Umbrella Surveillance System
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Bryant Crothers Paris, France.
An apartment building is the scene of a T-Virus outbreak. FBC and BSAA forces have set up a large perimeter around the city block, evacuating the surrounding area and quarantining the building. Crowds of press and curious civilians are driven away from the perimeter and reassured the situation is under control. The rain falls heavily, pummeling the various pavements and asphalts of this particular city block, making everyone on the outsides job just that much more difficult. Flash flood warnings bombard the airwaves of radio and television, lightning lights up the dark streets for an instant before the being stripped back into darkness by the sickening crackle of thunder. An inconvenient time to storm, as the only method of absolute containment available for this outbreak is sterilization by fire. The quarantine will have to extended until the storm ends however, that is obviously much easier said than done. There are still survivors to rescue, causes to be determined and (most likely) covered up. Armed men and women in riot gear and gas masks surround the building, while others patrol the block in rain. Snipers on buildings, surveillance vans in alleys, scientists who look like they may have never held a gun in their life, escorted by intimidating agents with large firearms and heavy armor, hazmat scientists examining retrieved corpses, every cliche one may associate with a quarantine is present here.
Bob Armed to the teeth and ready to rock, Bob Delgado is here at the scene of the outbreak. It's not his first rodeo, either, based on the way he studies the situation as well as goes over his gear, checking briefly to make sure his guns are loaded and accessible. The pouring rain doesn't seem to bother him, he's on a mission to rescue any survivors in the building and eradicate anything else he comes across. Once he's ascertained that his equipment is good to go he approaches an entry point, seeming to study it before attempting to breach. His head tilts over his shoulder and he calls out, "This one's as good as any other. I'm going to breach it, everyone get ready to provide covering fire."
Grant Senan Grant muttered profanities under his breath as he hurried down the third story hallway of the complex. Having been called in to meet a contact at a supposedly quiet apartment. Inconspicuous. Simple. Safe. None of these words applied to the situation any longer. The infection had run rampant at the beginning, gourging themselves on the ones they once knew. Luckily, all the ones he had seen were lower specimens. Nothing too dangerous. However, the FBC outside were another story. He had little doubt they'd be dangerous should he come across them. He had to find a way out, immediately and secretly.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell arrives on the scene with a car driven by his good friend DIRK DANGERFIELD. The two step outside and assess the situation, infected and quarantine zone. Easy enough, provided there are no BOWs besides just zombies. He steps into the dark and rainy night with his good buddy Dirk and proceeds to set himself up with his dual Samurai Edges, awaiting for his orders to move in. He nods to Bob "You got it." and him and Dirk get on the side of the building, ready to breach at a moments notice.
Markus Berger One of the scientists that gathered to help out happens to be the TRICELL employee Doctor Markus Berger who volunteered to help out like he did a few times in the past. At least compared to what one would expect from someone of his job he definitely does look like he has carried a gun before. Namely an assault rifle which he checks again as he lurks near another entry point ot the building and prepares to enter to investigate the cause of the Outbreak. Everything else being secondary and everyone elses job.
Bob Now that it's time to do his thing Bob gets himself ready, moving up to the door he'd selected to position himself alongside of it. His shotgun's grip held in his right hand, Delgado uses his left to gingerly try the door's knob to see if it's locked. And it's not, so Bob swings it right open and puts his non dominant hand back on his gun, ready to follow up should he need to.
Bryant Crothers The door swings open momentarily revealing an open lobby-like area. Furniture is tipped over, objects lie strewn out all over the floor, blood stains the the black and white tiles that line the floor. A light flickers as the bulb on the inside struggles to hold on to what little life it has left. A flash of lightning fills the room as the lights go out, the room now almost pitch black. Within no time the deafening bang of thunder meets everyones ears before they realize what happened. The power is now out, movement can be heard around the room, but it is too dark to spot 'what' exactly is moving around.
Grant Senan Grant stopped dead in his tracks. The sudden blackness blinded his vision, disorienting him. He easily inched himself over to the wall, allowing his eyes time to adjust. Ever so slowly, he inched himself forward, all of his senses reaching out for any sound or sign of harmful intent. Feeling nervous, the scientist pulled out his Umbrella-issued firearm.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell opens the door and Dirk remains situated outside. Entering the room and assessing the situation, needing no time to adjust due to his infected abilities slowly growing in power each and every day. He walks around the room. Waiting for the zombies or other creatures to make themselves known. He pulls up his dual samurai Edges and casually waits...patiently. Like a lion waiting for prey.
Markus Berger Markus doesn't have it any better than a few others as he can't see much either in the darkness as he enters the building, instead quickly heading towards a wall to at least keep one side covered at all times to wait until his eyes adjust at least slightly while keeping his rifle pointed forwards.
Bob While he might not have magic powers like other members of the FBC, Bob does have night vision goggles. He quickly lowers them onto his face so that he can see in the darkness and switches them on, giving them a second to adjust before following Caldwell into the room, shotgun at the ready. Moving towards his teammate, Bob readies himself for whatever might suddenly appear and try to eat him.
Bryant Crothers As grant focuses his senses as he may no longer rely too heavily on his sight, he begins to hear and odd shuffling sound coming from farther down the wallway in front of him. As his eyes adjust he can just barley see something coming around a corner.

William, being able to see perfectly can see the two hunched over Zombies in the corner of the room begin to rise and turn towards his direction, their grotesque moaning echocing through the room as they begin to inch their way towards him.
Grant Senan Grant hushed all activity, breathing as shallowly as possible. He peered as deeply as he could into the darkness, trying to make out the shape or the movements of the being in front of him. Slowly, he aimed his pistol at the entity, more of a safety measure than an act of violence.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell raises his Dual Samurai Edges and fires off one quick shot towards the two undead munchers, each shot shattering their brains and causing a ooey gooey mess onto the walls that they were near at the time. Quickly turning his head to look at the area around him and beginning to move on should he spot no other enemies in sight. Caldwell quietly walks through the building, his eyes watching and waiting for more undead to show up. He was good at this, this was his job after all.
Bryant Crothers The shuffling noise continues to grow closer and closer to grant as he points his firearm forward. As the figure comes closer some details can be made out, short, male, possibly covered in blood? This is all that Grant could gather before, to his suprise, the figure begins to speak quietly. "H-help m-m-me.."

The echo of the gunfire rings through the lobby as the two zombies lie on the ground, blood spilling rapidly from what's left of their skulls. This clearly drew some attention as the sounds of the anquished moans of the infected begin to roar from a large hallway to Willaims left.
Bob As Caldwell clears the front area Bob moves to back him up, staying close behind the big guy in case something should try to separate or flank them. His head's on a swivel as the night vision device narrows his field of view, but it's much better to be able to see at all. At the sound of the moaning Bob moves up to stand alongside his co-worker and aim his weapon down the hallway, ready to face whatever might be coming his way.
Grant Senan Startled, Grant's aim pulled up. Speaking softly he replied to the stranger. "Hey... Are you hurt? Let's get you out of this hallway and into some safety, like one of these rooms." Taking one hand off his gun he tried the nearest doorknob, keeping his eyes on the shape in the darkness.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell simply waits patiently in the lobby, raising his Samurai Edges and waiting for the zombies to come to him, smiling as he whistles for Dirk to come back him up, which he does so, Dirk takes him towards the zombie and fires his deagle at the monster that comes towards his goodbuddy CALDWELL. Caldwell meanwhile fucking delivers a fisting so powerful it cracks the zombies skull in half and causes it to slump to the floor, rubbing blood off his knuckle and raising his Samurai Edges again "Plenty more where that came from."
Bryant Crothers Bob turns to face the hallway, and as he witnesses Caldwell deliever a mighty blow to the skull of a zombie, he notices three more of them start to make their way through the door way, closer to William.

As Will pulls back his fist from the glorius dome-splitting punch he delievered to the zombie, so absorbed in this action he almost fails to notice the group of zombies trailing behind his victim.

Grant reaches for the door to find it unlocked, as the door swings open though it may be hard to see in the pitch black of this sheetrock prision of hell that was once an apartment building, it is very obvious that this apartment was the scene of a struggle, he can hear broken glass crunch under his feet as he takes his first step into the room, and the small amount of light that pours in through the windows from the outside is just enough to see the amount of broken and tipped over furniture. The figure still breathing heavily behind him begins another attempt to form words, however his strained mumbling is far from coherent to Grant's ears.
Bob "Remind me not to fist bump you," Bob says to Caldwell after watching the guy finish a zombie off with a punch. His shotgun's aimed down the hallway so it's a simple matter for him to spot the zombies making their way towards the trio of humans. "Head's up, Caldwell," he alerts the fellow before his shotgun barks twice. Two shots, two zombies splattered.
Grant Senan Grant only waited long enough for the man to enter, the room gave him a bad feeling. Instead he moved back passed the man. "Wait for me here. I'll go find help." he stated calmly before pulling the door closed.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell raises his Fists again and proceeds to duke it out with one of the zombies, delivering a quick FALCON KICK into the groin of one of the zombies before proceeding to rip it in half with his DAMN BARE HANDS. Dirk meanwhile, fires off multiple shots from his Juan Deag at the zombie horde approaching, Caldwell kicking the body back once it's been thoroughly ripped apart by the mutant man. "Bob, go on without me. I got it handled here." he meanwhile begins to watch the chaos unfold around him. Dirk's got his back and later they would return to his apartment and do some coloring together. Dirk was Caldwell's BRO.
Bryant Crothers The lobby becomes silent as the final zombie drops to the floor. The only sounds are those of the storm outside. Another flash of lightning fills the room abruptly with light before the next crack of thuder causes the windows to shake a bit.

The door begins to swing shut behind Grant, the man inside tries to call out to him but is unable to speak loudly enough to catch Grants ear, though it may not have mattered even if he did.
Bob "I think we're clear, buddy," Bob tells his pal before he turns around to check out things around him for a moment. There's still people to be saved inside, though, so Bob quickly reloads his shotgun and starts moving again, sweeping his weapon from side to side once the fresh magazine is in.
Grant Senan Grant inched himself down the hallway, eager to reach the stairwell. His grip tightened on his pistol, the stress of the night already playing on his nerves. Being slightly careless, Grant rushed towards the stairs before stopping to listen.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell begins to move up the apartment block, beginning to reload his Samurai Edges as he walks through the darkness, his eyes completely aware of his surroundings as Dirk simply follows him up the staircase, his flashlight looking around the area. "I feel like shits about to get real" he mutters to Dirk. Continuing to move.
Bryant Crothers The three FBC agents move carefully up the staircase. The stairs are littered with trash and other dropped or forgotten objects. Dried blood paints the walls and stairs themselves and a few bodies are lying around the stairwell.

Grant stops to listen at the stairwell. The roaring sound of the rain on the outside is all that can be heard. Grant help as to feel as though the rain on the outside, the realtivley safe outside was somehow mocking him.
Bob "Caldwell, do you frequently find yourself getting angry?" Bob asks the other guy with a glance back towards the ripped up zombie, it being a thing he should probably take into consideration. Then his attention goes back to making sure nothing's sneaking up on them, trying to keep things covered. The bodys on the stairwell get a poke from the muzzle of his weapon as he passes them in order to make sure they're not going to move any time soon.
Grant Senan Satisfied with hearing no threats and eager to escape, Grant began to descend the stairwell. Pausing before reaching the second floor, the scientist peered carefully. Reaching out with his senses once more, he hoped to identify any obstacles before they arose.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell looks towards Bob "Sometimes, why? It's normal for me." he says, continuing to move up the staircase and look for more ZAMBORINOS to kill. He looks around the area and proceeds to start kicking in doors, looking for survivors or more undead to clear out. Dirk following closely behind and covering his rear in case he's needed for backup. Quickly reloading his gun while he does so.
Bryant Crothers As the FBC agents continue to the second floor, they all spot a figure at the top of the stairs. They easily deduce this to not be a Zombie, as this one is standing deliberatley against the wall and holding a gun. Neither are things zombies tend to do.

Grant sees a beam a light coming from the bottom of the stairs. Not bright enough to be lighting, and he can't remember Zombies ever being able to work a flashlight. He must have company.
Bob "It's just that you're destroying zombies with your bare hands. That..." Bob has to think for a second before he can come up with a proper reply. "People usually shoot them. I'm just making sure you're okay. If you need someone to talk to you can always come find me." When he spots the figure standing on the stairs above him Bob calls out to him, "Yo! FBC! We're here to get you out!"
Grant Senan Upon hearing FBC, Grant shifts his hands, carefully covering up the Umbrella logo on his gun using his palm. "Thank God you're here! It's been a nightmare man! There's a guy up there! He's... he's hurt! You have to help!"
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell looks up at Veir and nods to him "Got it, we're coming up." and then to Bob "It's a lot easier then just shooting plain zombies with Nemesis rounds. I didn't bring my OICW, just my two nemesis round modified Samurais. So it's easier to kill them with my fists. I appreciate the thought though." he moves up the stairs and towards Veir, motioning for Dirk and Bob to follow. Caldwell was trained only slightly in first aid so his treatment would be minor. Bob would probably be better at this. So he simply stands guard and protects the entryways
Bob "Okay. I was worried about you for a second, didn't realise those pistols were packing Nemesis," Bob explains to Caldwell, though there'd be some curiosity in his face is it was visible behind the NVDs and gas mask. His attention focuses on Veir for a moment, "Can you direct me to the injured party, please?"
Grant Senan "Third floor... I don't know the room. I couldn't see! I just.. I just wanted to get him out of further harm's way! I just... I just want to get out of here! There was just so much blood an-and I saw the others turn when they got hurt! I just don't want him to change into one of those.. those things!" Grant rambled, throwing out the best delusion he could of panicked citizen.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell Nods to Bobbert and begins to kick down doors with his steel toed boots, looking for the injured citizen. "Start getting doors down, gotta find him before the undead do." he mutters then looks to Veir for a moment, how did a panicked citizen have a gun? Probably a gun nut. Caldwell keeps moving.
Bryant Crothers Caldwell kicks down door after door. Eventually coming to a door labelled '202'. Upon kicking kicking in the door to room 202 he comes across a a hunched over zombie, devouring the remains of a man lying on the floor. Broken glass crunches under his foot as his kicking foot reaches the floor.
Bob "It's alright, sir, we'll handle it. Try to stay with us while we find that other person," Bob patiently deals with the frightened looking man, putting some softness in his voice as best that he can even though he's not great at it. He joins Caldwell in the door kicking, trying to find their survivor so they can pull him out, hopefully.
Grant Senan Holding the ruse until the men were occupied, Grant dropped the ruse. Slinking down the stairs as quickly as he could. Reaching the lobby, he was greeted with a massacre. The rank smell of death assaulted him, but the sight of the door kept him going. Hiding gis weapon, Grant went for the exit.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell walks towards the zombie and quickly grabs hold of it, grabbing hold of it's head and bashing it against his armored kneepad, afterwards proceeding to throw it with an inhumane strength across the room and through a fucking wall. Once that's over he kneels down and checks over the man that's been munched on. "He's dead..or infected..or both. Either way, there are probably no more survivors. We should probably clear out Bob." he remarks, rising up and dusting off his hands
Bob "Alright, man. Let's get going," Bob replies to Caldwell after watching what the man does to the infected. His head shakes a little bit in surprise, or disbelief, but he presses on. Got a mission to finish up. His attention turns back the way they came from and he starts to head out.