Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alejandro The bistro's pretty quiet as it's still late afternoon and almost dead between the lunch and dinner crowds. That doesn't mean it's entirely empty, however, as Alejandro sits at a table by himself. It's a good spot to a trained eye with not a lot going on behind him and a good view over most of the establishment. He sips at a glass of whiskey, looking towards the front door every now and then, almost looking as though he's waiting for something.
Grant Senan Grant briskly walks into the bar, his appearance uptight and hurried. Scanning the establisment, the scientist looks for his contact. The Paris event had been a nightmare, hopefully this arrangement went according to plan. Seeing his contact sitting alone Grant visually calmed himself. Casually approaching the man sitting alone, the scientist took a seat at the table. Grant stared at the man, noting all his features as they waited.
Ward Ward follows shortly behind Grant, his relaxed appearance harshly contrasting against his companion's. He spent absolutley no time scanning the establishment. Knowing Grant, he figured he'd be way ahead of him on identifing /who/ they were here for. Instead he hangs back, eventually following Grant. Sluggishly dragging behind him as he approaches the man sitting alone.
Alejandro "Good afternoon, sir," Alejandro greets the fellow, standing up until the other guy is seated and then follows suit. With a focused, intent look about him, Alejandro extends his right hand across the table for a shake, "Alejandro Gutierrez, at your service." He's confident when he speaks, making eye contact and doing his best to put forth a professional appearance.
Ward "Ward Patton." Ward says cordially. He holds up a hand as a server passes by the table. He clears his throat "Vodka, straight." he purses his lips and nods to the server as they walk away. "I expected something less conspicuous, ya' know, like an alley or warehouse in the middle of nowhere." he chuckles to himself around the same time the server comes back with his drink.
Grant Senan "Senan, Grant. I agree. The location feels too exposed." the scientist voiced his concerns all while his elbows rested on the table, his hands balled together in front of his mouth. His gaze unwavered from Alejandro's own eyes. He made no motion to accept Alejandro's offer of a handshake.
Alejandro "We could move outside if you like, but this place is free of bugs and most of the patrons and employees, other than the barman, don't speak English," Alejandro replies to the two men with a little smile as he lowers the hand after he finishes shaking Wards, seeming unbothered by Grant. "Plus, we're not doing anything untoward, are we? Just friends making conversation about possible employment in a private endeavor."
Ward "Oh, relax Grant." he laughs out loud. Taking down a good portion of his drink, Ward's face winces a bit as the alcohol burns his throat. "He really is a scientist, always too careful and calculated." Ward winks to Alejandro as he laughs again, nudging Grant's arm with his shoulder to reassure him that he's joking. "Still, the locale is a lot more relaxed than I expected. Then again, I don't imagine abandoned warehouses have drinks and servers so I suppose I shouldn't complain."
Grant Senan "You didn't get tricked into an apartment of the infected..." Grant mumbles under his breath. "Fine then, about this employment you mentioned..?" Grant says with a twist of his wrist for emphasis, ready to move the conversation along.
Alejandro "Careful is good. We can use careful," Alejandro says to Ward with a nod before taking a drink from his glass, enjoying it with a faint sigh. With a gesture towards the rest of the establishment he says, "It's a good place for a drink and the people are good company." Then his attention returns to Grant and Alejandro gets serious again, taking a glance around to make sure there's no one paying attention to them, "Yes. My organization is looking for individuals to aid us in training troops, conducting operations in the field and assisting with developing weapons and countermeasures."
Grant Senan "I have no qualms about assisting with /weaponry/ if you understand my intent, though my price is steep. Not monetarily, but resource-heavy." the scientist stated matter-of-factly. "When it comes to training, all I can do is impart my knowledge unto them."
Ward "When you say weapons and countermeasures, speaking to two Umbrella employ-" Ward stops himself for a moment. "Well, if you could even call us /employees/ anymore. I hope you understand that carries a lot of implications about what /kind/ of weapons and countermeasures you're talking about." Ward finishes off the last of his drink, letting out a rough exhale in reaction to the burning. "As for training troops, you'll find no better instructor than a former Marine." Ward raises his eyebrows to imply that he's speaking about himself. "However, given the current state of Umbrella, you can imagine that we require a larger salary than that of the usual mercenary."
Alejandro "We have a war to win and if your work will help us achieve victory we'll do what's necessary. I'll get in contact with my people and make sure that we can obtain everything you'll need for your research," says the Bolivarian plainly. Alejandro looks towards Ward and shrugs, "We want to win the war. If you can provide us with the means to make that a possibility then we can't afford to be picky, can we?" And then he nods a few times, "I understand that and you will be well compensated. We'll also do our utmost to facilitate you developing or learning skills as an investment in our recruits will only make us better, yes?"
Ward Ward looks down to the bottom of his empty glass. "I trust your word when you claim that we will be compensated well, however numbers and esitmates tend to be more..." he stops for a breif moment trying to find the right word to follow-up with. "Convincing." Ward states with a devilish grin.
Grant Senan "I like what I hear. If you can ensure what you've told me then I'll participate." Grant placed both his hands down on the table, his back straightening as he spoke.
Alejandro "Excellent," says Alejandro to Grant with a smile as he leans back in his chair and finishes his whiskey, setting the empty glass down in front of himself. His attention returns to Ward along with a nod. Alejandro pulls a pieces of paper and a pen out of his pocket and writes down a number. He slides it across the table towards Ward, "This is what I'm authorized to pay for top tier potential."
Ward Ward reaches his hand out on the table to recieve the napkin. He grabs it and holds it up with both hands. His eyes widen a bit as he reads the number, but he squeezes his eyes shut tightly for a moment to hide his suprise. Looking over to Grant he nudges his arm again with his elbow and turns his hands slightly to reveal the number to him. He raises one eyebrow inquisitively at Grant as if waiting for approval.
Grant Senan Never taking his eyes off of Alejandro nor bothering to read the napkin, Grant responds. "We'll take it."
Alejandro Upon hearing Grant's words Alejandro leans forward to rest his forearms on the table and nods his head, a little smile sneaking onto his lips, "Excellent." He looks between the other two men again, then reaches back into his coat to produce some business cards, offering one to each of them, "I'll be in contact. When it comes time to leave I'll provide transportation. Should you need to bring more than the contents of a duffle bag let me know the details so that I can accomodate you properly."
Ward "I don't suppose we'll be going by boat are we? I hate airplanes." Ward waves down another server for another drink. Taking the buisness card off the table and shoving it in his pocket he looks over to Grant and back to Alejandro. Covering his mouth to conceal his yawn he impatiently looks around for the server, anticipating his next drink.
Grant Senan "Very well. I hope to hear from you soon." the scientist responds, taking a card and pocketing it. Grant stood, looking to Ward and preparing to leave.
Alejandro "It's unlikely we'll travel by sea," Alejandro says to Ward with a shake of his head. "We'll provide dramamine or anything else you'll need for the trip. Xanax, perhaps?" He offers to make sure that his new coworker will be comfortable. Then he turns to give Grant another nod, "Excellent. We'll discuss your requirements at a later date so that I can make sure our comrades in country are ready to receive you."
Ward Ward downs his drink immediatley after the server brings it to him. He waves his hand dismissivley "I'll get over it, especially if I don't have a choice." Ward looks over and acknowledges Grant's impatient gesture. "I suppose we're done then?" Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a wallet a throws some money on the table for, clearly intended for the server.

Nodding to Grant, Ward turns and begins to leave.
Alejandro "It was very good to meet you gentlemen," Alejandro says as he rises to his feet, pushing himself up smoothly and easily. "I look forward to working with you in the future." Looking at the cash on the table he adds a few bills to it, making sure the server knows they're being well taken care of. "Stay safe and be well, my friends."