Umbrella Surveillance System
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Isabel It's her first real interview... the recorder and digicam are ready, her notebook is close by, complete with an eraseable pen, and chairs are set up around a little table out on the TerraSave patio. A cooler with bottled water and sodas is nearby, ready for dry throats. Everything is ready to go, once Esa arrives.
Isabel Welsh couldn't feel more unprepared. Her own throat feels like it's trying to close up, and her mind is foggy. She can't even think of a question. Nervously, she paces up and down near the window that looks out over Paris, murmuring to herself.
Surely this can't be as easy as they make it look on TV. Not when she feels like this!
Esa Esa was not one for the interview life. He was a soldier and hacker; a person that was on the front lines and out of the public view. walking up the stairs to the patio, he steps out and looks around, adjusting the jacket he wore a little.

He has forgone the trench coat in favor of a brown blazer. He wore a blue shirt and red tie underneath, the blue shirt tucked into black slacks. shined and polished black shoes completed the outfit. His hair was combed back in a wave that brought out his blue eyes and accentuates his face.

His mind raced, wondering how he let Eve and Emma talk him into this. He sighs and proceeds forward, toward Isabel. "Hello Mrs. Welsh, Esa Collins.. your interviewee." He extends his hand out to her with a calm, collected smile.
Eve Eve steps out onto the patio and sees the setup. She watches Isabel for a few moments, noting her nervousness and as she goes to say something to her about it, Esa walks onto the patio. She takes a step back, folds her hands in front of her and simply observes.
Isabel Caught in her own spiraling thoughts, Isabel almost misses the sound of the door opening. Twice. She glances up just in time to see Esa coming her way. Blushing and clearing her throat, she smiles a little shakily and accepts the offered hand. "Oh! Yes... thank you for coming! And please, just call me Isabel. How are you?"
She looks around hurriedly, seeing Eve maybe a second before her eyes fall on the table. Blushing a little more at the former, she manages another smile and gestures at the latter. "Please, make yourself at home," she says, glancing aside at Eve and nodding, as if making sure she knows it's a group invitation to do so.
Esa Shaking her head, Esa nods "I am doing good. More.. ready to get this interview over with, I think." He replies in a cordial enough tone of voice. He pauses for a moment as she addresses Eve before adding "And, how are you?" He inquires as he moves to take a seat.
Eve Eve smiles between Esa and Isabel and she perches out a seat out of the frame of the camera. "I'm doing well, just came to make sure you're both okay and to assist in any way I can."
Isabel Isabel chuckles, finding that Esa's thoughts almost mirror her own. People /do/ get paid to do this for a living, but she can't see how they'd ever be comfortable doing so. "Thank you, Eve," she says, giving the blonde a genuinely grateful look.
Her attention returns to Esa. "Honestly? The camera's just there as an aid to my memory, for when I write the Journal up for posting. If you'd rather I didn't use anything it gets in the actual product, please let me know."
She takes her own seat, picking up her notebook. "Off the record, Mr. Collins? I'm on your side. The BBC did you and yours a grave disservice by painting you all as murderers. They edited the footage of what happened in the catacombs to help their deception. Maybe it won't be on worldwide TV, but I'm hoping that what we do here will let me set the record straight for all of you who went down there," she says seriously, meeting his eyes.
Esa Sitting in the chair, Esa rubs his hands along his pant legs before putting them on the chairs arms. Catching the smile from Eve, he returns it with a soft one of his own as he says "Thank-you." to her. His attention is then given to Isabel as she speaks and he gives a quiet nod and grateful smile to Isabel. "Thank-you Isabel. I hope to set something straight."
Eve "I have no doubt that Isabel will be able to set the record straight." Eve says, her eyes on the woman in question. "Just take a deep breath and tell the truth." She gestures for Christoph to stand in front of the entrance to the Patio, making sure they will have privacy.
Isabel "I'll do my best," Isabel promises. "I don't know how many people will see it, considering the Zombietown Journal's just a web video series, but maybe it'll be enough to get people questioning the news reports. I saw the BBC story; it even sounds like a one-shot smear campaign. With any luck, this will make it more obvious that that's exactly what it was."
She gives Eve a quick, grateful smile. But her attention is mostly for Esa. "I know this could be a long story, but I need to know everything you can tell me about the trip into the catacombs," she says, starting the camera. "Please, start at the beginning and tell me in your own words. Don't feel obligated to rush; we have plenty of time." Her smile turns wry. "I'll try not to interrupt much. I know I'll have questions."
Esa "The Federal Bioterrorism Commission was called up after city workers were repairing damages done to a section within the Catacombs known as the danger zone. They stumbled upon a secret tunnel that dated back hundreds of years and was cleverly disguised." Esa begins.

"As we prepped to move out, incoming intelligence revealed an intense heat source. Likely hundreds of zombies or human like people." He notes lightly.

"Upon our arrival, we did a final count on weapons and munitions, verified everyone was ready before heading into the tunnel. What we came upon was a horde so intense that it shocked me. We knew of the missing people within the catacombs and around Paris..But to find them zombified by the virus?" He shudders

"It was horrid. I served in the Army prior to my transfer to the F.B.C. I had never seen anything like this."
Isabel "I'd heard rumors of attacks, of people going missing," Isabel says, her eyes widening as she considers the awfulness of what Esa saw. Hundreds of once-living people, turned into monsters... and assembled in one place? It suggested some kind of sinister intelligence behind the abductions, rather than just the random actions of a contagion at work.
She clears her throat softly, trying to focus past the horror. "It sounds like someone, or something, gathered this immense horde together. From what I saw in Raccoon, zombies tended to spread out, or wander aimlessly, or just stand in place sometimes. They didn't cluster, really... you saw some together once in a while, but it was more like they just ran into each other. It wasn't purposeful. It sounds like this /was/."
Esa "Yes, I remember my intelligence debrief. This did feel different, and was." Esa replies quietly, his face showing sorrow. Taking in a breath, he releases as he continues.

"Our teams, which included F.B.C., B.S.A.A and Paris SRT, was fairly large. We moved down the tunnel and could hear the entire way the noise they made; the groaning cries of hunger." He shudders and shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

"The tunnel exited into an amphitheater. It was here that the first of a series of battles would happen. We took on roughly five hundred zombies in that place." He pauses for a minute to contemplate on that. Five hundred civilians turned into zombies by a virus. "Amongst these zombies were the Bio Organic Weapons, or B.O.W's known as Lickers whom attacked our people."

"It did not take long before we were able to clear out the zombies and Lickers."


"It wasn't over."
Isabel "I know that groan..." Isabel murmurs, wincing in sympathy. She reaches over, to clasp his hand as comfortingly as she can. "Just one was bad news. But /five hundred/, all in the same place... wow. And Lickers on top of that? It must have felt like walking into the worst nightmare you ever had, Mr. Collins. How did you destroy so many... /monsters/?"
At the hanging words, her eyes widen. "Oh, dear... whatever brought all those things together was /there/, wasn't it?"
Esa "Yes. He was there."

"A man could be seen on a raised platform. Our intelligence confirmed it to be James Marcus, a founder and top scientist to Umbrella. But, he was different. He had long dark hair and greenish-tinged skin, visible even in the dark. Whatever he was, was no longer human. In many ways, he resembled someone I knew, just far older and much more grotesque." He pauses and looks to his hands; his hands shook.

"He spoke, and after he did.. he released the civilians.."
Isabel "James Marcus... it doesn't ring any bells," Isabel says, frowning thoughtfully. "Sorry to interrupt."
She doesn't miss the mention of the civilians, though. "Oh, my God... he was /holding/ civilians down there? And he deliberately released them once his monsters were depleted? That's where the victims on the video came from?"
It's utterly despicable. Competely horrible. And so very in keeping with the monstrosity that this man must have been. Isabel shivers. Seeing Esa's shaking hands, she squeezes the one she clasped a bit more tightly, silently supportive.
Eve Eve stares at Esa and Isabel, remembering the feed that she was watching in Emma's office. She fidgets with her hands, pulling at the fabric of her skirt as she listens to Esa speak. She remembers Molly again, and she takes a deep breath and releases it, her eyes on the stones in the patio.
Esa "Peop.. People need to know. Must understand, they.. the civilians, were not human. Not anymore." Esa says as his eyes stared at his shaking hands and Isabels that held his. "They were infected by something no one has seen before. As they ran toward us, toward the exit, five civilians leapt into the air."

"They... " He pauses as he takes in a breath to steel his nerves. "Tore the heads off F.B.C. and B.S.A.A. soldiers; their hands were able to rip cleanly through armor and gutted men like a kid with a pumpkin on Halloween."

"We gave orders to stop; they didn't. Orders were given to use lethal force and we did."

"That is when some of them got back up. They.. Looked like gigantic multi-tentacle leeches."
Isabel Isabel nods quickly and emphatically in agreement, not wanting to interrupt again while the words flow. People /do/ need to know what really happened, why the order to fire was given. The civilians down in the tunnels, at least some of them, from what she saw on the video, weren't human anymore. Even if they looked like anyone else, there were monsters beneath the skin, monsters as murderous as the man who created them. While the world above went about its own affairs, the soldiers down in the catacombs faced these monsters and tried to stop them. Many paid the ultimate price for their stand against this inhuman evil.
She takes a shaky breath. "So they were taken down, on orders. It..." She swallows. "It couldn't have been easy, even knowing that something was wrong with them. Mr. Collins, I..." She falls silent, just holding his hands.
Esa Esa nods quietly, eyes still on his hands.

"Everything else beyond that point was a blur. Molly was ripped in half by James Marcus.. He died only to be turned into some kind of big form of a Leech." He shakes his head. "I'm done." He says standing up. "I can't talk more on this; you have what you need." His face was a mix bag of emotions; fear, anguish, trouble, saddness, hurt, loss, pain. So many other emotions that he couldn't control himself much more as he heads for the door. He even fought back tears.
Eve Eve speaks up quietly as she gestures for Christoph to move from the doorway. "'ve done more than anyone should expect from you. But leaving like won't look good." She murmurs, a slight frown on her face.
Isabel The pain, the anguish, the fear, the loss... Isabel is caught for a moment in a sudden thought that this might have been much the way she felt in the hours after Raccoon City, only worse. And he's still feeling the effects, even days later. She swallows, looking after him. "Mr. Collins, thank you... for what you did, for coming here today... thank you so very much," she says, unable to lift her voice. "I know you must feel terribly alone now, that no one believes you, or could understand... but please, if you want to talk about it sometime, or anything else... please find me. I'll be here at TerraSave. And I won't offer a camera, just a shoulder. After Raccoon City, it's the least I could do."
Esa Esa stops mid walk and limp, looking to Eve. She was right, of course. He takes in a breath, sighing and turns around, heading back toward the chair and sits down. "Your.. welcome, and I am sorry. We.. lost a lot of good friends that day. The world needs to understand that all of this was because of Umbrella. They made the virus that created the Zombies and B.O.W.'s. It is because of Umbrella that F.B.C. made the controversial call that night to shoot civilians who were infected with some kind of new virus. The World should demand BBC and the media to show the truth; demand for sanctions against Umbrella and put all the executive members on trial. Those five hundred are but a small number of the millions murdered by Umbrella." He says this, looking directly into the camera.