Umbrella Surveillance System
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Benny It is late morning on Monday, February 7, 2005 and the world is still in shock over the events in the Paris Catacombs as reported by the BBC. At Jack's, the mood is sombre but everybody still needs to eat and get caffine or other kinds of liquids. Benny is sitting at the back in a private booth, reading a newspaper and having a coffee. There is an empty plate in front of him, from the crubs or remanants left behind it looks like it was a sandwhich or burger of some type and possibly a salad or fries as a side dish. He looks tired which is probably why he's sipping that coffee like a life line.

He's wearing a black waxed cotton Belstaff jacket, a black graphic batman t-shirt, blue designer jeans and grey adidas sneakers.
Trixie Trixie pushes through the door and walks to the bar, without the usual spring in her step. She takes a seat on one of the stools and, when the bartender comes over, she looks up and right back down at the countertop. "Give me a... um... geez, I don't know. I'll think of something in a minute, maybe..." is all she says.
Benny Benny glances up and over his newspaper when the door opens, spotting a familiar red head whom he knows quite well and blinks when he see's that there is something off about her. Setting the paper aside, he stands up from his booth and walks towards the bar. When he gets close, he slides into the empty bar stool beside her and gives her a warm smile. "Hey Trixie. I thought that was you. How are you doing?" He motions with his head over towards the private booth where he was sitting. "If you feel like company, please feel free to join me over there at my table." He's polite and respectful as usual.
Trixie Trixie looks up wearily at the greeting, managing a hint of a smile as she recognizes her former fellow officer. "Hi, Benny... I don't think I'd be good company right now, honestly. Still good to see you. Didn't know you were in Paris."
Benny "Oh...okay then." Benny replies with the hint of a hurt expression but there is still that shy smile, the one you remember him most by most likely back in Raccoon City. "Yeah, I'm here for work and it is good seeing you as well. Haven't seen you since the Christmas party when I was here last." He puts one arm around your shoulders if you let him and gives you a gentle hug. You know it would take a lot of effort for him to do this, he was never comfortable with public displays of affection and a pretty shy guy. "Uh, sorry to hear about what happened on the news...sounds pretty awful and I know that not everyone should be painted with the same brush because of a few bad apples. I understand if you don't want to talk about that but I honestly just came to say hi. I consider you a friend and once a S.T.A.R. always a star in my mind." There is a faint red showing on his cheeks which is another trait you would remember.
Trixie Trixie is too surprised by the hug to respond, resist, or anything else for a long moment. She just sits there, a bit wide-eyed from surprise, as her emotions seem to both run wild and go completely numb at the same time.

And then she hugs him, fiercely. "Once S.T.A.R.S.... always S.T.A.R.S...." she whispers, her composure crumbling. "They got it wrong, Benny... they have to have gotten it wrong..! No way would F.B.C. troops gun down non-infected people..."

She pulls back, looking at him with red-rimmed eyes. "We'd better use your table... I don't want to block the bar if I lose it."
Benny Benny is a bit taken back at first by the fierceness of your hug, his cheeks growing redder by the second but he doesn't pull away because he see's how emotional you are. Besides like he said, he will always support a fellow S.T.A.R. because it was like a family.

"I know. It's alright, Trix and of course there has to be more to the story." He nods when you say it is best to go back to his table, then leads the way back to his private booth, sliding back into his seat and waits until you are seated before speaking again. "I take it you weren't there and I was relieved to see you because I heard that there might have been other casualities besides the civilians." He pauses for a moment, "We lost enough former S.T.A.R.S. lately..." He then picks up his mug of coffee, taking a sip from it.
Trixie Trixie follows Benny to the table, plopping down across the table from him. "Viv and Molly... nobody you'd know. They were new, and I didn't see much of them, but they didn't deserve to die like that," she whispers. "Something horrible tore Viv limb from limb, and it was probably the same for Molly during that mission. I heard she was torn apart...ohmigawd... I just worked with her last week, and now she's /dead/..." She props her forehead on her hands, elbows resting solidly on the table, and fights to force back the tears already beginning to slide down her cheeks.
Benny "Shit. I know a Viv. Vivienne...met her once, she was with James Scott. Remember that teenager that I busted for drug possession, the guy from Raccoon City and yeah, he was at the same Christmas party we were both at. But, Molly...I don't know that name. I'm sorry though, it is never easy to lose team mates and it never should be easy." Benny says in a soft voice, as he reaches across the table to give your hand a squeeze if you let him. "Trix, I'm so sorry and I know it sounds cliche, but you have to be strong. If you need anything, just to chat or whatever you let me know. I'm here for you."

It looks like Benny has changed a little, he's more mature and whatever happened to him after Raccoon City, it's given him more confidence at least socially even though he still is shy by nature.
Trixie "I remember him... we went to the same high school. He kept hitting on me, from time to time... I kept turning him down. He was a pusher and my Dad was a S.W.A.T. man and then a S.T.A.R.S. man. I could see how /that/ was going to go, and James was no Romeo," Trixie replies wryly. Her voice sinks slowly into despair. "I guess Vivienne had a weakness for bad boys, and maybe that played in to why she was killed. Or not." She shakes her head. "Doesn't matter now. Dead's forever. Somehow I envy her... this isn't her burden anymore. I wish it wasn't mine..."

She squeezes his hand tightly. "All the chatting in the world can't bring them back. Can't undo what's been shown. Our people die like victims in horror movies, while fat, smug bastards in suits sit behind big desks in padded chairs and condemn us for murderers over things they know nothing about. I can't do it anymore, Benny..." She throws up her free hand, letting it fall limply to the tabletop. "I just can't."
Benny "Hey, don't talk like that..." Benny replies after he listens to your first comments and after you say that you are envious of death. He continues to hold onto your hand and locks his eyes on your's. "I don't blame you for feeling this way. You've gone through a lot and we already saw more crazy shit than most people just being cops, let alone all the additional horror movie out of our nightmares stuff." He doesn't pull away when you squeeze his hand tightly, letting you hold on for support. "I don't like the way things are anymore than you do, but I do know one thing we share in common. We didn't sign up for RPD for fame or glory or even to have a good public image. We signed up because we believed in something greater than ourselves and you've done more than your fair share to serve." He pauses, looking you in the eyes stil. "Whatever you decide to do. I won't judge you and I'll always have your back, no matter what."
Trixie "I signed up because I needed a /job/..." Trixie's eyes remain fixed to the tabletop. "I /liked/ the job. We protected our community. We served the public. We fought the good fight, I guess. But that's just a memory now. I look at that, and I look at the F.B.C., and I can't see any resemblance at all." She shakes her head slowly, sighing bitterly as she releases his hand. "I never could. I thought I was doing the right thing when I went regular Army after Raccoon City... protecting other people from having their lives and their town torn apart like Umbrella did ours. Now I think /we're/ the ones who need protecting. We're going to be nothing but gray targets after this."
Benny "I see...well, there are other agencies and organizations out there besides the FBC." Benny says in a soft voice after you let go of his hand. He studies you carefully, then adds. "I know it might seem bleak now, but don't give up hope and there is nothing wrong with taking a step back, take a break to recharge. Then re-evaluating what's in front of you to find a path again." Sometimes a comic book nerd takes what he's read to heart and applies it to the real world. "After Raccoon, I went back to my family and we had a long talk. I made a decision, didn't join back up with law enforcement or military. Decided to do something different but I still believe what we did back then matters. Just take care of yourself, okay?"
Trixie "We'll see," Trixie murmurs. "You don't just say 'I quit' and walk away from the Army. I was lucky nobody cancelled the shore leave I had coming, or I'd still be back on that ship. But I've been thinking about getting out of the F.B.C., especially after this. Maybe I'll try to find out more about what happened first, if anybody will talk about it. Out of uniform, of course. Maybe those people Chris and Jill were working for are looking for people. I'm sure not going near TerraSave, and I doubt they'd even talk to me anyway."

She looks up at Benny for the first time since she sat down, and tries to force out a smile. It doesn't work, and she abandons the effort after a moment. "You too, Benny. Whatever you're doing. I've got few enough friends left, and I still need to make you sick in a Tahoe again. Even if I never meant to... I swear, Benny, I never meant to!"
Benny Benny just listens for a while, nodding when you mention you might get out of the F.B.C. to possibly join another group that was formed by former legendary S.T.A.R.S. colleagues and grins at the mention of the Tahoe. "Wow, the Tahoe...I remember that old SUV you always drove like it was yesterday." The grin turns into a small smile when you swear you didn't mean to give him motion sickness. "I know you didn't...I never did well as a passenger in a police car. Well, good luck with whatever you choose to do and I hope we'll keep in touch. Strange days are ahead of us I think and who knows where we may both end up. I hope we will end up riding together though." He leaves a nice tip on the table before he stands. "I've got an afternoon meeting I have to prep for but it was great seeing you." He finishes off the rest of his coffee and reaches over to give your hand one more squeeze. "Be safe Trix. Call me anytime if you want to chat or if you have time for coffee if you are still on shore leave in the next few days." He then makes a fist putting it over his heart, "S.T.A.R.S. forever." Then heads out towards the door.