Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa The Field Office held many assets through the city of Paris and subsequent townships around the city. In one of the smaller townships they have a unused warehouse facility.

The warehouse sat on a old rail line property, long since abandoned. The main line, now several miles away, once connected via a track that led down to the front of the building. There, train at one time would've met a concrete slab to offload product. The track appeared abused and worn; missing rail sections here and there. Grass grow around the sleepers, fasteners and ballasts. The property was mostly dirt and gravel with high weeds and grass growing in the distance.

The property itself had a high chain link fence with barbed wiring around it. A single entrance with a security guard shack could be seen at the front. Leading on, one would see the massive warehouse that rose three stories in the air with angular roof. The warehouse was mostly made of metal. Several old entrances on the concrete slab could be seen, but a newer metal security door is seen toward the front with a single light and camera above it.
Bryant Crothers Bryant stepped outside the vehicle. He looked up towards the large sheet metal structure, hands resting on his hips. "I thought this was an investigation, not a drug deal." he said jokingly before chuckling to himself. Even if no one else thought his jokes were funny, he always seemed to amuse himself. Putting his hands back down to his sides he approach the metal security door, which looked out of place compared to the worn looking shell of a building. He looked up at the security camera for a moment, wondering if someone needed to lock the door for him. Bryant was however, never known for his patience as he soon began to try to oppen the door.
Ares Buchanan Ares insisted on taking his own car. He promised to never leave another behind after Raccoon, and thankfully with the insurance money he was able to replace his Mercury with a vintage Mustang Mach 1. The security recognized the black car and it's candy apple red racing stripe and waved the junior agent on through.

"We never did no drug deals at places like this. Well, aside from that big grow op in Humbolt." The man says aside to Bryant as he steps out of the driver's seat and places a black fedora atop his head. "So what do we know about all this?"
Molly Molly looks to Bryant as he speaks and just rolls her eyes, softly shaking her head. Humor is truly lost on her. Her attention flits to Ares and she offers a shrug of her shoulders and just shakes her head no. Her hands already ready to grab her pistol just in case. Her attention always alert around her.
Esa Once inside the property, one is met with a very dull entry way. A small, ten by ten room with a guard sitting opposite of the door behind a bullet-proof glass. A door sat the left and a camera was angled above the exit door and in the corner nearest to the other door.

The guard looks up and states "Badges out. Guns in the tray." He states as a drawer opens up. His eyes flick to Molly "All of them."
Bryant Crothers "What? Are we the TSA now?" Bryant asks sarcastically. With a deep sigh he unholsters his pistol and moves forward to set it in the tray. He reaches into his coat pocket for his badge and shows it to the guard with an impatient look on his face.
Ares Buchanan "Guess we'll find out." Ares drawls out with a slight shrug. He flips his badge out and pulls the Python from his shoulder holster, setting it down in the drawer. With that done with he steps aside.

"Ain't nothin' to worry about. They trained you well enough you don't need ah gun to get by, right?"
Molly Molly lets out an exasperated sigh, muttering softly to herself as she puts four guns into the tray, even doing a spin around to show she doesn't have anymore. Then she shoves her badge towards the guy to look at. Her eyes flit to Ares and comments "Was trained to shoot to kill.. not brawl...."
Bob Bob's running a bit behind everyone else and he may have gotten the wrong memo about what kind of op it is. He's dressed in full battle rattle and armed to the teeth, but it's cool. As he comes up in line with the guys turning in their weapons he says, "Yo." There's an exhausted look to him, like he's been up for a long time with no sleep. He flashes his badge and starts passing guns over. He's only got three of them, but one is pretty big.
Chase Dalton Chase follows up just behind Bob, decked out in battle rattle as well, though less so (bulkwise). He turns in his weapons as well, though it's obvious he feels like he's cutting off a finger, hand, or arm. Orders are orders, though, so he follows willingly.
Esa The door buzzes open with a click. "Have a good day." The security guard drawls."

You enter a corridor that runs the width of the building and curves to the right, ending a door. Upon exiting, you step inside the large warehouse. While you can see the ceiling, and not the distance to go to the end, the mass majority of the interior is made up of varying sizes of cubicles and chain-link fencing.

A technician stands waiting for you; he is wearing glasses, a lab coat with a long sleeve forest green shirt and slacks. "This way." He says calmly as he leads the group down a winding corridor that eventually leads to the old train loading section.

In this case, there was a large enclosed room that came off the doors. A single door lead inside.

Walking inside the room, one would find several tables with varying degrees of parts and equipment. they range in size and type, all placed in evidence bags or, if too big, with catalog cards. Several banks of computers were at one end. A glass window looks beyond to where the loading doors were; and badly bombed Lexus.

The lab technician who lead you in, turns around and smiles. "This is what we've collected thus far. Feel free to review them and look over them." He pauses "All of this will be, of course, transferred to Mister Collins." He adds quietly before leaving.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell enters the building without his weaponry, it felt like he was naked except he wasn't. Which was a very weird feeling. He walks towards the Technician and nods to him. "Alrighty..." he says, sighing. "So what are we doing here?" he asks of his colleagues as he walks towards the various bits and bobs. Examining one with his SPECIAL EYES.
Molly Molly glares at Caldwell as she says "Investigating the explosion you idiot." SHe takes out her plastic gloves and begins to put them on. Her hands then put up a sharp knife and she begins to look over it very carefully. Confusion is all over her face as she mutters "G.F.H. What fucking organization is that?"
Ares Buchanan "Gall dang." Ares whistles as he looks over the pieces of car. "Saw this before way ba-" His attention shifts to Caldwell as he enters and he gives the man a slight nod. "Way back when I was self employed. They phoned this one in, but they were probably close when they rang. Any surveillance cameras around where tha car was?"
Bob Like everyone else, Bob searches through the various piece of automobile to see what he can find. It's clear that he's not in his element, but he's there to help things along anyway. Eventually he finds himself staring at a file folder, a frown forming on his mouth as he reads. "C4 explosives. Means whoever did this was likely a pro or at least has access to serious stuff."
Bryant Crothers Bryant looks over to Bob. "C4? That's pretty common with Terrorist Organizations, aside from IEDs of course." Bryant scratches the hair on his chin with a contemplative look on his face. "Maybe this G.FH has ties to terroism? That might be why they targeted Emma specifically."
Chase Dalton "Hot damn." Chase glances to Bob as he picks through the pieces. He wanders over and (politely) invades the man's space (ever so slightly) to eyeball the contents of the folder for himself. Letting out an appreciative whistle, a shiver runs down his spine. "C4. Nasty stuff." But useful, even fun, in the right hands, of course.
Esa While the evidence collected from the car laid on the table now, the care still had more to tell. It would appear the bomb went off inside or nearly inside judging by the burn patterns and the fact nothing interiorly survived. Exterior was a mess, the bomb burned hot enough to melt the paint to the steel; tires and glass were also gone. It was amazing that someone survived.

While most of the stuff on the table was just parts, there were some files.
Ares Buchanan "Oh shit." Ares says as he goes back over to the window to look at the car. "They weren't tryin' to kill her." He reaches up and scratches at the stubble on his jaw. "Look at that there." The pointer finger on his other hand comes up to point at the passenger side of the car. "Do we know who she was drivin' around?"
Bryant Crothers Bryant moves closer to the evidence table. "I wonder why they find it necessary to keep the car behind a barrier like that..." his words trail off as he approaches the table and notices the files lying on the table. He reaches out to take a file, and proceeds to casually peruse through the contents.
Bob "This stuff is specifically Yugoslavian," Bob says as he holds up the piece of paper, still frowning at it. "So that might be something to work with. I don't know what France's borders are like but I don't think they want this shit getting through." He passes off the sheet of paper to Chase to let him see if he can make anything more out of it. "And GFH sounds like a thing I should know. Maybe we can check with records back on the ship?"
Chase Dalton "Yeah. GFH sounds seriously familiar, tip of my tongue. I ran into a couple of their people a while back; hiring former soldiers willing to 'yes sir' and keep quiet if the money's good enough. Yeah, that's not something I'm comfy with at all, so I told them as much." Chase shrugs, looking over the paper as it's handed off to him, and then glances up at the mention of Yugoslavians. "Yugoslavia? Oh boy. Those fuckers don't mess around. I worked with a couple of Yugoslavs, once upon a time. You could cut the tension in the room with a B-2 Nano blade.."
Molly Molly picks up a metal tube and says "The is mostly fucking burned but... what I can fucking read says Emma: GFH hired by stafa... the rest is burned and then is continues to say They are in... which is burned and then Investigation in... something burned again... and then is confirmed..."
Esa There wasn't much else to discern from the evidence. What one could tell was clear. Someone else was the intended target; that someone was with or meeting with Emma when the car was remotely detonated by C4 (PP-01). That person was killed, but unidentifiable at this time. That this also seems to be tied to some person words stafa in it, something unknown was confirmed and some mercenary group named GFH is involved. And to top it off Agent Collins was somehow involved too as files were being sent to him.
Bryant Crothers Bryant drops the files back onto the table. "So our leads are, GFH, 'stafa', C4, and Agent Collins." Bryant sighs deeply and pauses for a moment before speaking again. "This seems to get more complicated the more we look into it." For a moment he remembered why his work as a Private Investigator didn't work out, but he shook that thought from his mind before he allowed it to discourage him. "So, what now gang? Time to go solve this thing in the Mystery Machine?" he laughed dryly at his own joke, not expecting anyone else to reciprocate his weak attempt at humor.
Ares Buchanan "Well, I reckon that's about all we'll learn from this." Ares decides, heading back over to the table. "Nah, we'll need to chat with Agent Collins, see if we can find anything out about the intended target. Soon as we do that we'll be that much closer to figurin' out who in tha hell ordered this."
Bob "Anybody know a Mustafa? That's the only name I can come up with with a 'stafa' in it," Bob says out loud before letting out a giant sigh. His attention turns towards Bryant and Bob shrugs his shoulders, "You got me, man. I'm lost here. Tell me to fix people or hurt them and I'm the man, but this mystery shit has me feeling inadequate." He glances over towards Ares and gives that guy a nod, "You're right. We should see what he knows. He's likely still at the hospital, though."
Molly Molly rolls her eyes at Bryant joke. Not even a smile cracked at the scooby doo reference. She carefully puts the items she discovered into evidence bags and properly labels them. With her typical deadpan tone she asks "Do we have a forsenics lab? Still learning my way around base."
Chase Dalton "No Mustafas ringing bells, boss.." Chase shrugs to Bob. "Got me." He then nods about Agent Collins. "We should check in with that guy.. Lead on." He stretches, working the tension from his muscles.
Esa A lab tech walks in about the time Molly talks "No, you can not take anything out of here." He looks to the chart "And it's time for ya'll to leave, now." He gestures with a hand "Please exit this way."