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Bob The early morning sees a number of people in the cafe, many just stopping in long enough to grab an espresso or coffee and pour it down their throat or walk out with a paper cup. Others here seem more laid back, taking their time to enjoy the pleasurable atmosphere and tasty beverages.

Among those here trying to enjoy themselves is Bob, seated all by himself at a table with a cup of coffee in front of him. Apparently, he's quite distracted as he more or less stares at the cup of joe, wrapping his hands around the mug and focusing unblinkingly. Eventually he blinks a few times, as though he'd forgotten to do so for a while, and looks around at his surroundings to realise that his table is one of the few with empty seats at it. This realization encourages him to try to look like less of a weirdo so as not to scare off other patrons.
Tabitha Tabitha steps in, jeans, black leotard under a blue hospital scrub-top. Long trench-coat dances above simple ballet-flats. The wind whips her coat before dying down. She rake her her hand throug her hair, mainly to get it out of her face before she stalks with a passion over to the counter. She tries to order something strong.. holding up 4 fingers. She doesn't speak French, and her English is as thick as cold molasses.
Eve Eve strides into the Cafe, her laptop under her arm and her hair tied up in a bun. She is wearing a sweater over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans with soft suede boots. She takes a seat at a table and opens her laptop, and starts to tap on it. She spots Tabitha and gives her a friendly smile and a wave and after watching her for a moment she gets to her feet and walks up to the woman. "Can I help you order?" She asks, a polite smile on her face.
Bob The lady in the trench coat gets Bob's attention when she attempts to order in English and then his eyes widen in surprise when someone else starts speaking one of his native tongues. After taking a little sip of his coffee Bob jokingly offers up to Tabitha, "Espresso is the same in French." The tone of voice he uses shows he's joking, but almost immediately after speaking he has to take a break and put his face in his hands, appearing as though the effort involved in communication is costing him.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles over nodding to the person behind the counter after paying for her tall dark steaming cup of Life Itself. She makes her way over to the empty seat. "Hey!", taking a sip
Eve Eve glances around for a moment and then walks back to her table, taking a seat and putting her attention back to her laptop. When a server walks near she orders a coffee with cream and sugar, giving the server a polite smile.
Bob "How's it going?" Bob asks Tabitha, looking up from between his fingers to give her a smile before he lifts his head the rest of the way up. Masking the pain he's feeling as best he can he slowly leans back in his seat. "It's nice to hear some new voices speaking English," he comments, forcing a smile onto his face through a wince.
Tabitha Tabitha doesn't respond, lost in coffee for a moment. She looks tired. The kind of tired you dont get over in on day. you just drink way too much coffe and doze off until it kicks back in again. She opens her eyes, ignoring her tablemate, blinking awake. "Eve! When did you..", looking around ".or for that matter I get here?" She blinks at Bob. "Oh, Hello", a silly smile on her face. Reaching the end of her first sip she starts another sip off to keep her brain goin.
Eve Eve glances up and offers Tabitha a warm smile. "I've been here for a little bit, doing some work. How are you doing tonight?" She asks, smiling up at the server when the coffee is delivered. "Were you at the hospital all night?" She asks quietly, taking a sip of her hot drink.
Bob Tabitha's weird little way she seemed to take a delayed notice of him gives Bob a reason to attempt a smile through the pain in his head and he gives her a friendly sounding, "Yo." More coffee goes down his throat in a slow, steady drink. The question about the hospital perks him up a little bit and speaks again, "I don't mean to offend, but is this Hospital Saint-Louis? I've volunteered there on occasion." The effort of complete sentences seems somewhat draining and he sags down a ways.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles to Eve. "All night? I dont know the time. Yea. just got up from something that smelled like a nap", leaning in the direction of Eve. "I've not missed anything have I? She didn't leave me something to do, did she?" then turns to nods to Bob. "Yep. Doctor Marshall", extending a hand to Bob.. the other amost cradling her coffee.
Eve Eve smiles at Tabitha and shakes her head. She picks up her laptop, powers it off and puts it in her cache. Stepping to the counter to secure a to-go cup, she pours her drink in and slings the strap of her bag across her shoulder. "If something comes up, I'll call you." She says, stepping out of the shop after giving Tabitha a friendly wave.
Bob Taking Tabitha's hand, Bob gives it a firm, friendly shake, "Bob Delgado. I'm a medic with the FBC..." He stops to take a little break, closing his eyes taking a deep breath, "I just help out. My friend Emma works there and gets me in on some good trauma cases if I'm around. It's a pleasure to meet you."
Tabitha Tabitha takes the hand but she freezes in place at soon as FBC is mentioned. A second later the medic part kicks in and she gives a reassuring squeezes to Bob's hand.
Bob The strange reaction from Tabitha causes Bob to swallow and turn his head slightly to the side, staring at her for a few seconds as if making sure things are okay. But he's kind of exhausted looking and not too sure of himself, "Are you okay?" When he asks it seems as though he possesses genuine concern as worry is obvious on his face.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles warmly. "I'm good. Tired, but good. Lots of work to do, but I'm sure you're no stranger to that. End of the day, a patient is a patient, and they all look the same laying down."
Bob "Is it that thing on the news?" Bob asks with a deep sigh and a wince on his face. His eye close for a moment to collect himself before he opens them again, "I get where you're coming from. I've certainly been pretty busy lately, myself." He takes a drink of coffee, letting the warmth and caffeine keep him going.
Tabitha Tabitha nods. "Yea. Dosn't look good.", she offers, taking a dip of her coffee. "I'm okay. I sorta walked in a couple of days ago and the whole world sorta thunked donw into a steaming pile right on the kitchen table"
Bob With an exhausted sigh Bob nods at Tabitha and opens his eyes widely, sighing, "Yeah. Such a mess. I just want to shoot bad guys and take care of people, you know? All this terrible stuff happening is enough to drive a guy nuts." And he nods some more, commiserating as best that he can, "I'll bet. Things aren't so hot at the hospital either, probably."
Tabitha Tabitha shrugs. "Things could be a great deal worse, I imagine..", being a little vague., She rakes her hands though her hair once more.
Bob "True. True," Bob agrees with the lady before he goes back to taking a drink from his mug. After swallowing, he looks down into it for a moment and swishes the remains of his drink around before shrugging a little bit and finishing it off.
Tabitha Tabitha says, "How.. ", pausing to choose her wordse carefully, "..Been at this long? A medic, I mean?""
Bob "A few years," Bob starts to explain, playing with the now empty mug, rolling it between his hands. "I was a grunt before. An Infantryman, in the Army Rangers. Lost a medic in my platoon and decided I'd take his spot when I reenlisted." There's a shoulder shrug. Then he jerks his chin towards Tabitha, "How long have you been in medicine?"
Tabitha Tabitha smiles, still drinking. "I just gust got out of Residency. Just got my License to Practice. Game here first thing, though I migh thave been a bit hastey in my rush to travel."
Bob "I don't blame you for trying to get out and see the world," Bob tells Tabitha with a smile showing up on his face. Then a wince, and his head is in his hands again and his eyes are squeezed tightly shut. "Ugh," escapes from under his breath. When he looks up he's not looking all that hot again, "Anyway." He dismisses his little episode of pain. "How you liking Paris?"
Tabitha Tabitha sets her dup down and tries to lift Bob's chin.. "Let me see..", looking into his eyes, checking for signs of a concussion or something else 'bad'
Bob Without any to do, Bob lets Tabitha take a look at him, letting her do her thing without protest. He doesn't show signs of concussion, but his eyes are bloodshot and weary and he's clearly exhausted. It might be a bad hangover, it might be something more, but it's hard to tell with a quick examination. "I'm hungover," he offers. "Been up all night drinking."
Tabitha Tabitha pulls a penlight from a pocket, looking at bob's eyes. a heand moves over to lace through his hair.. behind his ears, then leans back in her seat. "Water. b-vitamins.. juice.. ", smiling.
Bob "Yeah," Bob replies, his own smile matching hers. "This ain't my first rodeo, unfortunately. I'm just getting too old to keep going like I have been," he explains, leaning back in his seat after making sure he's not about to bump into anyone when he does so.
Tabitha Tabitha tosses back the last of her coffee. "Well, look me up at the hospital next time you want to lend a hand. Medics are always wanted. And appreciated."
Bob "I certainly will," Bob tells Tabitha as he sets down his mug finally and starts getting to his feet. "It was nice to meet you, Doctor. I'm sure that I'll see you around."