Umbrella Surveillance System
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Rebecca Chambers It was like a tomb, here in the lunchroom. Or, perhaps better - the eye of the storm. All reserve officers had been called in at this time, and the place was full and busy with police outside. There was something going on in the town around.

Something... evil. And everyone could feel it.

And even here, in this little oasis from the storm, Rebecca, with raccoon eyes from tiredness, sips from a cup of coffee as she checks her little basket of first aid supplies. A beat, and she gives her head a shake, sighing. "I wonder if we're going to run out," she muses to herself. "Something bad is going on out there, but... what?"
Prestige William Caldwell Sitting across from Rebecca, eating a it wasn't a Jill Sandwich thankfully, was William Caldwell. He already knew somewhat of what was going down in this city, and he didn't like it one bit. He looks down at Rebecca from his ridiculous height and shakes his head "We'll be fine, i'm sure. I don't know what the disease is that's spreading to people, but it doesn't look like it has any intentions to just 'go away'"
Rebecca Chambers "I think it started in the mountains," says Rebecca, bringing up a sandwich half herself. Roast beast, not any other kinda sandwich, and waggles it at William. "I think we're going to get on top of it, but it feels like it's starting to go a little out of control. I wonder how we keep it from spreading, I mean..."

Her face pales.

"...I remember what they did to Bravo team, and that was just two of them. All of these guys out there?" she purses her lips. "It's going to be tricky, you know?"
Prestige William Caldwell The ridiculously tall male officer bites into his sammich, munch munching on it in silence for a moment before speaking "The mountains, huh? What's in the mountains that would cause this sort of epidemic?" he shakes his head slightly and continues "I don't know, I talked to a virologist the other day, he said he has no idea whatever the heck this thing is. And if it can even be cured. Said we may be looking at a quarantine soon, he's already bailed though so I don't know if I can ask him anymore." he raises his head up at Rebecca "Bravo team? What happened to Bravo team?" he obviously had not heard of anything regarding Bravo team, whether by bad luck or just forcing it out of his mind. "Apparently it's not just dogs biting anymore, but humans too. I have no idea what's going on anymore...I was at the hospital the other day, doctors said the flesh was decaying but not the fat, which is apparently odd for people with a disease. As well as the fact some were in comas. It's just..odd. Ya know?"
Rebecca Chambers "I dunno. Maybe it started with a wolf or a bear or something?" says Rebecca. "You remember back when this was all getting started? The wolves and things attacking people?" asks Rebecca, bringing up her crisp blue eyes to fall onto William in laser focus.

"Wait - the virologist - the guy that could actually help us with this, already left the city?" she asks. A beat. Rebecca's jaw clenches. William probably knew that she was S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team, and if he didn't - it was on her S.T.A.R.S. insignia.

"Well, we went out in the mountains for training, and found a wreck - someone had crashed a helicopter or something. And, well... I got trapped in an avalanche after some people came out of the woods and... ate the others." Another beat, and she bites her sandwich again, giving her hair a little bit of a toss.

"It's getting a little hard to stay positive, but I think we should try to keep them quarantined. Did you hear about that guy that bit Officer Lauper? He's now at home, with a huge huge fever. He was supposed to go to the hospital, but they're getting swamped too."
Prestige William Caldwell William goes back to eating his sandwich for a second "A wolf or a bear? But how did it contract the disease in the first place? Is there something in the air up there? The water?" he had no idea himself. "Yeah, it started with wolves and dogs, then slowly moved up the food chain. Right?" he didn't have all the details but he had a brief overview of what had happened in the beginning. "Yeah..talked about getting the hell out of here ASAP before the whole city went to crap." he stares blankly at Rebecca "Ate..the others?" obviously he was having a hard time believing humans could possibly cannibalize. "So like some sort of weird horror movie they just came out and ate your team? This is getting insane..." he shook his head lightly "Theres not much we can do if a quarantine comes down, we'll be trapped in here with the infected. And if they start wanting to take a bite out of us or others it's only a matter of time until the whole city becomes infected and---" he takes a deep breath and releases it "'s just..I'm not trained to deal with this, you know? I have no idea what's going on here."
Rebecca Chambers "It's not going to go to crap," says Rebecca with a determination, her eyes flickering towards Caldwell. "We won't let it, right? That's why we have S.T.A.R.S.," says Rebecca, lifting her chin up and kinda glancing across towards the overly tall policeman. A beat, though, and she bobs her head in a nod. She releases a sigh - and a smile replaces the determined look of before.

"I have no idea. I'd /guesstimate/ that it would come from the water, as it's being transmitted by biting, apparently. So it's water-based, or at least fluid-based. But where did this virus even come from? What's even around here?"

A beat. "I hear that commander Wesker might have found something in the mountains, but that's hard to guess. You'd have to ask him," she says.

"But see, we /are/ trained to deal with stuff like that. We're S.T.A.R.S., right? The best!" she says with a chirpy sound, finishing her sandwich with one more bite. "Have you... uhm... seen any of them out there yet?" she asks.
Prestige William Caldwell William nods to Rebecca's words of encouragement "Yeah, we're gonna protect this city as best as we can, there was no question I was staying here. This is my home and I plan on defending it as best as I can." he finishes his sandwich "Fluid-based is a good start, I don't think theres anything that could possibly contaminate the water though. Unless somebodies been tampering with our water supplies. What do you think?" he blinks and them whispers "Before I became STARS there was..a woman and some children I think who cannibalized an entire family. I didn't know why at first but now i'm starting to realize it may be the disease. She seemed to be running around like a spider, on all fours and such, her teeth were carved into fangs and she was talking about feeding her babies..."
Rebecca Chambers A handful of moments more, and Rebecca's face drops a bit. Leaning forward at his whispering, her brow furrows with concern. Pursing her lips, she brings up a hand to brush through her hair, sighing softly as she straightens.

"Did you see all that?" she asks, tilting her head to one side. "And maybe someone was tampering with the water up there - only people really up there are Umbrella though, and have they security and stuff," she says, folding her arms in front of herself.

"How long ago was the spider-woman?"
Prestige William Caldwell William shivers at the thought of spider-woman. She wasn't anything like Spider-man, Spider-man was a pretty cool dude, but she was just insane. He shakes his head softly "I don't know, maybe somebody snuck through or maybe it was a planned terrorist attack, in any case. It has to be something, right?" he sighs deeply "A few weeks before I joined STARS? So around the time of the blizzard, you remember the blizzard?"
Rebecca Chambers "Yeah - we went out - Bravo team, and I, to help someone stuck in the blizzard when we were all attacked like that," says Rebecca, letting her frown touch her lips again. A beat, and she grabs ahold of her coffee, pursing her lips tighter.

"We'll get to the bottom of it. Commander Wesker is smart, he'll know what to do best to handle stuff," she says.

It was about this time that there was shouting from outside the break room. A few moments later, a loud CRASH at the door, and a man stumbles in. Wearing street clothes, his face was dessicated away, and glowy eyes surveyed the scene. He had his hands cuffed behind himself, but that doesn't stop him from sighting William, and growling as he stumbles his way. The other police in the room were reacting, of course, but they might not get to him in time.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell gives a nod to Rebby roni and cheese "Sorry to hear that, sucks to go out like that." he drinks his sodey pop and smiles "Commander Wesker is a great guy, he looks out for his team." suddenly the crash is heard by him, he looks over towards the man with the dessicated face and slowly stumbles back, holding out his handgun and popping off a shot at him. This man was obviously trying to bite him so it makes sense he stopped him before he got infected.
Rebecca Chambers Bursting up to a stand along with many of the police officers, Rebecca was fumbling with her weapon at her side as the handcuffed zombie stumbles in. The shots ring out in the hall - and while most officers look William's way - most of them understood the nature of the thing.

Rebecca sighs, giving her head a shake.

"Just /what/ is going on here..." she murmurs, reaching out to touch William's shoulder. "You okay?"
Prestige William Caldwell William breaths a sigh of relief as the zamberino goes down. Slowly holstering his weapon and shaking violently "I think I should be fine..just a little riled up is all. I think after this I need a LONG vacation." he looks down at the downed man and then slowly walks to the other side of the table, sitting besides Rebby Roo "Need to make sure we're ready to go in case a quarantine does happen, Rebecca. Which is looking all too likely all of a sudden."
Rebecca Chambers "Yeah," says Rebecca to William, holstering her own weapon. Giving her chin a flick, she says, "I'm gonna get back to work. I bet he bit or kicked someone to escape, so... I need to go help with that. Stay safe out there, alright?" she tells William with a wink, turning to move out of the cafeteria towards the door properly.
Prestige William Caldwell William nods to Rebecca. "Alright, i'll see you later Rebecca. Good luck to you, and don't worry, I will." he smiles towards her and rises to his feet, beginning to walk off towards his own duties which needed attending to.