Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma Emma stands at her desk, the comptuer screen turning to the door. She is pacing, as best she can. Her medkit is by the door, she seems worried, and on edge.
Eve Eve walks in, her computer bag in her arms. She glances at her boss, places the bag near her desk and takes a seat, pulling out a notebook. "What are we doing, Ma'am?"
Emma She turns and looks to Eve, Emma's jaw is tense. "Th - there is a party goin' inta tha catacombs, with recent zombie attacks an' all, they suspect some are there. Given my injuries, I can't go so am backup me - medic. This is a live feed." Her un casted hand lifts and runs through her hair. "We need ta take note on what they run inta, how many, all that."
Eve Eve glances to the side and she frowns slightly. Her eyes scan the feed and then look towards Emma. "Noted Ma'am, we'll take notes and we'll do some research." She looks slightly worried. "Anything I can get you?" She asks.
Emma "Thank ya." The lass says, eyes fixed on the scene, with total worry, more than normal if that's possible. Sighing some she pulls her gaze to Eve. "Re - read tha future an tell me they will all be okay?"
Eve "I wish that I could Ma'am." Eve says quietly, a frown on her face. "We'll do what we can to ..well if they die, we'll make sure that they are avenged."
Emma "Aye, avenge." Emma replies. "Oh I - I need ta tell ya somethin'," But saying it aloud seems.. almost, well, if anyone is listening in and all, so she goes to write it on a piece of paper, handing it over to her, with a look that suggests 'say nothing'
Eve Eve picks up the piece of paper and she reads it quietly, both eyebrows lofting slightly before she sets it back down. "I see." She says, leaning back in her chair and crossing her legs. "That will make things..interesting." She finally says, pulling out a pair of glasses and putting them on.
Emma "Aye it - it will be." Emma says, looking from the screen to Eve. "That doesn't leave tha room, I'm trustin' ya, yer tha only one who knows. I especially don't want some of my - my friends ta know." Which is an odd statement. "It's all new ta me, ya'know, for me that's a chance I ran from, for a very long time."
Eve Eve nods at Emma, sitting up straight. "Ma'am, it's not leaving these lips." She assures the red headed woman. "Though, keeping it from your friends worries me slightly."
Emma Now Emma is curious, and she turns from the scene and looks to Eve, brow risen. "Why - why does that worry ya?"
Eve "Who can you trust, if not your friends?" Eve asks, giving Emma a wide eyed gaze. "It worries me that you might not."
Emma "One just - just lost gis girlfriend, an - an tha others, treat me like a child, like a lil' girl, I just dun wanna feel like that. It mi - might sound selfish, but I'm a grown woman, it's tiresome ta be seen like a kid."
Eve Eve folds her hands in her lap, watching Emma speak and finally she nods. "Whatever makes you happiest Ma'am. I'm here for your safety and to aid you, not them. We'll do it your way."
Emma "My - my owm blood brothers treat me like more an adult." Emma says with a sigh, and gives Eve a nod. She looks to the screen to see.. a fight breaking out. Her breath catches. "Bloody'ell! Zombies!" Seeing them battle, fists clench.
Eve Eve pulls her feet up on the chair and she gazes at the feed, a frown on her face. "Miss Emma, tell me..tell me about these other people?" She gestures towards the screen pulling at anything to keep Emma from focusing too much on what is going on.
Emma Emma stands tense, perhaps she gets what Eve is trying to do. "Ar - Archene an' Markus," She points to the screen. "I live with them, an' Archene put me through school via Tricel, which worries me a lil', I hope they don't try ta p - pull strings on me."
Eve "Pull strings on you?" Eve says, glancing at the feed and then back to Emma. "What kind of strings?" She asks, tilting her head slightly.
Emma "Aye, they - they are like umbrella lite, an' I don't trust them. As they put me through school I can't help but wonder if they will use that ta make me do their biddin'".
Eve Eve makes a note on her computer before she gazes at Emma. "We'll keep an eye on that, okay?" She murmurs, reassuringly. She gets to her feet and puts a hand on Emma's shoulder. "We're going to be okay, and if they do pull a string, we'll make sure it drops a safe on them. Okay?"
Emma "Yer - yer awesome." Emma says looking to Eve with a smile. "Ma - Markus is a scientist. A good one too. And then ya - ya got Bob, fun guy, graphic when high on - on meds." Her cheeks go red.
Eve Eve eyes the feed, watching as civilians are completely run over and she gasps softly turning to focus on Emma. "Tell me more." She pleads, making notes on her laptop as Emma speaks. "Who is the very large person?"
Emma "Bu - Buck Rogers, a celebrity, bit wild ta note, likes his - his women, an' strength. Nice enough when I've ran inta him though, an' a fellow Raccoon survivor."
Eve Eve makes another note and gazes at the feed again. She bites at her bottom lip, looking troubled. "How about these." She says, pointing at several of the people in FBC gear."
Emma Emma doesn't reply, seeing Molly die brings silence, and some tears.
Eve Eve stands behind Emma, her eyes on the screen and she silently hugs her employer. Sharing her sadness as she watches the feed. After a few minutes pass she moves towards the phone, picking it up and dialing a number. "Get all of our security here, if this man manages to escape, we're going after him."
Emma Emma stands there, she wipes some tears from her eye. "Fu - fuck his father." She says, as tears are wiped away. "Tell them ta - ta be ready, ta move in if need be." Looking to Eve, she is given a small smile, perhaps she got the mental hug.
Eve Eve nods firmly to Emma, setting down the phone and moving back up to watch the screen. "All security is being called in, I'll have them armed and ready to move." She says, a frown on her pretty face.
Emma "G - good." Emma says, watching like her life depends on it. "This - this be his father, where is James.." She is amazed e isn't there! Looking to Eve, there is a frown. "I - I feel so useless here."
Eve Eve gives Emma a look of understanding, but she shakes her head. "You'll do none of them any good if you die, right?" She asks, gazing at the live feed. "Who is James?" She asks, distracted as she watches two men open fire on some disgusting looking creatures.
Emma Emma is standing in front of her desk, dressed to head into a fight if need be. She and Eve are watching the catacombs fight happening.

"Oy, Eve, my - my life doesn' matter ya'know, if it means people are saved. I'd- I'd run inta a wall of zombies for 'em." Eyes drift to her medic bag, who cares if she is in a ortho-boot and has a cast
Eve Eve gazes at Emma for a few moments before she quietly says. "I hate to be the person to say this, but what happens if you run in there and die? How many hundreds of people could you have saved in your lifetime working for TerraSave and in the hospital?"
Benny Benny somehow manages to slip past the front desk people once again, opening the door and peering in. What is he some kind of ninja? "Oh, hey Emma. I came to check on you. Don't go outside. It is too dangerous." He's dressed in his usual, black waxed cotton Belstaff jacket, a blue graphic t-shirt with Goku from Dragon Ball Z on front, grey designer jeans and white adidas sneakers with black stripes. He quickly, steps inside the room, closes the door and keeps his back to the wall. "Oh sorry, didn't mean to startle the too of you. Hi miss Eve." He gives her a polite nod, like there is nothing wrong with just sneaking into the Terrasave offices and walking in unannounced.
Emma "Ot - others would take my place," Emma returns with a frown. "An - an' fight." To her it's simple. "Death is -" But then Benny is there, and she stops talking, looking his way, uncaring if he walked in, he has a free pass. "I'm okay?" She asks, confused.
Eve Eve draws her Mateba Model 6 Unica and turns, pointing it at Benny, her eyes narrowed. She relaxes when she realizes who it is and slides the revolver back in her holster with a sigh. "If you think you're that replaceable .." She shakes her head and decides not to press the issue, turning back to the live feed.
Benny Benny blinks when Eve draws her gun on him, instinctively ducking and then diving behind some furniture. When he pokes his head up, there is a custom Samurai Edge pistol in his hands, which he quickly holsters. "Woah, I guess I deserved that." He looks towards Emma, standing now and walks over towards the two ladies. "Emma...please don't talk like that and I'm concerned about you." He nods at Eve's comment. "You guys are watching what is going on outside...that's good. I came here right away after I heard what happened. Wanted to make sure you were safe." He puts a hand on Emma's shoulder, giving it a gentle reassuring squeeze.
Emma Emma goes to speak, but is silent and looks down, with guilt. "I - I just know, saw, that people rise, no - no matter who dies." She sighs, all the death and horror she has seen, to her this seems to make sense.
Shehe would pat Benny's arm then. "I - I am fine, wanna go down there, but likely die a - again, an' according ta Eve that isn't wise."
Eve Eve immediately moves behind the desk and opens a bottom drawer, pulling out some scotch and a few glasses. She pours two fingers in a glass and places it in front of Emma with a frown. "It's not wise, and you know that deep down. Your death would ground to a halt all the good that's been done here thus far." She measures Benny with her eyes for a few moments and then pours herself some scotch as well. "I'm sorry Mister Benny. I'm not sure you can handle scotch." She gently teases, trying to elicit a smile from someone this evening. "Can I get you anything else instead?"
Benny "Your stronger than you think Emma, always have been and I agree whole heartedly with Eve. None of us are going to go out there. I didn't come all the way here to let you out of my sight." Benny replies with a confident grin, giving your shoulder another squeeze and then looks over towards Eve when she pours the two glasses of scotch. He chuckles at her comments, putting up his hands with his palms out. "No thanks. I learned my lesson last time after you gave me that Duran Duran cognac stuff." He gives the blonde assistant a wink. "Water will be fine for me. I take it security has the place locked down and we shouldn't be too concerned about a breach?" He directs the question at the both of you.
Eve Eve nods at Benny and walks over to the corner, getting him a glass of water with balls of ice. "Locked up tight, full security staff on site, ready if anything escapes." She sets down the water and turns back to the feed, pushing her hair behind her ears as she watches. She takes a seat and remembers Emma's original orders. Her fingers glide over the laptop keys as she enters in information on the things she's seen and continues to see. Every so often pausing to take a drink from her glass. She pushes a pair of black framed glasses higher up her nose and sighs softly. "Those poor people." She picks up the same phone she got security together with, and politely speaks into it. "Make sure all of our medical staff is also on call, have them ready to augment the hospital when this is over." That being said, she places the phone back into the cradle and goes back to typing. Her attention on the screen and not on Benny and Emma so much.
Emma "Oy, I hardly think co - come ta a hault." Emma says, not believing that, but looks thankful for the drink. She looks to Benny and shrugs, a little. "I - I'm sure yer gonna tail me with yer life." Least she sounds a little amused, then pulls out her phone, to send a text, looking at the screen worriedly.
Benny Benny sighs softly to himself when he see's Emma drinking again but doesn't say anything at the moment on the subject. He gives her another one armed hug, then smirks. "Yup, gotta make sure my little sis is keeping out of trouble. It is hard sometimes to keep any eye on you all the time since I fly back to Denver quite often, but with Eve here I think I will sleep better at night." He notices Emma looking at her phone. "Is everything alright?"
Eve Eve looks up from her computer, raises an eyebrow at Benny and then glances over at Emma. She decides not to comment about her competence and instead goes back to work, tapping on her laptop with nimble fingers. "Ma'am, I've a message from the hospital, they're going to need you. I'm assembling a security detail as we speak."
Benny "Thanks for the water, miss Eve." Benny replies to her when he reaches down to pick up the glass to take a sip. He hears what Eve says to Emma, about them needing her at the hospital, without missing a beat he adds. "I'll go with you two as well. You might need an extra hand out there." You can tell by his voice and demeanor that he's going no matter what, his mind is set on this. "Don't worry I will stay out of your way, I know you've got a job to do Eve and you won't even notice me." He takes another sip of water and glances at Emma, knowing that she can vouch for how useful he can be in less than ideal conditions. He did after all do some pretty crazy stunts during Raccoon City and survived to tell the tale.
Emma Emma isn't rushing with her drink, this isn't the time, a sip is taken and the glass put down. "Ya - ya know," She says to Benny, looking to him. "Ya take a lot on, feelin' like ya need ta take care of me." Attention snaps to Eve. "Aye then, let's go I guess."
Eve "Ma'am, if you're not feeling up to it, I can send our on call staff down there. Save your energy for.." Eve glances at the screen, a slight frown on her face. "It's up to you, security is ready to escort us to the hospital on your word." She picks up her laptop, slides it in her cache and swings it over her shoulder.
Benny Benny blinks and gives Emma an odd look, "Not at all. I never once felt that way. Caring about you is never a burden." His cheeks do flush a bit when he says it but that's just the way he is when he gets a touch emotional. He then turns to Eve, assessing what she is saying and turns to look at Emma to see what he decision is going to be.
Emma Emma looks to Benny, her cheeks redden, faintly. "Go - good ta know." She says, as she always did feel like a burden. His arm is given a squeeze.

Looking to Eve, the nod is affirmative. "I'll go, I - I feel useless watchin' this." For a moment eyes go to the screen, looking pained.
Eve Eve nods sharply and she presses on the intercom. "Security team alpha, be ready to escort." She gazes at Emma and then gives Benny a brief glance. "We'll move out when you're ready then, Ma'am."
Tabitha Tabitha knocks at the door, poking her head int. Her hair is pull up in a black scrunchy. She wears hospital scrubs under her coat. Those blue kind that start off wrinkled, and dont seem to get any worse after sleeping in them.
Benny "Sounds good, Em." Benny replies and gives Eve a slight nod, when she glances towards him. "Wow, security team Alpha? I feel like I'm in a Jason Bourne movie...kidding, just kidding." He pretends to flinch as he glances back towards Eve, not surprised if she shoots him some dagger eyes or worse, throws a punch at him or the worse case scenario, throws scathing remarks about his t-shirt. When, Tabitha pokes her head in he blinks, startled just slightly at the Southern Belle doctor's appearance but rubs the back of his neck, grinning sheepishly. "Woah, hey Tabitha. Good timing. We are all about to head out to the hospital to provide extra help with the wounded. You should tag along, going to need your medical knowledge...especially since you diagnosed my Asian flush face the other night."
Emma "I - I feel like royalty." She remarks, in her shy, sweet way. "Ma - maybe a royal pain in tha - tha ass."

Emma looks to Eve and nods, then to Benny and shrugs, she has already got her medkit and heads for the door, limp-walking given the ortho-boot. "'ello Tabitha, good timin', pe - people need ta be tended to." Her phone is opened on the way out, as if hoping for a message, but none have come so it's shoved back into her pocket.
Eve Eve simply gives Benny "the look" before a security team files in. The slight blonde smiles at Emma and glances towards the door. "I've got a few things and people to round up to help us, I'll meet you at the hospital." She murmurs, nodding to each person in the room before she makes her way to the exit.
Tabitha Tabitha eyebrows lift, opening the door and making way for Emma, "Whats going on.." Eyes dart to Benny, and to Eve. Eve seems to be like a weather vane. Looking to her tells you where the rest of the world is going to go in just a moment.
Benny Benny lets Emma's Security Team lead the way, down the hall, to the elevator, to the foyer and then to the waiting vehicle outside. There were also two other cars for the security team. "Impressive. I guess you probably don't need me after all..." He says to Emma, when he waits for the ladies to get in first as one the security team hold the door open for Emma as well as Tabitha. It seems that Benny also has some sort of VIP protection training since he is an ex-police officer with RPD as well as a former S.T.A.R.S. member. You can take the man out of the uniform but the training is always going to come out when it counts it seems. "There is a bunch of zombies and B.O.W.S attacking the city. The FBC, BSAA and police are trying to get things under control. But it isn't safe being outside and there are lots of wounded being routed to the hospital." He says to Tabitha.
Emma Emma would be pretty silent, game face time. The lass is pretty seasoned now, hell, from Raccoon till now, it's like she walked through every level of hell. Though she does look at Benny. "I - I perfer ya ta them, ta be honest, I know yer there." She admits this with a brief smile, and looks to Tabitha once they reach the Hospital. "Prepare for wounded, an' I need ta see ta those already hurt. Most importantly, if any ha - have bite marks, come get me right away." The lass then wips on her lab coat and stethoscope.
Tabitha Tabitha seems quite surprised. Well, she wanted to know what was going on. She follows behind her Attending. She's already got her scrubs on and she's back in familiar territory. did she say Bite marks? "..Are we talking about an infection? Do we need to isolate some of these patients, or do we just treat everyone like they've got something?" She tries to wrap her head around this. She sorta follows in a daze, mind on a slow idle as it all processes, almost eager for real work to focus on and narrow her attention. "...jezzzus.."
Benny Benny gives Emma a small smile when she comments that she would rather have him than her entire security team. "I think you give me too much credit but thank you nonetheless." He stays silent for most of the ride to the hospital, looking out the window intently but when he hears what Emma says to Tabitha about the bite marks, he calmly states. "Don't worry. I'll take care of it." He knows what has to be done, he's done it before and even though it pains him to do so, he thinks of it more as mercy now.
Kitten Within the TerraSave Offices, thanks to some ties with the UN and BSAA they had a front-row seat to the operation, at least parts of it. When the team had descended deeper into the catacombs, contact had been lost during the battle or information had been filtered.

None of it had been recordable anyways, leaving no evidence to what had happened; one of the limitations of the device they had seen any information on.

What had been confirmed as fact at this point was: The FBC with assistance had descended into the deepest section of the catacombs and engaged a suspected 'hot zone' which prevented an Outbreak in Paris. AN outbreak that would have been just like Raccoon City.

There were precious few other details

That was until Emma received an email from within the building, from the TerraSave general email, not attached to anyone.

It contained full videos recovered from a helmet-cam one of the FBC soldiers was wearing. It contained images of the FBC Killing civilians who were clearly uninfected and trying to escape the chaos, people who were scared, terrified and just wanting to survive and escape.

Emma had been like that a year ago.

It also showed a battle with an older man who looked like James Scott, known as James Marcus, the bioterrorist mastermind behind all of this. It showed the death of Molly as it ripped her apart. It showed James Marcus become grotesque monster known as the Queen Lech and it showed the fight that ensued to kill it.

This was powerful information. All the email said was: - Do the right thing with this. People need to know what's happening.

It was up to all of you in this room to decide if this information would become public, if it would become known that the FBC had killed Civilians instead of saving them. The repercussions of this action would be felt worldwide.
Emma "Le - let Benny handle it."

Emma says to Tabitha, not feeling the need to bring the girl down. Sitting, her phone goes off, it's pulled out and a message in read. She smiles, closes her phone and puts it back, then goes to check her email.

And what she sees wipes away that smile. Skin pales, freckes show all the more. Eyes are wide. The video is clear. "Oh - oh fuck." Emma says, closing her eyes and looking down with a shake of her head.
Tabitha Tabitha blinks.. face going pale as she looks at Emma.. She looks at Benny.. handling it.. she doesn't what to know.. a moment later. "What?" she asks, looking over. Some levels of 'oh fuck' slip past any boundaries.
Benny Benny simply nods when Emma acknowledges that he will handle the people who were bitten. But when Emma swears after checking her email, he quickly turns to look at her with a concerned expression. "Emma, what's wrong?" He notices Tabitha looking at him but doesn't comment, there is no need and it is best if she doesn't know.
Emma Emma doesn't reply to them, she is sitting there, phone in her hand, held tight. Eyes look at it, filled with water. "I - I'm sorry." She whispers, and it sounds as if her soul in that moment got ripped away from her. Slowly putting the phone down, she goes to write an email.

'Put this to the media'. Her hand hovers over enter, and once it's pressed, some tears fall down her face.
Tabitha Tabitha watches Emma, looking to Benny with questioning eyes.. a bit lost. She has the cold stone settling into her stomach that she will find out soon enough. And, the may look back on this day with a certain fondness.. for when she didn't know about coming.
Benny "Sorry? For what..." Benny replies in a soft voice but seeing as his little sis looks like she's in a lot of distress, he puts an arm around her shoulders and gives her a one armed hug. "I'm here for you. Whatever it is, we'll figure it out." They've both been through a lot together, survived impossible odds and he's no hero, not like some of the other badasses out there but he won't give up doing what he thinks is right. He reaches over with the finger of his other hand to wipe away the tear from her cheek, then just continues to hug her with that one arm and tries to be strong for the both of them. Glancing over at Tabitha, "You ready to help some people at the hosptial?"
Emma Emma leans againat Benny. "Tha - tha world, is gonna see tha truth, tha evil." One can only assume she means she did something and the world will see it. "Be - Benny, more are - are gonna want me dead now. If ya can, stay." She suddenly feels unsafe. "Aye lets, Ta - Tabitha, I'll need yer help."
Tabitha Tabitha stares at Emma's phone as if it were a snake for a moment before hearing her name. "Yea.. ", leaning back. she gazes out the window as they drive.. taking a deep breath.. "
Benny "Of course. You don't need to ask." Benny replies and wonders what she means by her comments but he guesses he will find out in due time. He looks over at Tabitha, "Thanks for helping." He then gives Emma another reassuring squeeze and glances out the window. Why does he have a bad feeling about this...stupid inner thoughts, it always says that.
Emma Emma looks out the window top, quiet, sitting there. She knows she didn't need to ask, but the tension in the air says it all, things are going to change, over what she just did. Softly, she says something in Gaelic, which sounds like a prayer, made from the depths of her soul.