Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa It was just after eight pm on a mild temperature Monday. The hospital was moving into a wind down phase from the initial call of multiple people being brought in for injuries three days prior. Most of the F.B.C. agents were being released with a few still being held for observation and treatment.

Once such agent was Esa Collins. He laid on a bed with a typical medical gown on, watching the news outlets continue to talk about the F.B.C. and about continued attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. A soft sigh escapes his lips as he flips the channel to something else.
Trixie Trixie Mackenzie, a sergeant rather than an agent, knocks lightly on the doorframe. "May I come in, Sir?" she asks softly. She doesn't look her normal part, being clad head to toe in black European biker leathers, which is probably an advantage in the wake of the news reports.
Esa Esa looks over to the door as the knock happens. A pleasant smile is given to Trixie as he waves her onside. "Hey Trix." He says before giving a hmm "So, I see you've decided to ditch the uniform for some leather." A pause, then "Looks good on you." Another pause, then adds "Come sit, sit. What brings you by at this hour?"
Trixie "I had shore leave. Didn't seem smart to wear the uniform, even if I didn't," Trixie admits, moving to take a seat in a chair beside the bed. "And I wanted to check on any of us still warming the linen here. Feeling any better?" she asks softly, looking over the patient and the room in equal measure.
Esa Esa watches her quietly as she moves in to the room and takes a seat. "Yeah, the news media are having a field day with the video TerraSave handed over. Bullshit that they are showing only a portion of it." He replies with a frown. At the question of feeling better, he sighs and shakes his head. "No. The creature spit burnt through the BDU armor lining, down into my skin, tissue and muscle. Nerve damage around that region; maybe a limp. Probably not going to be field operative for a while." He says sadly. "That's if I return to duty." He adds quietly.
Trixie "I know... I'm sure there's more to it, but it still looks terrible, even to me. Those people were all infected, weren't they?" Trixie asks, her tone hinting that she hopes very much that he'll confirm her beliefs.

The comment draws a deeply sympathetic look, then a mildly shocked one. "Why would you not return to duty? Are the injuries /that/ bad?" Her eyes widen. "Or is it something else?"
Esa "There is more to the video." Esa tells her with a small smile. The smile fades though at the questions to a troubled, depressed look. He looks from her to his hands, and shakes his head. "I couldn't tell you Trix. They acted like both. Infected and not infected. There... was no way to tell. They wouldn't stop, we ..." He shakes his head, taking in a breath to steel his nerves.
Emma Honestly, Emma has kept to herself since the video went out. Well tried, people are begging foe questions from TerraSave. But for now, she is working.

Knocking on the door, she then steps in, ortho-boot on, cast on an arm. She limp-hops forward and stops, surprised to see Trixie. Her cheeks redden. "'ello, ya both." She stammers.
Trixie Trixie gently clasps Esa's free hand, a supportive gesture. "You weren't fully sure. It sounds bad. But the risks are so much worse," she whispers. "We can't say for certain that Paris is infection-free, and someone is stealing records of potential B.O.W. attacks... they /want/ the danger swept under the rug, whoever they are."

The knock on the door, quiets any further comments, and she smiles as she sees Emma. "Hello again, Emma... it's good to see you on your feet again. I hope you are feeling better," she adds, blushing and unable to hold Emma's gaze at the memory of their last meeting.
Esa Esa nods, but doesn't look reassured. "It is more than that Trix" Then comes the knock and he looks over to the door. Upon seeing Emma, Esa face lights up with a fond smile. A soft gently nod is given "Ah, hey Emma. How are you doing?"
Emma This is interesting. What did Emma walk into? She can guess. There is a small smile to Trixie, with a nod of her head. "Ya - ya too, an' sorry if I acted funny, not rememberin' yerself.." She trails off.

Turning to Esa he is given a warm smile and would move to where his leg is, indicating with a glance she is going to check his injury. "Y - yer scheduled for skin graphin' tomorrow morning." She says, while examining it. "Wh - what are ya - ya two talkin' 'bout?"
Trixie "Emma, it's nothing... how could you /not/ act funny, not knowing who you were or what had happened to you?" Trixie asks gently. "Please, don't think anything more about it." Though even as she says it, she wonders if she can do the same. The question is almost a relief. Almost. "The news, and things related to it," she replies softly. "As you can see, I didn't come in uniform. I doubt I would have been received well if I'd been required to do so."
Esa Esa looks to Emma and gives a small nod "Thanks love." He replies fondly and equal smile. It falters as he looks to his hands. It's after Trixie speaks, that he decides to say something. "The operation in the catacombs. I.." He closes his eyes and takes in a breath. "I question what I did; what was done. I honestly question a lot of things within the F.B.C. lately." He replies quietly as he looks back to Emma. "I think I am going to leave the FBC.."
Emma Emma is tense, which isn't like her. She is looking, staring, at Esa's injury, but not looking at it. It's forgotten what Trixie said, as something stuck out. Looking up, her eyes fix on Esa at his announcement. There is all the more sadness in her eyes. Looking down, she can't seem to face them.

"I - I am sorry 'bout what I did ta ya - ya both, tha video had ta go out, pl - please understand, my heart cries over it, but - but there are people, bad people, lurkin' in yer world, an' I needed ta expose them, ta expose who they secretly work for. I'm sorry yer sufferin'."
Trixie Trixie's eyes widen as she looks at Esa. "Sir... that's... I... I suppose I can't blame you. I wasn't even there, and I've been having too many second thoughts to put a name to," she says, studying the bedclothes, as if they were intensely fascinating. "I was here partly to ask your advice on leaving the unit myself."

Emma's apologetic words draw her head up, and she stares at the young doctor with wide eyes, her lips moving faintly without forming audible words. "You mean... /you/ were the one who... who put that video out there? It shows... /nothing/. Nothing that could bring down anyone higher up. Who were you trying to expose, that you would do... /that/..." Tears begin to stream down Trixie's cheeks, though she clings to her composure with every fiber of her being. "They painted us /all/ as murderers on that broadcast... and the public will do the same. They probably already have..."
Esa Esa looks to Trixie, saying "The media published what they wanted; not what Emma sent out. That's how they work - on fear and manipulation of events." He sighs and looks over to Emma and takes her hand gently and squeezes gently as he tells her reassuringly "Emma; I trust in you and believe you made the right call. My reasons for leaving ... well, it comes on the heels of a few ongoing things; nothing to do with the video." He tells her truthfully.
Emma A hand reaches out, she takes Esa's hand, and nods to him.

"Tr - Trixie, they fu - fucked me - me over, an - an' didn't show what I sent out. I - I am enraged, an' crushed, there was video of - of zombies, an' all - all that." It's easy to tell how upset she is given how much she is stuttering. "I - I plan ta - ta fix this." She didn't look at Trixie, to ashamed. Though a look is given to Esa. "Ya - ya'll help me fix this, right? Wi - with yer talents?"
Trixie Trixie nods numbly. "I don't know if you /can/ fix it, after this. But I could see it, from the BBC... they've dismissed all of this as a bunch of lies and 'American strangeness' from the very beginning. I bet they don't even think Raccoon City was nuked. Or maybe they were big Umbrella investors," she whispers, in a strained voice. "I... I forgive you, Emma. I just wish you'd thought this over a little more... before you gave them the video, or given it to someone you trusted, who would have... have done what you wanted with it. Now it may be too late to fix it."

She lowers her head, breathing shallowly for a moment, then another. "Emma, who were you... trying to expose with that video? What did it really show?" she asks at last.
Esa "If you have the original video; yes." Esa says, eyes still affixed on Emma. "I can leak it to other sources; even to the video websites like youtube." He tells her quietly as he held Emma's hand. A momentary pause, then "Or even Isabel and her website." He notes in though. He stops all together and looks to Trixie as she spoke, then back to Emma quietly.
Emma Emma let's go of Esa's hand and finally turns to Trixie, with teara in her eyes. "Wh - when I saw tha video, I cried for ya, an' all yer friends in FBC. I will fight ta fix this." If able, she'd give the woman a hug, a thankful tight hug, as a few tears run down her own fix. "I - I will fix it. An' don't worry 'bout who, ya got enough ta deal with now."

"I - I got tha video," She says to Esa. "We will let tha - tha world know."
Trixie Trixie stands and gently hugs Emma, careful of her casts. "I thought you might have, dear heart," she whispers, recalling her mother using that term of endearment a few times over the years. She kisses her cheek with a degree of tenderness normally only seen between the closest friends and family, intending it as a soothing gesture. "If I can help, don't hesitate to... to tell me. Maybe, if I'm really lucky, I can find Isabel and get her attention. I'm not sure where she's staying..."

Then she draws back a little to look into Emma's eyes. "But I still want to know who it is... I've had a feeling that name's been flying over my head for weeks now. Everyone says they're worried about what's going on in the unit, but nobody says why. Or who. I'm tired of jumping at shadows and wondering who might shoot me during a training accident..." she whispers, her tone subtly intense and somehow brittle.
Esa "We will Emma.. We will." Esa replies with the gentlest of smiles. He keeps quiet as he looks between Emma and Trixie. He stays quiet for now; seeing what Emma will say.
Emma Emma's cheeks redden a touch at the kiss on her cheek, but the lass is relaxed. Yet she feels bad, and bites her lip a little looking back to Trixie. "Th - there is an Umbrella operative in yer - yer faction. I wanted ta hit him with a - a blow."

She looks to Esa and nods.
Trixie "Umbrella..." Trixie takes a long, deep breath. Her expression doesn't noticeably change, but something in her eyes seems to darken and grow more distant. "Anybody I know?" she asks at last, in a low voice.
Esa Esa gives a nod to Emma as he looks back to Trixie. He shifts on the bed, rotating a bit to open his military backpack and pulls out an odd device. Turning it on, it appears to have done nothing; in realty, it was a jammer. If one was to peek at their cell phones, they would be getting no signal.

"Please close the door and lock it. What I need to tell you is .. classified between only a handle full of people, Trix."
Trixie Trixie nods soberly, biting her lip and dabbing at her eyes with a fingertip. She gives Emma one last gentle squeeze, then releases her and moves to close and lock the door.

Only once these tasks are completed does she move to seat herself in the chair she had vacated a few minutes before. "I understand," she says, her voice low and slightly strained.
Esa Esa gives a soft nod before he folds his hands in his lap. He mulls over everything as there was so much to talk about. He decides to start with the truth. "There is a man within our organization who has been speculated to be in league with Umbrella; or possibly assisting Umbrella. Aside from myself, only three others knew of what I was doing."

"Emma, Roberto Delgado, and Vivienne Asherion." He tells her quietly as he folds his hands in his lap, eyes still upon Trixie. "Most of my intelligence came from Vivienne. Intelligence on this person, and on James Marcus. Now Vivienne is dead. I do not know if this is because she was found to be a double agent or not."

"The person who is dirty is none other than Colonel Albert Wesker."
Trixie Trixie's fists clench and her eyes squeeze shut at the mention of Vivienne's death, and the possible reasons why. But the name draws a gasp, and she stares at Esa for a long moment, as if he'd grown another head. "Ohmigawd, Dad..." she whispers. "S.T.A.R.S., and the RPD... he was there /the whole time/..!" she murmurs, her voice brittle and on the edge of breaking, hugging her elbows tightly and forcing herself not to hyperventilate. It takes some forcing.
Emma Emma goes up to Trixie, and puts a supportive arm around her.
Esa "Yes. Your father and your mother's death could have been orchestrated deaths and not random." Esa replies quietly, his head giving a slow nod; a pause is given before he adds "Though I have nothing to tie your parent's death to Wesker and Umbrella, I'm sorry."

He shifts a bit in the bed. "What we know definitively is this: Wesker knew Oswell E. Spencer personally and that he hired his own mercenary team and was helping Umbrella during the Raccoon City incident." He says quietly.
Trixie "I've known that for years, but I never knew who it was who could have done it," Trixie murmurs, still staring wide-eyed at nothing, her voice still on that brittle edge. "All the time, good old Mr. Cool's been in a position to control almost everything and everyone that could've stopped him... subverted it all for... whatever he's really after. Ohmigawd... "
She falls silent for a full minute, breathing deeply and possibly trying to process what she's heard, and just what it could affect. "How do we deal with him?"
Esa There is this quiet, not so awkward pause as he sat up a bit. "There is more." He tells Trixie calmly.

"I am the one who sent you the text message for you to join us. Argentina was.. is your final test prior to joining." He tells her.

"I have been prospecting you since the Quarantine Zone incident with Isabel; seeing where your loyalties lay and how well you perform under pressure. This included digging into your past." A small pause for her to digest this.

"I oversee a small taskforce inside F.B.C. I was prospected in by someone higher up than Colonel Wesker who suspected the same thing." Esa face frowned. "Roberto Delgado and Vivienne were also a part of this taskforce called Black Sword. The information was handed off to the contact." A glance to Emma is given "Just copies of Vivienne's intelligence; not our recent intelligence gathered." He says to her; letting her know that his promise was still being kept. Looking back to Trixie, he says "I honestly do not know what the plan is now. This contact has placed a hold on going after Wesker."
Trixie "No wonder you knew about my parents... after Wesker, nothing surprises me anymore." Trixie lowers her head, struggling to process it all. "Isabel... I didn't let her into the Zone, that night. But I wasn't going to kill her for coming in, either. Keeping the important things buried was how we lost Raccoon. And if the BBC is going to screw us like they've done, I think we're really going to need people like her to get the real story out. Doesn't mean we have to show the world /everything/. But we might be better off staying as above-board as we can, so secrets can't be twisted against us so easily."

She looks up at last, between Emma and Esa. "I don't know why we don't take him out, before he can do any more damage. But if they want him alive for a while longer, I'll listen to them. It's probably a good thing you told me it was you behind the message... I was going to come prepared to shoot to kill. I really hate killing good people... the groaners are bad enough."
Esa "Yes, Isabel is a good source to get generalized information out." Esa replies quietly. "Probably also a person that should be on TerraSaves retainer role." He adds with a hint and fond smile as he looks to Emma.

Then a pause. "Trix, what I have for you.. I need you levelled headed. Thought before action." He responds to her message about killing. "I need you to stay inside F.B.C. Within Black Sword and whoever ends up running it. I need eyes and ears. I trust Roberto to do this; but only so far."

"I trust you more because you have been through it all. I believe that you can make the right calls, and I believe I can trust in where your heart lies."
Trixie Trixie stares at Esa, sniffling once, her eyes wide and the halted tears of minutes ago beginning to slide down her cheeks again. Then she clasps his free hand in hers, fiercely, so hard it hurt her fingers.

"Don't ask much... d-do you.." she asks, nodding once. Her features twist in anguish as she presses her face into her forearm and the bedclothes, sobbing.

"One of these... days... I'm gonna learn to... to stop /stepping up/. But not... not today..."