Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma TerraSave has been -busy-. Since the video came out, press has been hounding anyone for information, but nobody is talking. Phones ring off the hook, people rush about. It's a small bit of chaos here.

Emma is hiding, if you would, in her office. There is a lot to consider and a lot to do now. She knows full well some are going to hate her. Sitting at her desk, pen in hand, the lass is frantically writing, then scratching stuff out and writing again.
James Scott Like so many other times the door opens and an unannounced James slips in. "Jesus fuck." he breathes out a sigh of relief. "Hey Emma, it's been a while. Things are looking.. busy." He doesn't actually move towards Emma's desk though, just in case he's told to leave.
Emma Her head whips up, and grey-green eyes fix on James. She may of thought he was someon else, as she noticeably relaxes when it's realized who it is. "'ello, James." Her pen is put down, and the lass limp-hops - as she has an ortho-boot on, to him, and if allowed, would give him a hug.
James Scott James pats Emma's back. "Good to see you're up and about. I take my eyes off of you for a minute and you're getting hurt. Don't know if they told you, but I was there the day you woke up. Met your family. But you'd lost your memory, so I figured you could pass on seeing my scarred up mug." The teen flashes a smile that doesn't quite reach his eye.

"But I hear you wanted me to join you guys here. Was gonna accept the offer, but to also let you know I'll be heading to Bolivar at some point. Oppressive governments to topple and whatnot."
Emma "I - I was told." Emma says, stepping away after a second. "If yer - yer wantin' ta be here, I'd gladly accept ya. We could use some muacle, an' ta be honest, with tha video up an' all, all the more imprtant now."
James Scott James nods. "Yeah, can't imagine everyone is happy about that." He reaches up to run his fingers through his hair. "But if you're needing somebody to carry out operations or to just make sure you aren't assassinated, I can do that."
Emma "I - I do." Emma says, and motions for him to sit. She'd return to her seat and rest back in the chair. "Ya - ya know, never even in my - my wildest dreams did I imagine bein' -here-, in a position like this. Commanin' people an' all that." She pauses briefly. "I'm- I'm glad yer here an' wantin' ta help, makes me feel a lil' better, an' stronger ta face all this."
James Scott "Yeah, I don't think any of us expected to be where we are. Except maybe Archene." James moves to take the offered seat. "I'll try to keep my head down and not cause too much of a scene when I'm not in the field. I'm sure it won't take them too long to realize why you call me Balor though. Got a nasty habit of burning everything I touch."
Emma Emma laughs, a little. "Aye Ar - Archene may be tha only one that has his path goin' straight." She shrugs some. "Well, yer - yer not needin' ta impress a soul, ya know that? Nobody here expects ya to, or wants ta have you feel th - that way either." A pause, Emma frowns. "An' I'm sorry, I heard 'bout Viv, she was wonderful."
James Scott "Yeah. The part they don't mention is how whoever killed her sent me her head." James' fists clench at his sides. "Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo. What the note said. Either I'm next or somebody else I care for is. Now that that damn leech is dead I'll never find out if it did it."
Emma Eyes widen, Emma goes pale. For a moment the lass can't form words, unable to imagine that hell. "Ja - James, I'm - I'm.." Eyes water for him. "Oh fuck, I'm - I'm sorry, I hope ya - ya find 'em, an' give'm what they deserve."
James Scott "I do too." James reaches up to pat the tags hanging around his neck. "As long as it doesn't turn me into that poncho wearing fuck. Hate to become the thing I made so much fun of."
Emma Her jaw tenses a little. "Well, yer - yer ya own person, ya'know, not him. I don't think ya need ta worry. Right now, we're tryin' ta find our footin' in here, we do need some protection."
James Scott "Yeah, I've got some errands to run. So, I'll be in touch." James pushes to his feet and offers a smile. "I'll see you around."
Emma Emma nods. "Ja - James." She says, with a warm smile. "I - I'm glad yer workin' here by my side." He is given a smile.