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Emma It's coming onto evening now. Normally the hospital is rather quiet, even with the growing population. That's not the case today. Because as it stands, the hospital is total chaos. Ambulances come and go, people are hauling themselves or loved ones, or others in need. Chaos, hell, whatever you want to call it, it's here. And Emma, she has been working non stop. Going as far as finding any place to rest for the brief moments she has. At this moment she is outside, in dirty bloodied scrubs, hair a bit of a mess and talking a paramedic, who then goes inside. She has a slice on her arm, and a bandage on the side of her neck. The Scottish lass looks, tired, at the end of her rope.
James Scott "There you are." James calls over, offering Emma a wave as he jogs over. "You holding up alright?" He's dressed for the cold, thick jacket, gloved hands, and sunglasses that have become part of his usual outside attire. In his off hand is a bag, McDonald's.

"Figured you could use a bite to eat while you had a moment to breathe."
Emma Emma runs a hand through her hair, trying to shuffle it back into place. A deep breath is taken, and then her eyes are rubbed. Looking up to James eyes fix on him, tiredly, but there is a bit of a smile. "You' -- you're to nice, James, didn't have ta do that." Says the shy intern, that smiling looking thankful. "I don't know when I'll get another break, ya know. There was a fight in there. People are scared." His sunglasses are noted, and there is a frown. "Yer lucky, ya -- ya know, ya seem.. mostly normal, fine. People in there, are not. Something 'bout ya must be different."
James Scott "Of course I did. Can't have you working yourself to death in there." James shoots Emma a warm smile, though it doesn't last long. "They should be. Tried telling them about all this, but nobody wanted to listen. Easier to just assume you're crazy."

         He takes a few steps forward, offering the bag out. "I thought I stole some heroin from my dealer. I was trying to deal with all those people dying kinda like Chad did. But I didn't get high, it just made me sick. Guess whatever it was mixed with that dog bite. Not proud of it, but I did it."
Emma Emma smiles faintly, and goes to take the back. She opens it up, and shuffles about, pulling out some fries. The Scottish lass is starved, to say the least, and didn't realize it until James brought her some food. While listening, she eats, and offers some fries to him as well. "I -- I think you'd been runnin' to long, James. Ya gotta accept and push forward, all them drugs 'n all, ain't good for ya. Perhaps this be a good first step, you never solve tha issue runnin'. If ya ever wanna talk, ya know I'll listen." Another ambulance comes, and from it come the paramedics hauling.. a child, with what looks like a massive bite mark on her. The kid can't be older than four or five. For her, her eyes water, knowing the fate of the child, her heart breaks. Perhaps now she is breaking a bit, and even though there is a calm air about her, only so much can a person take. There is a sniffle, she tries to fight back the tears, but some escape down her cheek. "Tha -- thanks for the food, it's great." Yeah, trying to ignore the tears, or act like they aren't there. But they are, as their running down her face.
James Scott "All I do is smoke weed now. At least until everything gets serious." James sighs quietly, rubbing at the back of his neck. His attention shifts to the ambulance, and when he catches sight of the child, his eyes squeeze shut.


He reaches over to wrap an arm around her, "It'll all work itself out. We'll get to the bottom of all this, and nothing like this will ever happen again."
Emma There is a short nod to James. Even if he talks of hope, of fixing this, something in her just.. doesn't feel it. As the child is taken in there is a tremble, and an unwilling sob. When is arm comes around her, Emma does her best to try to not break, but now, after days of work. After dealing with sick people, fighhting, her own scars, both physical and mental, her fears coming to life, she just crashes. "I -- " Words are hard to form, because there are a few more sobs. More tears come from her eyes, and she turns into James, going to put her head on his shoulder, crying more as she finally breaks, wanting to hide it but unable to stop it. The bag of McDonalds, is held tightly in her other hand.
James Scott James Scott wraps his other arm around Emma, rubbing her back as he lets her sob. "Shh, you don't have to speak." He rests his nose in the woman's hair, rocking back and forth ever so slightly. "I'm here, everything will be alright."
Emma Emma cries more, and a little harder. It's been hell, hell is coming, and well, she faught this back for way to long. Drowned it out with keeping busy. And poor James, he has to deal with her sudden break now. That child being taken in was what broke her. Knowing it's fate, and feeling helpless. That child will die, and there is nothing she can do. So she sobs, head on his shoulder. "I -- so many have died, will die, will turn. It's - it's no fate on ones soul, or for a child."
James Scott "Maybe we should get out of here?" James suggests quietly into Emma's hair. "All of this is about to go up shit's creek, and we should make sure we're packed and have everything together." He's probably just as upset, but it's obvious he doesn't think she'll listen to his suggestion.
Markus Berger A certain doctor meanwhile is not having a good day either as he exits the hospital at a quick pace, either to escape the hellish situations inside or for even more serious reasons. The fact that Markus looks like he has seen a ghost or two doesn't help. In fact he nearly rushes past the crying Emma and James if it weren't for him noticing them at the last moment, halting abruptly and instead heading towards them. "Emma... James... What is going on?"
Emma Emma cries, shakes her head a little, and sniffles, lifting her head just a bit. "I've packed up stuff, 'n all that, but, some - some I can help, a lil' I need ta try, right? People are sufferin', just --" Then there is a blur that moves past them, and it draws her attention. There is a quick look to Markus, he can see she has been crying. Eyes are red, puffy, cheeks are wet with tears. Still, it's not like she wants everyone to know she has been. So the lass turns away, and tries to wipe away some tears from her cheeks, holding back a sob and sniffle. "We -- we're just talkin'."
James Scott "They'll repay your kindness by trying to eat you." James reminds Emma quietly before nodding to Markus. "I just brought her something to eat. Imagine it's crazy in there." He gives the woman's hand a reassuring squeeze before reaching up to rub at the back of his neck once more.
Markus Berger The doctor just briefly glances over his shoulder towards the hospital before nodding quite eagerly. "Its turning in the goddamn frontyard to hell. We are getting more infected by the minute and everyone who has been infected for a while is showing ever worsening symptoms ranging from necrotic tissue, fever, mental degradation, agression and so on and so on. Alles gottverdammter Wahnsinn..." Before saying anything more he runs a hand through his hair and breathes heavily since he currently is a lot of things... except calm. "I think I at least riled up some more people into being wary about what is happening. Which just proves that I can't keep my mouth shut..."
Emma Emma turns her head slightly and smiles to James at the reassuring squeeze of her hand. In her other is the back of McDonalds still. There is another round of wiping tears away, eyes looking towards the hospital as Markus speaks. Having released some of her emotions, there is a touch more calmness now. Not much, but a little. "We - we need ta get people out who aren't infected." Red eyes focus on Markus, there is a sniffle. "You did.. did what? People need ta know, sooner than later."
James Scott "They won't listen." James sighs quietly, tugging his glasses off. His own red eyes focus on Markus, "Best thing to do is make sure you're armed and ready for whatever's about to come." The glasses get hooked onto an interior jacket pocket.

         With his free hand he tugs his phone out, shooting a simple text to the woman who let him sleep on her couch for a few days, 'Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?'
Markus Berger Markus simply nods with a grim look on his face at James estimation. "James is most likely right. The truth is far away from both the probable and even the improbable and our corporate overlords are likely to beat down any revelations with great ethusiasm. That said... I've revealed some things to a young STARS member and I also got a certain Ashley Graham to call her dad. I'll let you ponder where you might have heard that name before." Having said that he removes his labcoat and slings it over his shoulder as his eyes meet James red stare. "Take a guess what I have been doing... I am quite prepared. Even have someone who in some way owes me something I can call once things get as bad as I expect them to."
Emma Where did she hear that name Emma wonders Ashley Graham. There is a small shake of her head, she sighs and gives a relenting nod to them. "I've been pilin' stuff up too. But I wonder if it's better ta run, than stay. Still, I - I can't just leave either. But, I ain't no good with weapons."|
James Scott "I'll make sure you get out of the city in one piece." James assures Emma. He tucks his phone away and worries his lower lip between his teeth. "Guess I won't get the chance to figure out what's happening with me. Oh well, c'est la vie."

         "How backed up do you think the way out of the city is?"
Markus Berger "Personal opinion? Getting out of the city and then through the countryside is going to be hell. The bridges have been wrecked by the floods and the only bridge that still leads out of the city is packed with traffic that gets nowhere after some accident happened there... which has not been cleared out. I wouldn't even be surprised if you allready got some cases off... you know... right there." Seems like the good doctor has been keeping track of things as he sounds like he treats that as fact, at least as much as one can when you barely know more than most.
Emma "I dun think we're gettin' outta here." Emma says to James, sighing a little. That's when she decides to dig into the bag of food, pulling out some nuggets and having one, offering the box out in case anyone else wanted some. "And we do need ta - ta figure out what's wrong with ya." That's added to James before she regards Markus, frowning more. "So, we're trapped. Bloody fuck." She cursed, right out cursed! It's not like her but shows how much despair she feels. "I got some medical supplies, food, clothin', thus far. Lil' ta protect myself though. If it is as ya say, we need ta find a safe place."
James Scott "I have some stuff set aside." James sighs quietly. "Not looking forward to trying to get out. But, we'll figure something out." When the nuggets come out, he waves a dismissive hand. "I ate on the way over." he lies, choosing instead to rub Emma's back if she allows it. "It'll all work out."
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile just helplessly pats Emma on the shoulder. "Well, at the very least we will get us out of here." The nuggets are also being ignored as he pulls his phone out of a pocket of his pants, looks at it for a moment and puts it back again. "Seems like I'll have to get my stuff out of my place sooner rather than later... even got something with a decent caliber. Also... once I call my acquaintance to help us out, I have a favor to ask of you. Try not to kill him for being employed by Umbrella."
Emma A thankful smile is given to each as they offer support. "It's get out or likely die." Is Emma's response, after taking another bite of her nugget. "Yer -- yer friend works for Umbrella?! How can ya trust him, or her!"
James Scott "Don't suppose we have much of a choice." James' hand falls to where he keeps his pistol tucked, checking to see if it's still there. "I'd keep an eye on them, myself."
Markus Berger "Simple... he saved my ass and I saved his. Not to mention that due to his entire team being dead he is about as screwed as we are. Ernsthaft." With that said the doctor briefly looks past the others towards the hospital with a sigh before slowly walking towards the direction in which his home is... somewhere. "I'll go find my tools. I'm completely out of options anyway and I suggest to you both that you do the same."
Emma The only weapon Emma has on her is that red hair, and those freckles. And she doesn't even know how to use those! She nods to James, and looks to Markus as he heads off. "Call me when ya got things sorted." The matter of this Umbrella person is left at that, these aren't the times to be fussy. Looking back to Jamres, she sighs a little. "May be useless ta have me in hospital now."
James Scott "How about we go make sure you eat, and I'll help get everything we need together?" James puts those glasses back on, covering his cat eyes. "Guess it's the closest thing to a date I got to ask you on. Turning into a freak kinda killed that." Some small distraction from all the death.
Emma A final wave is given to Markus, and then Emma turns to James. Her big silver eyes widen a touch, and she of all things, laughs a little. "Yer a deamon, James. Be happy I dun get a priest to do em exorcism." It's a bit of a joke. "Aye, that -- that sounds like a good idea, I'll need ta get my things though."
James Scott "Yeah, that demon thing is exactly why I never tried anything." James exhales quietly through his nose. "Alright, lets get out of here before everyone starts eating each other."
Emma Emma would go to get her stuff quick, and then exit the hospital throwing her jacket over her dirty scrubs. She'd retire her hair, but eyes remain a touch puffy from crying and she suddenly feels hungry. "I feel bad leavin' tha sick. Days straight though, that warrents a rest, right?"
James Scott "It sure does." James says aside to Emma, who he waited for outside. "Now lets go get out of this cold."
Emma Her gloves are slipped on, her bag over her shoulder and coat tied up. There is one last look at the hospital. There is also a boat load of guilt, because people are suffering. But she has been hurt, she is tired, and has barely ate. Turning to James and giving a nod, she yawns and goes to head away from the hospital, frowning just a hint, which is just the top layer of all the fear she is feeling within.