Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve Eve is standing at the counter of the Cafe, ordering an expresso. Her laptop is under her arm and her phone is in her hand. She tilts her head and murmurs a name under her breath. "Isabel. Find Isabel." She smirks and an eyebrow quirks upward. "Oh..she's included a picture information. Excellent." She stows her phone in her cache and picks up her expresso and walks towards a table taking a seat. She opens her laptop and checks her emails, a slight frown on her face.
Isabel Not knowing that anyone's looking for her, Isabel herself is just stepping into the cafe, one hand up to protect her new hairdo. It's an elaborate braided bun high on the back of her head, with two locks left free to frame her face, subtly altering its shape. Her outfit is definitely different from her old look, being a white blouse with a laced collar and lacy ruffled cuffs that half hide her hands, tucked into a dark red circle skirt with two lace ruffles at the hem and halfway between that and the waist, with layers of underskirts. Even her shoes are different: Lace-up high heeled boots in the same dark red, coming nearly to her knees and folding over at the top. The coat she wears over it is downright simple by comparison, red with a white faux-fur collar and two small patch pockets at her midriff. The only thing that might be familiar is her laptop bag, still a utilitous black bag with a velcroed protective flap closure.
Unaware of Eve's presence or her quest, she pauses at the counter to look over the menu.
Eve Eve gazes up from her laptop, always happy to watch as people come and go in the cafe. She spots the woman in the elaborate clothing and glances back at her laptop before she does a double take. Her lips purse as she takes in each aspect of the clothing that the woman is wearing, noting the ruffles that almost seem to be everywhere. Her scrutinizing gaze finally reaches Isabel's face and her mouth falls open slight. "Well bugger me." She says, before she gets to her feet and walks over to the counter. "Excuse me Miss, you wouldn't be Isabel Welsh, would you?" She asks, a polite smile showing off her dimples.
Isabel Isabel, having just finished ordering, gasps softly and whirls in a swirl of lace ruffles as she hears her name. She blinks at the tall blonde, as if doing a quick size-up of threat potential. "Wh-who's asking?"
Eve "I'm Eve Magnusson. I work for Terrasave, and I am Emma O'Connal's assistant." Eve holds out a slender hand, the smile still on her face even though Isabel looks slightly spooked. She tries for a more soothing tone and quietly says. "I'm not going to hurt you, you can call Emma if you wish, she will tell you that she sent me." She offers a reassuring smile, not quite as bright and dimpled but friendly nonetheless. "I was wondering if you had a moment where I could speak with you?"
Isabel "Oh..." Isabel sighs in relief, knowing that name. "It's all right. I believe you. You don't have the same vibe that hired killer did," she says, taking the hand. "If you don't mind waiting a moment while I get my order, we could speak now."
Eve Eve takes a step back and folds her hands in front of her. "Of course, once you order if you would like to join me..." She trails off, gesturing towards her seat with the laptop open. "I won't take up much of your time, I promise." She adds, walking back to her seat and folding herself into it.
Isabel "That would be fine," Isabel replies, beginning to lose a little of her nervous edge. "I should just be a moment." Giving Eve a slightly shaky (though quite sincere) smile, she turns back to the counter.
Within a minute or so, she steps over to Eve's table, setting her mocha latte and an iced pastry that looks to have been made in the cafe's kitchen rather than a factory somewhere on the table. "Sorry for the improper greeting, Miss Magnussen," she says softly as she takes her seat. "Someone's already tried to kill me in this city."
Eve Eve doesn't look surprised at Isabel's words, she simply nods. "We've stepped up security considerably with Doctor O'Connal. If you were looking for a safe place to stay, you are welcome at our bunker, especially with what I will be proposing." She turns her laptop towards Isabel and the footage that was on the news is playing, but it looks like the original copy before the media altered it. "We released information to the media, and they used it to implicate the FBC of wrongdoing." She closes the laptop and folds her hands. "Now they did fire on civilians, and unfortunately some of those people were simply victims. There were circumstances behind it." She clears her throat and somberly gazes at Isabel. "We would like the world to know the truth, and we've seen your actions in that area. We were wondering if you could perhaps help us with this." She gazes down at her hands and adds. "I'm sure Emma would have more to say about it, but she wanted me to approach you and see if you were amenable."
Isabel "I think I would, at that. I don't know how well this disguise will hold up, if you saw through it," Isabel murmurs, blushing. "The friend I built it with meant well, but there just isn't much that can be done to change my face, whatever might be around it." And she is definitely distinctive, even in this part of the world.
She frowns thoughtfully at the screen. "That does sound like something the media would do these days, with so much anti-American sentiment around the world. Count me in, Miss Magnussen. Although, if I'm to come to your bunker, I'll need to grab some things from where I'm staying now. Unless you need me to come immediately?"
Eve "It would be best if you came as soon as possible, for your own safety." Eve says, crossing her legs as she takes a sip of her expresso. She gazes at Isabel for several moments before she notes. "I think the disguise was brilliant, but you have a distinctive look, and you can't hide beauty." She closes and slides her laptop into her cache and closes it. "If you want to grab a few things and then meet me at the TerraSave offices, I'll let the good Doctor know that you'll be under our wings and we'll find you some security as well."
Isabel Isabel's blush deepens, though she smiles faintly as well. "This is the first time someone's told me I was too pretty to hide," she muses. "Backhanded though it is, thank you for the compliment. I can make my stop by the apartment a quick one, just long enough to pack my things. I don't have much," she admits.
She takes a long pull from her latte, considering that. "I'm... not sure where the TerraSave offices are," she has to admit. "Are you in the phone book? I could find the address there."
Eve Eve's cheeks flush pink and she gazes down at her hands for a moment as she fidgets with her case. "I will send someone with you." She says, and with a snap of her fingers a tall dark skinned man with glasses rises up from a nearby chair and makes his way over to the table. "Ma'am" He greets, nodding to Isabel. "I'll send Logan here with you, he'll bring you back to the offices and keep an eye on things while you're packing." Eve says, getting to her feet. She slings the strap of her cache over her shoulder and smiles. "We're quite near here, actually. When you arrive, feel free to come to my office and we'll wait for the Doctor together."