Umbrella Surveillance System
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Owner Pose
PrestigeAndrei AFter certain recent events.. the FBC has been.. let us say on edge as of late. With the U.S. Government and the EU up in arms about the agencies recent performance everything needs to be kept in order and no more problems need to pop up and be put down in such a horrific way. Yet the good news is that for the most part Paris has managed to hold and in some small part.. everyone contributed to that. Right?

Not that Andrei would admit to having any hand in gunning down innocent people. Indeed the man was actually quite horrified about the entire ordeal.. and yet here he was, walking in full uniform and gear, his face obscured as he patrols around the edge of one of the fences. On the outside of course considering that he doesn't want to get eaten. In his hand is a medium size carbine as he moves, mummbling as he goes.

"Bullshit Zombies. Bullshit Superiors. All of em, absolutley terrible!"
Emma Emma is nearby, she is openly known as TerraSave, and TerraSave just released a video of awfulness. Still she needed to see this for herself. And while on her way in, eyes fall on Andrei. And she freezes.