Umbrella Surveillance System
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Owner Pose
Julie Late evening aboard the Thames. Julie sits at a corner card table in the rec room, shuffling a deck of rather worn playing cards. "Since we're not playing for stakes," she says, smiling at her tablemate, "and there's only two of us... why don't we play War? Quick and easy, and doesn't take a lot of thinking."
Missy Missy nods softly and murmurs "Alright, war works. Haven't played that in a long time." She shifts a bit until she is comfortable, sitting cross legged in the chair
Julie "Let's get started, then," Julie agrees, grinning, and removes the jokers from the deck before giving it a final few shuffles and beginning to deal out the cards. "Just two of us, so it should come out even, and turn order won't matter." Flip-flip, flip-flip, flip-flip go the cards, into two equal piles.
Missy Missy nods softly as she begins to gather up her cards as she says "Yeah it should. So... what do you do? I forgot to ask." A soft shy smile curling her lips as she flips over her first card.