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Benny It is February 10, 2005, a rainy Thursday evening in Paris but at least it is warm with a slight wind that that sweeps through the streets with the scents of spring in the air. Benny has organized a reunion dinner for his friends, the survivors of Raccoon City to come together for a night of good cheer. He's been busy with his work lately, often flying back and forth between Denver and here for weeks at a time. He knows that everyone has been busy lately, people's lives often twist and turn, which has inevitably forced the group apart after Raccoon. Life happens, but Benny has not forgotten those days, chilling for the most part but he wouldn't have survived it without relying on the people that are going to be gathered around him tonight. For that he is grateful, this isn't a time to dwell on the darkness of those weeks during the Outbreak. He wants this to be fun, to remember the good times and the close ties they had with one another as a result of that experience.

So, he booked a private room at Ze Kitchen Galerie (, a popular restaurant with excelent service and known for Southeast Asian cuisine, (Thailand, Vietnam and Japan). A fusion of the three styles and affordable as well, since it isn't one of the ultra chic expensive places.

Benny arrived early to make sure the reservation was in order. His french wasn't very good but he tried his best and luckily the hostess, spoke some English. "Ah oui, your reservation is confirmed. Your table will be readi in a few moments." The pretty petite blonde says to him in a simple black dress. Blushing, he replies with a nod of his head. He's dressed in his usual, black waxed cotton Belstaf jacket, a black graphic t-shirt with a picture of Obiwan Kenobi waving his hand at two stormtroopers with the words, 'These are not the droids you are looking for' underneath, blue designer jeans and grey adidas sneakers.
Markus Berger For someone who supposedly has been laying low after a certain incident until he could confirm that nobody can connect him to anything Markus is quite early. Early enough to enter the restaurant, which causes him the slight urge to go blind any moment now, not too long after Benny. Of course, like allways he doesn't make any attempt to actually look normal which means that there is now a man completely clad in black clothes, trenchcoat and sunglasses walking up to Benny. "So... this was your idea?"
James Scott While he was still in mourning, James still felt about the same about everyone. In an out of character move he's actually slightly early to the event, strolling in right as Benny finishes talking to the hostess. The teen raises his left hand in a simple greeting, "Hey."

He's more dressed up, rocking a crimson button-down and black slacks. His shoes have been shined an bright rolex hangs from his wrist. "Markus.. you look like you're here to sell guns to kids."
Silent Night Trusting the organizer of the wonderful event to come, Archene arrived perfectly on time. Not late nor early, according to his private schedule at least. He was on work clothes, that is a suit with a red tie... wearing his trademark shades. As he goes in, he opens the door saying, "So almost everyone is here already." He chuckles a bit as he comes in looking at each of them before smiling.
Benny "Hey, Markus. Glad you could make it." Benny says to the doctor/scientist and extends his hand to him in greeting with warm smile. The petite blonde hostess returns, smiling at the assembled guests, especially at James and Archene. "La table is ready monsieurs. Please, follow me." Benny gives the hostess another nod, "Sure. Guess, we can go get seated then and catch up." He waves at James and Archene when they arrive, motioning for them to folllow as they enter almost at the same time. "Hey Arch, James. Glad to see you could both make it as well." He glances around, "Huh, Emma isn't here yet...oh well, I'm sure she will be here shortly. She probably got held up by work." He follows after the hostess, who leads you all to a small quaint private dining area that can comfortably seat eight people, so plenty of room for Team Night's crew. He extends his hand to James first and then Archene. "So how are you doing?" he asks each in turn with the same warm smile as he had for Markus.
Markus Berger Markus wisely shuts up as he follows Benny until they are all in the private dining area and seated... where promptly stares at Benny with a look that combines a 'I'm gonna strangle something' and a thousand yard stare. "Take a guess." Of course, James meanwhile gets the same treatment barely a moment later. "No... the guns are for free. Ammo is where the money is at. Seriously now, my excuse is that its both bulletproof and stylish. Most of the time."
James Scott "What a look. You'd think you just got your fiancee's head in a box." James says as he joins the group, once he shakes Benny's hand. He doesn't look like he's slept much, but there isn't any murder on his face. Not at the moment anyway. "But to answer y'alls question, I'm here. That's about the best I can hope to be."
Silent Night Archene follows Benny towards the private area, "It'd be hard for me to not make it. I mean, mean even Markus managed." He chuckles briefly before shaking Benny's hand, "I'm doing well enough. Managed to speak with Emma not too long ago, and finally haev been able to see all of you." He smiles before looking at Markus, "And good to see you are out of your cave, likely the wind is just blowing towards FBC, so we should be fine."
Emma Emma is normally on time, and so being a bit late is unlike her. But life happens and thus, her arrival comes later than the others. She'd of dashed in from the rain and pulled off her coat, making barely a sound in those black heels she is in. Approaching the hostess, she is directed down the hall, and thus, that is where she goes, to the dining room.

At least she is fashionably late. Her red hair - normally curly, is straight, those red locks fall around her in an effortless, silky way. She isn't wearing much for makeup, but to be honest, she never needed it. Her outfit is dark grey, it highlights her figure, and with the way the skirt part is cut, makes her legs seem all the longer.

When in the room, she would stop and look to them all, a touch red in the cheeks. "I - I am sorry." For being late, of course. "Ho - hope ya all weren't waitin' ta long for me."
Benny "To answer your earlier question, Markus. Yes, it was me that suggested and organized this dinner." Benny replies to the rather perpetual grumpy scientist even after the thousand yard stare treatment, then gives Markus a light punch on the shoulder with a grin. "Come on Markus. Cheer up buddy. This is an evening to set aside the worries of the world, just relax, enjoy a meal with friends and cut loose a bit." He's in a rather good mood today, a lot less shy than his usual past self and trying to be that gracious host.

He looks over at James, smiling softly at the banter between him and Markus. "You guys, always ribbing each other. Come, sit, sit, everyone and lets order some drinks. If you guys want appetizers, then feel free to order those as well and then we can decide on the entrees later after Emma has arrived." He then has a rather concerned expression on his face when James brings up the comment about his fiancee, then takes a hold of the teenagers forearm if he lets him giving it a gentle squeeze. "Hey, I'm sorry to hear about...what happened. No words that I say can even express it but I'm glad you came." He says in a sincere and quiet tone towards the man whom he's had quite the history with, from RPD till recently.

"Arch. I know we just saw each other recently but it is always a pleasure to be in your company." He says towards the tall Tricell manager and now BSAA Liaision. "Oh, good that you've spoken to Emma lately and do we have you to thank for convincing Markus to join?" He jests, but then he turns his attention to Emma when she arrives. At first he is relieved to see her, knowing that she safely arrived and then a warm smile and claps his hands together. "Emma. Great you could make it. Nah, we just all got here not five minutes ago. Now the party can start. Please have a seat." He then grins, "I see you didn't get my message that this is a casual affair and now that you are dressed like a million bucks, I'm going to go hide in the bathroom now." Yup, he's just full of laughs tonight and he hasn't even started drinking yet.
Markus Berger The comment about who managed to get Markus to join earns Benny just another stare. "Don't even joke. I had my luggage, money and preparations to dispose of my lifes work and skip country ready until yesterday. I'm just here because your invitation and the confirmation that I never was anywhere coincided. Still... concerned about what happened." Thats about all Benny gets to hear from him before the doctor looks at everyone else present and rubs his temples. "I'll shut up now." Emma meanwhile just gets a quick nod as greeting. "You are just in time, don't worry. Grab a seat."
James Scott "Yeah, we just sat down." James says over to Emma with a slight nod, before giving Benny one as well. "I appreciate it. To be honest I almost stayed home and drank until I passed out. Don't get me wrong, getting black out drunk is still on the table. It's a lot better than the alternative."
Emma Emma stands there a second, looking at Benny, then down to her outfit, and then back up to Benny, her cheeks still red. "I - I wanted ta - ta dress up, special occasion an all." She motions to his outfit. "Bu - but I love yer outfit, it's perfectly you." He is given a smile before her big grey-green eyes move to Markus. "Glad ta - ta see ya." She says, softly, frowning a touch. "James, I'll be yer drinkin' buddy." A delicate hand would pat his shoulder. Then she'd put her jacket on her seat, and her wine red clutch on the table. Her phone can be heard ringing, but it's ignored.
Benny "Sorry, Markus...I was just trying to be funny and you can talk as much as you want. I've missed you by the way." Benny says to Doctor Berger with an aww shucks grin. A waitress then comes by and asks if anyone would like drinks. "Oh, uh just a beer for me. A pint of Stella Artois if you have it, thanks." He then gives James a pat on the shoulder, looking him in the eye and nods before walking towards Emma. "I'm just kidding and you look great as always." He actually initiates a hug and brings his arms up to encircle the stunningly dressed red head if she lets him. "I'm happy you made it." He then takes a seat after the hug and looks towards everyone. "I hope you guys like this kind of food? It is a mix of Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese food. I thought it would be a nice change from what we normally have. It got great reviews but the important thing is that we are here together. Thank you all for coming." He pauses, looking at each of you in turn with a warm smile on his face and you can see the emotion on his expression.
Markus Berger "Just some sparkling water for me." Markus is not a big fan of anything alcoholic ever since RC which he once again displays until the waitress leaves again. "You know Benny. I was this close to dumping you all and getting out of here permanently. Besides, contrary to Arch here I'm still quite concerned, although for more pragmatic reasons." Having said that he briefly shuts up, looks around for a short moment and sighs. "Also, I have never eaten this kind of food. Ever. Expect me to complain."
James Scott "You sure drinking with me is a good idea?" James asks Emma with a slight grin. "We'd wake up in a big bed somewhere, rulers of a small country." His order was simple, at this moment all he wanted was a glass of Tanduay. "Where were you thinking of going Markus? South America, Siberia, or maybe the Paradise Islands. There are labs and facilities everywhere. Our fighting isn't done, even if we run from it. It'll just find us once we're ready to settle down."
Emma Well, that's a total shock. Emma wasn't prepared for Benny to come up and hug her, but, it's welcomed with a firm hug and big smile in return. "Yer - yer to sweet," She says, about how she looks, and chuckles a little. "I'd not of - of missed it for the world." She really wouldn't.

Then she goes to sit. "I'll try anythin'." Being a cook herself she is quite interested and then her eyes fix on Markus, with a small frown, and then move to James. "I sh - should ask if can keep up with me, rather. An' well, I - I hate ta burst yer bubble, but, I'm a bed hog an' not much for sharin'." She smirks and pulls out a digital camera from hee clutch. "I - I may be headin' ta South America." The lass adds in, before ordering a double scotch, neat.
Silent Night "I just have little reason to worry about the consequences in the end." Archene briefly tells Markus before looking at James, "I'm glad to see someone understands, I sincerely hope that we can all understand that Umbrella won't stop until nothing remains of it." He sighs briefly before saying, "I also have some things to do down there, mostly a vocation and then a bit more about looking into some info I came across."
Benny Benny didn't even blush that much after his hug with Emma, fancy that and blinks at Markus's comments. "Oh, well...I'm glad you decided to stay and if you didn't complain, I would be worried." He winks and flashes another grin towards Markus. He listens to James when he speaks and then adds his own comments once the teenager finishes. "He's right, nine times out of ten running is never the answer and only a short term solution. But hey, I didn't bring you all here to talk about work or things like that. This is a social damnit and I want us to have one evening, one small blip in time where we can just be cool with one another and try to forget all the negative stuff going on." He offers a small smile and looks at each of you in the eye, holding your gaze if you let him.

When Emma brings out her camera, his smile get bigger and he slaps one hand on the table lightly. "Yes, someone brought a camera. Thank you Emma, you always think of these things and I forgot to bring my own." He then stands, moving over to stand behind Markus and motions for everyone to gather around for the photo op. "We never got a group photo and this is the perfect opportunity." He waves the waitress over who is still taking drink orders, since Archene hasn't ordred yet. "Can you please take a group photo of us before you leave? Thank you so much." He then waves Emma over once she hands the camera to the waitress. "Get over here, Archene. You have to sit since your so darn tall."

He waits for everyone to get in position, moving people around a bit. So if they agree, Archene sits in the middle on a chair beside Markus and James. Benny is standing behind Markus with Emma standing behind James. That would be the perfect picture because anyone standing behind Archene, would have their face blocked by his height still. "Say Team Night everyone and smile." The waitress will take a few photos of the group to make sure there is no blinking or people looking away. Then Benny says. "Okay enough of serious photos, lets take a silly one. Do your worst people." Benny then cocks his head to the side, lolls his tongue out and goes cross eyed while holding finger bunny ears behind Markus's head.
Markus Berger "Well, if the option continues to grow more appealing I do have one reliable way to make my exit of the stage." Markus does a quick shoot in the head gesture before sighing and rubbing his face. "Okay, shutting up and ignoring that train of though for today." Surprisingly the moment the photos are being made he even makes the effort to look normal... except for the attempt at a silly photo where he just returns to looking stoic. Likely out of sheer spite. Not that it helps considering what Benny does.
James Scott "I'll be heading to South America too. I don't suggest going to work for the Bolivar government. Unless you wanted to kill me." James move and gets into position. But he doesn't appear to be too concerned with smiling for the photo. Even less so with taking any sort of silly picture.

"Oh and Emma, you can have the bed. I haven't really been sleeping too much."
Emma Emma raises a brow, and sweeps a hand through her long, straight red hair. There is a smirk, at seeing how relaxed Benny is. She hands off the camera, moves with effortless grace in those black heels that lengthen her legs and goes to stand for the picture. She frowns at Markus. "Oy ya - ya do that ya deal with me." She won't have it, and then glances at James. "I - I got a bed already." Her cheeks go a hint red, when the picture is done, she'd go dor her drink.
Silent Night "Come on James, technically speaking we've been competition for a while and managed to not get each other killed." Archene chuckles briefly before making a proper serious face with a very formal smile for the first picture, followed by- the exact same face, for some contrast in the silly one. At least he looks happy on both! After the pictures he looks at the waitress, ordering a 'surprise me' and some water, very politely, in French.
Benny Benny is glad everyone humored him by doing the photo and is still pleased despite the lack of participation of the silly photo except for himself as well as Emma. "Thanks guys and lady." He says in a cheerful tone and sits down again. When the waitress brings everyone their drinks, he stands, raises his pint of Stella Artois in a toast and then speaks. "I want to thank everyone for coming. I know it isn't easy for all of us to get together, especially with our busy schedules and lives." He pauses and looks at each of you in turn once more, there is a small smiles on his face. "I know it hasn't been easy for any of us since we got back. Our lives have been changed forever after what happpened." He takes a breath and continues. "Cheers. To each of you and for joining me tonight..." It looks like he wants to say more but doesn't and takes a sip from his beer. "Okay, enough of me babbling on and I'm sure you are all hungry. Take a look at the menu and we can order some appys or entrees, whatever you feel like." He sits down again and nudges Markus's elbow. "So what kind of food do you prefer? I'm familiar with Asian cuisine so I can help you out with your selection. You like spicy, seafood or chicken, do you eat meat?" He really can't remember what Markus liked to eat.
Markus Berger Markus toasts half-heartedly and takes a sip from his water, although the question briefly stumps Markus as he just stares at Benny before responding. "Yes to meat. No to seafood. Also, as long as its spicy I'm less likely to complain. Which is not by much. You... come up with something to order. I leave it up to you."
Emma Emma had indeed made a goofy face. After all, have fun when you can. And it's likely this gathering won't happen again! She'd lift her glass in toast, and takes a swig of her Scotch. She is Scottish, this is like breathing. The glass is near gone, actually, and put gently down on the table.
    Resting back in her seat, crossing a leg over the other she looks over the menu, closes her eyes, and randomly points at something. Some spicy dish she doesn't know.

With camera back in hand, she is idly snapping pictures, to get memories. "Ma - Markus, smile, yer - yer alive, an' here, take it from someone who - who just had an assassination attempt on their life, ya - ya need ta smile sometimes." In fact, this may he the first any have seen her manage a true smile since she was killed, if even briefly. She'd slide the menu forward and point out the spicy dish to Benny. Her phone makes a beeping sound, she goes to fish it out of her clutch, reads a text then puts it back.
Benny "Okay, about Pad Thai with chicken with medium spice? It is a rice noodle, with bean sprouts, tofu, chicken and a light tomato based sauce. One of my favorites except I get it with mild spice, since I'm a wimp that way." Benny says to the man and grins again at his complaining remarks.

He looks towards James and Archene who are fairly silent at the moment, before turning his attention towards Emma who is snapping some photos. He gives her a nice smile, scooting his chair over to sit beside Markus and puts his arm around the scientist. "Just one more picutre with just the two of us, I hope that is okay?" He doesn't want to annoy the man too much so then moves his chair back to his own spot, holding up two fingers in a peace sign for Emma to take another photo and then changes his gesture to the Vulcan sign, quirking one eyebrow like how Spock used to do and then takes a long swig of his beer. "You gotta put that phone away Emma or you will never know peace this evening." He then puts out his hand towards her, "Did you want me to snap some pics of you as well?"
Markus Berger "Yes, yes. I'm alive. Most of my waking time thats a case of 'regretably I'm still alive' for me though." With that sentence being up in the air now Markus gives a nod to Benny. "Sounds good enough. Be prepared though that I'll still find something to complain about one way or another." Although being abruptly being forced into getting more photos shot of himself and seeing Benny being the nerd he is he can't stop himself from doing one specific thing though. Namely quirking up one eyebrow and... "Fascinating."
Emma Emma's dish is spicy, will see how that goes. She looks Benny's way and laughs a little. "Wo - work never ends, I am done now." She nods and moves to sit beside him, after sweeping some red hair from her face. During the first picture, she smiles, and seeing that he is doing a spock sign, she lifts both hands and does it with both hands "May we - we all live long an' propser!" She says to the others and then hands over the camera. Some pics would be silly/goofy, some, really show just how much she looks like a 'million bucks'.

She then looks at Markus, the smile gone from her face and that more shell like aura that's been around her since she awoke returns. "Ma - Markus, yer of value, ta us, ta others, nobody wants ya gone. It would be a world hard ta live in with ya gone." She gives him a small smile then laughs at the Spock comment.    
Benny Benny ordered three dishes, a curry pork katsu with rice, salmon sashimi and an appetizer plate of spring rolls as well as salad rolls for sharing. He laughs when Markus says fascinating, taking another long swig from his beer, his face now going a bit red from his low alcohol tolerance. "No way! You did that Spock impression perfectly! That's awesome Markus. I had no idea you were a Trekkie." He then blinks in surprise when Emma also knows the Vulcan hand gesture, not to mention the Vulcan phrase for live long and prosper. "Wow, now I've seen everything. You two are both trekkies and I had no idea until now."

Benny shakes his head, nerding out with a grin. He listens to Emma's comments about Markus and nods in agreement. "I concur with Emma. Just like in Wrath Of Khan, man. You are our bud and nothing is going to change that." He takes one more swig of his beer nearly finishing it and then orders another pint.
Markus Berger "Well, I didn't allways spend my time supressing urges to start killing others or myself. As much as I would like to out of sheer spite considering... certain events... Damn media." Markus abruptly shuts up before abruptly putting on a deranged look on his face and looks at Benny. "Oh well, if I don't shoot myself before something else kills me I at least got the right attitude against Umbrella. 'From hell's heart I stab at thee... For Hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.'" Yes, he knows Wrath of Khan. Quite well. "Before you say anything. Yes, I'm also aware where that was quoted from."
Emma "I - I love Star Trek!" Emma replies to Benny, with a big smile. "I guess I - I just never brought it up." She shrugs, because she can't think of why she never did. Lifting her glass, eyes move to Markus as he spites the media, and she starts to cough on her drink.
Benny "Man if you two had only told me this earlier, we could have had a Star Trek movie marathon...and hours would seem like days." Benny continues to grin and his cheeks are getting redder by the second. When the second pint arrives, he starts sipping from that and then the appetizers come, three spring rolls and threee salad rolls. Benny helps himself to a spring roll and eats it to get some food in his empty stomach or this will be a real short night for him if there is no food to absorb some of this alcohol. "I think the Undiscovered Country was highly underrated. I mean Wrath of Khan is still my favorite of the bunch but 6 was pretty darn good in my books." Yes, he's geeking out large.
Markus Berger "I think Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country are the only Trek movies I have seen more than once. That said, I have at least seen all the series though." With that said Markus too helps himself to some spring rolls before he remembers that he actually is hungry and his mood drops back to what it usually is. "Kinda was allways that critical bit more interested in Star Wars so I usually wound up watching that more and reading the books."
Emma Emma wants to talk Star Trek, maybe the scotch went down the wrong way? She is a bit red in the face, clearing her throat, and excuses herself briefly to go catch her breath.
Benny The rest of the evening goes pretty well, the Star Trek genre helped to break the ice a bit and get lots of geek like conversation going. The alcohol also helped, well at least with Benny because he became more passionate about chatting about comic books, sci-fi and video games.

The joking, the commraderie and the meal also helped bring people together. Benny was extremely drunk and pleased at the results. He will remember this for a long time and it is a memory he will carry with him into the future, a future that will be much darker than the one he's already been exposed too. He wishes he could tell his friends, that he could share what he was about to do but he can't. The life he chose to lead.