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Benny It is Friday morning on Februrary 11, 2006 and it is still raining but the warm wind is still blowing with that scent of spring in the air. At the Cafe Des Anges, the regulars are here buying there coffee before work or sitting down for breakfast before their day starts.

For one particular man, his day has started with the worst hangover he's had in a long time. Benny couldn't sleep that well, he was too busy puking after the reunion dinner and had WAY too much to drink beyond his normal alcohol tolerance which is a few beers. It is a miracle that he managed to drag himself out of bed and even get to the Cafe. He is still wearing the same clothes from last night, probably passed out in it but lucky there is no stains from his worshiping of the porcelean bowl.

At his table, there is very large cup of coffee is in front of him and an uneaten croissant with a tall glass of water, that he's sipping from. He is holding his head in one hand, with his elbow on the table supporting it and he looks like shit to be honest.
Markus Berger The hangovers are why Markus himself kept his hands off any alcohol and therefore is sober and relatively 'well' as he enters the cafe to get coffee. A lot of coffee since without he isn't functioning particularly well due to regular sleep deprivation. The downsides of insanity.

In fact, right about now he is without any word or question sitting down at the same table as Benny with a large cup of coffee in his hand and smirks... slightly. "This is why I don't drink alcohol. Also, good day. You look a tyrant ran over you."
Benny Benny looks up, his head is pounding and Markus's voice seems so loud it is as if he came up beside him, stuffed a bugle into his ear then yelled into his brain. " life." The hungover man exclaims and reaches into his jacket pocket, he feels something in there and pulls out a packet of tylenol. It is as if he's found GOLD, managing to tear the packet open with shaky hands and pop them into his mouth while downing it with a small sip of water. He's dry heaved so much already this morning, that he doesn't dare ingest much more liquid than this.

Benny puts his finger to his lips, his eyes closed as he looks towards Markus. "It feels like a Tyrant is stomping my amygdala..." He whispers to the good Doctor and sighs loudly. "I hope I didn't do anything too stupid last night...I blacked out, can't even remember how or when I got home..." He mutters softly.
Markus Berger "Don't ask me. I got out of there before you got too drunk and the local deco keeps giving me the desire to spontaneously go blind." Thats about all the doctor says as he takes another sip from his coffee and slightly smirks. "So... I have no idea. At least you aren't in the news, so if you did something stupid its at least not something too many will notice."
Benny Benny gives you a slight nod, groaning softly when it causes a sharp pain to his already wicked headache. "Your smart...that's why your a doctor...I should have asked you to be my wingman. Live long and prosper my ass...Emma can drink so much...I think I started doing shots with before liquor never sicker...fuck." He mutters and has his eyes closed for most of the conversation. "Morning though...I think it is morning? And I did have fun last night, despite how I feel...right now. It was good seeing some good photos, I hope." He rubs at his temples now and wills the tylenol to kick in, wanting so badly to take another two but knows that would be a bad idea. "So what do you have planned today bud?" He's able to form some cohesive sentences, which is another miracle.
Markus Berger "You were driking with Emma. She is scottish while your tolerance is an absolute mess, what with being asian, so what did you expect would happen? Even I wouldn't dare that and geneticaly I'm essentialy Khan. Yes, I'm actually serious." With that said he takes anoter long sip from his coffee and shrugs. "I haven't planned anything. I mean, I usually stay in my room at the chateau or work in a lab when I'm not waiting for something to go horribly wrong again or drive myself to near overdose on sedatives."
Benny "Ugh...yes, you are so right Markus...I made a horrible feels like a warp core breach in my brain." Benny geeks out once more with the Startrekisms, while finally opening his eyes but they are partially close because of the brightness in the cafe, even though it is cloudy outside. He doesn't dare take another sip of water even though he's dehydrated. "If your Khan, then can you please stop taking my head around the moons of Predition...around and around. Everything is spinning...make it stop." He jokingly pleads and buries his face in his hands. "I'm glad you got out then...not healthy to be cooped up in a lab or Chateau for too long. Oh and don't OD, that isn't good either...we need to do that Star Trek movie marathon...but no drinking...just snacks and soda..." He wills himself not to dry heave right now.
Markus Berger "Sure, sure. Give me your arm and hold still when nobody is looking." With that said Markus briefly looks around at which angle they are sitting compared to everyone else in the cafe and pulls out an injector from his trenchcoat which he subtly holds up. "Painkiller and very weak regenerative concotion I made."
Benny Benny blinks when Markus suggests he has a cure for a hangover, thinking it was some sort of pills but when he pulls out a syringe, he flails his arms somewhat and nearly falls backwards out of his chair. "Woah...what the heck..." He manages to maintain his balance, the chair falling forwards now and he catches himself on the table, nearly causing his coffee and glass of water to spill. Well the coffee did spill a little since it was kinda full but his superb reflexes even while horribly hungover are still pretty amazing for a regular human. "I don't know...what did you say was in that?" He actually is considering it because his head is pounding so badly.
Markus Berger The doctor just rolls his eyes as Benny freaks out and patiently waits for him to be back in a position that not involves falling over or knocking something from the table. "Painkiller and regnerative concotion of my own design. Very weak. Either it does nothing, it helps with the pain or it helps with the pain and also helps heal a few small scrapes you might have. Since I'm terrible at fixing people up conventionaly I had to come up with something, you know? Kinda did work the pharma angle for a while."
Emma Well, it was a long, fun night. And Emma, well, she wondered off, went to some place, slept and is now here, with the sound of the door opening as she enters. Maybe the only sign of the night before is that she yawns, using the back of her hand. Her hair - still straight, has been left down, and idly she runs a hand through it, moving it away from her face. She is wearing a pair of dark washed skinny jeans, and a Beatles off the shoulder sweater. Her converse sneakers make barely a sound as she heads to the counter, to order something to drink.
Benny Benny nodnods, trusting in the doctor since he's a friend and offers out one of his arms, his left one towards Markus. "Bottoms, that isn't the right word...ugh. If this works, you should market this...could make millions...and if you do, I'd like a cut of the profits, since it was a hangover induced idea." Yeah, he's messed up alright since he hardly ever offered up a conversation revolving around profits before.

He squints when the door opens, he see's red hair but can't make out the rest since the headache is rather overpowering. "Hey Markus...the red head that just walked in, is that Emma?" He thinks he says this in a low voice but it is hard to tell in his state.
Markus Berger With a short nod Markus grabs Benny's arm and quickly handles the injection before hiding the injector again. Its bound to not hurt mure than the average syringe. "Prepare for some slight numbness and give it a bit." With that said he also glances to the door and smirks the moment he looks back at Benny. "Nah, you are just seeing things. As I said, try drinking less."
Benny "Owww...." Benny exclaims after he feels the slight pinch from the syringe that Markus injects him with. Usually his pain tolerance is much higher than this but with his hangover, he's a super wimp. He rubs at his arm a little and then squints again looking towards the red head that entered. "Okay, if that's not Emma...well if you say so Markus." Yup, he trusts the Doctor not to jest with him since he's always been uber serious with him before.
Emma The redhead at the counter orders tea. Yes, tea. In a coffee shop. But she isn't a big coffee drinker. Moving down the line, it's a few minutes, and then her tea is taken up. It's to hot to drink, so she turns and goes to head out but spots two familar faces.

"G - good mornin'," Emma says, heading to the table Markus and Benny are at.
Markus Berger Emma gets a quick nod and a smirk from Markus. "Good morning. Be careful, Mister Kung-Fu here has a murder headache. At least only for an additional few minutes though if we are lucky." With that said the good doctor continues to sip from his coffee. At the very least his Schadenfreude is still working, despite everything.
Benny "Emma?" Benny asks when the red headed Terrasave Doctor Organizer walks over to the table. He then gives Markus a /look/ and says to the man, "You told me that it wasn't her..." He then smirks, "You lied to me...hey, I thought Vulcan's couldn't lie?" Yup more Star Trek geek talk and then rubs his temples once more, looking up towards Emma and gives her a half-smile, then frown as another wave of naseau as well as tingling overcomes him, probably from the concoction that Markus injected him with. "Hey Emma...Ugh...I, I know...I drank WAY too much last night...shouldn't have done those shots. Uh, how do you feel? Ugh." He buries his face in his hands once more. There is an almost full cup of a large coffee in front of him and an uneaten peach croissant. Yup, he didn't even eat it yet!
Emma Emma looks to Markus, and gives him a smile. "Yer - yer doin' well, aye?" She asks, tilting her head, grey-green eyes moving to Benny, that smile by far more amused. "Ya - ya couln' tell that was me over there? Benny, ya crushed my soul, ya know that." She mocks pain, and moves to sit, maybe she should of asked but the lass assumes she would be allowed to. There is a small shake of her head, with a bit of a laugh. "I'm - I'm fine, actually, I'd not be true ta my blood if I sufferened tha next day."
Markus Berger Markus just sighs at the question of he is doing well. "No, I'm not doing well. I'm simply sustaining myself through Benny's torment and misery right now and pretending as if I were allright. Haven't been allright in a very long time." With that said he leans back into his seat and just cradles his cup of coffee in his hands.
Benny Benny suddenly opens his eyes, feeling a touch better as the nauseau subsides a bit and his headache lessens. "Oh, Emma...please cut me some slack. That stuff you were drinking...I'm not sure what it was but it packs a Judo chop more powerful that Captain Kirk." He sighs softly and then looks towards Markus. "Dude, I think that stuff really works...I'm feeling...better." He still takes it slow though and reaches for the glass of water to take a tiny sip. He eyes the croissant but doesn't go for it yet. He then blinks, looking towards Emma like she's some sort of drinking machine with no conscience. "What? Your fine...all that booze and nothing? Wow, I will never enter into a drinking contest with you again...bloody hell." He umms and looks sheepish. "I hope...uh, I hope I didn't do anything too stupid last night?" He really really is going to regret this.
Emma "M - Markus," Emma says to him gently. "Take this as - as doctors orders, seek a therapist, I got a good network of them, trust me, it'll help. I have one I used after Raccoon an' for my assassination attempt." She follows that with a smile, and then takes another sip of her tea.

Looking at Benny, there is a small frown. "Well, there is - is -one- thing." She stands and, lifts her shirt! But not the front, and not -that- high high, it's to show a small part of her side, where a big black bruse has taken over her ivory skin and freckles. She then sits. "I -- I remember walkin' through the streets singin' at tha top of my lungs, an' then I woke up in some trash cans an' had ta get help out. I don't remember how long I was in there for, though."

A arm goes to wrap around Benny's shoulder, in a bit of a hug. "Ya - ya did nothin' embarassin', an', ta be honest, it was a blast. A great night. I'm gettin' tha pictures developed as we speak."
Markus Berger Markus just blankly stares at Emma for a good long moment as he waits until she has stopped talking, finishes his coffee and slowly puts the cup on the table before responding in a very deadpan tone. "So, what is any therapist supposed to do? I mean, I saw Raccoon City, the Hive, the Heaven of the Seas, East Timor, Paris, the massacre in the catacombs in which we even had the pleasure of having to fight off infected civilians that were tearing us to shreds at the same time as everything else down there, which the FBC is getting its ass kicked over right now. Several people I was in contact with and I had high hopes are dead. I sleep with a pistol under my pillow, my bed away from window and walls, my lock is custom made, I regularly nearly OD on sedatives and I own cyanide capsules."
Benny "What? I didn't know all of that Markus...I'm sorry to hear that. Some friend I am that I didn't even notice..." His brain finally registers that Markus is opening up about how he has been feeling lately. He then reaches over to give the Doctor's shoulder a pat if he lets him. "If you ever want to talk about it or if there is anything I can, please let me know. You aren't alone...okay?" He sounds genuine, despite his now recovering hangover state and it isn't drunk talk that is for sure, although the hard truth usually comes out as a result of alcohol sometimes.

Turning to look at Emma, his cheeks blush slightly when he puts an arm around him and he returns it somewhat clumsily since his coordination is slightly off. "Oh no...I don't recall the garbage can so much but I do remember some singing. Lucky I didn't get arrested by the Paris cops for bad public karoke if I joined in...but I'm glad you had fun. I did too." He nods as is glad he didn't do anything too embarrassing but when she mentions photos, he blinks once more. "Oh shit, there's photos!?" He facepalms and then stares at Markus again after he brings up the laundry list of things he's seen as well as been involved with.
Emma "Well," Emma begins, to Markus. "Yer - yer traumatized, an' tha way tha brain functions in that state, isn't normal. Yer sympathetic nervous system is on constantly, an' that's driving yer stress, fears, an' anxieties further. Tha - tha 'fight or flight' system, if you will. Yer body isn't going inta yer parasympathetic nervous system, which means, yer - yer not restin', and that comes from tha trauma an also, tha lack of ability ta address it. When I - I went ta my therapist, they taught me tha tools ta work with those systems, an' it helps. They really help ya deal and cope with them, an' how ta use those tools to overcome, an' accept. We're not built with tha tools ta cope with this things, we need ta ba taught, just like medicine, or science, or even Kung Fu, it's a matter of trainin'. And it's nothin' ta be ashamed off, either." The red headed brain girl goes all, well brainy there. Then with the mention of the FBC, there is a small shrug. "Perhaps tha - tha move was ta do more than what ya saw, assumptions make an ass out of you and me, after all." This is said in a more flat manner.

To lift the mood a touch, she looks to Benny and gives him a smile, and laughs a little too. "Ya - ya know, I remember a lot, so, I have an idea of what's on that camera, though my regret is not drawin' Spock eyebrows when ya passed out." Her tea gets another sip. "An' yer voice ain't - ain't awful, it's perfect in that it'd scare away tha zombies an' tha animals."
Markus Berger Markus just grumbles something incrompehensible for a bit before sighing, althoug he does perk up when the FBC is mentioned and raises an eyebrow. "Say... if you are in the case of the FBC thinking about who I'm thinking about then I'll take my complaints back, for the most part." With that said he just glances over to Benny while getting some pills out of a pocket of his trenchcoat and swalloing them. "I don't think that thats too much of a compliment. Remind me to bring you along someday as zombie deterrent."
Benny Benny blinks at Markus's comments, unsure if he is joking or not. "Ouch...well I probably deserved that. But, seriously though...I do care what happens to you and umm...well, I am good as deterrent. One of the few things I am good at." Yup, the kungfu master does have some skills in that department. "But...yeah, I should have seen it sooner and I'm sorry for not. Being too busy isn't an excuse or the fact that you've always been kinda reclusive...but I digress. Wow, that stuff really does work." Benny seems a lot better now and is able to speak without wincing in pain from hangover headaches. He takes a small bite of the croissant and then tries a sip of the coffee. "This French Roast is amazing. I usually always get columbian and don't know why I never tried this before. It is the undiscovered coffee!" He's geeking out over here about friggin coffee.

He then turns to Emma, most of the stuff she's saying goes over his head since he doesn't have much of a background in physiology or neruoscience but he does nod in agreeement when she mentions therapy although he won't comment about it to Markus. Two on one isn't his style when it comes to helping friends. He then laughs at the Spock eyebrows comments from Emma and his singing. "Well, I guess nobody threw any rocks or bricks at me or else I would be bruised up. Umm...yeah...about those pictures. What happened last night is like, Vegas right?"
Emma Emma is regarding Markus carefully. "An' - an' what are ya thinkin' 'bout, then?" She asks him, really wanting to know. "Al - Albert Wesker, perhaps?" Not so subtle, for her to say the name outright, but oddly, the lass seems just a little annoyed at the constant remarks, and it's unhideable, even with a sip of her tea.

So she goes to regard Benny again, resting back in her chair, taking her phone, looking at a message, and then snapping it closed and putting it down on the table again. "Ve - Vegas?" Now this is a reference she doesn't seem to be getting.
Markus Berger Markus smirks slightly and nods although he does talk a little bit more silentlly. "My... I have no idea what you are talking about. I mean its not as if it were in any way possible that Umbrellas rogue Wunderkind is on top of the foodchain at the FBC." With that said and hopefully it being cleared now that they both know whats up Markus looks back over to Benny. "Okay, I don't get that one."
Benny "The undiscovered from...ah never mind." Benny exclaims after Markus tells him he has no idea what he just meant. He quirks an eyebrow when Markus comments about an Umbrella wunderkind working in the FBC, then glances to Emma. After Markus swallows those pills, he looks back to Doctor Berger, "Oh....uh, were those advil or something? I could use some of those because I just took some tylenol. I must have bumped or fell last night cause I'm a bit sore on my legs. Geez, was I doing parkour last night or what?" He really can't remember as it is kinda fuzzy. "Umm...Vegas, like Las Vegas. The saying is, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." He explains to Emma and then glances between the two again, "Wesker? Oh...right...that thing." Yeah, he heard some rumors. "We probably shouldn't talk about that kind of stuff around here." He takes another sip from his french roast, seeming very happy to have tried something new.
Emma A brow lifts, Emma smirks a little at Markus. "We - we'll, good ta - ta know, we have similar ideas." SHe says, leaving it at that, and eyes the pills he takes, putting out her hand to him. "Can - can I see that bottle of pills?" She asks, calmly.

Looking to Benny, she shakes her head, a little amused. "Yer - yer a star with dancin', I was singing 'Everybody was Kung Fu fighting' and ya took tha chance to do this kung fu dance mixed everywhere. Ya really showed tha air who was boss. Won that battle." There is a laugh. "Oy! Yes, th - that. Well, I dunno? I don't think so, least, that I recall, but yer better off ta look at tha pictures and judge yerself. I got a few copies, for everyone, so we each have our own batch."
Markus Berger "Trust me Benny, those pills are not good for your health." With a slight shrug Markus only shows the empty pill bottle without handing it actually over. For various reasons. With that done and the bottle quickly disappearing again in his trenchcoat he looks back between Emma and Benny. "Not sure if I regret having left early or if I should be glad that I did. Should have taken photos... as blackmail, of course."
Benny "Woah...uh, that bottle has no label...that isn't advil is it?" Benny asks and then goes silent, taking another long sip of coffee and has a concerned expression when he looks at Markus. After listening to Markus's comments he knows it isn't advil that is for sure.

He grins when Markus brings up the blackmail and from Emma's comments about his apparant dancing/singing episode during the drunken stupor he was in after the party. "Oh no...this doesn't sound good and there's photos of this? Shit..." He shakes his head and laughs. "I'll never live this down I guess." He does however still have a concnerned expression for Markus as he looks back towards him. "Too bad you didn't stay...sounds like it was a lot of laughs."
Emma Emma is watching Markus, she had seen the bottle and noticed there was no label, and the state that he is in too, well, makes her mind run with possabilities. Eyes narrow thoughtfully, it's more the look of her doctor self, than anything else. She's watching for signs of anything, any distress, etc.

"I - I recall a chunk," The lass says, looking to Benny with a smile. "An - an' I got tha pictures, too, so, yer screwed, so ya know. An' no I won't let ys live it down."
Markus Berger With a evil grin Markus meets Emma's short look and shrugs, looking completely fine. "Whatever you are thinking, you are likely correct. Its just that like I told Benny here though. Geneticaly I'm essentially Khan. Oh, and do make sure that Benny never gets to live your escapades down. I do so enjoy his misery today."
Benny Benny sighs when Emma now has evidence about his drunken blackout from last night, as he takes another long sip from that delicious French Roast coffee. He thinks Markus is joking so he turns towards the german scientist, "Khan Noonien Singh? An extrememly intelligent and dangerous superhuman, one of the most promienent of the genetically-engineered augments during the late 20th Century Eugenics Wars periods on Earth during the Star Trek canon lore. That Khan? Dude, that is freaking awesome and what was that original episode again? Botany that was the ship they were found on. Space seed?" He grins at Markus's reference and has no idea that he may actually be serious. Then when Emma's comments really hit him, he realizes that he really is screwed and she probably won't let him live this down, neither will Markus who is enjoying that he's suffering from all of this. "Fuck my life..." Benny says deadpan and facepalms. He's going to REGRET this one alright.