Umbrella Surveillance System
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Bob It's early for most people to be out drinking, but not Bob. He's one of the few people in the establishment at the moment, leaning over the bar with a glass of whiskey in front of him. With his time off, the little he's been getting, he's taken to drinking more than usual. Life has been tough lately, after all. The few other early drinkers are pretty much doing the same thing as Bob is, off by themselves, aside from a couple of businessmen talking strategy.
James Scott James has been drinking. Well, staring into his drink for the last hour. He's not dressed up as flashily as he's been prone to recently, rather he's just wearing a simple black cotton jacket and faded jeans. Dangling around his neck are two sets of dog tags, one belonging to him, the other stamped with the name 'Vivienne'.
Esa Walking into the Bristo is none other than Esa. Wearing his signature gabardine trench coat, unbuttoned and shows off a blue casual dress shirt and black jeans. He walks over to the counter and leans on it. There is quiet conversation between the server and himself as he verifies his order is ready for pick up. The man heads to the back, leaving Esa at the counter.
Celeste Celeste sighs softly as she walks into the bar. Her normal chipper demeanor gone with the imagery burned into her mind of what she saw. She makes her way towards the bar and pulls herself up onto the stool near James as she somberly asks "Mind some company...." Her eyes drifting along to bar top to look at James her eyes noticing the two dog tags, though at the moment she isn't close enough to read them. She looks about once more and sees Bob and meekily says "Hey Bob." A small wave of her hand accompanying it.
Bob Eventually, Bob manages to look up from his drink. His eyes alight on James and he lets out a deep sigh before taking another sip. Esa and Celeste entering both get solid nods of greeting, Celeste getting a "Yo." He's not expressionless, but it is evident that he's making the attempt to be. At this point he actually stops leaning on the bar and sits up straighter, "Any of you guys doing okay?"
James Scott James looks up, his single eye focusing on Celeste for but a moment. "Seat's open." he says quietly, gaze moving back to his drink. Bob doesn't get a nod, but the teen does pull a small box out of his pocket, flipping it open he reveals a ring inside.

"I know it had only been about five months, but I was going to propose to her. Figured people like us tend to die young." His gaze hardens, that blue orb flickering red. "But why did she have to go so soon? She didn't even want to fight anymore, she wanted to move someplace quiet when all of this bullshit was over. But I just had to kill my father." His straightens up and chuckles quietly, but it's a dead sound with no humor to it.
Esa Esa looks at bob carefully, saying "What is there to be okay about? A friend of mine is dead; another that I care for was involved in an accident and nearly died." Well, more did die and had amnesia. He sighs and looks to the server whom brings his bag. "So no, Roberto I am not doing okay; but I am managing." He notes, taking the bag.

He looks over to James as he spoke; a sympathetic look crossing his face. "James, I am sorry about Vivienne. She was truly a unique and amazing woman. She will be missed." He says in a comforting voice. Turning, he picks the bag up and begins to head for the door.
Celeste Celeste shakes her head no at Bob's question and says "I wish I could say I was, I am having nightmares about what I found... I don't think... they will ever go away..." Then she looks back to James and it is then she puts two and two together. She gasps and says "Oh my... I.. I am... so sorry... you... you and Vivienne... I..." She looses any ability to find words and begins to start sobbing into her hands. Through the sobs she asks "Bob... please.. please... can.. can you... drink.. help..."
Bob "I'm going to miss her, too. Not as much as you, man, but she was one of the good ones," Bob says to James as he stares at the ring. Eventually his eyes close and he takes a deep breath, opening them again and finishing off his whiskey. Esa gets a little nod, "Best that can be expected, I guess." The glass is set down very carefully on the bar top as he motions to the bartender and says, "Refill, please. And one for the lady." He stands up and moves towards Celeste, gently moving to put a hand on her back to initiate rubbing in what he hopes is soothing.
James Scott "Yeah." is all James has to say in response to the offered condolences. The cup in front of him is slammed back, eliciting a subtle wince as it burns it's way down his gullet. "Just do me a favor," he pushes up onto his feet, "if you see me when the shit goes down, make sure your men stay out of my way."

The blue of his eye completely gives way to the red, his infected blood boiling. "James Marcus is mine."
Esa Esa gives a small nod to the group before heading out the door quietly. Upon approaching the door, he pauses and nods his head; saying "Noted James." He then opens door and slips on outside and into the fog.
Celeste Celeste begins to only sniffle as she looks to Bob when he rubs upon her back to murmur "Thank you Bob..." Then she looks to James as she says "I hope you kill that son of a bitch.... I hate all of this... the death... the bio..." she stops herself remembering where they are and stops herself.
Bob "Yeah," Bob says, agreeing with Esa's sentiment regarding letting James have at Marcus. "You got him, man," Bob says to James with a nod. His rubbing of Celeste subsides to a couple of gentle pats now that she's started to calm down. When the drinks are placed in front of them he makes sure hers is scooted into her line of sight, then grabs his own for a sip.
Celeste Celeste reaches for the drink with both her hands and brings it to herself. Her lips wrapping around the straw and beginning to drink a portion of it down. She sighs as she says "Sorry just... what I saw.... I... I found her... and it... it was horrid... absolutely... horrid..."
James Scott "Then hate me too." James says, his hardened gaze moving down to focus on Celeste. "I may as well have killed her. What kind of dumbass dates a member of Black Sword while he's working for Umbrella?" He shakes his head and turns away. "Afterwards you all can take me on. One less security captain to worry about."

With everything he planned on saying said, the teen makes his way towards the exit to prep his gear.
Bob "Your employer doesn't officially exist any more. I imagine that means you've been fired," Bob says to James with a long look and a very faint shake of his head, like he's trying to get something across. Then Bob's back to his drink and patting Celeste on the back, "I know. I know." He's making an attempt to be soothing, at least. "We're doing everything we can to take care of the problem."
Celeste Celeste looks confused at James as he says to hate him too and the gaze. She curls up on her stool and leans a touch closer to Bob as she listens to him then her eyes go wide when he explains where he works. She shifts nervously in her seat and furrows her brow. She looks down into her drink as her lips wrap back around her straw, though with how tense she is, the liquor may not help at this point. Then she mutters something into the breathe that Bob can only hear more than likely
Buck Rogers Buck's eyes flick from one side of the floral-scented paper to the other. It's only two lines of written communication, but it's enough to set his lip in a faint snarl and have his hand crush the paper into a tight wad, which he tosses onto the room's coffee table as he passes. The little pink crinkle-ball sits next to a lad's magazine and the sleeve of Buck's jacket, which he snatches before heading out the door.

His presence announces itself at the bistro with the faint earth-rumble of a stampede. He's a one man quake, stooping to pass through the front door, draped in the soft light and moist from the outdoor fog that lazily drifts past the windows. His boots clack against the wood and he drags his hand along the mortar between two of the bricks in the wall as he walks toward a corner, pivoting to come to the seat where he identifies Celeste. "Sweetheart," he calls with a click of the tongue.
Celeste Celeste immediately sets down her drink when she hears Buck's voice. She moves to stand up and wrap her arms around his neck and cling to him. She murmurs "I.. I am sorry... I lasped... please forgive me Buck..." Her face burying into the nape of his neck as she mutters softly to only Buck.
James Scott James pauses, his red eye focusing on Buck. "Got you a new one then? Try to not rip her apart." His words are pure unwarranted venom. "And stay alive until after I've had my way with Marcus and Wesker." He brushes past the pair and out the door.
Bob "Not everybody who worked for them knew what they were getting into it," Bob explains to Celeste as he moves to sit down next to her and goes back to leaning against the bar. "It's not like you can quit, I mean, Viv was only dating one of them for fucks sake." There's a brief pause as his head cocks to the side, "Still hasn't kept me from killing a bunch of their employees." Buck's entry gets some attention, of course, as does Celeste running to go meet him. Their brief exchange elicits a confused look from Bob, who then shrugs and goes back to his drink.
Buck Rogers With a laugh, Buck looks aside to James as he passes. "Man, pick up my leftovers and let 'em rot. I'll kill you after, boy."
Celeste Celeste looks up from Buck's nape at James's words as she snaps "He would never let harm come to me so don't you fucking dare make even the jest he would ever do it!" Then she looks to Bob and says "I... I guess not... but... just..." Her words failing her once more as she looks back to Buck as she asks "You... you were... were... with.. Vivienne... before?"
James Scott "You're not the only monster Buck." James mutters to himself as he closes the door. "I'm done playing nice." The teen tucks his hands down into his pockets and wanders off into the fog, vanishing for the night.
Buck Rogers "I fucked her once," Buck comments, "but she ran off to Romeo there after. More her style, and now she's dead. Warned her to avoid him, same reason I warned Emma- and same reason I'm warning you, now. You stay far away from that loser, sweetheart. He's been a bitch since Raccoon." He rests a hand on Celeste's head and gives it a heavy pet.. and looks aside to the glass she was earlier drinking from, giving it a push along the bar top away from her. As she whispers to him, he chuckles, and the pet turns to a playful mussing of her hair. "You worry too much, sweetheart. Just the one ain't gonna hurt. But don't make a habit of it." He glances over to Bob afterwards.. and then toward the glass again.
Bob "What's all that monster bullshit about, anyway?" Bob asks with another sigh, sounding tired all of the sudden. Well, more tired than a guy who's been day drinking. He turns on his stool to rest his back against the bar, holding his whiskey in his hands. Celeste drinking or not ain't his business, but there's a curious look again before Bob slides Celeste's glass in front of himself. He'll take that one for the team. "Anyway, I'm about ready for all this shit to be finished. I just want to shoot monsters and bad guy and take care of soldiers."
Celeste Celeste is more relaxed in Buck's embrace, it is visibly noticable. She feels safest with him, especially in his embrace as she says "I don't want that asshole anywhere near me or our baby...." She leans back to rest her hand upon her stomach protectively. She then comments "He's the damned monster. Not you. And I promise I won't drink anymore. I just want all of this to be over..." She then looks to Bob as she says "I just want to keep my friends safe." She then looks to Buck and says "Trixie... when.. when did you last see Trixie... she is ok right? Like... nothing has hurt her... or anything has it..."
Buck Rogers "Y'ever seen how the kid's eyes get all weird when he's pissy? It ain't contacts," Buck mentions with a casual wave of his hand, easing himself onto a stool with Celeste wrapping herself around him. Their combined weight is more than enough to make the fixture uncomfortable, groaning like old bones when he settles. "This world's got folks in it to who 'normal' is not a word in the dictionary." He grins and kisses the top of the previously-weepy girl's head. "Trixie's fine. Invited her to Disneyland with us a couple days ago, be good for you to relax. You've seen the creepy crawlies, beautiful-- sitting around cryin' about them won't do you any good. You remember what I taught you? You find something scary, you don't sit around bawling. You fight-- and anythin' can be a weapon if you're holding it right."
Celeste Celeste murmurs to Buck "I've only met him just today Buck... but I never wish to see him again. Please keep him far away from me." When he tells her Trixie is fine. She smiles as she says "Disneyland? I wanna go... I need a distraction from all of this... and I.. I know.. I'll try to remember... just... I feel so overwhelmed with emotions... like... one minute I'll be fine, then the next I am all weepy, and then angry, then weepy, then scared and just..." She sighs and shakes her head as she concludes "I will try to keep my head I promise."
Bob "Yeah, she's still reporting in at work, so no need to worry about her," Bob tells Celeste, hoping to alleviate some of her worry. "And I'll do whatever I can to keep everyone else safe. It's hard when there's backstabbing and secrets, but I'm doing the little bit that I can." Not that it's been enough. Buck's answer gets a shrug from Bob, "Eh. Whatever. As long as he doesn't bite anybody that monster crap sounds like moody teenager bullshit."
Buck Rogers "Moody teenage bullshit sums him up," Buck dismisses with a raspy chuckle. "Sucks for the girl, but you know what they say-- play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You don't pit yourself against the high and mighty and walk away unscathed." His jaw is set, clenched, a tension in his muscles that Celeste can feel beneath the armored great coat, but it melts away moments later. "Look, sugar. The world's a mean place, full'a mean men. But it's got nice, gentle parts, too. You stick to the soft, I'll handle the rough. The apocalypse is a beautiful thing."
Celeste Celeste goes wide eyed as she looks to Bob and says "Wait... he is infected... like... if he... he bites they... why the fuck isn't he dead!" She then looks back to Buck as she murmurs "I promise I will Buck... I kinda wanna go home and take a bath... we could both fit in the bath you know... it is large enough... can we do that... bubble bath together?"
Bob "Yeah, she didn't have it coming," says Bob as he shakes his head slowly, then manages to sigh again. "There's no good way to deal with all that crap out there." Celeste's question gets wide eyes from Bob, more in surprise than anything else, "Because he hasn't done anything to anybody other than run his mouth. And I don't know what all is going on with him, actually. It might be something weirder than that."
Buck Rogers "Kid's a bit more'n a zombie," Buck explains, rattling his knuckles against the bar top. "And while I'm sure he's got plenty of infections, they ain't in his mouth. But don't worry-- seems he's pissy at me for not protecting *his* girl. Might be time to put the rabid dog down." He grins, and at her question of bath times, stands up with an arm wrapped 'round her waist, bearing her aloft against his torso. "Alright. Let's go get you washed and settle in. I've got some business tonight.. so you, doll, can order in, watch movies, and keep the hearth warm for me." With another laugh, he looks over toward Bob. "Have fun, soldier-man," he says, with a mock two-finger salute. "The world, it is a-changin'." Adjusting Celeste in his grasp and openly carrying her like one might a child, the giant wanders back toward the door.
Celeste Celeste remains clinging to Buck, it is where she feels safest as she says "I think he should be put down..." Though she smiles as she says "Okies... can Trixie come over? Oh and I could invite Isabel too? Have like... a girls night in. I don't wanna be all alone while you have to handle things. I mean... assuming they aren't busy too."
Bob Letting Buck and Celeste pack up and get going, Bob continues to work on his drinking, having a little bit more of a ways to go before he's got to get ready himself, "Viv could take care of herself so whatever did her in was something really fucked up." Then he lifts his chin their way in a friendly gesture, "You two have fun."