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Emma It's the type of night that one would associate with a horror or suspense movie. The fog is -thick- and light barely penetrates it. To add to that, the air is cold.

Emma is in the stables, which is thankfully warm. She is wearing sweat pants, a loose sweater, hair is in a loose bun. The ortho-boot in on her leg, and a cast on her arm.

She is by her horse, burshing her down, in a way that she finds calming.
Eve Eve steps into the stables, sets her bag near the door and peeks around, looking for Emma. When she spots her, she walks towards her, a folder tucked in the crook of her arm. She is dressed in jeans and a half tucked gray t-shirt, her hair pulled back in a pony tail.
"Ma'am, I brought you the folder for tomorrow's nine o'clock.." She trails off and stares at the horse for a moment before she slowly walks closer. "Oh she is pretty, what's her name?"
Emma Emma looks over to Eve as she enters, giving a tired smile. "Th - thank ya, Eve." She says. The brush is put down, and her horse breathes heavily through her nose. "P - Princess Peach I call her Peachy." There is a bit of a laugh. "9? Alright. Ya make it through the fog okay?"
Eve "Well Princess, I see why Mario can't find you. You're hiding in Emma's stable." Eve says, as she pushes a lock of hair behind one of her small ears." She glances out behind her towards the fog and shrugs. "I bumped into a building, but all I smooshed was my pride, honestly." She sets down the folder and after letting the horse take a whiff of her scent, she runs her hands along the horse, giving her a through and gentle petting.
Emma Emma grins as Peachy doesn't pull away, she can be temperamental at times. "She - she looks sweet, but she kicked Esa." There is another laugh.

"Yer not - not comfortable with Tabitha stayin' in tha buildin' are ya?"
Eve "Good girl." Eve croons, her voice low and soothing. "Sometimes a good kick is all those boys understand." She glances over at Emma and she tries her best to not to frown. "I'd like to not be as fussy about those kinds of things, but so soon after the assassination attempt? I wouldn't put it past whoever did that, to try again."
Emma Emma laughs a little. "Aye, but I - I felt bad for Esa."

When the assassination attempt is mentioned there is a frown, following with a sigh. "I - I know, but she delivered tha message. I'm hopin' she is no spy, an' says she is a doctor, too. If it is true what she brought, there be a new threat out there."
Eve "Well, I don't blame you there, being kicked by a horse is pretty painful." Eve allows, her hands folded in front of her. She gazes at Emma, her face passive, before she speaks up. "I'm hoping she isn't a spy either, but if it turns out that she's dirty. We'll just have to take steps." What kind of steps, Eve leaves unsaid. She glances back out towards the fog. "There is always going to be a new threat, Ma'am. If we're smart, we'll live to see a few more."
Emma "Well, I was kicked on tha head by a donkey not long ago." That one hurt. Emma smirks a little at the taking steps, she can guess. "Ya - ya sure it's worth it? Ta live long enough to?" That's an odd question.
Eve Eve stares at Emma, an air of consternation in that look. "It's worth it, and I'm here to make sure you make it, so that TerraSave can help people." She folds her arms over her chest and a small grin appears on her lips, showing her dimples. "I just..kicked by a donkey? Really?" She giggles then, and shakes her head.
Emma All Emma can really do is nod, but to anyone who -really- knows her, the lasa has been off, it seems almost like she ia forcing the smiles, not fully connected. With the donkey stuff there is a small laugh. "Hu - hurt like a bitch." She remarks, shrugging a little. "Ya - ya know, ya work so hard ta keep me safe an' all, a should take some days off for yerself."
Eve Eve is watching Emma closely, she can see the tightness around her eyes and it doesn't make her happy. Even the comment about the donkey doesn't bring a smile to the Swedish woman's face. "I get days off, Ma'am. And if we're going to be honest here? I don't actually have much of anything to do, really. I don't know anyone here, my family is back in Stockolm." Her shoulders slump slightly. "So this job is..pretty much the extent of my social life."
Emma "Well," Emma says, limp-hopping to the door. "Let's g - get a ride inta town, I'll call a driver." Her tone brooks no argument, too. Her mind is set!
Eve Eve trails after Emma, her eyes wide. She snags her bag from near the door and nods twice. "Yes Ma'am." She murmurs.
Emma It's like the fog has wrapped around Paris in a cold, uneasy hug. Luckily the roads weren't busy, but that's becauae they are hard to drive in. But the pair make it safe to the bistro.

The bistro is busy, oddly. Emma is still in ber sweat pants, and loose sweater that falls off a shoulder, her hair up in a mesay bun. The lass is rocking the look. She'd limp-hop in, using her unbroken arm to open the door. "I - I could use a Guiness."
Eve Eve follows Emma into Jacks, glancing around the place with a slight grin on her face. "I think I want something stronger." She says, rapping the bar with her knuckles as they reach it and sit down. "A small tumbler of Dusse." She says, placing her cache near her stool. She crosses her legs and props an elbow on the bar. "So what is this place?"
Eve Picking up her tumbler of Dusse, Eve slides off the barstool and walks over to the table that Emma picks out, folding herself into a seat. "If you get drunk, Ma'am, I'm cancelling all of your morning appointments." She says, trying not to grin. "The last thing we need is you throwing things at the loud and noisy people invading your office." She gazes around the slightly crowded bar. "This place is nice."
Emma "Yer - yer right, somethin' stronger." Emma says, and orders herself a good old glass of Scotch. She would also find a table for them to sit, sure the lass is pushing on with it but rest is nice.

It's cold out, with a thick fog. It actually reminds one of a horror film - a zombie horror film. Thick fog, cold, dark as could be. Creepy indeed.

Emma is wearing sweat pants, an off the shoulder sweater an her hair is up in messy bun. A casual look she is totally rocking it. With Scotch in hand, she looks around. "A - a friend used'ta run this place. It's a nice little place, I passed out right there on New Years, on Benny ta'boot, poor guy." A brow lifts and she eyes Eve. "Well, sometimes people need ta - ta have things thrown at them aye?" It's an attempt at a joke, but that.. distance in her eyes doesn't give it enough follow through
Benny Benny walks into Jacks, glancing around as he enters and rubs the back of his neck as he shyly nods towards the bartender as well as the waitress. He's wearing his black waxed cotton belstaff jacket, a black graphic tee shirt with a picture of Frank Miller's Batman on the front, blue designer jeans and a pair of white adidas Stan Smith style sneakers. When he spots a familiar red head, he gives her a wave and walks towards her table. Nodding politely to Eve, he offers both a shy smile. "Hi Emma and uh...your nice lady friend assistant." He glances between the two of you, then notices the drinks on the table. "I just got off work. Do you mind if I join you?" He asks in a polite but unsure tone.
Tabitha Tabitha slips in through the door, gazing out the door for a hearbeat or two before closing it. the Umbrella corp office she spotted earlier has done little for her state of mind. Hair mussed, curling a bit more in the fog. She'sporting her black London Fog coat, black t-shirt, grey slacks and flats. She closes her eyes, leaning back against the doorframe before they snap open once more as she half-expects some murky shadowy operatives to be staked out and.. getting drunk? "..don' git yerself inna tizzy, tabby", she mutters to herself before looking for an empty spot
Eve "Eve." Is said to Benny, as the woman in question holds out a hand for him to shake. Her grip is firm and warm, and a smile is on her face. She glances over at Emma and shakes her head slowly. "If you're going to throw things at them Ma'am, well.." She considers this for a few moments. "I guess it really all depends on who it is." She says, trying not to grin at her employer. She takes a sip of her tumbler and spots Tabitha, in from the creepy fog. She raises a hand and waves the woman towards them." Eve looks relaxed in a half tucked gray t-shirt and a pair of black jeans and sneakers, her ever present leather bag leaning against her chair.
Emma A decent gulp of her Scotch is taken, Emma looks up to Benny and shuffles down the seat some so he can sit with them. Though he is given a smile, he'd like tell it was forced, to a degree, and it's almost like a part of her is detached in those grey-green eyes. Looking to Tabitha, a wave is given before Eve ia regarded, with a tilt of her head. "I'm - I'm a decent aim with my throw an' all, what ya get when ya - ya got as many brothers as I do."
Benny "Nice to finally get your name Eve. So how long have you been working with Emma?" Benny replies with that shy smile as well as a firm handshake of his own, which you may notice that his hands are calloused like that of a labourer or more like a boxer by the way his knuckles look. He then looks towards Emma, noting that she seems off and slides into the seat next to her. "You okay Em?" He glances at the glass of scotch she is drinking, quirking an eyebrow just slightly and then turns to Tabitha when she enters, giving her a wave as his cheeks blush a bit.
Eve "A few weeks now." Eve replies, leaning gently against the table. She tries to catch Benny's eyes as he studies Emma, and if he looks in her direction she'll give him a subtle shake of her head. "Well Ma'am." This is said to Emma. "I'll find some security guys for you to toss things at, they could use the practice the lazy asnors." The last word is said with an accent, and she rolls her eyes. She scoots over and makes room for Tabitha, giving the woman a kind smile. "How are you doing?"
Tabitha Tabitha catches sight of the waves. She makes her way over to join them. "Doctor, Eve" cocking her head to nod to Benny. Tabitha settles into the spot, noticing Emma's glass. " it Early, or are you on the back-side of time? Work last night?" Tabitha smiles back to Eve warmly, always impressed with how that woman gets stuff done. "Or, is this a French thing?"
Emma Emma smirks, faintly, to Eve. "Speaking of - of security, I - I want ta hire a few more, ta make sure. After the code was broke yesterday, I suspected we, or I, may be a greater target. Then I - I can toss stuff at them." Chuckling a little she sips at her Scotch and grins to Tabitha. "Be - bein' a Scot, any hour is drinkin' hour." Then eyes turn to Benny, with a curious look. "Oy of - of course I am, why wouldn't I be?"
Benny Benny who is normally clueless especially around the ladies, does catch Eve's subtle shake of her head when he's asking Emma how she is doing. How he interprets this however, is up for debate as he blinks and then continues to blush. "Oh, okay then..." he replies to Emma but furrows his brow in an attempt to ascertain what is going on with her. He then glances between the three ladies, suddenly feeling very outnumbered not to mention awkward. Nerds don't sit at the cool, popular hot girl's tables in highschool so this is weird. ", how are the two of you doing?" He glances between Tabitha and Eve, wondering if he will be struck by lightning or wedgied by Jocks all of a sudden.
Eve Eve leans down and opens her cache, pulling out her laptop. She opens the machine and after powering it on, she begins to tap out something. "I'll take care of more security, you'll have resumes and background checks on your desk before the week is out." She says to Emma before she glances over at Benny. "I'm doing well, thank you for asking." She pushes her glass of cognac over towards Benny, offering him an impish smile that shows her dimples. "Have a sip of this, help a girl out." She seems satisfied with what she is doing on her laptop because she snaps it closed, and slides it back into her cache.
Tabitha Tabitha leans back in her chair. "I feel like a possum at a dog show. My french is about as good as my juggling", eyeing the glass offered to Benny. She looks to Eve. "You're always working, aren't you?" She rakes a hand through her hair, pushing it back out of her face before moving loosly knot her hair behind her. "They got any decent Vodka here? When i Paris... "
Emma Grey-green eyes fix on the drink Benny is offered, and she smirks a little, sipping from her glass of Scotch. "Eve it - it didn't need ta be done now." The lass says, with an amused shake of her head. "An a - aye Tabitha, always workin' it seems." She then looks to Benny when he asks his question, then to the other two women.
Benny Benny pulls out a bottle of vodka from his messenger bag, "Funny you should say that Tabitha. I happen to have some unopened in fact. Was going to save it for a special occasion but this is just as good as any." He slides the bottle over to her, then looks at the glass of cognac in front of him that Eve provided. "Oh, uh thanks, miss Eve. I'm more of a beer guy myself...but I guess there isn't any harm in trying it." He lifts the glass, raising it in a toast for cheers. "Cheers. To everyone here knowing Emma. A fine doctor and even better friend." He then lifts the glass to his lips, takes a small sip and then his eyes open rather wide but he manages to swallow it, keeping it down. Almost instantly his face goes beet red and he looks as if he's half cut already. Geez, his alcohol tolerance is lower than the temperatures in the Northern part of Alberta in Winter with a wind chill factor! "What is this stuff?" He blinks and eyes the glass of cognac like it pupnched him in the face. He glances towards Emma, opening his mouth to say something but hiccups instead.
Eve "It's high shelf cognac, called Dusse." Eve says, a look of profound amusement on her face as she watches Benny. She glances at Emma and gestures toward Benny with a slender hand. "I didn't think he would have that reaction." She murmurs, glancing down at her bag. "Well Ma'am, I find that if I do something right away, I can't forget it." She turns back to gaze at Benny again before she leans closer to Tabitha. "Might not want to have him drink any of that vodka now that he's had cognac." She whispers, glancing down at the floor as she licks her lips to wet them.
Tabitha Tabitha takes the offered bottle, pouring herself a double shot in whatever glass she can find. She lifts the glass to join the toast belatedly, "Nah-zda-rovh-yeh, then tosses it back. She sets the glass down, coughs once and wheezes out in a rasping hoarse whisper.
Emma Emma eyes them, was a toast made to -her-? Jaw tenses confusion, eyes move to her drink. "Yer - yer all mad for toastin' ta me, I mean thank ya an' all but - but yer mad." There is a chug of her Scotch next.
Benny "Duran duran? Wow, that is some awesome cognac..." Benny replies with a sheepish grin, his red cheeks doesn't have cute dimples but he might as well have them since he's kinda drunk from a sip! He swirls the expensive Dusse (aka Duran Duran) in the tumbler in an extremely coordinated way despite his uber fast buzz. Since he's already red in the face from alcohol, the blush isn't noticed nearly as well except by those that may know him best, ahem Emma *cough cough* as Eve whispers. "Hey, I'm like...right here and can hear you, even though you are trying to be subtle." He normally wouldn't be so brazen to point this out but he's got liquid courage as a friend. He nudges Emma with an elbow. " your assistant always this cute...I uh...meant, ah rude." He blinks when Tabitha downs the double shot of vodka in one gulp. "Woah...I think she just spoke Klingon no wait...let me see here or Elvish...Tolkien Elvish, no...perhaps, Keebler elfish." Yup, don't let this Asian man drink anymore or else!
Eve Eve makes a mental note to cancel Emma's morning appointments. She doesn't feel the need to note it now on her laptop because she is well aware that Emma will notice. She gets to her feet, leans over and takes the Dusse from Benny's hand, taking a sip, before she sits back in her seat. "You've already had enough, Mister Benny." She says, glancing over at Tabitha as she takes a shot. Her mouth forms an 'o' and she just watches, taking a sip of her cognac. "Wow." She says, an admiring smile on her face. "That was fantastic."
Tabitha Tabitha pours another shot.. a single this time. "When you dont have a lot of time off", tossing the shot back, wheezing agains with a soft cough, though not as much this time. Croaking, "Ya learn tah git in, git out, git drunk.".. She exhales, expecting to fumes.. "..What kind is that? Alleast it don taste like uuunyuns an' Taters", her accent giving the fog outside a run for its money in thickness.
Emma Emma lifts a brow and eyes Benny and then looks to Eve, confused. "O - okay then." She says with a laugh and shakes her head, watching Tabitha down her drink. "Benny ya - ya should have some water."
Eve Eve gets to her feet, downing the rest of her cognac. She picks up her cache and smiles at the group at the table. "I've highly enjoyed myself, but the morning comes way too early and even if *you*" She looks at Emma and smiles. "Come in late, I still have to go in early and cancel things. I'll see you all tomorrow." She says, smoothing her hair down with her hands.
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Eve, smiling, her cheeks flushing pink, a slight little glaze to her eyes and a soft grin settling on her face and getting comfy. "Take care! Keep the place from burning down", moving to pour herself another shot. For once, her fear is curled up in a corner snoozing.
Emma Emma sits there, and downs her Scotch, she is onto her seconsd glass. There isn't a moment where she shudders or winces, the drink goes down as easy aa breathing.
Benny "Oh, uh...sorry. Not used to drinking the hard stuff." Benny replies looking rather embarassed at what a sip of liquor can do to him, he obviously is either allergic to alcohol or has extremely low tolerance because he rarely drinks. He gives Eve a little wave when she left, then nods to Emma about the suggestion for water. He stands up, without falling down or wobbling and heads off to get that glass of water, which is why it took him a while to get back. "So, what did I miss?" He asks as he sits back down beside the redhead and glances towards how many glasses each lady is on. "Did you enjoy the Vodka?" he asks Tabitha as he takes another long gulp of water.
Tabitha Tabitha looks at her empty glass. Eyes sorta lose focues a bit. "Aint nuthin' better fer turned hard edges into fuzzie-wuzzy-ones" Her frame quaking at a bit of a giggle. "makes thoughts of scary critters less uf a problem", looking to Emma. "I aint no pro like Emma here." She leans over to bump a shoulder gently against Emma
Emma Emma would have watched Benny to make sure he was okay, making note of the 'reaction'. When he is back her second glass is near gone. "Ya - ya okay?" Asks the lass, a little concerned. She then looks to Tabitha and shrugs. "I - in my blood, ya'know. Or is my blood, shall I say."

Her phone beeps, and it's pulled out, as she reads over a message.
Benny "I'm okay now, thanks for the advice about the water Emma. But I'm more worried about you." Benny says with a concerned expression of his own towards his good friend. "You don't have to talk to me now but when you are ready, I'm always going to be here for you. Okay?" He reaches over to give Emma's hand a pat and will give it a gentle squeeze if she lets him. Looking over to Tabatha, "Wow, you can really pound them back. Are all southern and Scottish lass's like this?" He shakes his head a bit and takes another long sip from his glass of water.
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head. "not all of 'em. Where I'm from, we got Blue Laws. Lotsa r'ligious taahps, shuttin down tha Evils of tha Devils Spirits.", said with the mocked voice of an over-righteous preacher. She looks over to Emma. "She kin drink me unner the talble ahm sure." Tabitha glances at Emma's phone. "Thaht aint work callin, is it?"
Emma Emma slowly looks to Benny, staring at him. She does know better then to think she can get something past him, but still, maybe for her sake, or his, or everyone's she clearly feints innocence. "Oh - okay? I know yer here." His hand is given a squeeze in return.

Looking to Tabitha she nods. "Just an - an update on a patient nothin' I need ta go in for, an' it's lookin' like good - good news."
Benny Benny gives Emma a nod and a warm smile, giving her hand another squeeze before letting go and then a quick one armed hug around her shoulder's before turning his attention back towards Tabitha. "Oh, well you sure can handle /way/ more than I can...especially coming from a supposed dry community." He smirks at the southern doctor, he seems to be surrounded by doctors lately but hey he gets injured a lot so having extra doctor's on hand never hurt. "Oh, when do you think you will have free time for a tour of Paris?" He asks her and then takes another gulp of his water, the redness somewhat fading from his facial regions.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles "Oh.. any time..", eyes widening as she slaps her forehead. 'Dammit Tab, git yer brain working..', a nod to Benny.. "Thats why.. acetaldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency." She leans forward, taking Benny's wrist with hers, fingers curling to press against the inside of his wrist.. "Heart rate's okay, so there's not that..".. she glances at Emma and blushes.. "S-sorry. You'd have already thought of that.. ", leaning back in her seat after letting go of his wrist. "ahm still green an jumpin' at diagnoses. Pay me no mahnd"
Emma The one armed hug is returned to Benny, with a bit of a chuckle. She then finishes off her glass and puts it down, no shudder or reaction. A wave of her hand in a 'no worries' manner is given to Tabitha. "Ya - ya know, I need ta go get some rest, I'm awfully drained." There is a thunk as her casted arm is put on the table. She'd go to get out of her seat, giving an apologetic smile to them. "It's a lon' way back need ta start now."
Benny "Great. Just let me know when your avail..." Well, the red was fading from his face but it just came back with a vengance when Tabitha took his wrist to check his pulse. "Dah...umm...ackbar rancor mandalorian what now?" Yup seeing her blush, makes him blush even more if that is possible. Whew, his heart rate is okay and he thought it was going to burst out of his chest like a Xenomorph from Aliens. "Wut? Diabetes? I have it?" He blinks, looking awfully confused and red, then stands when Emma stands. "Oh your leaving? Um...I should escort you home then." He glances towards Tabitha. "It was nice seeing you again...oh, uh where do you live again? I should probably both take you home. Safer that way." He picks up his glass to drain the rest of his water because hydration is important!
Tabitha Tabitha watches Emma move to stand, then glances to Benny. "Can you see her back okay?", moving to sit up in her chair. Herritage or no, she's still recovering. "Raht now, crashin at Terra's offices. Though, kin prolly curl up in a softa in a lounge at tha Hospital. The noise there just lulls me off tuh sleep.. feel like i'm sneakin in a nap.. Thems the better kinnah naps anyways.." She turns her glass empty glass over, pushing the remainded of the Vodka bottle back to Benny. "Keep that fer later. Ahm gonna go get somethin tah eat before I head back.. "
Emma Emma looks like she is gonna say something, then stops, her cheeks, oddly red. "Ah - ah, um, okay." She says, nodding."Guess it's best nat ta - ta go alone, assassin's may finish the job." Yeah she laughs, trying to take the humour side of coping. She looks to Tabitha and nods. "Yer - yer safe there, tha offices or tha hospital. Tha on call room is best, use that. An' nobody will bother ya an' ya can still hear tha noise. Have a good night." With a wave she'd head to the door.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles and waves, getting a glass of water for herself as Emma heads to the door. "Bug me later!" she calls out.
Benny "Okay, but it's already got your name on it. Have a good night Tabitha and I'll see ya soon. Take care and be safe." Benny says to the southern Doctor, giving her a shy smile as he picks up the bottle of vodka, putting it back into his messenger bag and follows Emma out the door.