Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma For some, today isn't a nice day. It's raining some, and the sky of course is grey. The air is cool too, which may not be all to fun. But for Emma, this weather reminds her of home.

The place is busy, with the video out now, a lot of focus is on this group. Phones ring, people rush about.

For her part, Emma - who had been the one to send the video out, is sitting at her desk, looking out the window, watching the rain.
Silent Night Gray clouds, rainy day. Wonderful omens for Archene's visit to Emma's office. A knock came onto Emma's door, followed by someone opening her door and said person walking it, closing the door behind him. It was Archene wearing formal attire like in the few days he did personally go work, "Hello Emma. The secretary said that this timeslot was free, sorry for any interruptions," he says standing only a few steps ahead of the door.
Emma Emma's foot is in an ortho-boot, rested on a stool. Her door opening doesn't startle her. Looking over her shoulder, there is a big smile. "A - Archene!" She says, seemingly excited to see him, and goes to stand and give him a hug.
Silent Night Archene chuckles briefly at ther reaction stepping towards Emma and giving her a proper hug, "Being too busy around here, Emma?" He smiles softly.
Emma "Ve - very much so." Emma says to Archene, after a second breaking the hug and then going to limp-hop back to her seat, while motioning to the chair across from her, for him to sit. "Si - since I sent out that video, hell has broken loose, an' we're expectin' more possible threats." Because, being blown up isn't enough.
Silent Night Archene shakes his head briefly before sitting down, "I can imagine how bad things may be going for you. Sorry for not being able to visit you at the hospital. I got my fair share of assassins that day and needed to spend a while in bed." He sighs, "Really though, why did you even publish that video?"
Emma Emma shakes her head. "I - I figured you'd not of came unless th - there was good reason, plus, I lost my memory an' all, not like I'd of known who you were." She smirks a little. "Yer - yer well? I feel like it's been forever since we spoke."
Silent Night "Seen better days, bones still ache, it is a pain to move around. But, as you can see, I'm alive." Archene grins, "And really, with you being able to remember about me or not, I'd come and see you. But I really wasn't in conditions to move about with or without medications." He sighs, "But yes, it has truly been a very long time. How is the work here? I assume that with the video things have gotten even busier for you."
Emma "I - I know." Emma says, with a warm smile. "If I - I had known, I'd of ya bein' hurt I'd of tried ta be - be there too." The mention of work and the video causea her to look down. "We - well, I wanted ta expose tha virus, this'll also knock down a secret operative within tha - tha FBC."
Silent Night Archene smiles back, "I know you'd be there for me if you could as well. Just a pain both of us nearly died at the same time. I did try to take their attention away from the city, in the least." He sighs, "But I see, do you who compromised FBC? And for whom they compromised?" One can never assume things like that in times like these.
Emma Emma trusts Archene, and so, she gives an honest answer. "A - Albert Wesker, an' Umbrella. That's who he - he works for."
Silent Night Archene seems to ponder on Emma's word's briefly before nodding, "He was doing a good job worming his way upwards in the other side. You did well in that case." He hmms, "But was that knowledge that made you become a target?" He sighs.
Emma "I - I couldn't do much, myself, when tha - tha video came out, I decided ta use that, ta expose all that I could. Even against Umbrella." The topic of tried to kill her gets a shrug. "No - no idea, I've been snoopin' 'round Umbrella for a while now, but I am not to sure. I need ta - ta talk ta Esa, he was lookin' inta it."
Silent Night "If you've been looking into them, you should start covering your tracks a bit better. Or at least, let others help keep you safe, sincerely." Archene sighs, "This isn't a game where doing it all alone will get you more rewards in the end, you know?" He half-grins, "But really, take care while you are snopping around. I've gotten some info that there may be some things going on in South America, and I may need to go over there soon. Both for a vocation, and to possibly see if there is anything wrong going around there."
Emma "I - I know." Emma says, nodding to Archene. "Ben - Benny stressed that too, often. I guess, I just wanted ta - ta prove myself, ta ya'all." Clearly, she felt weak for so long. "I got good support now. An' I heard brief whisperin' about there, what are ya hopin' ta find?"
Silent Night "Killing yourself won't prove anything Emm'." Archene sighs, "We all know for long enough that you can do things, but no one in this world can succeed alone." He half-smiles, "Glad to see that now, you have good support." He sighs and takes a moment to answer, "I heard that Umbrella is researching la plagua over there, basically. I don't have many details beyond that, or what it is. Do you have any info regarding that or other matters to share?"
Emma "I - I was in a bad place." Emma shrugs, and leaves it at that. She stares at Archene, biting her lower lip. "I - I got an encrypted file, with all that information. Recieved it the - the other day. It's full of information."
Silent Night Archene hmms and asks, "Have you decrypted it yet?" Though he seems a bit worrried to start with he just lets the topics go on, "If you need any help with that, I could give you some. I'm no technological genius, but it is in my curriculum.
Emma "So - some." Emma says, moving to switch her computer on. "We are - are still tryin' ta work on it, for now. Seems everythin' happened all at once. I need ta sit an' go over some things, I'd love ta have Markus help but, he vanished off tha face of tha earth." She frowns.
Silent Night "The man is just lying low as it is reasonable, given that he was a part of the operation that you have shown to the world, working besides FBC." Archene sighs, "Alright, if you need any help, you know whom to call. My mobile is always on." He chuckles quietly.
Emma ""Wh - when we get tha information out, I'll let ya know. It was - was ta be my focus, but than everythin' else happened. An' I may be joining you in South America, too. If all this is true, there will be chaos, an' TerraSave needs ta be there."
Silent Night "Thanks, I appreciate a lot. If I get any more relevant info, I'll let you know." Archene smiles, "If you get Terrasave anywhere, just please, don't go about making them into some sort of military unit to fill in the gaps the FBCs absence will create." He asks sounding quite serious about the request.
Emma "I - I've got no intention ta walk in on my own unguarded. TerraSave was seen as.. I - I don't know, hippies? For so long, an' we are here ta help an' ta expose those that need ta be. We'll die before that happened, I actually just hired James. An' I got an amazin' assiatant, to. I'm not aimin' ta be a military organization. But we need combatants."
Silent Night "That is exactly why I'm telling you to be sure you don't end up a military organization." Archene sighs, "And because you are my friend, I wouldn't want you getting yourself killed because you think you are doing something that will be helping yourself." He sighs, "Also, just don't forget that James does work for Umbrella as it is, and that he is James."
Emma "No - no part of me is military, an' I've got no desire ta be. But, we know tha dangers out there to, an', I'd rather my people safe. It is about tnem, an' tha innocent people, not me. An' it's helpin' ta find tha truth an' save people. Like military service, there can be risk."

She shrugs a little. "I - I know, James just lost Viv, too, an' given his ties, it - it may be handy ta have him 'round, but nice ta have a friend too, I wanna help him out."
Silent Night "I know, I know." Archene lets out a sigh, "Just don't forget why you do the things you do regardless of the choices you take." He pauses for a moment before saying, "I should be giving him my condolesnces," He sighs, "Do what you can, I wish the best to happen."
Emma "I - I sat through Raccoon, seein' you, James, Benny an' Markus, bein' able ta make differences. I sat in a hospital knowin' people were dyin', knowin' I could do nothin', just totally helpless. Now is my - my chance ta do somethin', ta not sit by so helpless. I know bein' a doctor isn't, but this is my chance ta help more, an', I need ta take it, knowin' what could be out there. It's for tha people." The remark of James makes her nod slow. "Well he - he didn' mention much, but I think he'd like that, to know he is - is still part of somethin' will be important."
Silent Night Archene sighs, "Just remember what having power does to people, and think through your choices, and why you make them." He puts a hand in his forehead. And please, don't act to prove yourself to others, it will make things like assassins going after you when they could have not noticed you happen more often than not." The mention of James makes him briefly sigh, "James is James. Hopefully he will be well soon enough."
Emma "I - I know." Emma says softly. "I - I cried when I sent out that video, an' it still burns me apart, for some that I hurt. I had ta make that decision fast. I'm hopin' that isn't a common trait. I've been pressured inta a - a press conference, I'm workin' on somethin' ta say, people wanna hear from us, an' I need ta do it right. It'll take time consider it, knowin' it'll affect lives." A brow lifts, eyes are focused on Archene. "Ya - ya ever know James ta 'be well' though? He's been through a lot, that poor man."
Silent Night Archene sighs, "I can imagine, but be strong for the people. And try to stay clear headed when making your choices. I suspected that, so really, just write down a speech and be formal about it. Don't worry about not answering some questions. Don't forget that it is likely that a number of media outlets are in the hands of your enemies." He smiles, "And truly, James isn't the only one who went through terrible things. A life like his, given the amount of options and choices he has been given, isn't an excuse to be as he is currently." He sighs.
Emma "I know I won't please everyone." Emma says, in regards to the speech. "I - I just need ta say what I do, an' be done with it. All I can do is my best." She shrugs, hoping her mind is clear enough. "Yer - yer right 'bout James, but it's his life an' how he wanta ta - ta lead it, to."
Silent Night Archene nods at the press-related words, but at James he says, "His life and his choices, no one else should put more effort than himself in making his life better. He sighs briefly, "I should go back to look into some data my personel may have found. It was good to be able to properly talk with you Emma," He smiles softly, "I can't wait to see what the press will say about your speech," he begins to stand up and says, "Benny has been looking for us, everyone, to get back together and have some dinner in the near future. Also, as for South America, chances are there will be rumours about me." He smiles, "Ignore them until I can talk to myself. I'm almost sure I won't be able to have a peaceful vacation over there."
Emma Nodding, Emma stands. "A group ge - get together sounds awesome. Just the - tha old gang, right? Not a - a bring a date affair?" Woops, cheeks go red, briefly. "Just us - us sounds good like old times but not with zombies." Yup, just ignore that and move on. "I'll - I'll ignore it best I can, it - it was great talkin' again we don't do it nearly enough."