Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov had been forced into all sorts of patrols as of late. At least when it came to the Catacombs he would be ambushed justb y zombies and not reporters or terrasave members out to get the truth from everyone. After all, the recent reports of the FBC having gunned down civillians was fresh in everyones minds and Andrei Kirov was not at all interested in playing the poster boy punching bag for that sort of thing.

SO who would blame him if he a bit off script and was taking the time exploring his way through the assorted hallways and caves. The signs of gunfire and blood allthroughout the catacoms. Clearly battle after battle had been fought through here.. and the imagery engraved into the walls were quite.. well morbid.

Yet at the very least Andrei knew that given the amount of fighting he was.. probably pretty safe and at the very least was not likley to get eaten.. or seen.

"Heeeeyo.." He'll call down the one of the catacomb halls as he walks, kicking rocks and bones as he drags his feet.
Eve Eve stands with her back to the wall, her heart in her throat as she hears someone calling out in the tunnels. She shouldn't be scared, she knows well enough that the zombies they were talking about couldn't speak, but she's afraid of being caught here nonetheless. She peeks around the corner of the tunnel that she's in and she spots someone walking closer to her. Rather than get shot, she steps out into the tunnel, hands in a surrendering position. "Hello." She says calmly, a wry smile on her face.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov will continue to walk along until he sees movement out of the corner of his eye.. and then Eve move fully into his vision. This will cause Andrei to pause and lift up the barrel of his carbine towards Eve for a second then as he looks her over. "Uh.. Hello?" He'll offer then, his voice shaking a bit as clearly he is just as worried about her presence here than his own.

But then he'll clear his throat and offer more firmly. "Salutations! I am Randy Savage. You may have heard of me? I'm a.. uh.. pretty popular dude." He'll trail off then before shaking his head and staring at Eve then rather suspiciously. "You know there could be zombies down here right? Oh and I guess technically you are not supposed to be down here as well. Could get eaten. Trust me on this, getting eaten is bad."
Eve Eve walks towards Andrei, her hands still up in a surrender position. "I know that, I came looking for something, but..I think I might give up." She glances over her shoulder and shudders. "What are you doing down here?" She asks sucpiciously, her eyes slightly narrowed. "You can get eaten too, right?"
PrestigeAndrei "Me? Well, this is my job buddy." Andrei offers as he lifts his shoulder lifting up his carbine to let the barrel rest lightly against his shoulder as he finally appears more relaxed, his hand lifting up to wave off Eve's sentiments then. "But I'm a professional. I go around uh.. shooting zombies. Giant monsters. Crack Umbrella kill teams. Chinese Commandos. Spiders. Lots of spiders actually."

Andrei will pause then as he humms under his breath. "Probably shouldn't be saying that to be honest.. but by god there were a lot of spiders. Anyway, I'm with the F.B.C. They assign men and patrols down here to make sure people don't get eaten and to contain the undead. I'm sure you can understand that right?" He'll inquire as he offers amusedly.

"Now you answer my question.. what are you hoping to do down here?" A beat. "God that was a lot of fucking spiders."
Eve Eve makes an attempt not to laugh, she folds her arms over her chest and grins slightly. "The F.B.C. hmm? I've heard a lot about your outfit." She walks closer until she can be seen clearly and smiles up at Andrei. "I came down here looking for something that was lost, but I doubt it will ever be found. Are there spiders down there?" She asks nonchalantly, glancing back down towards the dark, her brow furrowed. "Can you lead me out of here, please? I need to get back to our offices."
PrestigeAndrei "To be honest, I bet you are going to turn into a spider there little Miss. this is how all this shit starts. First you play the whole I'm just an innocent.. uh.. english speaking tourist who got lost in a scary cave with zombie monsters." Andrei offers as he holds up a finger then before he lifts a second, clearly counting off.

"Then you start feeling sick and coughing up blood..." Three.

"and BAM, giant fucking spider. Or you get stabbed to death by a drunk russian. I think the art of finding spiders is just that.. art. Not really science." Andrei will glance aside then before he looks down the catacoms before sighing. "I suppose I should go report in though.. I'll take you out.. on the condiiton that we never met. I hate paperwork. Working for the American Government sucks. Not enough vacation days. So where am I taking you again?" Andrei will inquire as his head tilts to the side and steps back for a second
Eve Eve is definitely amused now. "The TerraSave offices, if you could be so kind. I'm Emma O'Connal's assistant." She shifts her gaze to Andrei and studies him for a moment. "I speak a few other languages if ..that would help?" She says, trying hard not to grin now. "Oh and if I sprout six more legs, I will call you and let you know, so you can bring the bug spray." She nods solemnly and then closes her mouth before anything else comes out.
PrestigeAndrei "I knew it! Fucking spider." Andrei mutters as he tightens his grip around the grip of his carbine as he turns to move away from her, his eyes drifting closed as he sighs and moving a hand to slide down his NVD so that he can actually try navigating his tunnels then. "O'Connal's got an assistant now? Apparently the doctor shit pays well. Really. Tell Emma that her Friend Adrian Monk still thinks about her even during his perodic investigations." Andrei mutters as he walks along then, beckoning Eve to follow along.

"So, you a nurse then? A doctor? Wait you said Terrasave?" Andrei pauses in his speech then just shuffling along as he moves. "Cool. So ever seen one of these fuckers up close? The undead I mean? Terrifying."
Eve "Oh I'm just a personal assistant. I write, type, email, use the telephone and occasionally yell at people to get them out of her office." Eve says, keeping step with Andrei. "I also attempt to keep her safe, you know, from people who want to harm her." She gazes around the darkness. "Did you all really fix the leak of monsters down here?" She asks quietly, giving Andrei a slightly concerned glance.
PrestigeAndrei "Haha! Fuck no!" Andrei offers cheerfully as he walks along then, still rather cheerful as he moves along, seemingly all at ease until one step takes them just a bit too far and he'll pause for a second and turn to loo aside to Eve, study her even from behind that mask of his.. the cheer just gone as stress just seems to overtake the man then.

Yet his eyes do not seem to go back to down the hallway.. which Eve will undoubtly be able to determine right away a pair of shuffling and groaning individuals that are well over forty feet away.

Luckily against some ambient light.. or perhaps just the way their sillouetes take up the hallway it is clear that they moving towards the pair.

"You arn't turning into a spider on me?" Andrei will mutter, clearly not aware of the danger coming at them
Eve "I'm not, I'm simply a woman. See?" Eve says, turning in a small circle. "Now those two.." She points down the corrider towards the soft groaning noise. "I think they are spiders." She says, her eyes shifting between Andrei and the groaners. She steps halfway behind Andrei and mutters. "They don't look like civilians, and they're certainly not speaking the Queen's English."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will then glance up from Eve's words. "The Queen- the fuck are you on about?" Andrei mutters as he levels out his firearm then and takes a look down the hallway. There is an almost impercetiable pause then. The tightness and tension in his form growing all the more evident as hiss houlders lift from a deep inhalation.. and then lower from him exhaling.

Then two quick blaps in quick succession sound out from the carbine, with each ripping into the undead's body and form and soon leaving a useless body on the floor before Andrei shakes his head.
Eve Eve stares at Andrei and lets out a snickering laugh. "The Queen's..oh god, you ARE an American." She says, rolling her eyes. She watches him take his shots and then she raises her revolver, following his lead, but shooting the second zombie. It falters slightly but keeps shambling forward as the woman fiddles with her gun. "Bloody slow..pain in.." She stares at Andrei and gestures towards the zombie. "Well..kill it!" She yelps.
PrestigeAndrei Curiously enough Andrei doesn't seem too stressed out at this point with one of the undead crumpled on the ground and the other one shambling towards the pair. The man will try an ddownplay his fear, the quaking in his legs as he just looks aside to Eve then. "You are not my supervisor! nor paying my paycheck! Nor have you agreed to go out on a romantic dinner with me!" He'll respond before pulling the trigger and letting another bullet echo in the room.. though this tine instead of killing the zombie it will lodge itself in the stone.

"Well fuck." Andrei will mutter outloud as the zombie is now clearly within a few feet of the pair as he moves to try and get a better aim.

"Save me! I'm too young to die!"
Eve Eve steps in front of Andrei, raises her gun and fires at the zombie again, the bullet passing clean through its neck. She glances back at him and frowns slightly. "Still think I'm a spider?" She asks, a crooked grin on her face. She reholsters her revolver and shakes her head slowly.
PrestigeAndrei "Maybe a black widow? You know.. dangerous, attractive, that sort of thing." Andrei responds as his hand reachs up to rub at his chin then, the other letting his carbine fall to his side then, gripping the firearm loosley in his fingers before he exhales slowly. "Hope you got a permit for that thing." Andrei then offers dryly before he moves his way through the catacombs, glancig aside before tapping one of the undead with his foot to double check to make sure it is truly and fully dead.

"Let us get you back to O'connal though, Don't want the good doctor worried about her rising little bloodthirsty star here."
Eve "Of course I have a permit for this thing, I behave myself." Eve says, a haughty tone to her voice. She clasps her hands behind her back and follows Andrei. "Black widow huh, that might be a neat nickname." She muses, grinning to herself. She's blushing a little bit, but it would be hard to tell in the dark down here. Thank goodness.
PrestigeAndrei "Really? God I hope you don't take to it. I'd feel sorry for whomever thought it might be fun to flirt with you. Don't want to get their eyes stabbed. I've seen enough television to know how that ends." Andrei offers dryly as he continues to walk down the hallways of the catacombs before eventually and inevitiably making his way to no doubt what would be the eventual exit, pausing to glance back at her.

"So, Widow. What name should I actually call you or look for in the phone book?" He'll inquire then as his lips purse visibly then as he looks her over before lifting his shoulders
Eve Eve steps out into the nighttime, gazing up at the stars for a moment before she smiles at Andrei. "Eve Magnusson." She says, holding out her hand to shake his. " could always just come by the TerraSave offices, as I am there..quite a bit." She says, a grin on her face. "Oh..and if I do take on a nickname like that, I'll be sure to forgo the violence that goes with it. Unless something undead is shuffling towards me."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei seems to consider Eve's hand for a rather long time then before he moves to shoulder and holster his carbine and then slowly and quite obviously begins to tug the fingers of his glove off before exposing his bare hand to then give Eve a quick shake before he mutters under his breath. "Gotta be all formal for a woman from Queensland. People from Jersey are always so particular." Andrei mutters before glancing up to the sky then before looking back to Eve as well, liftig his shoulders. "Good though, I'll be sure to uh.. let anyone who wants to know.. know yah?"
Eve "Stockholm." Eve corrects, squeezing Andrei's hand before she releases it. "I'm from Sweden." She glances back towards the catacombs briefly before she smiles at Andrei again. "It was very polite of you to take off your gloves to shake hands with a lady." She quips, backing away from him slowly. "Feel free to stop by TerraSave, I'm sure we'd love the company!" She calls out as she gets further way. "We have tea!!"
PrestigeAndrei "Yah Yah.. Tea.. and crumpets.. and all sorts of pickled herring. I know how you swedes think." Andrei offers rather dryly before he glances back to the catacombs then as well, but remains in place, waiting to make sure that Eve is out of sight before he totally goes and ditches his job again to go hide somewhere else.