Umbrella Surveillance System
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Jane Chelsea It had been hours of climbing through the ventilation ducts since the attack by the US Military had levelled the entrance to the Arklay Mountains Facility under the orders of STRATCOM's Director Derek Simmons.

Jane and Rain were both covered in sweat, the facility having grown hotter since closure to the outside world with increasingly stale air.

The heat only increased as they reached the reactor, built in the lowest depths of the mountain and cooled by a natural stream.

Pushing out the ventilation duct in front of them Jane announced through hoarse breaths, "I think we're here."

The British-American woman hopped out onto a metal grated walkway into a room filled with nothing but darkness. Shining the flashlight of her rifle around, it appeared that a sticky mucous like substance formed into tendrils was covering the walls, and even the walkway.

The air smelled terrible, like rotting flesh mixed with burning flesh. Towards the center of the room, sparks could be seen ejecting from the containment section of the reactor; illuminating a large bulbous mass that was growing around it.
Rain Ocampo Rain kept quiet through the climb, though even she was starting to feel worn down by the constant heat and oppressive stall air of a sealed in tomb. The dogtags in her pocket burn a hole in her leg of unspoken, unexpressed guilt for what she'd had to do, but that's something for later... and she focused her mind with a level of discipline that bordered on super human.

Once Jane announced they'd reached their destination, Rain grabs hold of the edge of the shaft and slides out so she can lower herself down onto the slick, slimy walkway... A gloved hand goes down to touch it and she wrinkles her nose at the horrible smell that assaults her from every direction. "God damn, it smells like an outhouse..." She growls, levering her carbine up into her shoulder so she can add her light to the surrounding area.

"What. the. fuck. is. that..." She breaths, making absolutely sure that her bare arms don't touch any of that slime. She's down to black cargos, boots, and tanktops... she did keep the gloves and combat mesh though. "Alright... so what now?"
Jane Chelsea Jane flashed the light of her rifle around before shining it towards one end of the walkway, "Looks like we came down in the right place, first emergency power override is over there. Other one should be on the opposite side of the room, we flip both of those at the same time and it should send the reactor into overload."

Shining her light back down on the bulbous mass which seemed to be growing by the second she spit on the walkway, "I have no fucking idea what that is, but let's hope that it dies along with this facility."

Leaving the already pointed out override switch to Rain, she headed in the other direction.

As Rain headed towards the override, she would get the distinct feeling she was being watched; an eyeball visible in one of the tentacled-masses wrapping around the walk-way.
Rain Ocampo Rain followed Jane's indicated point with her chin up a little and her rifle spilling light across it with a shift of her position, "Got it." She says, loose bangs clinging to her face from sweat, she tries not to think about the huge bulbous thing attached to the reactor leaching radioactive energy like a giant mutant slug on someone's artery.

The Lt. starts in the indicated direction with sure, slow steps. One placed firmly before she proceeds so as not to slip in the slime coating everything less she brush against one of those tentacles wrapped around the support beams.. With its eyeball staring at her..

Her lips puff a little at that, but.. it's stay calm or get dead. The latter option is a lot more final... "Nearly there.." She assures herself, always the ice queen, as she carefully picks her way towards that secondary switch. Inwardly cursing the asshole who built these things to be so god damned hard to manipulate.
Jane Chelsea When Rain reaches the emergency power override, she finds it rather rusted and hears something crawling on the walls near-by, but she can't see anything clearly. In the distance Jane calls out, "Ready! Flip it now!"

It was going to take some effort and Rain was also going to have to contend with a near-by wall-tentacle that decides to lash out at her!
Rain Ocampo Rain wants to put a bullet right through the tentacles eye, but she's trying to get the reactor to go boom. The end results, she hopes, will be the death of ''all'' the tentacles. That does not mean she wants to get slapped in her face, though. She grabs hold of that switch and pulls with all her might, weaving her head around and out of the way of lashing out eyeball stalks. "Hurry up! The fucking thing is getting pissed!"
Jane Chelsea Jane has a bit of trouble with her switch but ultimately gets it flipped not long after Rain, the lights in the reactor room turning on and illuminating the grotesque charnel house the pair of women were in as the reactor surged with extra power.

All throughout the room, the tentacle masses of flesh that were consuming the walls could be seen with no end in sight; all of it leading back to that /thing/, the grotesque object of horror and pulsing flesh that was engulfing the reactor.

It also engulfed the other nightmares that roamed the room, what were once people, stuck to the walls caught in expressions of agony.

All at once, Jane and Rain came under attack as the creatures on the wall and ceilings used their tentacles to try and get a hold of them.

The temperature in the room began to increase rapidly as well; the mass of flesh clinging to the reactor starting to make popping and crackling sounds as it sizzled and burned from the excess power.

"It's not safe up here." Jane called as she fired off far too many rounds at the creatures trying to attack her, emptying the entire clip just to keep the tentacles at bay; not caring at all about precision.
Rain Ocampo This has go into some Lovecraftian shit and Rain was never big on horror movies anyways. When the power comes back on and lights up the internal fright that was being hidden by the darkness, she brings her rifle up and starts firing with rapid bursts at any tentacle that gets too close to her. It is not at all precise, it is desperation as she back pedals quickly away from the switch trying to get around the catwalk towards Jane.

"Son of a bitch!" ''ta-ta-ta-ta-ta'', she swings the butt of the rifle at a tentacle after firing five shots at another one and hauls off kicking a third on her way. Anything to get it out of her path, until she's well and true burned every round of ammunition in the clip. "Fuck..." She draws it out, clicking the release and reaching back for a fresh mag to slap into the bottom. The receiver is slapped back with her palm and she keeps trying to stop a flood by sticking bullet fingers in the holes of the dam.

"What now?" Amidst the flashing bursts of her rifle, she shouts over to Jane.
Jane Chelsea "Try to live long enough to ride one of these underground streams out!" Jane replied back as she fired until the clip was empty, slamming her last clip into the weapon, "Last clip to."

The pair of women are successful in fending off the tentacles for now, the grasping 'arms' retreating back into the wall as an inhuman shriek of pain, ecstacy, and agony filled the entire room. It had originated from the mass of pulsating flesh around the now overloading reactor.

The fleshy mass begins to vibrate wildly and the tentacles grab the walkways, no longer attacking the women but using their immense strength to rip the walkaway out, causing the pair to lose their footing as the entire walkway came crashing down; the pair sent flying towards the ground.

From the center of the fleshy mass, something that was once human began to claw its way out from the chrysalid cocoon it had been 'evolving' inside of. Unrecognizable as who it had been, a man of about seven feet with dark black skin, tentacle arms and long vicious looking stingers on his back stepped out. His skin wasn't just black, it was a carapace. There was scorpion DNA in there.

"Witness my ascension, and sate my hunger." The being called out loudly!
Rain Ocampo Rain makes it to Jane and presses her back to the other woman's, firing at anything that gets even remotely close with rapid successive, but still controlled, bursts. The second clip runs dry and she reaches back to grab the third. It's used to knock the one in the carbine free and slaps it into place with a click, snap, of her palm against the receiver. "God damnit.." 'ta-ta-ta', "Last mag!"

The arms retreat back and then the real terror factory opens for business when that cacoon bursts up to use massive strength in tearing the walkway right off the wall... Both of them shift around, grabbing for either railing as the center shifts on an unseen axis, and then they're falling! When the walkway hits the ground, Rain tucks her shoulder and rolls up to her feet.. it wasn't nearly as graceful as she would have hoped, but she's a soldier not a cheerleader!

"What the actual fuck is that?" There's something that nobody's ever heard before... a little fear in Rain Ocampo's voice. The creature, man that he use to be, tears himself free and he's pretty much the fuel of nightmares in all small children. "Oh hell no..."

Time to find some cover, for what fucking good that's likely to do.
Jane Chelsea The Director Evolved didn't waste any time going after his first meals, but of course he wanted the women alive; when he mentioned sating his hunger he wasn't talking about feeding. The grotesque man-scorpion fusion advanced forward, his tentacle arms extended impossibly far out and try to wrap around the pair of women.

Jane fires her rifle off at the tentacle-arm but isn't able to do much more than slow it down as it wraps her up trying to immobilize her, "We're running out of options!" Jane screamed out through raspy breaths as she tried to fire at the tentacles in close range; releasing her grip on her rifle and drawing both of her pistols.

Rain was in a similar predicament, although only her leg had been entangled by the errant Director turned abomination of nature, science, and god, "Don't struggle. You will both have your places in the new world. I shall be as Adam, and you will both be my Eves."
Rain Ocampo Rain scrambles around the other end of whatever she got behind when the creepy bastard came out of his cacoon and brings her rifle up to fire. Only barely able to batter down one tentacle only to have another encircle her right leg and yank her off her feet onto her back. "Not gonna happen!" She growls, scared to shit and back, but far more worried about getting.. she's pretty sure... mated with by this god damned thing.

Her mind works trying to find anything they can use to even the odds... neither of them has much ammo left, aside from her pistols which would just piss this thing off, and time isn't really on their side at the moment. Either by fears cold grip or her own inability to focus, Rain sees nothing worth shooting at aside from the creature himself! So she does that. Trying her leveled best to keep the rifle centered on her shoulder while being jerked around by the ankle.
Jane Chelsea Jane uses her pistols to fire at the tentacles trying to constrict her, getting free from them just as Rain manages to and running for cover. She couldn't see the underground rivers anywhere, nor any way of taking down the gruesome mockery of life that stood before them.

"Aim for the head, his eyes are probably a weak point!" Jane yelled out to Rain as she saw the shots from the other woman ricocheting off the carapace of the creature.

All around the room, the 'people' trapped inside the fleshy masses of the wall began to detach themselves, moving with singular purpose towards the pair of trapped women; intending to insure they did not escape.

Alarms started to sound and an impassive female voice announced, "One Minute Until Self-Destruct."

A faint hint of laughter, "You're all going to die down here." The White Queen, the counterpart of the Red Queen.
Rain Ocampo "The fuck I am..." Rain growls at the voice, scrambling around onto her feet in the oposite direction to the tentacle monster trying to make babies with her. That is not happening. Not in this life or any other life. Not so long as she's breathing. The twist gives her a healthy view of the facility they're fighting in and she points towards the opening at one corner of the room! "That way, underground spring!"

Is she using Jane as a diversion? Would she do that?

It should be noted that instead of making a break for it herself she brings up her rifle and aims down the site. "Aint nobody dying down here, but this fucking thing..." And takes her shot at the pipe come up out of the top of the reactor.
Jane Chelsea Jane didn't hesitate in making her way towards the 'exit' as it was pointed out towards her, skidding to a halt near the small entrance and holstering her pistols and levelling her rifle up after Rain had fired on the pipes; which no doubt contained some major explosive chemicals.

The pipes burst, a slight ignition of flame from the sparks of the bullets and Jane called out, "Come on Rain, get the hell out of there."

Levelling her rifle, she fired off an underbarrel grenade launcher at the Director who screamed loudly, "NOOOOOOOOO!" As the grenade impacted his carapace and set off an explosion caused by Rain's shots on the chemical pipes.

An inferno began to consume the room, Jane firing off the last of the bullets in her rifle to cover Rain.

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Rain Ocampo Rain slings her rifle and leaps over the top of the barrier she'd been using for fire stability in one smooth motion. Her hand levering her over into a forward roll, pistol coming out of the holster on her hip to fire a shot at any of the zombies that get in her way of that pipe and the promise of escape, "Go!" She waves Jane, blowing another zombies face out the back of his head with precision shots that just seem too damn well placed to be lucky.

Even while running.

When she gets to the opening she dives in, not even fucking looking back as this place goes up in a massive fucking fireball of nuclear fusion!

Jane and Rain. Fucking Resident Badasses.
Jane Chelsea "See you on the other side." Jane called as she leapt into the small opening when she saw Rain close-by, allowing the rushing water to propel her forward to doom or safety; not quite sure which it would be. Rain found herself in the same predicament not long after.

The explosion filled the chamber fully as Rain leapt in, filling the chamber with fiery death; as the reactor overloaded simultaneously with the facilities self-destruct mechanisms.

Throughout the Arklay Mountains Facility, hundreds of explosive devices went off; incinerating all evidence of the facility anything that remained within living or dead with extreme prejudice.


As the rushing waters carried Jane and Rain through the deepest caverns of the mountain neither woman had a chance to do anything but struggle to survive, determination keeping them alive.

As the water was pushed forward violently through the caverns by the explosions from above, the very foundations of rock that was as old as the Earth itself began to crack and burst at the seems.

The entire mountain range was suffering from the equivalent of a tectonic shift that was about to cause an Earthquake, the first one Raccoon City had ever experienced.

As the mountain waters propelled them forward, both women fell into unconsciousness.


Rain awoke sometime later having been recovered at the base of the mountains in an icy stream by an Umbrella Helicopter that seemed to know just where to be.

Medics were tending to her wounds and she was wrapped in blankets as the chopper flew back to Raccoon City. She had survived, but there was no sign of Jane.