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Silent Night It is a wonderful afternoon at Chateau de Night. Rarely having the chance to see his old friend, Benny, Archene had invited him for a tea, a talk and a spar. Not necessarily in this order. Part of the floor of the strangely open and clean basement, had tatami, certainly proper for a number of martial arts that might involve throwing your opponent at the ground, or rolling there. Closer to a wall, there was a table, two chairs and a set proper for tea making.

As it was, Archene was just leading Benny downstairs as he asks, "How is everything going for you?"
Benny Benny was happy to be invited to see his old friend, Sir Archene Night and gladly accepted to come over for tea, chat and spar (not necessarily in this order). He follows the tall corporate engaging host, down the stairs to the huge basement that looks to have been converted into some sort of gym or dojo-like area. "Thanks for inviting me Archene. I've missed our conversations and wow, I had no idea you had a set up like this in your chateau. I guess I only had a chance to explore a few areas while I was here last." As he descends the steps and reaches the basement floor, he takes a moment to look around, admiring the decor and the simple beauty of it. "Have you spoken to anyone else from the old gang lately? I saw Emma the other day, she's...well I'm worried about her. Not to mention all the other stuff going on with the F.B.C. and the recent broadcast on the BBC news. But, I didn't come here to be a downer, how are things with you?" He's dressed in his usual black waxed cotton Belstaf jacket, black graphic t-shirt, blue desinger jeans and grey adidas sneakers.
Silent Night "Rick is, quite focused at doing his job, he is a good man. I've been looking for a way to employ his talents. James, was being James the last time I saw him about the new year. He seemed to be happy. Had a mission with Markus recently, yes, that mission. He may lay low for a while, and no deep chat with Emma. Though her decision undermined the only organization of size that fought against BoWs directly, it has openned some doors. I haven't heard her reasoning yet, but she should be fine. And right now, I'm speaking with you." Archene then shrugs a bit before half-grinning, "I don't usually bring people down here. It is mostly for when I have to practice with weapons, so it must be kept open." He points at the far end of the room, where there seems to be a properly armored door, even requiring digitals to be openned, "And that there, is where the weapons I practice with are kept in." He chuckles briefly, "Not that any of them are too interesting." Except the Barrett M82A2, which he'd keep under the pillow if the gun wasn't longer than his bed's width.

He is wearing rough jeans, white t-shirt and black all-star sneakers- perfect for slipping, but comfortable at home.
Benny "It sounds like everyone is doing reasonably well then..." Benny replies after listening to you speak about the others, but blinks when you speak about a mission. "Ah, well I hope Markus and James are okay then. I heard that the situation was difficult." He quirks an eyebrow slightly at the mention of Emma's role in all this. "Yeah, even more reason to be concerned for her but now that she's with Terrasave, she's got a lot more resources at her disposal and a lot more security. I know she's safer now than ever. She won't be needing me watching her back as much and I'm sure you've contributed to her safety in some form or another."

He knows how much they all care for Emma, it doesn't really need to be spoken but then again, nobody ever tried to assasinate her before either. "Have you found out anything about who is responsible for the car bomb?" He asks respectfully and then nods, as you explain what's in the basement. "It's a nice set up and should we have tea before or after we spar?"
Silent Night Archene nods at Benny before saying, "You've been protecting her as well?" He smiles, "Glad to hear! I hope it hasn't been too hard on you, I've kept an eye on her while she was out of the Chateau, with her consent, but she is prone to slipping out and going into places she shouldn't go, sadly." He sighs, "I don't know, it may be Umbrella given the number of assassins I got that day." he sighs. Yes, he was also in bed for almost as long as Emma. FIghting asassins on helicopters and airplane wings can be hard even on him, "It is better for us to have it afterwards, it will be relaxing. It is camomile." He chuckles quietly.
Benny "Well, I try...and I know what you mean about her going to places that are dangerous." Benny replies with a sigh and rubs the back of his neck. "It isn't hard on me but sometimes I think that the harder we try to protect her, the harder she tries to prove herself that she doesn't need protection." He shrugs and then his eyes narrow when you mention Umbrella. "Yeah, I kinda figured they were invovled." Nodding about the tea. "Sounds good. Shall we start unarmed and then move to weapons or what did you have in mind?"
Silent Night "She truly does that, which is saddening. I can't see why someone sees the need to attempt to show that when depending on each other is what helps people get far." He sighs briefly before saying, "Unarmed, then proper melee should be fine. Though I have to say that I have no proper training in the later, as strange as it may sound." Archene chuckles as he begins to walk to the spar area.
Benny Benny takes off his jacket, removing all of his gear, his utility belt, two holstered pistols, combat knife, extendable baton and handcuffs. He then does some light stretching, neck rotations,arm rotations, hip twists, wrist rotations, knee bends and then leg stretches. "It's Emma and hopefully now that she's with Terrasave, things will calm down a bit for her in terms of venturing off into danger zones." He hopes anyways. "Oh, well we can just spar without weapons then but if you want I can teach you a few moves with some weapons?" He then gets down on the ground to do some push ups, getting his cardio as well as blood flow going.
Silent Night Archene seems unsurprised with -most- of Benny's gear. The utility belt was Benny's charm, two pistols was fine, Paris wasn't a safe place, combat knife was a good back up, the baton was a perfect non-lethal... but why would he even need handcuffs? He dropped any related line of thought before beginning to stretch, mostly leg-stretching followed by body rotations, arms stretching, wrist rotations and neck rotations, "It is Emma that we are talking about, it is more likely that she will turn Terrasave in a group of anti-BoWs militants than calming herself down."

He sighs before saying, "I'd be fine with some seeing a few moves, at most I know how to not get hit and make sure that if I am, it is worth it. Plus, easier to hit most people melee with a handgun." With that he begins to do jumping jacks, for reasons similar to Benny.
Benny Benny blinks, "Oh shit. I hope that doesn't happen...but I wouldn't be surprised." He laughs and shakes his head. "Man, I've missed you buddy. We have to get together more often and I'm hoping we can get everyone from our old gang together for a dinner soon." Yeah, he's being nostalgic and wants to see his old friends before he leaves on his mission. He may not see them again for a long time. "No worries and yeah, handguns always have the advantage over melee weapons." He finishes his warm up and then steps into the middle of the mat, putting his hands together palm over fist in a salute and then gives you a bow before he gets into a defensive posture, his left hand up with palm open guarding his face while his right arm is held lower near his midsection. His legs are shoulder width apart in a fourty five degree angle as he faces you. Benny looks relaxed, confident and this is his element. He's trained Kungfu for a long time and it shows. "Shall we begin?"
Silent Night Archene chuckles and says, "We could always have a dinner around here sometime when Emma is less busy and Markus comes out of whichever cave he lodged into currently. As busy as I may be when properly acting as a liason to the BSAA, most of my job at Tricel is telling people they are doing their jobs well, even with how the economy is going right now." He chuckles quietly before stepping in front of Benny, bringing a fist into his palm, properly saluting him. He spreds his legs in the proper distance from each other, his knees lightly bent and his arms raised at chest level, one besides and antoher in front of him. He seems to know a style of tae kwon do, but by the looks he either hasn't practiced in a long time or is somehow, injuried, "Of course." He smiles.
Silent Night Archene seems to just steady his stance, preparing himself for Benny's first move. His eyes focused at Benny, after all, there is just them down there to worry about, right?
Benny Benny watches as Archene gets into a defensive stance, probably trying to assess what kind of attacks he is going to launch. So he launches on the offensive, trying to test his friend's defense and skills, by circling to the tall man's blind side and then throws two quick punches, ducking low to throw the punches to a sensitive area but not trying to injure of course. But Archene's extremely quick reflexes, outmatch his own and he's able to avoid the devestating one, two combination through sheer speed. "Good! That would have most likely severely injured someone on the street if we were really fighting." He keeps his hands up, always in a balanced style for both offence and defence. The skill he exhibited by that first attack is impressive. He's truly a master martial artist.
Silent Night "I know." Archene says, sounding rather suprised as he adjusts his stance. He tilts his neck from a side to another briefly, "Most of the days, I don't even think that I'd be able to pull that off.," He grins.
Benny Now, that he knows Archene's not just tall and fast but has extremely quick reflexes, he has to adjust his tactics. Not wasting any time, he flows into his next attack, not giving Archene a chance to set up his defences. He throws a round house kick first after circling, trying to get to his blind side but the Knight, is ready for it and dodges the kick. Benny then throw another two punches in rapid sucession, catching him both times, one hit to the head and the other too the midsection. His hands are a blur of motion and his speed almost matches the legendary Knight.
Silent Night Benny's hand were certainly too quick for Archene, but after receiving the attacks, the Knight goes on the offensive, doing a flurry of kicks, towards the leg, torso and head. Only the last hit hitting him square on the head, nothing that'd be deadly to most.
Benny Benny wasn't expecting so many kicks from Archene, especially not in this close and was able to block two of the kicks but not the third one, which hit him squarely in the side of his head. "Good one." He says and shakes it off, seeming to enjoy the sparring session with his friend who is a much taller opponent. He doesn't often get to test his skills against someone with such a height as well as reach advantage. When he see's that you've taken a defensive stance again to protect yourself, he launches into the offensive once more. He remembers his instructor telling him about the x-punch, which is four punches in rapid succession to different areas of the opponents body to overwhelm them. This is what he does next, hoping to overcome Archene's guard and get him to back up.
Silent Night Archene takes a step back, before jumping towards Benny, his legs moving to attempt to get a pair of kicks onto Benny's head... both which seem to fall short for inches not only due to the dodging skills of the martial artist, but also due to the Knight's distraction? He seems to shake his head after his failed attacks, retreating slightly before setting a proper defensive stance. He had his doubts about his chances of lasting long. But this was just a spar right? The man quickly refocused on Benny. It was a spar, to release tension to begin with. It was working, somewhat.
Benny Benny manages to dodge the two head kicks, the last one was thrown with gusto by his friend and had that connected it would have been a knock out blow if it were a real fight. Archene wasn't holding back on that one but again, it was good to see what he had in his arsenal and he's impressed with him. But the spar has gone on long enough, he's geting thirsty and really wants that tea so he decides to go on a full out offensive now.

As he dodged Archene's last kick, he quickly takes a half side-step into the taller man's weak side using his forward momentum and driving his hips in a turn to again throw a rapid series of punches at close range. He changes the elevation and angle of each punch, making it difficult to block and each of them find their mark, getting threw the Knight's guard. He pulls his punches at the last second, making sure that he knows they landed but again doesn't want to hurt his already injured friend. But he's not done yet, for his final attack he takes one step back, then launches forward and throws a devestating side kick, that would have crushed bone and sent an oppopent flying, but his foot just rests lightly on your sternum area. "Good spar old friend. You surprise me with how fast you are and your skills." He then lowers his kick, putting his fist in his palm, then bows towards you.
Silent Night "Thanks for pulling back those ones," He lets out a sigh, bringing his fist to his palm and bowing back to Benny, "I have to say it'd be quite a handful to spend more days in bed. I'm almost growing attached to it." He chuckles, "But yes, as it is, I just have a bit of my speed. I can't say that my training is nowhere near your leve, but even then." He lets out a sigh, "Thank you for the spar, it helped." He smiles walking over to the table, "Onto the tea?" He smiles.
Benny "Your very welcome and you flatter me with your compliments." Benny replies in a humble tone and walks over to where he left his jacket as well as gear, putting his gear back on but carries his jacket in his arms as he sits down at the table with the tea. "I'm sorry to hear about your injuries though. What happened if I may ask?" He is rather curious to hear the story if Arch is willing to tell it. If Archene hasn't already, he will pick up the teapot and pour out tea for his host first and then for himself.
Silent Night Archene smiles at the humble man before taking a seat, seeming to have the idea to pour the tea for his friend, like a proper host, just as he begins to explain, "Most of them were due to fighting a number of assassins on the day of Emma's bombing." He sighs, "Though it may sound unbelievable, there was a chase around Paris during that day. I wasn't on the humvee, so of course, they wouldn't get to me. After they came about with helicopters, I managed to jump from my car into one, managed to wrestle the pilot out, and as I was attempting to move out of Paris on it for obvious reasons, one of their helicopters shot mine down, I managed to jump onto the wings of a aircraft, supposedly theirs, had a brief fight on it before I shot the engine causing it to crash into the forest. Ended up breaking my leg and messing up an arm," He sighs, before sipping his tea, as if he had just told the most average tale in the world, "Then I had to limp all the way back here, only to find out Emma was in comma."
Benny "Woah, that is some story and I believe it because I've seen you in action." Benny replies with a sagenod. "I wish I was there with you to be honest, like old times in Raccoon." He raises his tea cup in a toast towards you, "Cheers." He then takes a small sip and puts the tea cup back down on the saucer. "Emma...she's been in the thick of it, hasn't she? Well, thanks to you she's graduated med school, saved lives and now she's involved with Terrasave. Even though there have been so many blows struck against Umbrella, I don't think it is over." He shakes his head and then looks at your carefully. "So how are things with Tricell? You also mentioned you are a liaision with the BSAA?"
Silent Night "Yeah, while you may believe it, I don't think that'd work too well with any doctors. Plus, Markus has, made modifications to me. Nothing involving the T-Virus, don't worry. But explaining why I'm alive and running after all of that, could be complicated." Archene sighs and says, "Cheers," as he toasts and rinks the tea, with an appropriatedly sized sip, "Yeah, she is. She always wanted to make a difference. I just gave her the power and the choice." He shrugs, "Least I could do for a friend." He pauses thoughtfully for a moment, "Things are going acceptably well at Tricell, I'm currently scouting the market for expansion opportunities, and hoping I may be able to increase the company's standing without making the world any worse than it is. Being BSAA's liasion is being a very good start for that. So that people know we are out there combating BoWs and doing what we can without becoming a second Umbrella." He could even become a politician with a speech like that, maybe he plans to.
Benny "Oh...well, I hope the modifications weren't painful in any way? I can't say that I agree with what you are Markus are doing, but I'm sure you've calculated what all the risks." He then takes another sip of tea and looks at the cup with a thoughtful expression when you bring up Emma. "Yeah, she's making a difference now alright. I have a feeling she will be okay but I will keep an eye out for her as I'm sure you will do as well." He then nods when you mention the plans for Tricell. "It sounds like you've got a lot on your plate, especially with being a liaision with the BSAA and have you ever thought about entering politics?" He gives you a small smile and did think your speech was pretty good.
Silent Night "I was out for a whole day, I don't recommend them. As they are, a future version may be better and less painful." Archene lets out a brief chuckle, "I know she will be fine in the end, but I'll keep an eye out to make sure. "I do... There are basically only two people over me in the company, and only one of them really has any reason to contact me directly. Hopefully, I will be able to make that just a single person should the current economic situation affect the other Divisions more than mine." He smiles warmly, "As for politics, maybe. It depends on the opportunities for the immediate future, but I don't think I'd have much leverage over here. Maybe in a third world country with some potential. Making a little paradise out of somewhere shouldn't be impossible, but I'll need further research and resources." He chuckles quietly.
Benny "I'm fine without any mods, thanks but wait a second...that means when we sparred, you have an advantage over me through your genetics. Like steroids? Is that why you move so fast?" He's no slouch himself in the speed department but rarely has he met his match in reaction time, since he's trained for nearly two decades in martial arts. But then he waves his hand, "It's no big deal though because your on our side and I wish you luck in whatever endeavors you may have." He takes another sip of his tea and his stomach starts growling. "Oh my, guess that spar got my appetite up."
Silent Night Archene chuckles a bit, "No, no. That part was just rigorous training, but if you had beaten me up for real we could likely still have tea tonight." It was true, he was that fast before the modifications, and the modifications were mostly, 'make what is already there more efficient' plus a healthy dose of 'REGENERATE' enphasis on 'REGENERATE'. "I can ask something to be made in the kitchen, there should be some lunch soon enough." He then pauses for a moment, "But sincerely, I am on our side," He motions his hands to Benny to himself, and somewhat sideways... but upwards? Prolly Emma's room, "Though at times I may have to take some actions that may need to be frowned upon, I do my best to always be able to say that I've been a good guy, and I've helped people as I've done the things I did." And that, was a weight out of his chest...
Benny "That's good to know and in this crazy world of our's, it never hurts to have more than one friend to rely upon. I'm lucky I've got a few and fortunate to have met you as well as the other's when I did, back in Raccoon." He smiles at the mention of food and the word lunch. "Well, if it isn't much of a bother of course I will stay to have some lunch with you. Oh and there are other things to discuss. Have you heard any rumors about South America? There was some mention of something called, Plaga." He finishes off his tea and then reaches for the pot to pour another, offering to refill Archene's cup first. Yup, two old friends just sparring and chatting. Like old times.
Silent Night "The wouldn't be a problem, I will alert the staff to bring me two portions. Do you like tai food, or would you prefer something that isn't spicy?" Archene asks as he quickly types a few things on his mobile, which had been on his pocket it seems... that thing could have broken, "I heard some of it, mostly that Umbrella is researching nasty things there. I haven't gotten any details though. Hopefully, I will soon enough. Any information on it?" Archene accepts the refill before drinking it. Things like the old times... but without the daily threat of peril and death... And less spying about in binoculars... Sadly, they must have been blown along with the city.
Benny "I do like Thai food, but only with mild spice but any type of food will do. I'm not really that picky." Benny says in a polite tone and taps his chin, when you tell him about the Umbrella research. "All I heard was that Umbrella was possibly interested in that plaga thing. Makes sense if they are conducting some type of research down there and it can't be good, whatever it is." He takes another sip of tea. "I can't imagine anything worse that what we saw in the water treatment plant or at the Zoo. That Nemesis was pretty messed up and I still have a scar to prove it." He rubs at his chest where he still bares the scare of where his lung got punctured by the minigun.
Silent Night "Alright," Archene nods typing a few more words before leaving his mobile on the table, "I asked them to not exagerate on the spice, I also favor only mildly spicy things, by eastern standardard. If we go by their standard, it is just a question of how far through you the spices will burn." He chuckles briefly before saying, "I see, I hope that it isn't far worst that the last of what I've seen of Nemesis. Something like it was in the facility in Siberia. And just before it died... it was unpleasant to see. I'm sincerely glad the place self-destructed before it needed to be faced."
Benny Benny blinks. "You encountered it Siberia?" He nearly spills his tea but recovers quickly and sets the tea cup down. "I thought...we had killed it in the Water Treatment plant. Damn, you sure it was the same one? Maybe it was a clone or a different version?" But then it dawns on him, that if Archene was in Siberia then maybe he knows the truth about his heroes. "So, what exactly happened in Siberia? All I heard about it was on the news..." Well, he also got briefing reports from DSO command but he still wants to hear a version that was an eye witness. "Did you...did you see what happened to Jill and Chris then?" He says their names softly, as if uttering them any louder would bring about great misfortune and those two were his heroes, real life heroes not like the comic book one's.
Silent Night Archene nods at Benny, "I know what I've seen, if it was another one, I cannot be sure. In the least, it gave the same feeling," He sighs, "But I was there, I saw... Jill was besides me when her leg was torn... There was nothing that could be done, and still Chris stepped back to stay behind with her until the end." He takes a deep breath, "I hoped I could have attempted to move her along, but even I as I am barely made it fast enough to the elevator since I was staying further behind to attract its attention. She died a hero, so did he. Doing what they could for others." He gives Benny a few moments of silence.
Benny Benny sighs softly upon hearing about how his heroes perished and takes a moment to collect himself. " means a lot to me to hear how things went and I know you would have done everything in your power to save them if you could." He then raises his tea cup once more in a toast, "To Jill and Chris. May they rest in peace." He then tries to smile but it only comes out as a half-smile. "So what kind of implications do you predict will happen to the F.B.C. now that the video was released? I mean, they are one of the largest paramilitary forces combating bioterrorism. I heard B.S.A.A. is pretty small and the local police or military aren't really equipped to handle this sort of thing."
Silent Night "It is... alright," Archene half smiles back, "For the great heroes, Jill and Chris, who gave their lives for the mission and always did what they could for a better world. True heroes." He raises his teaacup and toasts, "I foresee FBC losing power and their freedom beyond US borders. Individual members possibly being investigated, but the investigations mysteriously stopping without any conclusions that would truly mean anything relevant for their careers. The BSAA obtain more funding and manpower, and the rise of national forces specialized in BoW combat. And of course, the possibility that they suddenly realize that Raccoon City did happen, and can happen again, any where, even in a first world country capital. But mostly that. Market for cosmetics might take a fall too, but nothing that we won't recover from."
Benny "Well said, Archene." Benny could never be so eloquent well at least he doesn't think so and listens to him speak about the how the FBC will lose power while smaller groups like the BSAA gain more. "Sounds like a pretty accurate prediction. One door closes and another one opens, so they say. But what I don't understand is Umbrella's end game. I mean what did they gain from Raccoon City, Siberia, Paris and now possibly in South America? Is it purely just money? Sell to the highest bidder? They have a weapon that could wipe out the makes no sense."
Silent Night "Have you ever heard that saying about Power?" Archene grins, "'Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely,' sincerely, it is a pretty accurate one. While I understand that this may have began as a way to obtain more wealth, given what the thing we killed in the catacombs said, by now, I only expect them to be madmen wishing to bring about a new world order with themselves on top. That may even have been the aim of some, if not all of them from the beginning. While in there I never got high enough to be able to interact with their International Board, sadly."
Benny Benny nods at your explaination. "Makes sense I suppose. But uh, what did you mean by that thing said in the Catacombs? I don't really know what happened down there except for what I saw on the BBC and some rumors." He should have just come here to chat with Archene rather than spending all those hours doing investigations on his own.
Silent Night "Deep in the catacombs, after killing hundreds of BoWs, we found James Marcus, or something that may have been James Marcus, have mutated into a BoW leech, that may or may not have control over other smaller BoW leechs... that could assume human form. A number of them were among the civilians back then." He sighs, "A few soldiers were killed by the leeches in person forms. It was dreadful. In the end, James Marcus became a giant leech, Queen Leech, due to lack of better designation. BSAA has no extra info at the moment." He sighs.
Benny "That's crazy. I think the airplane story was more believable...but as crazy as it sounds, I do believe that as well." Benny exclaims and takes another sip of tea. "So there is a new type of virus or contagion then, great...just when we thought the T-Virus was bad enough. So now it can affect people, lay dormant and then what? Mutate? I hope none of the infected escaped the Catacombs? That would be...disasterous." He really hopes Archene will say that they got them all.
Silent Night "We have several FBC personel with flame throwers acting as vanguard. It was not as absurd as it sounds... though I must have killed at least thrity with my pistol, I was on the third clip already." He grins before sipping more tea, "We have yet to properly research this current virus, there is just not enough data. You saw on TV what happened when you attempted to hunt down those infected, most of them did nothing to stop them and ignored them as if they were civilians. I didn't have weapons to attempt to kill a large number of individual targets and focused upon the main target." He sighs, "Most of those FBC folks also ignored them as if they weren't unleashing a plague into the city." He sighs once more... looking at his tea before finishing it. Just as steps are heard going downstairs from the upper floor. It was the mansion's buttler bring both of them their bowls of reddish tai food, along with a glass of water and one of honeyed milk for each of them.

Archene briefly thanks the buttler before saying, "We should eat before it gets cold," He takes a breath before saying, "I am also not sure on the status of the people, I trusted the personel in the back to take care of them. I can only hope they did, but truly. I expect this to be reported soon. It was the kind of thing I'd add in detail to Markus recent project of a Database on BoWs and ways to combat them." He sighs. He has been sighing a lot lately. The reasons are clear though.
Benny "I see, well thanks for sharing all this with me Archene. I do appreciate it and it sure beats speculating after seeing things in the news or from rumors." Benny replies with a sincere expression. When the food arrives, he wastes no time and stops talking, while he eats the delicious fancy chef prepared gourmet food that he rarely ever gets to enjoy. Where he is about to go, he is going to savour as much of this as he can since he probably won't be living like this anytime soon. "From the sounds of it, you need a break to rest and recover from everything you've been through." He pauses and takes a long sip of water. "Even the mighty Sir Archene Night needs to take time to recharge both mentally and physically. Take care of yourself old friend."
Silent Night Archene brings the food to his mouth, certainly enjoying the spiciness, but soon enough drinking the cold water, nodding at Benny, "No worry, if you have any information in general, you can always send a main. I can pass you my mail and make us a cryptography key just in case." He nods before enjoying the food a bit more, "It has been, very hard on me. After I have a proper doctor have a proper look into my bones to settle all the injuries and take away and bone chips that my still be in me, I'll see if I can get myself a vocation. Maybe buy a farm, enjoy a while telling people that aren't 50 kilometers away from me that they are doing their jobs right and that they may even get a raise next season." He chuckles briefly, "And I sincerely think you are probably the only one who does adress me as Sir Archene Night, when not about to ask me for something." He chuckles, "It is good to be with a friend. Thanks for the visit." He smiles, quite.. better this time as he begins to eat with more gusto.
Benny Benny replies with a warm smile in between bites, "The pleasure was all mine and the encrypted communication pretty neat." After he's done his meal, he extends his hand to you. "Thank you so much for the spar, the chat, the tea and this wonderful meal. The company of course was the best part." He chuckles at the part about addressing you as Sir Archene Night. "Friendship is all I need and we were that before your fancy titles or Chateau's. I hope we can do this again sometime or get the old gang together for a dinner, which I would still like to do soon. Pass the word around if you see them and I shall do the same. Stay safe buddy." He takes one last sip of tea and then gives you a firm, warm handshake if you take his offered hand.
Silent Night Archene also finishes his food soon enough nodding along, "Thank you for the company, the chat and the spar. They were very good." He smiles, "I'll see what I can do. I'll see if I can find James and steal Emma from Terrasave briefly." He chuckles, "As for titles and Chateaus, for now I have just one. Wait until I have problems wondering which summer house I should invite my friends to." He chuckles quietly, "I'll pass the word though, don't worry." He takes his hand, shaking it firmly, "Stay safe, and send more words about what you are up to. At least, let me know before you make yourself unavailable, just in case I have to make my trips around the time you are back." He smiles, "Stay safe, friend."