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Kitten Friday, February 4th.
22:00 Hours. (aka 10PM)

A group of city workers who were repairing damage to the aptly named 'Danger Zone' of the Paris Catacombs had uncovered a secret tunnel that was hundreds of years old and had been cleverly disguised.

Even more chilling, it had been in recent use, as evidenced by the fresh blood-streaks that ran down the darkened corridor.

The city workers had been smart and informed the Police and near-by FBC Guards of what they had found.

A small unmanned probe revealed an intense heat source, likely to be /hundreds/ of zombies.

As a result, the BSAA forces in the city, along with the FBC and anyone with a particular skill-set suited to handling situations like these had been gathered in the now cleared Danger Zones to descend further into the catacombs and clear out the 'nest' of infected that lurked down that tunnel.

In addition to the players there were several dozen men from FBC Fire Teams, two of those teams equipped with flamethrower units; while another fire team of BSAA Europe members prepped their gear alongside the Paris S.R.T.

Any moment, the order would be given by HQ to move in.

This was possibly the largest single engagement of armed military forces versus the undead since the rise of the t-Virus.
Kitten Some music to help set the mood while people pose and stuff:
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov is the sort who gets sent on these suicide missions all the time. Of course he'd bitch, moan and grovel all the while... but here he was, trying hard to look like the proper soldier and insure that everyone saw that he was putting face time in on the mission. Face time being more his physical presence and not the fact taht his face was not actually visible.

"Just got to get through this.." Andrei will mutter under his breath as he looks aside at all the indivduals agathered ar ound. Many are actually familiar faces at this point, and this results in Andrei giving a massive exhalation then.

"Stadler." He'll offer aloud then even as he looks down to double check that his shotgun is loaded, "I'm not looking forward to when this shit goes south. This large and loud thing we got going on here is not really my style you know?"
Molly Molly enjoys having a chance to show off her skills with her pistols. Both 'The Reaper' and 'The Death Bringer' are drawn and ready to fire should she need to. Her gaze constantly checking all around her to insure that she isn't going to get surprised. She doesn't say anything though, she doesn't really like talking after all.
Richard Stadler Stadler ran through his checks one more time. Which is what he said 20 minutes ago, but he was /certain/ this would be the last time. He can't say it wasn't helping; it was something about going through the list one more time, seeing that everything was locked down and ricky-ticky. And perhaps making peace with the fact that those who were going into this endless cave filled with monsters from nightmares weren't coming out. So be it. a company of men for Metropolitan Paris would be a good exchange in the ruthless calculas of quarentine. But how many they lost and if they'd get through... well, that was up to them. Up to him.

Rick's helmet is slapped on, NVG's teste as he affixes the chin strap, and looks over to Andrei. "I do love the 'when' shit goes South. I'd try to say otherwise, but life has made me pragmatic in these situations." He notes. Pistol's slide is worked, action checked, before it's loaded, chambered, and holstered. "We stay smart, stay aggressive, and stay alive. Kill as many of those things as we can. We do not want to go back to Raccoon."

Rifle, now, pulling the charging handle back, working the bolt of the shotgun underneath. Clips slaped in and handles released to chamber rounds. One look to the silencer, and it's stowed instead of affixed. "Take advantage of the confusion, if you can. Stick to the walls, be where the zombies aren't looking, and keep your exits clear. Once I see what we're looking at, I'll be giving whatever orders I can. NVG's up? Radio?" He asks, pulling his own goggles down.
Bryant Crothers Bryant's hands trembles slightly as he loaded his P90. 'Hundreds of zombies?' he thought to himself. He takes a deep breath before shoving the clip into place. His mind raced. Though he had been with the FBC for a while now, he hadn't actually been in contact with any zombies, or anything else virus related since the he fought his way out of athe aftermath of a Bio-terroist attack. He felt warm, sweat began to drip of his forehead. 'I can do this. I've survived worse after all, right?' he told himself reassuringly. He thought back to his late-friends text message; 'James Marcus, Catacombs.' Could this have something to do with that final text message? He hadn't mentioned the text message to anyone since he received it. He wiped the sweat from his forhead with the sleeve of his FBC-Issued Combat Fatigues, and took a deep breath. He repeated his reassuring words in his head to himself over and over. He was ready.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell had arrived on time and armed with his OICW, no use wasting nemesis rounds when all there was was a horde of zambers that just needed a good spraying down with bullets. He stands by the entrance and checks over his magazine, once ensured that everything was secure he fastens his helmet on. "Oh boy..this'll be good. Shits gonna go south real fast isn't it? This'll be fun, guarantee it." he looks over his OICW, he didn't really need the night vision on it, but it would be useful if someone else needed to use it should he go down. He doesn't tremble, doesn't falter, remember Raccoon City. Remember STARS. Remember what he's fighting for here. "Ready when you are, Major." he mutters, waiting for the order to dive into what would most likely be a slaughter on both sides. More or less resulting in more of the infected rising up from deceased FBC, BSAA, and SRT members. Yep..this was gonna be a long night.
Bob Cocked, locked and ready to rock, Bob Delgado of the FBC is here to shoot monsters and take care of soldiers, his two favorite things in the world. He's loaded for bear, too, with a suppressed MP7 in his arms and a big ass shotgun alongside the aid bag on his back. Things might get rough but he's as ready as he can hope to be. The claustrophic confines of the catacombs would normally be getting to him, but surrounded as he is by other FBC guys he seems to not let it effect him. He affixes his helmet to his head and attaches the gas mask to his face, testing it out quickly before lowering his night vision and making sure it's working properly. He speaks into his radio, "If anybody gets fucked up come over and see me. I'll try to put you back together." Then he says, "Got you, Major. I'm ready when you give the word."
Buck Rogers When Buck draws breath, it is tinged with the taste of metal and stale air. His ballistic mask has been painted to resemble a skull; off-white, darker gray in parts. The eye sockets glow thanks to the presence of his night vision goggles, and the filters of his gas mask have been cleverly concealed by darker colors. There is not an inch of flesh to be seen on his massive form-- he is cut from inhuman cloth, hundreds of pounds of muscle and bullet-resistant fabric and reinforced plates, steel-banded wrists and boots that stomp like iron and thunder. He swells with the weight of the armament, a vast reaper whose scythe is a thing of chain and teeth and petrol. The fringe of his coat swirls lazily inches above the ground.

Rogers is silent. He's not in charge of this mission, and the goal is simple: rip and tear. He'll save his words and wild laughter for the slaughter.
Katherine Quinn The FBC were calling in their big guns for this operation. Sure this was Paris, but they operated everywhere, not just in one location. When the BSAA needed backup, they were ready to rock.

Katherine Quinn is on site, clad from head to toe in black armor, like what she used to wear in Umbrella. Her rifle slung in front of her, she checks her equipment one last time, as she turns on the NVGs built into her helmet, "Hope you kids are ready for an adventure. This'll probably be like the National Guard evac site in Raccoon City all over again."
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile is once again double-checking his assault rifle for the fourth time since his arrival here as he waits. Even after months of owning it he still doesn't trust his own equipment, mainly since it did not help its original owner against the Umbrella goons that killed him. Fortunately there are at least enough people involved in this operation that could be exploited as meatshields and he himself is clad in more kevlar reinforced clothes than ever before. All that is likely the reason why he is hanging back in what is approximately the last row of everyone present and silently glaring at nobody in particular.
Esa Esa Collins headed in with the rest of the FBC agents. He was silent upon entry, a frown on his face; this was the last place he wants to be honestly. He stays near the main group of FBC officer, his P90 at the ready.
Silent Night Sir Archene Night was along with... BSAA people tonight. He had been just double checking his ammo, pistol and riffle as if today was just another day in life. After all, to Archene it was. Just with a increased chance of death, among other things. He looks at the others present, podering on which ones wouldn't make it back, but simply stays quiet. Maybe no one would die. Maybe.
Kitten "This is Operational Joint-Command to Strike Team, Operation: Heavy Rain is a go." The stern-voiced General in charge of the operation could be heard in headset radios, whether in helmets or supplied for the operation not long ago, "Repeat, Operation is a go. Good luck and godspeed."

It was fully expected that based on the issues with the drone being controlled in the catacombs and maintaining radio reception; that the team would be facing the same.

The 'clean sweeper' teams took the vanguard with their riot armor and flamethrowers allowing everyone else to follow closely behind.

The tunnel you descended into was large enough for 5 average sized man walking abreast and it reeked of death.

Flashlights illuminate streaks of blood on the floors, the ceiling, and even the walls.

There are bits of discarded bones, ancient bones littering the floor.

As you proceeded through the tunnel you heard them before you saw them, hundreds of undead that were lurking in a large open 'amphitheater' style room that the tunnels lead into.

The team had moved in quietly enough that they didn't seem aware of any of you, but at first glance it was clear that these were not all fresh corpses. Some of them were rotting ghouls, likely taken from the ill-preserved corpses of the Catacombs.

What had been gathered here was an army.

The kind of vector that would spread infection through an entire city.

Was this how Raccoon City had begun? A similar situation.
Kitten Challenge 1: THE HORDE

- There are an insane number of Zombies that need to be killed. INSANE numbers.

- In order to complete the challenge, the Zombies must be cleared out. There is no way past them.

- Completing the challenge quicker will result in bonus XP being awarded to all players.

- You will gain individual participation rewards for your actions and poses during Challenge 1: THE HORDE. The more you kill, the sweeter you pose; the better your participation reward.

- You may kill UP TO Successes * 10 Zombies per roll. You must expend a single bullet per zombie you are killing.

- IF you are using melee damage, you will have to deal with the potential of melee hits against you. It's the risk of being close.

- If players kill enough zombies, the Challenge will end. If players do not kill enough zombies in the allotted time, the Challenge will fail.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell once given the go, charges into the ampitheater and immediately begins spraying down some of the horde, He was able to see perfectly in the dark, The better to kill zombies with my dear. He takes cover behind a nearby seat and begins to fire at the zombies, protecting the flamethrowers that were going through the horde hopefully quickly, they were probably going to get swarmed by flaming zombies soon. Flaming zombies were no bueno. Hopefully they were burnt to ash before they could reach his boys in the FBC.
Markus Berger Markus charges into the room as one of the first, immideately taking a detour to the side and sticking to the wall near the entrance as he starts firing at the zombies in a hail of badly aimed bullets while snickering like the madman he is. Still better than nothing, especially since zombies are not well known for being able to dodge... ANYTHING. At all.
Bob "Fuck that..." Those are the words that come out of Bob's mouth when he sees the sea of undead up a head. Nope. He lets other people slip past him on their way to go kill the fucking zombie horde. It's not so much that he's afraid as it is that he's terrified. What's worse, it's not his first rodeo. After a moment to get himself back under control Bob returns to the fray, still behind some of the other shooters. His weapon gets aimed at head level and Bob pulls the trigger, the weapon bucking softly and vaporizing a bunch of zed heads. "Fuck. That's better."
Silent Night Once given a go, Archene moves on to just besides the entrance of the amphitheater before raining bullets upon the zombies. This was a war of attrition, if all they had come here was this clean-up they were certainly over prepared.

Every now and then, he'd take a look at Markus shaking his head slightly, pondering on the sanity of the other man and shaking his head before focusing again on the zombies. They had lots of those to take down, it was only a question of time... certainly.
Bryant Crothers Bryant froze for a moment at the sight of all the zombies. His comrades began firing into the massive ocean of rotten flesh in front of them. His mind flashed back to his frantic fight for survival years ago, and for a moment he forgot where he was. He clenched his eyes shut for just a moment, before opening again, with a serious fire in his eyes he pulled the trigger. Over and over he fired into the crowd of zombies, ears ringing as his ears are bombarded with the sound of gunfire echoing off the catacomb walls. Zombie after zombie dropped to floor as Bryant continously fired into the crowed almost on autopilot.

Once again, he was in survival mode.
PrestigeAndrei "What the fuck! There are Zombies every where!" Andrei will almost shout then before stifling it even as his hand shakes. As the team is forced to move forward into the zombie horde, he'll see somethig move out of the corner of his eye and just hold up his gun and start screaming at the top of his lungs. "Yip... YAGH I don't want to die!" Andrei will shout at the top of his longs, almost screeching before no doubt he'll leave a small pile of undead nearby.. though their numbers will be meagre compared to what is coming for them as they sweep through the catacombs.

"Stadler. I'm gonna bail. Caldwell, you can pick up my slack right?" Andrei mutters under his breath
Esa The P90 was already out, scanning slowly as they moved intot he tunnels. When they began to run into the first challenge, Esa's face shifted from a frown to a scowl "Fuck..damnit.." He says as he drops to a knee in a defensive stance position. Instincts took control as he clicked the weapon to semiautomatic and discharges the weapon; 20 bullets flying down range toward the horde.
Richard Stadler Was this how Raccoon City started? Something underneath the city, in the sewers, a legion of rotten corpses and infected ready to assault everything? If his unit had been down there... could it have been prevented? The things that Stadler thought after the go order was given, marching forward in the darkness with the riot shields and flickering flamethrowers in front of them, the catacombs calustraphobic and dark, hot with the dense packed nature of the underground and men and woman marching toward hell. To the next chamber, to the smell of death that the mask seemed to only partially filter out and... the undead. Maybe he'd seen this amount before, on a barricade wall in a street in Colorado, but it seemed like so, so much more here. And that primative, fearful part of his brain clawed, screamed viscerally for a few seconds to kill what he could and run. That part was pressed down from that part of his mind that had seen this before. "Unit will line up! Two ranks, front rank kneeling! Keep to sectors!" A beat, as he raises his own pistol. "Fire!"

And so he does, the fire selector on his pistol switched to Single. One target, one shot, and it was down. The one's behind tripping over it, and Rick fires again. And again, And again. Rapidly, one after the other. Here a round slames into the head of a rotting corpse, the back of the skull snapping in shards from age and what was left of it's brain spraying aganist those tightly packed behind them. Another through the neck, congeled blood mixed with spinal fluid as the vertebrae is pulverized. It wasn't dead, but it couldn't move. Another round in the knee cap of a third, sending it tumbling and trampled by it's fellows, again, and again, and again, and again, a clip falling to the ground as another is put in it's place. All the way until his last clip ends at 14. And then his weapon goes back to his holster.

"Kirov." He says, calmly, over his radio. "You hold. You fire. You run, and this city is going to die, and I'll make sure you go with it. Do you get me?"
Katherine Quinn As the group enters, Katherine Quinn checks her weapon one last time, flicking the switch over to burst fire from semi automatic, and then goes to work. Katherine knows her stuff, and she knows that this is going to be a very dificult operation. So she's not holding back, not now

Her weapon spits fire, figuratively and in some cases, literally, as she opens up with the Nemesis configured HK416. She loves rocking her Black Sword equipment, and it shows as she dumps ammo into the horde.

Those that somehow manage to survive the initial volley of weapon's fire find themselves literally on fire, their rotted flesh burning, the flames spreading to the clothes of other zombies close to themselves. With the flames raging, zombies go down faster and faster, as Katherine keeps shooting, laying out multiple zombies with shot after shot. She's actually enjoying herself, or so one might interpret from the way she carries herself and the slight grin on her face.
Molly Molly quickly reacts by shooting at least 4 out of the hord of zombies. Doing her best to dodge the ones she needs to. Her eyes keeping her eyes about her as she gets ready to shoot more.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell dukes it out with a licker from his safety position from hiding near a chair in the ampihtheater, luckily he dodges out of the way of it's disgusting tongue. William quickly gets to work cleaning up the remaining horde of undead around KQ, watching as she quite literally spits hot fire. William remains down in the seat for safety and waits for the flamethrowers to clear out the rest before moving up "Jesus! Nice one Katherine!" he yells out to her. Some encouragement could do some good against the fear of HORDES of undead, right?
Bob The horde of undead is taking a licking and Bob is part of that, shooting away at the fierce, slow moving, monsters. When Stadler gives the order to form up Bob's right in the second row of shooters, his confidence returning as he aids in the slaughter of the zombies. And then, all of the sudden, there's a motherfucking licker on him. Bob turns and ducks to the side, avoiding it's attack and getting ready for another one, should it come his way.
Buck Rogers A reckless disregard for his own well-being flows through Buck with all the vigor of his own blood. As the bullets fly, the skull-faced behemoth charges into the fray. On every side of him are the undead, the fresher ones adorned in weeping sores and the elder crinkling like paper; the roaring two-pump engine of his chainsaw, and his own thunderous stomping toward the horde, draws their attention to him immediately. Like moths to the flame, or flies descending on shit, he's swarmed by so many bodies even his great bulk is obscured from view. There's nothing but moans and squelching movements.

It goes poorly for the undead.

Buck does not stop-- he's a constant lurching threat, his saw cutting bloody streaking crescents through the air, leaving bisected torsos and heads to tumble like marbles beneath the crushing impact of his steel-reinforced boots. Fingers grasp at fabric, teeth snap at metal, but he pushes forward even as chunks of the horde around him burst into flames. His shadow swells in the flickering light, rendering him demonic, as flesh and bone and blood alike pour from a thousand gaping wounds in an effort to drown him. He rides that red tide like Moses.
PrestigeAndrei "Fuck that Stadler. IF I made a ran for it.. and paris fell I'd still make it out." Andrei mutters as he moves to shift his hand into his pockets to start refilling and reloading his shotgun shell by shell as he walks along. Even when the Licker crisis starts out Andrei seems totally unpreturbed.. before he looks up and sees the beast before him. He'll squeak and duck down to miss a lashing tongue or claw before looking about. "Fire support! I.. uh.. I've got keys to a helicoptor!"
Kitten The fight is a claustrophobic nightmare despite the large underground area you are in, the Vanguard Fire Teams of the FBC take the brunt of the assault head-on screaming while the brave men and women who were in the front lines were torn apart by a horde of vicious undead that had been intended for the citizens of Paris.

As the battle raged on, 'Lickers' with rotting ghoul-like flesh darted among the battlefield attacking who they could before ultimately meeting their end at the blade of a chainsaw and the rhythmic chorus of a multitude of firearms. r
When the dust had cleared, over 500 zombies had been killed by the combined firepower of the strike team.

Standing atop a raised platform, that resembles where an Emperor or Magistrate would watch Gladiatorial games from was a single figure.

He had long dark hair and greenish-tinged skin, visible even in the dark. Whatever he was, was no longer human. In many ways, he resembled James Scott, just far older and much more grotesque.

"I had hoped you would all join me in a perfect world, instead of standing against me." The man's voice is silky smooth and utterly calm despite the circumstances, "Regardless, this is where you become one with the virus, where you see the serenity it can bring to you. Imagine it, a world without Umbrella Corporation. A world without war."

He laughed loudly, the depth of the mockery echoing through the chamber, "I was once like you, now I am.. better."

A tunnel on the far-end of the ampitheatre opened up and civilians began to rush out of the tunnel, screaming in unison for, "Help!"
Kitten Some more mood music because in 2017 I figure nobody know how to use youtube except me (jk =^.^=):
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov after a good thorough cleansing and shooting of everything around them will then look about. Sure he managed to get out of this area alive... but who is to say that he'll make it through the next. Thus when Super Scott makes his procolmation.. Andrei Kirov litertally goes missing from people's visions. The man would of found some nice big rock.. or perhaps he snuck into a catacomb or the like.. of course checking to make sure the coffin he might steal away in was empty before hand of course... NVD was useful for that after all.

Yet here is Andrei, hiding very well!
Silent Night The zombies were all down, a few people were dead, others hurt. Buck was properly Buck. If he hadn't seen the man being ran through Nemesis in the past, he'd still ask himself if he could take it head on. As he notices the single figure appearing, just by the demaneur, he already knew whom he should be focusing on next.

Slowly, he places in pistol back in its holster, before unslinging his Barrett. His attention clearly away from the man's speech. He aims his rifle as the man begins laughing, pulling the trigger just as he finishes hopefully his final words.
Molly Molly notices James Marcus and begins to shoot at him immediate with both of her guns. A menacing grin curls her lips as two of the shots connect to the man. Should anyone look upon her, there is a sick and twisted look of joy as she is trying to kill the man.
Bob Something about James Marcus makes Bob not want to deal with him right this second. Maybe it's his green skin. Maybe it's the fact that there might still be lickers in the area. Whichever it is, Bob slings his PDW and draws his shotgun, opting for more firepower, and starts moving around. He tries to keep himself moving, not wanting to let something get the drop on him if he can avoid it.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell begins sweeping the room for lickers, spotting one and firing a shot off at it. It of course..goes wide and misses. To which Caldwell is not pleased and immediately goes back to waiting for another chance to shoot the Ghostly Licker. He points out the Licker to his comrades and calls out "Got some lickers running around!" he mentions
Kitten Out of the shadows, a translucent-licker that is entirely see-through drops down from the ceiling to where Andrei is hiding and tries to attack him but is entirely unsuccessful!
Kitten There were about 30 civilians, all of them different in appearance and condition and they were running towards the small group of survivors like a stampede. The surviving FBC Vanguard were turned to engage the 'ghostly Licker' that was attacking Andrei, wounding it badly enough that Bryant's shot would finish it off.

The FBC Fire teams were not so lucky though.

As the civilians reached the group of them and all of you, several of the civilians leapt right at the confused soldiers and tore their heads clean off or shoved hands into their chests; breaking through armor and ripping organs out.

Other civilians still continued to flee towards the exit.

Whatever they were, could you risk a single soul escaping from that crowd?
Bryant Crothers Sweating profusley at this point, Bryant holds down the trigger of his P90 sending numerous bits of lead into the licker.

- 25 of the Civilians are fleeing.
- 5 of the Civilians are attacking.
- You have no way to know which of the Civilians are infected, and no idea what they are infected with.
- Do you be the good guy or do what has to be done at any cost?

Bonus Reward depending on outcome.
Katherine Quinn The weapon had run dry as they had carved their way through the zombies, but the sudden arrival of the mastermind behind everything made Kat realize she didn't have time to do much else. She slammed a fresh magazine into the mag well, and sent the bolt home. This was going to call for a bit more precision.

She was ignoring the ciilians for now, something that would prove to be a bit of a mistake, but not one she can correct. She took aim through the weapon's mounted sight and fired a single shot, center mass, at James. She was testing the waters, so to speak. If this guy was like any of the monster she had encountered in Raccoon City, she would have her work cut out for her. She was wishing she brought a grenade launcher.
Esa "Blah blah blah, you're the bad guy. Check." Esa says, raising the P90. As he is about to snap off rounds when he hears the words 'Help' and then the civilians rush out of a tunnel. "Shit." He says and takes a few steps back toward the entrance point as they came; weapon still raised at the civilians.

Then, suddenly they attacked the agents who fell quickly through violent deaths. Heads roll off, torso torn asunder. Violence was violence.

"Mother fucker." He looks to several agents beside him and makes a call; probably controversial.. but he could not chance infection in Paris. "Make it rain." he orders. They nod as Esa turns with them and unloads his rounds into the oncoming civilians close the gap. In the middle of discharging his P90, his phone goes off.. who'd text message him at a time like this?
Richard Stadler The zombies were cleared. That had to be all of them, and they'd lost... people. People in the front ranks, torn to shreads. More letters to write, but the exchange rate had been... favorable. The room had been a light with flashes of gunfire and the wicker torches of zombies alighted by flame. Stadler's moving quickly, as they fall, and the tongue lashes past him while he only gets a glimpse of it. Looking to the left, knowing somethings out there. Too much to handle. No time to fall back. Which meant moving forward and /clearing this place/. So they walk into the ampitherater... and into something that was /annoyingly grandiose.

Stadler looks to the man declareing a new world, a better world, oh, if only they could have joined it, and, if his weapon had another bullet in it, he'd shoot that smug son of a bitch in the face. But he didn't, so he used the most powerful weapon in a soldier's arsenal... a radio.

"FBC, listen up!" He says, looking around... where the fuck was Andrei? He swears, he was going to have words with that man when this was over. Take stock, take stock. Fleeing civilians. Main target. Lickers. "I want channels open for civilians. Back up force will have to deal with processing them. Watch for lickers. I want good spacing to prevent him from knocking more than one person out. Focus /all/ fire on the monster above unless defensive needs pertain-"

And then one of those fleeing civilians jumps on him, making a swipe for his head. He yells, and dives out of the way, the shine of his wedding ring flashing once, something about it that blinds, and allows him to dive under. He'd heard help. He had. So that means civilians were there, but zombies were there too.

It took a moment. A moment to decide, a moment to switch off. To steel himself for what was about to happen. What he had to do. And a moment to mourn someone who had died in Colorado on the helicopter out.

"All FBC, on my orders. Civilians are ordered to get to the ground. If they continue to run, stop them. On my responsibility, lethal force is authorized. I repeat. Leathal force /is/ authorized."
Buck Rogers "Become one with the virus," Buck mutters, reflecting on James Marcus' own words as the horde of civilians flees toward them. Memories of Raccoon City flash through his mind with nostalgic affection-- how quickly the virus could spread, how numbers became a liability. As much as he might crave the apocalypse, when he brings it about, it isn't going to be in the city his pregnant girlfriend and a few of his friends live in; he'll make sure the end of the world still has a few nice spots for them.

And so, beneath his skull-faced mask, Buck sets his mouth in a grim smile, backing up with an earthquake swagger to give himself maximum room to watch the oncoming civilians. "Alright!" he roars, as loud as he's ever been, drawing his saw in a line along the floor. "All civilians, on the ground, hands behind your head! Anything walks past this line, or tries to run, dies horribly."

Buck stands there, waiting to see if his order is obeyed-- he can certainly cut a menacing figure, a giant of a man literally covered in more blood than the living have inside their bodies, wielding a roaring, sharp-toothed and massive chainsaw.. but, inevitably, panic (or malice) win out over good sense.

The screams don't sound all that different from the sounds the monsters make, Buck thinks to himself.
Kitten James Marcus despite his appearance is presumably just a man, turned monster and the bullets ring true against him, tearing out large chunks of flesh that leak greenish oozeing blood. He simply laughs before leaping down into the arena and smiling, "You don't even realize it, but this has only just begun. This is only the first of many tragedies. You cannot stop it. You cannot stop ME!"

James Marcus lunges forward towards the nearest target with reckless abandon even as the five 'hostile' civilians continue to attack the group of would-be heroes and verified anti-heroes.

8 of the group fleeing are killed by Esa and Buck Rogers.

As a bullet hits Greg Deringer, a visiting college student from USA he screams out, "Marcy, I love you!" A young woman, cries out, "GREG! NO" Only to have a bullet strike her in the head, the young med-student who had been visiting here with her boyfriend Greg falling dead to the ground.

Greg had only just proposed to her the day before they had been taken to this place, they were going to get married in the Winter; Marcy's favorite time of year.

Alex Deveraux screamed at Buck, "Let us pass Monseir, I implore you!" Only to face the cold steel of a chainsaw against his flesh as blood sprayed everywhere.

Lacy Grayson, a med student tried to rush past Buck, tears streaming down her face as she was literally sliced in twain, her body flopping to the ground like a piece of meat.

Jeffery Dimagio, an Italian businessman who had been at the wrong place and the wrong time tried to punch Buck in the face only to have the chainsaw tear him in two, screaming obscenities in his native language all the while.

Rocquel Maline, a French policewoman who had went missing in the tunnels days earlier tried to rush past Buck but found her legs swiped off with the chainsaw, falling to the ground as she died from shock.

However, two of the fleeing civilians Buck killed; turned into hideous looking monsters, like gigantic multi-tentacled leeches...
Markus Berger "Yada, yada. Bad guy monologing, zombies and mutants everywhere. Its a tuesday, isn't it? Seriously now. Shut up, eat lead and shuffle of the mortal coil for real." Thats about all the reaction Markus has to the carnage that was ensuing once again which is quickly followed by him firing at Marcus while laughing like a madman. After all, the others can take care of the berserking civilians as he just wants to shoot Marcus in the face... a lot. Because he is or was once connected to Umbrella and is a monster, which nowadays is his reasoning for nearly everything he does and plans.
Kitten James Marcus lunges towards Richard Stadler, the commander fighting from the front-lines. He knocks Rick to the ground immediately and is about to tear the man's head off when Molly comes at him with pistols blazing as she tries to save Rick.

There is little Rick can do as Molly knocks James Marcus off of him, finding herself face to face with the man responsible for the death of millions.

Was he a man anymore?

Molly has little time to contemplate that as James Marcus grabs her right arm and rips it right out of the socket, blood spraying everywhere. He grabs her by the midsection and rips her in two, dropping her corpse to the ground, "Foolish Girl, tell me, which of you is next?"
Molly Molly screams in agonizing pain as she is ripped apart. Her fingers pulling on the triggers out of reflex and firing wildly until both the clips are emptied. As she bleeds out, her eyes flutter shut and soon she is out of her misery. It was quick, well quicker than it could have been but painless was quite the opposite for poor little Molly Finnegan.
Bob Things are going from bad to fucked up in a second as yet another horde, this one a bunch of civilians, comes barreling at them. Bob attempts to get out of the way, which is damned lucky considering one of them leaps at him. Narrowly evading it's attack he turns his shotgun upon it and pulls the trigger, the weapon barking once and ending the life of his attacker. Hig gun whips around to take out the one on Bryant, the new guy at work, Bob's blast taking it full in the chest and sending it to the netherworld. Without skipping a beat Bob whips out a first aid spray and nails Bryant with his healing juice, doing what he can to keep him in the fight, "I got you, man!" That's when he sees Molly take a hit for their boss, Stadler. Bob's mouth opens wide when he sees her small frame split in two, "NO!"
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell watches as Molly is torn in half by Marcus. He raises up his OICW and shakily begins to fire full auto burst at James Marcus, jesus this fucker was tough. What was he and where could he get some of those juicy juicy viruses implanted in him? Those were some brief questions Caldwell was asking himself as he unloads on THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND, James Marcus. Hoping to god he isn't next on the chopping block. Let Buck do the heavy lifting! Yes! Great idea! So he hides behind Buck after firing his ammo into JM
Silent Night Sir Archene jumps aside to avoid the 'civilian' jumping onto him, starting to run to reposition as the certainly-no-longer-human James Markus jumps down. Given that the man survived the bullets, the least he does is to listen to his speech while he is on the run.

He watches the man dashing towards Stadler... only to be saved by some nameless hero he never thought of learning the name. With some quick thinking, he valiantly shouts at James Markus whilst tactically repositioning, "There will be no next! This thing that you say 'just began' has been going on for a while already. And we have already been stopping tragedies. It's not like a new one trying to happen will change the world. It's not like there has been no Raccoon City before." At least this, should be taking the enemy's attention from people like Stadler. Those FBC folks die too quickly otherwise.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei now in his little sarcophagus or crypt hole or wherever the fuck he is just slides down then, sitting on the ground behind his hiding spot.. even as a nundead ghoul falls down nearby and splats.... especially as people start screaming and crying. Andrei just stays there, cradling and holding his shotgun in his hand as he waits, staring down at his feet and shotgun, tightening his fingers around the barrel of his gun.
Kitten Two of the five former civilians turned Leech Monsters go down to Bob's shotgun blasts of fury, the other three go after Esa, Katherine and Markus but their deftness and armor saves them from any trauma.
Kitten Three of the Civilians are gunned down by Esa as they start to run past Buck into the tunnels that you had all entered the area from. That leaves fourteen more but they were spreading out in the tunnel as they raced passed Buck, not that it would stop him from taking down a few more if he wanted.
Esa Esa caught Molly being ripped in half by James Marcus out of his peripheral vision; but his attention was still on the oncoming civilian group. Flicking the switch to automatic, he discharges several more round into the civilian group; using suppressing fire techniques that he was trained in.

Then his spidey-senses tingle and he catches something charging him out of his peripheral vision. He swivels on is foot, weapon still raised as he looks at the Leech Munster. "What in the fuck are you!?" He calls out rhetorically and discharges his weapon on automatic at the Leech Munster. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" He shouts and at the last damn possible second, Esa leaps out of the way.
Markus Berger Seeing Molly get ripped in half even manages to get Markus to stop even considering to snark... for a bare moment as his train of thought is interrupted by one of the leech monsters attacking him only for it to barely land a glancing bow on his trenchcoat which got absorbed thanks to the kevlar in his clothes. With a glance between the Leech creature and Marcus, Markus just shrugs. "I'll be right back to kill you. One moment, we will get that done at some point today." With that said he proceeds to shred the other monster straight into oblivion.
Katherine Quinn Molly gets torn to peices right before her eyes. Katherine is taken back. She's seen soldiers die, but never quite that gruesomely. But she went out protecting Stadler. That has to count for something. She never got to know Molly, but she still wants to avenge her.

"Fucking Umbrella. This world was better before you unleashed these monsters." She flips her weapon from semi to full, and pulls the trigger, spraying five Nemesis rounds through the air at James, "You'll pay for every life you've taken! Now hurry up and die!"
Buck Rogers The men and women Buck cuts down beg for mercy and curse his birth; some fall to the ground lifeless, others take a little to bleed out. He inhales their dying breaths through his respirator, and with a cold cruelty continues on through the crowd. The battle going on around him is ignored-- he knows, even if the rest of them focus on the cackling supervillain, that the real threat isn't him. Any one of these fleeing civilians is a ticking time bomb. He squeezes, depresses the two triggers to set the saw a-whirlin', the chain whistling as it grinds the dusty air. "Kill the fucking people!", he bellows, suddenly furious at the passivity of the others gathered-- the heroes who let him bathe in the blood of weeping innocents, and feel the vibrations run through his arms when the saw catches bone and threatens to kick.

Well, it's a grim business. The giant hunts down more people running for their life, and cuts them into pieces.
Kitten There were two of the leech monsters remaining and they were intent on attacking the group with a renewed ferocity as James Marcus took increasing amounts of damage.

Nine of the Civilians race ahead into the tunnels, out of range for the most part unless you disengaged entirely from the upcoming battle.

That upcoming battle?

It was heralded by the corpse of James Marcus ripping apart violently to reveal a gigantic leech-like creature that was a terror to behold. It was grotesque and alien. It was unlike anything you had ever encountered, no matter who you are. A violent inhuman animal-like shriek filled the area from the QUEEN LEECH as its massive form (easily the size of a car) screeched at the group of you with a many toothed mouth...
Kitten and some more music cuz u either click it or ignore it:
Kitten Those of you who failed your courage check hear an insidious voice gnawing at your mind, inhuman, alien, almost incomprehensible. You do not understand it but it fills you with dread, the comprehension of which you do not understand.
Kitten The Queen Leech reacts to the group that is attacking her with acidic-poison that spits out of her mouth towards various members of the group before attempting to crush Esa and Markus with her/its tentacles. Lucky for Esa? Buck dashes in courageously to save the day, taking a solid blow to his armored leg.
Bob "Get out of my fucking head!" Bob screams as his mind is invaded by an alien presence, something that's clearly outside of his field of expertise. But there are things there that are within it. Namely, there's monsters to shoot and soldiers to treat. So that's what Bob does, sighting his shotgun at the nearby sucker and pulling the trigger. Then he swings the barrel of his gun around to the last little of the smaller leech things and lets off a round at it. Esa, looking much the worse for wear after his leg is nearly melted off gets a healing stream from Bob's first aid spray, which is immediately tossed aside as it runs out. To Esa he says, "Keep up the fire! We got it on the ropes!"
PrestigeAndrei The psychic screams causes Andrei Kirov to close his eyes for a momment and grab at his head, there is a quick groan and grunt then as the man just starts to make a run for it.. only to find the direction he is running filled with a giant.. disturbing leech. His eyes still hazy, the man lifts up his massive Shotgun and pops off two quick pulls of the trigger. The first.. no doubt putting shot into the beast quite easily..

The Second? Right into the muzzle.. or maw of the beast.. and this has Andrei finally looking about then and realizing what is going on. "Oh fuck this noise. Bail? Oh shit is.." He sees a dead body or two ash is eyes drift closed then before exhaling. They are all dead!~ Fuck this!
Katherine Quinn The sound of screaming and ripping flesh as James transforms causes Katherine to wince. She's hurting, but she braces herself. She plants her rear foot, takes a moment to steady herself, and then raises the rifle to her shoulder once again. She takes a moment to sight in, letting the horrible monster fill her scope, before she squeezes the trigger. It's a slow, steady squeeze, but she unleashes a shot to the head area of the monster.

She follows it up with a second shot, another Nemesis round lancing out from the weapon to strike at the creature once again, "This is what Umbrella wants the world to become, huh?! Glad I left when I did, before I wound up like you!"
Bryant Crothers illed with adrenaline, Bryant lets out a primal battlecry as he unloads into the LEECH QUEEN. Sweat rolls down his face, his breathing is heavy.

Full survival mode has kicked in and Bryant doesn't intend to die down here.
Esa He lets go of the weapon which slings against his chest. Taking in a breath, he rolls over and reaches over to his radio "Sweeper teams at the entrance; kill civilians that come toward you. I repeat, engage civilians do not let them survive." He pauses and leans up.

Then comes that sound insidious voice that gnaws at his mind. His hands go to his ears as he stands hunched. As the voice slowly dies down, he looks up in time to see spit being sent his way and hits his right leg. He screams in pain at as the acid eats into his BDU's and burns his leg and felt back against a large rock. .

And if that wasn't enough, a tentacle comes flying down at him. His first thought was - What the fuck was this, a bad hentai prono? - Esa eyes close, he could not move as the acid ate into the BDU and burnt his leg. He laid against the rock, waiting for it to hit. .

A soft sigh escapes his lips, eyes closing softly as he waits for the oversized tentacle to slam into him and more than likely, kill him. To think, nine years in the Army, dozens of tours and it was to end by a tentacle from a monster that should be fictional. His mind wondered on to a thought, something to be his last, and smiled fondly as he waited for death to come. .

It didn't. .

Instead, something hits him against his side. He is sent flying off the rock and ontot he ground, rolling and comes back up on his back. A scream of pain escapes his lips as the acid ate a little further and finally stopped. Through the pain, he opens his eyes and looks to see who took the hit. Catching a brief sight of Buck, his attention is suddenly grabbed by Bob as he comes over to check on his leg. He winces as the man tends to his wound, muttering "It fucking hurts. I'm not sure I can continue fire."
Buck Rogers Buck rips and tears the screaming crying bleeding dregs of humanity into little pieces. But it isn't enough, can't be enough-- he's only one man, and as fast on his feet as he can be, killing takes precious seconds, and every bite of the chain slows him down. A few bullets from Esa help, and that contribution does a little to satisfy the anger churning in his stomach, a bloody-minded hatred. They got away; the infection will spread, and the innocent people he murdered will have died in vain. Drenched in their blood and bile, he pivots on a heel and stalks toward the giant monster, focusing the storm of pissed-off making his heart beat a mile a minute before it overtakes him and he loses any sense of reason.

As he does, he sees Esa in his way, the shadow of a heavy tentacle looming over him. Buck shoves him to the side, takes the hit on his leg, feels the shock of it travel through his bones and rattle his flesh-- and then the sting of it fades, and everything in his world narrows to one murderous point, eyes following the tentacle back to its monstrous source.

"Fuck you," he spits, and not only at the leech. He's feral; his voice is barely human, gutteral, screams and howls and deep-throated roars. He throws himself at the beast, a knight tilting at a dragon, and he cuts and cuts and cuts.
Silent Night Well, the figurative monster became a literal monster. There goes the plan to stall... Luckly, it isn't going for the guy who is actually making the FBC working. And Buck managed to save that Esa. Wonderful, he thought.

Leaving a few thoughts behind Archene quickly shot his Barrett at the monster.

And then... Buck went ahead with his chainsaw. Archene could only grin at that, it was the opening he needed, quickly, he let out another shot. Doubtlessly... his best shot in a long time.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell raises his OICW and watched as James Marcus turned into the monster equivilant of his mother on a bad day. He raises his OICW and opens fire on the monster of a leech man...or woman? Whatever it was it was SCARY. He unloads ammo onto it, surprised he hasn't been targeted yet. Maybe the leech notices that he is OF THE SUPERIOR RACE. THE INFECTED RACE. He watches in horror as the leech screeches at his COMPADRES. Though he isn't scared of it. He reloads his OICW and goes to town on it yet again, praying it goes down soon. He had cartoons to watch and crayons to draw with!
Bob "Fucking die!" Bob fires a round at what used to be James Marcus. "Fucking DIE!" He yells again, almost frothing at the mouth in sheer fury. Not only has it invaded his mind somehow but it tore up one of his soldiers and now that the other threats to his forces have been dealt with it's time for the big game. "Just fucking die!" He screams as he lets off a second round, the combination of fear and rage built up having whipped him into a near frenzied state.
Markus Berger With things getting as bad as they are and the totaly 'unexpected' transformation of James Marcus into a complete abomination Markus proceeds to fire at... whatever its supposed to be followed by getting the hell out of here out of the room. His decidion is in fact confirmed as Buck goes completely start raving mad with his chainsaw.
Kitten Horrifically, the corpse of Molly is re-animated by the Queen Leech and tentacles grow from the bottom of her torso as she rushes at Buck, attacking him furiously; more furious in death and infection that she could have hoped to be as a human.

Meanwhile the Queen Leech roars out in pain inhumanly, sending another psychic shockwave of terror and ominous dread through the room as damage to her form is further enhanced.

Those of you who fail your courage test, you see something else pulling the strings of that incomprehensible alien mind. It was being guided. The gibbering madness that was the voice in your mind coalesces into a figure. A girl with dark hair that covers her face in a red dress, laughing darkly.
Bryant Crothers Bryant grits his teeth as his unloads his weapon into the LEECH QUEEN. His adrenaline pumping he roars even louders than before. "Come on! I'm almost out of bullets, damnit!" His eyes widen and his face scowls furiously as he lets out yet another battlecry, though he cannot hear himself, effectivley deafened by the rhythmic mini-explosions coming from his gun barrel. Sweat is pouring down his face like niagra falls, "I'm not dying down here!" he screams again as his gun clicks.

He feels a lump in his throat.
Silent Night Given that his previous shots had not been enough, Archene kept firing his Barrett, a shot... then another shot. For some mysterious reason the creature seemed to suddenly focus on him, with a rain of acid spit... He had seen what that could do. After noticing the attack however, he didn't stop for a moment, the acid hitting the ground just behind him. As soom as he stopped for a single moment, a tentacle flew at him smashing his torso squarely, but he strongly stood his ground. His rifle already aimed for the creature for as soon as it could be fired again.
Katherine Quinn Everything that has been going down, she has to do what she can to put an end to this soon. The last headshot was very effective, she knows she needs to do it again. She looks to her side, spotting Bryant unleashing hell with his P90. This was her chance. She lowers herself down to a knee, letting out a deep breath, holding her lungs empty as she lines up her shot.

The trigger pull is smooth, smoother than she could have ever hoped. The round leaves the chamber, sailing straight and true through the air, picking up a glow, a red streak behind the round as it tears through.

In the blink of an eye it strikes into the leech monster's forehead, bursting into a flash of phosphorous when it hits home. The flames will engulf the inside of the monster, spelling its end.
Buck Rogers The reanimated corpse crashes into Buck like a truck; he stands his ground, and with a savage gleam in his goggle-shaded eyes, wrestles with her for a moment. "Back off, cunt!", he screams, drawing his armored head back and smacking his forehead into her face once, twice, three times-- and then again, until her grasping limbs and tentacles stumble back, and he shoves her away. His attention returns to the leech monster.. which seems to be mewling, crying out, doing something to all the people around, but in Buck's bloodthirst world the psychic assault finds no purchase, as if his mind were entirely shut off-- even as the thing catches fire, he's just sawing it; then he's punching it, clawing it, screaming at it, venting all his rage on the burning thing until it's deader than disco and its flesh drips from his fingers like open wounds.
Esa Biting through the pain, Esa shifts and hobbles to another rock before laying against it and winces in pain. Fuck acid hurts. He sighs, decided best not to look at the gashing wound and burns. Instead, he raises his P90 and takes aim at the leech. Then the psychic assault happens again. He closes his eyes, jaw clenching as the attack happens. He sighs, opening them and sees something; a girl in red dress. Odd. It suddenly stops as the Queek Leech is dies. That of course left the Molly Leecher. He steadies his aim by taking in a slow breath, steeling his nerves and suppressing the pain as best as he can.

Then he fires on automatic suppressive fire at the Molly Leecher.
Kitten It ends with a bang as the combined might of those assembled unleash their final round of firepower into the Queen Leech as Lisa Trevor makes her psychic assault via her proxy. She was an almost unknown player in this entire affair, a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Not even a name to those who had glimpsed her sinister figure; just a visage that would haunt their dreams.

The Queen Leech cries out a final time as it falls to the ground lifeless with a shudder. It starts to stir, but the Nemesis Rounds that Katherine Quinn put into the beast begin to ignite and within moments the B.O.W. if it could be called that is a smoldering corpse.

FBC Relief Teams and Reinforcements arrive just as the battle is ending, reporting that the other set of reinforcements had been killed in the tunnels. They had found the corpses of 6 civilians among them.

Flamethrowers begin to torch everything.

The legacy of James Marcus seemingly over.... Or was it?


Somewhere in Europe

"Sir. It appears that James Marcus has been dealt with, we've just intercepted the FBC Radio transmissions."

Lord Oswell E. Spencer smiled darkly and nodded, "It wasn't Marcus they killed, just his pet. Insure the surviving spawn of it are rounded up, we'll need them for further experimentation."


A Dream

"Hello Alice."

"Stay out of my head!"

"Who says this is yours anymore?"

"I don't know who you are, but I'll make you pay. I'll make all of Umbrella pay for-" Alice's voice became nothing but a whisper as her throat closed in.

"Alice. Alice. Alice. You've been living in Wonderland ever since we first met. You're just a dreamer, trapped in the nightmare I've created for you."

Lisa Trevor laughed as she left Alice to the horror of a world where Umbrella and the undead had won....