Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alejandro The bad news on the TV about the FBC shooting up some civilians in a hole in the ground somewhere hasn't seemed to keep anybody from drinking or eating at Jack's. It's got it's usual Tuesday night crowd, give or take a few people. One of the newcomers here is a well dressed fellow who's having a conversation with a rather large, scary looking guy with a crew cut and a German accent despite the fact that they're speaking French. The guy in the suit, Alejandro, sounds as though he must be from South America.

Whatever they were speaking about they seem to be at the tail end of their talk as the German tells Alejandro, "I look forward to working with you."

Alejandro replies with a charming smile, "Likewise, my new friend." Then the German guy heads for the door, leaving Alejandro, who gets up to go to the bar for a drink.
James Scott James shoulder checks the large German on his way in, not bothering to spare a glance back at him as he heads for the bar. Taking a seat on the stool he nods at the bartender, "Can I get some Evan Williams?" At least he's courteous to the employees.

He's not as well dressed as Alejandro, simply sporting a black t-shirt and faded jeans. Hung around his neck is a set of dog tags that he's not often seen without.
Alejandro The kraut looks back over his shoulder at the kid that ran into him, but doesn't stop walking, just heading out the door. He's on his way to bigger and better things.

Alejandro on the other hand notices James' action and raises an eyebrow at him, his eyes flashing down to look at the dog tags. With a look at the bartender, Alejandro says, "Scotch, neat. And I'll cover his drink." The latin accent in his voice is still plainly evident. He gives James a look and speaks, "You are angry, yes? I might be able to help with that."
James Scott "I can pay for my own drink, but I appreciate the offer." James says quietly. He turns his gaze over to Alejandro, good eye focusing on the other man. "I don't think you can, but I'll hear you out." It's obvious that he isn't angry, so much as dead inside.
Alejandro "It's nothing, don't worry about it," Alejandro explains with a wave of his hand to emphasize his point. It takes him a moment to think of something to say, but when it does it almost sounds rehearsed, "You looking for something to help give your life some meaning? Can you imagine a place so terrible the murder rate cannot be accurately established? And where the government is so corrupt they can buy and sell lives as though they were nothing?" There's a pause to let the questions sink in, "I am from a land where there's a need for those that are willing to lend aid to the people."
James Scott "Not sure you could afford me." James takes his drink when it comes with a slight nod. "Not that I need the cash." The dark liquor in the glass gets turned up, half of it vanishing down his gullet. "But we were looking to travel." He reaches up and clenches the tag reading 'Vivienne'.

"So, where do I sign on?"
Alejandro It's clear that Alejandro's formulating a reply even as James is speaking, but when he finally just asks about signing on the Bolivarian can't help but to smile, "There is no paperwork, so to speak, but you stay in contact with me and when I return to my homeland you would come with me." The eyes flash down to where James grabs his dog tag and Alejandro purses his lips for a second, "But if you have the qualifications then the Bolivar Liberation Front could certainly use you." The drink that ends up in front of him is ignored, but the bartender gets a smile, then Alejandro extends his right hand towards James, "Alejandro Gutierrez, at your service."
James Scott "James Scott. Balor. Azrael." James introduces himself. "The name isn't too important. I suppose I should let you know that these aren't from me serving with the military. I'm not even twenty yet. I served with the U.S.S, so I suppose I'm more of a mercenary."
Alejandro "No? Military experience is not necessarily all that we are looking for," Alejandro offers with a shrug as though it's nothing. "I never served in the military before I joined the resistance," he adds as an example. And then he lifts his chin James' way and asks, "You'll forgive me if I don't immediately recognize it, but what is the U.S.S.?"
James Scott "Umbrella Security Services." James says quietly. "So I've got plenty of combat experience, except against monsters. People are easy. Don't hit nearly as hard." He says that with a slight grin, though the humor doesn't reach his eyes.
Alejandro "Really?" asks Alejandro rhetorically, his lips curving upwards into a smile. "I've heard they train their operators very well. And with your experience against monsters, something it would not surprise me to see the dictator of Bolivar using against the people, you would be..." With that smirk still on his face he nods, "You would be a most valuable asset."
James Scott "Did you just say Bolivar?" James arches an eyebrow. "Yeah, I'll go. I was planning on heading to the Paradise Islands anyway. May pick up some new armor before I head that way, leave my company gear behind." He finishes off his liquor and reaches up to scratch at his jaw in a thoughtful manner.
Alejandro "Si, the Bolivar Republic," replies Alejandro. "It would be best if you left the Umbrella things behind as we do not need the movement associated with them. Additionally, I would recommend that you do what you need to here so that you do not end up forgetting anything important. It may not always be possible to contact those you may need to out in the field and such things."
James Scott "I could pack up and head out now if they'd let me take my gear on a commercial flight. So, I'll be ready to leave when you are." James waves the bartender back over and has his glass filled up once more. "I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if your government had soldiers similar to myself though. Super soldiers are in style this year."
Alejandro When James gets his glass refilled Alejandro seems to remember his own and goes for a little sip of the whiskey, the enjoyment of it such that he lets out a little, "Ahh." But then he's back to business, "Very well. We'll exchange information so that we can be ready when the flight it." And then there's a surprised look on his face, "Super soldier, you say? Sounds very interesting."
James Scott "Interesting? Worse than being a war dog." James sets some cash plus a tip down and chugs his glass. He pulls his wallet and offers a business card. "If you lose that I'm in the fancy apartment building up the road. Top floor."
Alejandro "If you say so, my friend, then I won't disagree," Alejandro replies to James with a little bit of a shrug, seeming unbothered. Accepting the business card he looks it over for a few seconds and then slides it into an inside pocket of his jacket, "Excellent. I will be in touch with you regularly. If you need anything from me do not hesitate to ask and I'll try to assist in any way that I can."
James Scott James nods. "I'll be there or here." He inclines his head politely then turns to head out the door.