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The screams Celeste heard coming from the alleyway were terrible to behold, the last sounds of a dying woman. Whether she raced forward to investigate immediately or not too long after when it might be 'safe'; the result is the same.

A badly dismembered body lies in the alleyway, missing its head.


The Paris Police had cordoned off the area with Police tape when they were called to the area. As a potential witness, Celeste was still allowed in the area. Under most circumstances, the FBC would not be called to a murder scene, but this was different.

Thus a call had been put out to the Federal Bioterrorism Commission and presently Agents Buchanan and Crothers along with Major Stadler were arriving to deal with what they had only been told was a 'sensitive' matter.
Richard Stadler Sensetive matters. Of course they were sensetive matters. Stadler preferred things that way, honestly; in their line of work, when it transitioned outside of sensetive, it usually came with words like 'martial law' and 'quarentine had failed'. Which is why Stadler was there with the two agents, in plain clothes, a slightly rumpled, out-of-fashion suit and glasses making him look a bit like an assistant principal at an American high school.

Shined shoes tap lightly aganist the pavement, a tactical light in Stadler's hand on and playing over the area, sweeping across the alley... and then centering on a body that no longer had the power to disgust Rick. "I really hope we don't see more of these." He says, moving closer to it, procuring latex surgical gloves from a pocket and snapping them on. "Can you two flank out around the alley? See if we can figure out any clues, talk to the person who discovered it. I want to take a look here..." He says, kneeling down. Checking for the cause of the dismemberment. Esspecially for the odd bite...
Bryant Crothers "Good god." Bryant cringed with disgust, he had seen a lot but even that didn't subtract from the horror that were the remains of this woman. He inspected every wound, every disfigurement in an attempt to possibly deduce what may have happened. He wasn't sute what did this, but he 'was' sure of one thing, no zombie did this.
Ares Buchanan "Got it." Ares drawls out with a slight nod to Richard. He was going for much of the same look, but ended up looking more like a dirty cop in a Noir film, from his dark fedora to the shined brown shoes on his feet. The gloves gripping his hands were more suited for firing a gun or gripping a steering wheel, but not everybody on this outing could be a doctor.

"Any idea what did this?" he calls back as he circles around, checking the perimeter as he moves towards the witness.
Celeste Celeste was in her typical outfit. Though she wasn't her usual chipper self. She is nearby and comments to all of them "I found her like this... I... I heard something... or someone speaking but... it was all distorted and inhuman and.... over what I assume was her screaming I couldn't really make our even what it was saying... Did anyway find her poor head?"
Bryant Crothers "If had to guess, I'd say she got hit by a truck." Bryant shook his head. "But if that was the case, we wouldn't be here."
Kitten The arms and legs of the young woman appear to be torn out of their sockets and are not far from the body, the head and spinal cord ripped out entirely with the spinal cord coiled up like a snake against the wall.

Blood was everywhere. Little bits of flesh and gore to. Even some bone.

It was enough to make most people sick.

Most of the police on scene did not speak English and most of you did not speak French, thankfully the Inspector on site did.

A gruff man with a thick mustache, uncombed hair and a dirty suit who smelled of wine and cigarettes explained to the FBC Agents in thickly accented English, "Ah, Qui Qui. You American pigs are finally here, let's fucking get this over with shall me? I have a hooker to bang somewhere or you know, whatever the fuck I get paid to do."

Running a hand through his greasy hair, he reached into his jacket and handed a wallet over to Rick, "Vivienne Leigh Asherion, one of your own. We found the identification on that corpse, if you can call it a corpse. We have comb the crime scene and there is nothing but body part and blood to be found. We let you handle it from here, body is yours to uh, do what you want with."

Without another word The Inspector walked out of the alley and hopped in an old looking little car and drove off.

There was very little evidence to find at the crime scene, just the body parts..
Celeste Celeste blinks a bit and looks to Bryant as she says "Hit by a truck.... in a alleyway... seriously? Try no.... not with what I heard..." She leans against the wall as she looks to the body again and just shakes her head softly. She scoffs at the thick mustachio perv and rolls her eyes as she comments to him "Should you care more about what the hell did this than getting your damn dick wet? Sick French pig... Where is her head..." Then inspector leaving she starts with a string of curses at him, all in French.
Ares Buchanan "Nothin' I saw in Raccoon could do this. 'cept maybe that damn gorilla." Ares shakes his head slowly. He'd seen a lot of sick shit while he was working undercover, but this topped all of it. "We're lookin' at something with ah human level intelligence or that's mighty good at takin' orders."

He sighs quietly as he finally finishes his walk around, coming to a stop near Celeste. "If you could think real hard about what it was that you heard, maybe you could give us somethin' we can make head or tails of."
Bryant Crothers "An FBC agent just shows up dead with no evidence and the inspector rushes off in a hurry?" @emit "An FBC agent just shows up dead with no evidence and the inspector rushes off in a hurry?" Bryant looked down at the mangled body again, clearly disgusted by the scene he turns away. "We should probably do some digging on that guy." he mentions to his fellow FBC agents. Bryant scans the scene for the witness and comes across a familar face that he begins to approach.
Richard Stadler Stadler almost wish this site made him want to throw up. Probably mean he was stil normal. But no, it was too easy to see all of this as pieces of meat... granted, a lot of meat that's in different areas. Still hard to find it too morbid these days. FOr the few moments that Rick has to examine before the Inspector chimes in.

At first, Rick just gives the Inspector a glance that says he hold's the name in as low regard as he holds them. With a dash of, 'I hold back the apocylpse while you fuck prositues' sort of look. But that changes when the name's muttered. It takes a moments recognition, but Rick reads the briefings and the personnel jackets, and his head whips around to the Inspector, a bit of blood draining from the face. Hand taking the wallet, then back at the body.

Flipping open the wallet. Checking the picture, comparing it to the mound of flesh in front of them there. Knowing enough not to touch his face with those gloves, but still quiet. "Well. Fuck. Thought this was some... poor nobody that got bit, torn apart by a murderer. Not one of our own who died alone in a way where we can't hold open the goddamn casket." He says, nodding to Celeste. "And right. I don't like to sterotype. Man's just a prick I now want to slam his face into a car door if I got the fucking chance.:

To Bryant, he nods. "Dig. Dig as much as you can. Maybe he's lazy. Maybe he's in on something. Maybe I just want a target to smack around." He says, before noding to Ares. "And that concerns me. Maybe a MA-120, or a Licker. Or someone deranged. I'm going to get a DNA sample."
Bryant Crothers "You really think an MA-120 could run around the city without anyone noticing?" He sighs deeply, scratching his head with the back of the pen he had been using to take notes on his notepad. "I realize this whole crime scene sounds far-fetched but I just don't see that happening."
Celeste Celeste sighs as she says "I can try but... over her... her screams... I couldn't make it out... it didn't sound human. It sounded... maybe engineered... but I really couldn't make it out... I... I am so sorry this happened to her and I wish I knew more..." She looks to Richard and says "I kinda wanna see you do that to him and then refuse to give him first aid. Mustachio bastard..."
Ares Buchanan "There an entrance to tha catacombs 'round here somewhere?" Ares asks, perking up slightly as the idea hits him, his gaze moving to Stadler. And then Celeste is speaking, which causes him to wince slightly. "So, it was somethin' like that monster in Raccoon." He reaches up and takes his hat off, pressing it against his chest.

"Lord help her family, this ain't gonna be easy on 'em."
Celeste Celeste blushes as she says "Maybe? I wasn't in Raccoon City. I was studying aboard and about to graduate with my medical degree. I..." She sighs and waits a moment before she says "I could try to... like figure out the... the pressure it took to do this to her... if you wanted but... I am sure her family would rather but her to rest sooner than later."
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler points to the body... and the parts lying around, after he's retreived his sample. He'd call someone in, get a body bag for the area here, and make sure that at the very least she'd be buried properly. "That body was not killed by someone looking to remove a piece from the board. Or not just that. That was killed by something that wanted to make a statement, or just had the strength to play with the corpse. And that says, to me, that there's something we're going to need to kill before it kills more people."

To Ares, he stops, looking around the area he's in, down to the ground. "Did not think about that. Not at all. Which concerns the hell out of me and makes me think we need to get back somewhere where we have more guns. Something like what was in Raccoon could have done this. A lot of things that were in Raccoon could have done this. Maybe we're lucky this thing only took one of ours. "

Rick looked to Celese, eyes hard through his glasses. "If you know what you're talking about, I could hire you on as a consultant, see if we can take a look at the body. Need to run some things, but wouldn't be hard. Her family is going to have a hard time, but if that hard time is a week extended so we can save more lives later, I'll take the gamble."
Celeste Celeste looks to Rick as she says "I know enough that I can help. Or at least do my damnedest. Might need my lead... oh wait... I dunno if she has her memory back yet... but I could see if she does. She could help me, Emma. What ever did this..." she visibly shudders "I... I can only imagine what it would have done if it got me..."
Ares Buchanan "Yeah, we know it was something strong. Now we just gotta figure out if it was a random attack or if she was targeted. I'd sit down everyone she was close to an' have a chat with them." Ares sticks the hat back atop his bald spot and puts his hands on his hips. In doing this he pushes his coat open enough to reveal a gun holstered at his shoulder as well as a strange metallic object. "And I'd do it quick before they kill again."
Celeste Celeste pushes off the wall and carefully walks over to the poor dismembered body. As she looks over it her eyes go wide and she says "I... oh god... whatever did this... ripped her limbs and head off... like with pure brute force... and by hand... by the look of the bruising that is beginning to develop on her skin..." She shudders more and looks woeful.
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler shakes his head. "Something random? I don't think so. Sure, it could be coincedence, but I'm paranoid, and paranoia's worked for me so far. Something that did this... it's something we're supposed to deal with. Maybe she tried to deal with it. Maybe she was investigating. But what killed her wasn't trying to make it look like a mugger." He says, eyeing the pistol that Ares reveals. "Watch the gun." He notes "I keep mine at my back. A lot harded for people to see."

To Celeste, he gives another nod... grimacing. "That's... something I would expect. A creature. A strong one. Inhumanely strong. And very... very concerning."
Ares Buchanan "Yeah, but I ain't got a holster for that. Rather not stick it in my waistband, be less embarrassing ta flash ah badge than go to the doctor." Ares replies with a slight shrug, glad to have a brief palate cleanser from the gruesome scene that's etched into his brain forever.

"So we're lookin' at Umbrella or that Marcus fella. Or shit, I reckon it coulda been anybody that got their hands on the virus."
Celeste Celeste swallows hard as she walks closer to Richard and Ares as she says "Um... can you guys like... stay near me until we... we are out of here... this has my skin crawling with worry...." She begins to look paler for a moment and though doesn't seem to get sick from it. She shifts where she stands as she says "Stupid fucking virus... this is why bioterror is wrong... and fucking hate Umbrella.... stupid bastards... this is all there fault... here... Raccoon City..." She sadly sighs.
Ares Buchanan "Sure thing. So long as the Major don't mind I can give you ah ride back to wherever." Ares suggests down to Celeste with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Sure I've got ah business card somewhere in my car too. Make it easier to keep in touch." It's his turn to sigh quietly now, turning so that he can't see any of the copse bits.
Richard Stadler Not everywhere's going to respond to the badge. I don't know about you, but I don't want to have to give my weapon up when I'm going anywhere. Like a goddamn hospital." He mentions. A bit of a look to Celeste has him nodding for a moment, and moving closer to Celeste. As if they could do much if this creature came back besides die before she did. "The virus is... bad. Bioterrorism is bad, as well, but I don't think whe could cal this.. terrorism. Just something worse."

He waves a hand. "You people get out of here. Take her back to a safe location for debrief. I'll be waiting here for the retrivel squad. Don't think she should be alone in death like she was alone in dying."
Celeste Celeste comments "Trixie never got in trouble for me riding around with her so I doubt you will. And the business card will work nicely." Her gaze then looks to Rick as she says "Obviously it is much worse... but none of this... would even occur if stupid Umbrella wasn't doing their... their damned bioweapon shit... and no she shouldn't be alone... not... not like this... no one deserves this..." She then looks up to Ares as she says "I am ready whenever you are... maybe I can find Trixie at your headquarters..."
Ares Buchanan Ares nods. "Alrighty. Then let's get out of here." His gaze moves over to Stadler and he nods at the man. "Ifin they ain't made it by the time I get her there I'll come back an' wait with you. I'm already gonna have nightmares anyways."