Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa Thursday, February 10
10:30 am

The drop location was in rather public area of Paris - the Cafe Des Anges. A hotspot of normal activity, it made for a perfect location for a quick drop off of information for certain agents.

Currently the cafe was semi-pack with people sporadically spread out at various tables. The text message gave a dead drop of 10:30 am at this particular cafe. A man in a leather jacket would be meeting Benny.

The said man, in his mid-forties, wearing a leather jacket and T-shirt saying 'Go Longhorns' can be seen at a table, a briefcase on the floor and a cup sitting on the table. He was currently reading the BBC Newspaper; English version.
Benny Benny got the message and knows the Cafe very well. He's been familiarizing himself with Paris from day one when he first arrived. Since this is his first major foray outside of the United States, he enjoyed being a tourist anyways but since living here for long stretches of time, he does appreciate and grown to love the city. But the real purpose he is here is of course for national security, protecting America before threats reach her shores and he's taken that job very seriously.

He's dressed casually, as he normally does wearing his black waxed cotton Belstaf jacket, a black graphic t-shirt with a batman logo on it, blue designer jeans and grey adidas sneakers. Walking into the cafe, he casually glances around and notices the man with the 'Go Longhorns' t-shirt. He had already taken note of the people outside the cafe being a cautious and somewhat paranoid person since the attempt on his life by an assassin a few months back.

Benny goes to buy a coffee first, then casually walks over to the leather jacket wearing man's table. "Morning. Are you done with that paper?" He asks casually.
Esa The paper folds in half as the man looks up to Benny. He was rather non-descript for someone in his mid-forties; thin-frame glasses, no beard, blue eyes and brown hair. He wore tight-fit cowboy style blue-jeans and brown leather boots.

Glancing up to Benny, he nods "Aye, I suppose you could, if'n you can tell me who tha' name of number twelve is of my favori' team."
Benny "Hmms...I'm not really much of a football fan, but my best friend from college was an avid fan and he can't stop talking about that Colt McCoy guy." Benny replies while tapping his finger to his chin as if struggling to remember the name of the football player. He watches the man carefully and blows on the top of his coffee to cool it slightly before taking a small sip.
Esa The man nods slightly and slides the briefcase across the floor. He nods "Good man, tha' man is. I bet he'll have a brig' future ahead of him." He tells Benny calmly and leans forward to give him the newspaper. "Ba' news in tha' paper ma' friend. Ba' fer F.B.C., trouble fer TerraSave probably too." He stands and smiles cordially.

"Don' go readin' it all in a siitin 'iether." He says, turning and heads for the door.
Benny Benny gives the man a friendly smile. "Oh, your leaving? Well I will gladly take your table then. You have yourself a good day." He doesn't comment about the news and simply nods when his contact leaves the briefcase as well as the newspaper for him at the table.

He casually sits down, drinks his coffee and reads the paper using his foot to move the briefcase closer to him. He skims through the newspaper, seeing if there was anything important written down it it and then folds it up. He got his coffee in a to go cup, so after about five minutes, he checks his watch and then stands. He tucks the newspaper under his arm, picks up the briefcase and walks out of the cafe, glancing around as he exits before heading off back to his safe house.
Esa Once Benny was in his safe house and opened the briefcase, he finds a treasure trove of F.B.C. related documents ear marked for one Agent Esa Collins and a redacted name (blacked out).

The information includes:

The bomb was made of a C-4, specifically PP-01 from Yugoslavia region. Further information shows that the C-4 was typically used by the Terrorist organizations.

The target detonation was on the front-passenger side of the car. There was another person found within the vehicle in the front-passenger seat. Dental records have yet to come back with DNA match.It had a cellphone style detonation system which meant the bomber was in close vicinity when the bomb exploded.

Other information listed was GFH mercenary group. Notes written on it shows no one had yet to decipher who the GFH name was. A quick log in to the DSO central intelligence server reveals GFH is the Guns For Hire Mercenary team.

Guns For Hire or GFH has ties to a suspected bomber within the Middle East known as Al-Sayeed Mustafa. Al-Sayeed Mustafa is known for his Anthrax attacks on US Servicemen in the Middle East. Further, DSO suspects GFH is in Paris.