the state he is in. "I - I need ta get yer tollerance up, ya'know, aye I summoned ya, I wanted ta discuss some things regardin' tha Zombies, Lickers, an' encrypted file I got. Which, ta just start off," Eyes look to them all, and then fix on Markus. "I asked Markus here ta help us, he's a scientist, a good one at that, I'd like him ta work with Tabitha on goin' over tha virology aspect of tha file."
Eve Once everyone has arrived, Eve closes her laptop and gets to her feet, offering everyone a polite smile. "Can I get anyone something to drink or..take your coats?" She asks, as she places her laptop on her seat to save it for when she returns.

Her eyes narrow at Benny as she spots him trying to make her redundant so she steps up to the refreshments prepared to serve. Her head tilts as she waits for drink orders, already preparing a refresher cup of tea for Emma.
Esa "thank-you" He replies in a kind warm tone of voice. He finishes off what little bit of cooling coffee he had left before limping to the trash can and tosses the cup. He slips the coat off and slips on the back of his chair before sitting down. Looking to Eve, Esa asks cordially "A Mint White Tea please."
Markus Berger Markus only glances to Benny briefly with a smirk. "Oh, you know. Just the usuall... Do keep in mind that someone who used to work for Umbrella just said 'just the usuall'." Having said that he shuts up as he listens for a bit while briefly glancing at everyone else here and shrugs slightly. "Ah yes, virology. Sure, thats something I can handle."
Tabitha Tabitha throws her long coat over the back of a chair which she claims unceremoniously.. "Coffee.. Strong. Sweet", the offers to Eve.. with a nod of respect to someone who holdes the very essence of life in her hands. "..please.. thank you" she settles into a chair, offering a glance to Markus.. weighing him as if he were a lab specimine to be analized. or, a patient to be diagnosed.
Benny Benny gives Emma a wink at the tolerance remark but chooses to say silent, because what happens at Reunuion Parties stays at the Party (Just like Vegas stays in Vegas, remember?!). But she can't read minds so he isn't sure if the coy expression on his face is enough of a hint.

Since Eve didn't pull a gun on him, he was quite relieved and when she narrows her eyes at him as she steps towards the table to offer to serve drinks - well that kinda of threw him off a little. He involuntarily gulps, taking a small step to the side to hide behind Markus, "Ummm...I'll have a coffee, black unless you have soy milk. Thanks, miss Eve." He would like to add please don't hurt me to the end of his sentence but he refrains. He's the monster hunting expert here after all and it wouldn't be in his best interest to show weakness, well more weakness amongst the sharks.

As Markus quips about working for Umbrella, he suddenly gets weak in the knees and sweat starts to form on his brow. Elevated heart rate - check, increased respiration - check, profuse and uncontrollable sweating - check and double check. Damn you Markus Berger!? "Great...just great..." He then glances over at Emma as she talks about Markus working with Tabitha on some stuff she is about to reveal.
Emma Emma nods in thanks to Eve, for preparing her tea, which just happens to be the same Esa's. "Though, I - I want this between -us-," She advises Markus, looking his way, which suggests that she doesn't want Tricel to get their hands on this information. At all. "I - I got a funder, to, for some of tha work that'll be needed, though with that recent video hittin' tha media, I'd like that fundin' from a source I know an' trust."

Catching sight of Benny's glance, she smirks a bit, but doesn't remark and in stead, looks to Esa, with a smile. "I'd like ya ta - ta backup everythin', lock it, so it's -ours-, an' so we can only access it, I don't want this gettin' inta tha wrong hands."

The rain comes down behind her, the wall is one giant window, showing the rainfall coming down on the city. "Tabitha, ya'll assist Markus, two minds are better than one. Tha encrypted file is thus far, only on my computer, and I want as - as much detail on the plagus that it revelead, there is a new threat out there, I want a head of it."

She then regards Benny again. "An' because I am aimin' ta make this a how to, if ya will, on the details of tha awful things Umbrella creates, I'd like some first hand accounts, from someone else who has tackled them, ta give more insight. An' ta make this a good, solid, study guide, if ya will."
Eve Eve takes Emma a hot cup of tea, nabbing her nearly empty cup. She places cups in front of Tabitha and Esa as well, pulling a pen from within her bun to make a note on a pad on her seat. She walks a cup to Benny, her smile saccharine, dimples on display. "We have soy milk, of course." She hands him a mug and gets a bottle of water for herself as she retakes her seat.
Esa Esa nods to Emma "Understood. I would like to set up the lab and systems personally. It will be isolated from the network with no connection back to TerraSaves primary server banks, or for that matter the outside world. Completely disconnected and isolated to the lab." He informs her with a fond smile. As the tea is placed in front of him, he blows on it and sips it before glancing to Eve "Thank-you Eve. Wonderful as ever." He says with a gentle smile.
Markus Berger Markus just nods, although before saying anything he does take a moment to slap Benny over the back of the head for freaking out. "Understood. Sounds simple enough. Well, I'm saying that now until I end up stumped by whatever has been developed or dug out again. Happens all the time."
Tabitha Tabitha takes he cup with solid assurance that Eve has in the cup exactly what she needs. Slim fingers curl around the cup as she sips, only then offering a look to marcus. She pause a second for the caffeine to officially enter her digestive system to offer a hand to markus. "Dr. Marshall. pleased to meet you". the coffee cup never more than 10cm from her lips. "Looking forward to working with you"
Benny "First hand? I...uh...saw some stuff back in Raccoon, certainly but I'm not really up to speed about any of this new crazy Island of Doctor Moreau things." Benny remarks to Emma and the group, still standing slightly behind Markus but when Eve comes over with the coffee and soy milk added, he politely accepts the cup with both hands as is Chinese custom, then bows his head slightly. "Thank you, miss Eve." He returns her smile with a shy one of his own and doesn't move to sit down quite yet, still using Markus as a human shield just in case. In case of what, nobody is really sure unless you are in the mind of the intrepid Kungfu Ninja ex-cop now IT guy.

He glances around at the assembled folks in the room, his expression belaying the fact that he isn't sure how he fits in with all of this. He's a pretty normal dude, well on the outside and as far as anyone is concerned. Nothing special, not a military hero, super hacker, uber asssistant, scientitst or doctor. He's just...Benny.

"Wait a Terrasave running some kind of behind the scenes operations now? I thought you guys offence, just some hippie dippie tree hugging save the Kola bears type of group." He steps out from behind Markus now, taking a sip from his coffee and savors the taste of it before continuing. "Wow, great coffee by the way. Thanks Eve."

Benny then gathers his train of thought back, the lingering effects of the hangover still apparant even after the miracle cocktail that Markus had injected him with (no side effects so far - well maybe that nervous tick was from lack of sleep...doh!) and then Markus slaps him in the back of the head, causing him to spit out his coffee in a spray. Sometimes it takes expert timing to make these things happen rather than Kungfu Fighting.

"Shit, Markus!" He glares at the man but probably deserved that. There goes his train of thought. Poof!
Emma Emma gives a big smile to Esa. "Per - perfect, as always." The lass remarks, grin turning a faint smirk She looks to Markus and Tabitha, watching them a second, nodding, feeling confident that they will work well together. She passes a glance to Eve, but then eyes settle on Benny. "Raccoon was - was where it started, an - an ta have eye witness accounts of.. some things, is important. Any bit of information is handy. An' not anymore, it's our job ta help people, that's what we're doin'. Given that I recieved encrypted information on a new developement of.. virus, creature? That Umbrella has created, this is an attempt ta - ta get a head of tha game, and develope a way ta help protect tha people more."
Eve Eve takes notes, her face impassive as she leans back into her chair. When Benny calls TerraSave a hippy group she gives him another mild glare as her lips curve into a frown. At the same time she snaps for a maid who comes in to clean up the coffee on the nice hardwood floors. She shakes her head slowly and goes back to her note taking, seemingly ignoring the conversation going on around her. Though, if you saw her notes, it's clear that she's listening.
Esa Well, some of it was on the hardwood; Some, was on Esa's arm and pant leg. Looking back toward Benny, his brow raises slightly "Really man?" He said with a mild tone annoyance as he did not see Markus slap Benny upside the head. He sighs contently as he stands with the tea and limps over to the counter; dabbing his shirt and leg as he listens.
Markus Berger Markis nods to Tabitha and shakes her hand briefly. "Dr. Berger. Pleased to meet you as well. Lets see how this goes." With that being out of the way Markus looks back to Benny and Emma and smirks. "Well, I'd be quite disappointed if Terrasave wouldn't be trying anything more concrete than protesting and scrapping together bits and pieces of informations and hearsay. Oh, by the way. Reminds me, if you need firsthand accounts of all the zombies and BOWs so far you can also just ask me as well. Out of all of us I probably have seen and shot at the most by now."
Tabitha Tabitha squeezes the hand, then looks back to Emma.. she files away 'bow' for query later. For now, she seeks solace in Coffe and the familiar, and settles into 'sitting with coffee', her expectations low and happily seen to with little effort. Eyebrows lift ove her coffee mug as she listens, casting a glance to the other shere as she tries to put together a jigsaw puzzle in her head.
Benny "I can't believe what I'm hearing here...Terrasave is a charitable organization and peaceful protest group, that opposed violent actions, environmental destruction and corporate greed." Benny wipes his mouth with his sleeve, setting the coffee down now and gets a napkin to start wiping the floor. "I'm so sorry about that." He says to Esa, then shoots a /look/ back towards Markus. The glare from Eve is duly noted and his cheeks start to flare up a bit as the embarrassment of the situation hits him.

When Markus ignores him, he stands after wiping up as best as he can before the maid arrives and shakes his head. "Excuse me. I'm have to go to the men's room." He doesn't look at anybody and seems a bit pissed off, opens the door and then walks off.
Emma Emma is quietly watching all this, frowning. She sighs, and sips her tea. "Le - lets not get our knickers in a twist, shall we?" She remarks, and then stands, grabs her purse, takes out a key and goes to her drawer, unlocks it and pulls out an SD card. "I - I got a email a while back, 'bout an Umbrella lab, an I went there, alone, faced zombies, a licker, an' got this information. It's on the t-virus, zombies, lickers an' who knows what else, I need it studied as well. It'll give us a background on what they've been researchin' an' doin'." Yes, she said that she went to a lab, alone, and faced monsters. Nobody ever said she didn't do foolish things sometimes.
Eve Eve folds her hands in her lap and she gazes around at the faces gathered. She doesn't have anything to add so she doesn't speak up.
Esa Esa gives a half smile to Emma as she tells them about the lab and data she collected. The smile is a fond one as he finishes dabbing and walks over to the seat once more quietly and sits. He doesn't speak up at this time; just approves of Emma's actions and information.
Markus Berger Markus just crosses his arms and nods, not having anything further to contribute right now. At all.
Tabitha Tabitha slucks coffee noisily.. though watches with interest, eyesbrows lifting at the mention of 'encrypted infoirmation'..
Emma "I - I want tha information put together." Emma says. "I - I want us ta be prepared, for whatever evil may come our way. I don't want innocent people gettin' hurt, if we got a chance ta learn ta defeat these things." A pause, she looks to each. "It'll take some work, no lie, but I feel confident we can put together, if you will, a real life monster preparedness manual. Ya know, like tha monsters manual in dungeons an' dragons."
Esa Esa gives a slight muse of a smile, his head nodding. "Get me the tactical data regarding Umbrella's creatures we've seen thus far and I will build us a SQL with proper software Compendium system to access data; encrypted of course." A shrug "Umbrella: Monster Manual." He notes a loud as he mulls over the name.
Markus Berger Markus smirks slightly as well. "Got to say, thats a comparision I never expected to hear in my life. Ever. Still, its a good idea, but... Nevermind, thats something for another time."
Benny A text message is sent to Emma's phone, it is from Benny and it says. "Sorry, I have to leave. We'll talk later. Be safe." The front desk will report that Benny did not leave through the front doors but security indicates that a firedoor was accessed a few minutes ago on the ground level. Security Footage would show Benny entered a stairwell after he exited the men's room and when security went to check the firedoor, it was closed again but Benny was nowhere to be seen.
Tabitha Tabitha lslucks her coffee. musing over what was said. the 'sql' comments go over her head and explode in the ether behind her. Still, she cobbles together enough bits to comment. "understood", casting a cofeee-enhanced glace to Markus. "always happy to serve", she offers with a sip of her coffee..