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Emma Emma is in the patient room with Esa, and he is on the bed, in a gown, with monitors on and such. Emma looks like a bit of a wreck, this isn't long after she sent out that video for the world to see. But, doing some doctor stuff is good too. She looks to Esa with a warm smile. "Ya - ya'll be fine, limp or no. An' most don't mind a limp either." He is given a small smirk.

She'd then go to examine the acid burn on his leg.
Eve Eve walks into the room, shuffling papers while she speaks sharply into her phone in French. After a few moments of back and forth she spits out instructions and snaps the phone closed, rolling her eyes. "We're being bombarded by the media, Ma'am. I think for now it's under control, the publicist is working on a statement." She says, in her slow unaccented English. She gives Esa a polite nod and a slight smile before she stands straight near the door. "Is there anything else I can take care of for you?" She asks Emma, her blank game face showing no emotion.
Esa Esa gives her a warm smile back, his head nodding softly as he looks back toward her. He continues to smile at the optimism in her voice "I suppose you are right one that." he said chuckling. "Though if I do end up with a limp, then it is highly plausible I will no longer be able to serve." He hmm on that thoughtfully. "And maybe the same without." He adds. His eyes shift to Eve as she enters, a small smile is given to her.
Emma Emma looks up to Eve, giving a small nod in greeting, before she looks down to the acid burn There is a frown, teeth taking hold of her lower lip some. "Yer - yer gonna need a skin graph, an' bandages an' all that. We - we need ta flush it, an it'll hurt some. I'm sorry." She says to Esa.

Looking to Eve agains she shrugs. "Wa - watch tha door, an' begin lookin' for personal security, I think tha - tha attempts on my life are gonna increase now."
Eve Eve gives Emma a brief nod and opens her phone again. She turns and speaks quietly in French for a few minutes before she snaps the phone closed again. She turns to Emma and speaks up quietly. "I have security on the way, and I'll stay with you until they're on scene." She rolls her shoulder and is satisfied when she feels the weight of her revolver there. She takes a seat on a chair near the door and opens her laptop. "I'll start cancelling and rescheduling your important meetings until this is all taken care of." She murmurs, glancing towards the door.
Esa A sigh is given as he looks to Emma. "Er, alright." He smiles gently to her. "I trust you and in your abilities and skills, Emma." He says warmly to her. He looks over to Eve again quietly. He knew Emma could handle herself, but was thankful she had a security detail. "Eve, are you any good with firearms?" He asks.
Bryant Crothers Bryant appears, limping into the hospital room with his arm over his chest. He holds back his heavy breathing for a moment to give a breif smile and nod through the pain. "Didn't think I'd be seeing you on the other end of hospital treatment Miss O'Connal." he chuckles for a moment before abruptly stopping to wince in the pain in his chest. He continues to hobble is way over to the hospital bed and proceeds to lay down flat, letting out unpleasant groans of pain, squeezing his eyes shut. He lets out a deep breath of releif as he finally lies all the way down on the table and pants a bit to catch his breath.
Markus Berger Meanwhile a certain self-proclaimed doctor has been making his way to this room as evidenced by the door slowly opening and head poking in. "Am I interrupting something?" Its Markus who for some various reasons looks mildly annoyed as he looks between the people present.
Emma Emma is in an orto-boot, and her right arm is casted. She looks to Eve and nods. "Good. Th - thank ya." She remarks, very much thankful. Looking to Esa she nods to him as well. "I - I wish I could make it different. Yer gonna need skin graphs, we'll be needin' ta get blood work done, start antibiotics for infection."

Then Bryant walks in, her grey-green eyes follow him. "I - I am a doctor, actually. I'll be there ta examine ya in a second." She steps to the door in time to run into Markus. "Oy, no - not at all." She says and pokes her head out the door, calling out some orders.
Eve "Good enough to get the job done." Eve dismissively replies to Esa, not looking up from her laptop as she speaks. Her eyes narrow as she gazes at her computer, and she swears quietly and eloquently. People start to arrive in the ward, seeking treatment, and Eve ignores them all as she continues to work, occasionally answering the phone and tapping on the keyboard to her laptop. "Ma'am." She says, glancing briefly at Emma. "Security has arrived, once they are posted I'll head back to the office and get to work with the publicist." She gets to her feet, closes her laptop and slides it into her cache. "Phone me if you need anything else."
Bryant Crothers "I knew you were a doctor, what I meant was that I didn't think you'd be up and working anytime soon." He smiles before wincing in pain again. "It's good to see you're recovering well though. Been staying away from car bombs I hope?" he chuckles again, failing to learn his lesson from last time, he grabs his chest as the chuckle causes him pain.
Esa Looking to Emma, Esa nods "I am thankful that the best doctor in Paris is working on me." He says fondly with a warm smile. As Bryant and Markus enter, nods are given to them. His right leg is unwrapping as Emma examines it and shows off nasty burns and damages to the skin, tissue and muscle.

Looking to Eve, he nods and looks to his military backpack. "Well, then, I have a SIG I'd you can use temporarily until this all blows over." He replies with a soft smile.
Markus Berger With a slight nod to Emma Markus enters the room and takes a moment to look at Bryant and Esa. "Well, good to see that you all are still in one piece... for the most part. With the corpses down there you can fill what feels like an average catacomb chamber to the brim." He sounds surprisingly deadpan as he says that, despite the fact that its actually utterly horrific.
Emma Emma looks to Eve as she comes back in from yelling out some orders. "If - if ya feel tha need ta, Eve, but ya can stay an' take notes too " She looks to Markus and frowns. "A - aye, I saw." It's sad.

Going up to Esa's side she pats his arm. "A - a nurse will come ta flush out yer wound."

She then looks to Bryant and heads his way. "Lil' stops me, now, what'cha got goin' on?"
Bryant Crothers "Lil'?" Bryant asks before shaking his head and waving his hand, an unspoken gesture for 'nevermind'. "My chest is killing me! One of those leech-things tried to rip me open. I'm not sure but I think I might have a copule fractured ribs." He groans and grips the right side of his chest again. "It hurts to do anything, even breathe."
Eve Eve nods to Emma and takes her seat again, placing her cache on her lap. She gives Esa a sacchrine smile and shakes her head. "Thank you for the offer, but I have a gun." She says, turning her attention to the other things going on in the room.
Esa A kind, gentle nod is given to Emma before she wanders off to help Bryant. Esa lays his head back against the pillow as he awaits the flushing from a nurse. Shifting his head slightly, he smiles to Eve and gives her a slight nod "Ah, I see."
Markus Berger With another look at everyone present Markus quietly makes his way out of the room again now that he has seen what he wanted to see. He is likely going to disappear back to the Chateau because Paris is dead to him for at least a week now.
Emma Emma nods to Bryant. "Ay - Aye, I am nat tha type ta - ta sit idle, people need me, I'll be there." He is given a quick smile. "Now, yer likely right but yer - yer gonna need ta get xrays, I'll get a nurse in ya take ya. Lay still, I'll give ya a shot of painkillers for tha - tha pain." She turns when Markus leaves and frowns. "Markus!" The lass calls out to him.
Markus Berger Markus is allready several steps away from the room when he hears Emma and backtracks back into the room, clearly annoyed. "Yes?"
Bryant Crothers Bryant closes his eyes as Emma administers the painkillers. He takes a deep breath and tries to relax, waiting for the painkillers to kick in. Bryant hadn't slept the previous night, he was kept up by the memory of the inhuman voice that had intruded his mind, and the odd image of a woman controlling the leeches like a puppet. It reminded him of something like an Eldritch being from one of the many H.P. Lovecraft novels, or like something August Derleth might dream up. He shuddered at the thought and tried to clear his mind, finally beginning to feel the creeping numbness in his ribs. He let out another sigh, this time of both physical and mental relief as the pain medication started to kick in.
Emma Emma motions for Markus to come back in. "I - I'd like ta have ya here, you've come a lon' way with fightin' an all, tha extra security now is good." She looks to Eve a second, and then to Bryant as a nurse comes in. "She'll take ya - ya off ta xray an' we'll see all goin' on." After that she turns to Esa, motioning for the nurse cleaning the wound to step away. "Lo - looks good, we'll bandage it an' get ya prepped for graphin', recovery can take a bit an yer gonna have scarring."
Markus Berger Markus just stares at Emma for a long moment before shrugging, heading back into the room and silently sitting down on the next best chair he can find. While also silently seething all the while.
Esa Esa eyes closes as the lady begins to clean. That's funny, wasn't there suppose to be pain? He cocks his head up, watching the lady clean with a mixture of shock and puzzlement. "Emma..I can't feel her doing that." He notes in a calm tone, eyes looking over to her.
Emma Emma frowns and looks up to Esa. She goes over ro a cupboard and pulls out some gloves, and a needle. She then returns to his leg. "I - I need ya ta tell me when yer feelin' tha - tha needle okay?" She nods to Markus, for him to come and help her out.
Bryant Crothers Bryant opens his eyes for a moment as the nurse begins to wheel him away. "Wh-whoa wait a second!" he exclaims. Bryant looks over to Esa as the bed-on-wheels stops in the middle of the room. "H-Hey Boss?" Bryant asks softly. "When we were down there, did you uh..." He pauses for a moment trying to find the right words to use to refrain from making himself sound insane in case Esa didn't know what he was talking about. "Ya' know...hear things?" he asks quietly with a concerned look on his face.
Eve Eve gets to her feet and steps out to answer her phone. When she leans back into the room she makes a hand gesture to Emma letting her know that she's leaving. She checks with the two security men flanking the door before she walks down the hall, her heels making sharp clicking sounds with each step.
Markus Berger The doctor calmly takes a sharp breath and gribs the the sides of his chair hard enough that something can silently be heard creaking, either the chair or his joints, before standing up and helping Emma. "This is going to take a while."
Esa Esa nods slowly to Emma. He takes in a breath and forces a fond smile to his face "Alright Doc." he says cordially. Looking to Bryant for a moment, he says nothing; although his face shows recognition in what he was asking. Looking back to Emma, he nods "I'm ready when you are."
Bryant Crothers Bryant purses his lips slightly. "I-...I wanted to make it wasn't just me." he says quietly. He glances back over towards the door out of the hospital room. "Okay, Lets get this over with." he mutters as the nurse wheels him out of the room. He gives a small wave to everyone as he and the nurse exit.
Emma Emma goes to start poking at Esa's leg, watching to see when he reacts.
Esa As she pokes along, he responds with a simple "Felt that." He has feeling in his feet, lower leg and calf, upper thigh. The area that he could not feel was around the wound; it would seem the nerve endings in this area were burnt or badly damaged. Probably wouldn't cause over all impairment of the leg.. but sensory and pain receptors would be dead.
Emma Emma frowns, and looks to Esa sadly. "Ne - nerve damage, yer likely ta - ta either have no feelin' or a pain due ta it, we can't say for sure yet."
Esa The television which hung just to the right of the door way was on. The angle allowed for both beds to see it with ease. The BBC news report came flashing on, but no sound is heard as it was muted.

Esa smiles gently to Emma, his head nodding lightly "Alright; well hopefully it isn't that bad." He says optimistically. His eyes glance to the television as the BBC report begins; his hand reaches to touch Emma's arm and nods to the television.