Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma The hospital isn't overly busy - as in, there is no major emergency at this time. There is the typical coming and going of people, of patients, doctors, nurses, visitors. Which is nice, considering how much chaos can hit at any random moment.

It's cold out. Cold and grey, and there is some snow on the ground, and the threat of more to come. Due to this, people are getting colds, which seems to be the most common ailment here.

The Scottish lass, known as Emma, is standing at a nurses station, filling out forms. Her left leg is in a boot, as it's still recovering from being snapped in half. And her right arm is in a cast, as well. Luckily the lass is left handed. Her long red hair is put back into a simply ponytail, given that the unseen scar across her head is still tender at times.

For clothing, unlike her normal pencil skirt and top, she is in scrubs, which she equally pulls off. A top of that is her lab coat, and around her neck, her stethoscope.
Esa Esa walks inside with two cups; one of his normal coffee and the other of tea. Heading over to the nurse station, he sets the tea down infront of her. "Something told me you'd be needing a good cup of tea." He tells her warmly as he spies the boot "How does it feel to have the boot on? Any discomfort?" He inquires curiously. Esa wears a black gabardine trench coat with a button down red shirt and black slacks.
Tabitha Tabitha slips in the building, shivering and struggling out of a well-worn london fog. She looks around with the gaze of one lost. she searches for the eyes of someone she can pester
Emma Those forms are put to the side, filled and ready to be filed. The next set makes her sigh, during some of her recovery, so much happened and it's left her to make up for it all now. At least she isn't walking around to much, and can rest against the counter. Seeing the tea before Esa, she grins and looks up to him with a warm smile. "Th - thank ya." She remarks, in her thick Scottish accent. "I could use some tea." Her pen is put down, and the cup taken. "It's fine, I - I'm just happy ta be mobile, I bet ya were getting' tired of pushin' me 'round in that wheelchair. It's worth tha discomfort."

Looking up she then spots Tabitha, her grey-green eyes watch her a moment. "Hm." Says the shy lass, and goes to head the woman's way, limping due to the book on her leg. "How - how may I help ya, miss?"
Esa Esa smiles at Emma as he drinks the coffee slightly. "Actually, I was quite enjoying pampering you for a little bit." He tells her in a teasingly loving voice. He takes a nother sip and notes a folder about back injuries. "Oh, reminds me. I need a check up. Your poor horse decided to test my back with her hooves." He said chuckling. He looks toward the where Emma is glancing and draws another sip from the cup as she heads to the lady.
Tabitha Tabitha spots Emma. Eyes catch the stethoscope, the boot, scrubs. Eyes search for a name badge or other identification. Another quick glance over her shoulder and she moves to close the distance. "Hey..I'm lookin' fer Emma O'Connal", the surname and the accent sorta clicking in her head. Tabitha's own accent is an American southern drawl as thick as molasses in winter. She watches for recogntion. She steps to the side slightly, trying to keep an eye on Emma and the door at the same time.
Emma Cheeks would of reddened a little at Esa's tone, with a shy smile. Though when he mentions that her horse kicked him, the lass frowns. "Oy, Peachy." Shaking her head a bit, she laughs, faintly. "I'll check ya over."

And so, attention is then on Tabitha, grey-green eyes moving to the door a second, and then back to the unknown woman. The name tag on her lab coat says 'Dr. Emma O'Connal'. "Th - that be me, can I help ya - ya with something?" Asks the lass, tilting her head a little. "Are, are ya okay?" The following question is asked with concern.
Esa Esa grins at Emma before she walks on over to Tabitha. He leans against the counter and takes another sip of the coffee.
Tabitha Tabitha juggles her heavy coat to her left arm, extending a hand to Emma. "Doctor Marshall. I.. wanted.. ", another glance to the door, " there some place we can talk privately?" She gives a glance to Esa. "..someplace where we wont be overheard?", her voice shifting to a whisper, "..someplace you trust?"
Emma Emma lifts a brow, she looks to Esa, and then to Tabitha. "Aye I - I do." Remarks the lass, with her stutter. "I - I trust Esa with my life." She lifts a hand and motions for Esa to come. "Follow me, and we'll go ta my private office, it's tha buildin' next door."
Emma Luckily, it isn't a far walk in the cold. They have come to the TerraSave building, in which Emma leads the Paris branch. People are busy working here, and one woman is asked to bring in any drink any of them would want.

The trio would head into her office for a private place to talk.
Esa Esa cheeks flushed at the mention of her trusting him with her life. He cradled the cup in his hand, and followed Emma quietly. As they stepped outside, he buttoned up his jacket and continued to follow quietly.

Entering into TerraSave office, Esa held the door open for both ladies and did the same for the door to Emma's office. Shifting a bit, he decides to stay towards the back, leaning against the wall and listens.
Tabitha Tabitha tosses her coat over her shoulders, wiggling arms in as she follows. Collar flipped up, her eyes dart up and down the street. Tabitha pauses as she notices the sign on the building, then hurries to catch up. A bit of a smiling nod to Esa as he holds the door.
Once inside and her coat hung up or thrown over a chair, she has a seat. Door closed, taking a moment to compose herself.. "Do you know Jenny Crane?"
Emma To rest her leg, Emma had taken a seat at her desk. There is a stool right now, so her booted leg is put up on it. It's nice to have it rested. Leaning back in the chair, the red head looks to Esa a moment, and then back to Tabitha, clearly thinking over the name. After a second, there is a slow nod. "Aye th - that name, is familiar."

Right then, there is a knock on the door, in which the lass asks them to enter. They quickly bring in some warm drinks and then depart, with a closing of the door. The trio are totally alone to talk. Reaching for her cup of tea with a delicate hand, she asks: "Why?"
Esa Esa opens the door to allow the lady in to dispatch the drinks and closes when she departs. Shifting a bit, he undoes the buttons on his gabardine trench coat and shifts the coat apart and back as his hands go into his pocket; the holster of his firearm can be seen as he does so. He keeps quiet, just listening for now.
Tabitha Tabitha jumps noticably at the knock on the door, eyes wide. She seems to shink in on herself in embarssment as the door is opened up on hot drinks. An eye spots Esa's firearm, eyebrow lifting. With a sheepish nod to woman providing drinks, her hands curl around the cup to soak up its warmth. A shakey sip and she sets the cup down. She takes a deep breath. "Jenny has gone missing."
Emma Emma was steeping her tea, as she isn't much of a coffee drinker. The tea bag stops mid air, as this news seems to shock her. "Wh - what?" The lass asks, jaw tense. It's horrible knews, and hits her hard, given that she has been kidnapped herself, so being able to relate to the fear, it ties her stomach up in knots.

Sitting forward, and looking to Esa a moment and then Tabitha, there is a growing, deepening frown. "Wh - when? How did ya hear 'bout this?"
Esa Esa face contorted to a deep frown, not unlike Emmas, as he listens. Leaning against the wall a bit more, his eyes shift from the woman to Emma. His free hand lefts the coffee to drink slightly, but for now he stays quiet.
Tabitha Tabitha seems slightly relieved at the reactions, nibbling her bottom lip as she glances between the two. "Jenny... She and I shared classes in Med school. I hadn't kept up with her after that. I had just assumed either she washed out or went on to some specialty. We weren't all that close but we kept in touch here and there." Hands move to take her cup again, as if holding it gives her some resolve. "I recently got a package, and inside there was a thumb drive and a slip of paper with your name on it. I've tried to contact her but cant find her. Last place I checked they acted like they'd never heard of her."
Emma A delicate hand comes up to rub her head a little, the opposite side of the one with the unseen scar. For a second, Emma is quiet, letting her mind roll over all of this. "Ter - terrible." Remarks the lass, about the situation, because it is a terrible situation. "I - I know I had lost touch with many myself, an' it can be hard ta know where everyone be." Yet the bit about a hard drive and note for her, draws her curiosity further. "Do ya - ya have these on ya? I'd like ta see them."
Esa Esa takes another long sip of the coffee. His brow raises at the mention of the thumb drive and slip of paper, otherwise nothing else said.
Tabitha Tabitha nods. "I do" She fetches her coat, tugging the belt from the london fog. She fetches a small pen-knife from her jeans pocket and slits the seam of the belt just behind the buckle. With a bitt of work, she worries a thin little bit of blue metal from within. She sets the small USB drive down on the desk in front of Emma. "It tried to see what was on it, but I dont know computer stuff. either it works or it doesn't. I didn't dare let anyone else see it."
Emma Emma takes the file, and looks it over. "I - I am nat so good with computers either." She puts it in her computer, wanting to open it, but some odd stuff comes up on the screen. "Yer - yer gonna need ta break tha encryption, Esa."
Esa Esa gives a nod "I have some software at the apartment that should be able to crack it. May take a few days though depending on the level of encryption." He replies quietly and then finishes the coffee. Shifting a bit, he throws the cup away and goes back to standing against the wall, both hands now in his pocket.
Tabitha Tabitha leans back in her chair, sipping her coffee. "I gotta ask.. why would Umbrella Corporation come looking for me?"
Emma Emma nods to Esa. "We - we will need ta do that." But something Tabitha says draws her attention. "So - sorry? They came lookin' for ya?"
Esa Esa brow raises slightly in surprise by Tabitha's remark; a slight frown creasing his lips. Anything to do with Umbrella was never a good sign.
Tabitha Tabitha holds her cup up almost protectively. "I have a cousin who's a scientist. He works for Umbrella Corporation. A few weeks back, I get a message from him, saying Umbrella Corporation may be coming after me. Then, he vanishes. Right about that time, I hear something about an atack in Siberia against an Umbrella Corporation holding. I..don't know where he was working, just that he's been gone for almost a month. Then I get this note from Jenny and a thumb drive. Then she vanishes.", closing her eyes and sighing.. whisps of steam whafted from her cup. "I'm scared. I felt like someone was folloing me but I cant be sure. I threw some stuff in a carry-on and came to find you."
Emma "Oy." Emma says, in her soft, sweet way. And yet, she sounds worried and tense. "Yer - yer safe here, I know full - full well what Umbrella, they may be a suspect with my attempted assassination." Her unbroken hand rubs her head a little. "Do ya - ya know much of Umbrella? An' we won't let them hurt ya." A glance is passed to Esa.
Esa Esa hmm at that and keeps his eyes on Emma; his hand scratching his chin slightly. "I can't take her back to the FBC." For obvious reasons that he doesn't speak about currently. "But, I would assume Archene's Chateau might be a good place to hide out.. My apartment is probably not the best. To exposed and tight quarters."
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head to Emma's quesiton. "I dont really know anything about Umbrella, other than they do some research. I had thought about asking Craig about work there a while back, but with his message and.. ..everything else, I dont know." She smiles a bit over her mug to Emma. "I finished my Residence last month. You remember your residency. I barely got 3 hrs of sleep in a row. I just got note from Jenny last week, and it's been a blur since then."
Emma "I know." Emma says to Esa, trying to figure this out. "Ar - Archene? I'll need ta talk ta him." Then she looks to Tabitha and 'hms' just a little. "Interestin'. Well, we got some spare offices, until yer safer and I know if Archene is okay with havin' another there. We could makeshift an office to a room here. An' yer safe here, I've made sure ta have safe guards an' all."
Esa Esa gave a small nod to Emma as he folds his arms lightly against his chest. He says nothing more.. for now.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles over her cup., "I.. thanks. I wasn't thinking clearly. I threw some stuff in a bag and grabbed my passport and left. I had registered with Doctors Without Borders, so leaving the country wasn't that big a deal, or out of the ordinary", taking a sip of her coffee. "and, I can work for my keep. And call me Tabitha, or Tab for short. What do you know about Umbrella? What's going on?"
Emma Emma nods a little to Tabitha. "Yer - yer a doctor, you'll be gettin' plenty of work. An' I want ya safe. TerraSave is 'bout keepin' people safe from tha monsters like Umbrella, but with less force." For a moment, her eyes move to Esa, even as she continues to speak to Tabitha. "I - I am unsure if yer good ta know such information, we don't need ya in - in more danger."

Leaning forward a button on her phone is pressed. "Eve, can ya - ya come here please?" She asks of her assiatant.
Esa Esa smiles warmly to Emma; though fades a little at the question about Umbrella. "Less you know about Umbrella, the better you'll be able to sleep." He says quietly with a quiet sigh. He shifts a bit to open the door for the Assistant.
Eve Eve steps into the office, a notebook and pen in hand. "Yes, can I help you Miss Emma?" She asks, a serene smile on her face. "You really are working far too hard. I can handle some of these things." She tsks quietly as she comes to stand next to Emma.
Tabitha Tabitha sets her coffee mug down with a thump. "Bullshit. How am I to know what i'm getting myself into? I need at least somethin'. If they're coming after me, Why? who? I mean.. ", looking to Emma. "You dont say No to Lab work because you're afraid of the answer. "
Emma Emma looks up to Eve, and smirks faintly. "If - if I sit, I be gettin' bored, an' feel useless." The lass says, and speaks truth. "Is there an empty office? I thought office four had nothin' in it?" She asks her assistant.

Looking to Esa, she nods, and then regards Tabitha again, with a kind smile. "I - I know, it's frustratin', I spent a lot of time shoved in a corner an' all, but, as Esa said, tha less ya know, for now. An' I will say this, they be monsters, they create monsters from death, anythin' ya have heard, likely true."
Esa "My assumption will be that they are after you because of what Mrs. Crane sent you; or they thought your cousin told you something of importance." Esa replies quietly, frowning. "And not because you actually know something." He could, of course be wrong.
Eve Eve turns a cool look towards Tabitha, her lips pressed together as she seems to try to keep in a sharp rejoinder. Instead she turns to Emma and subtly cants her head to the side as she listens. "Four is an empty office Miss." She murmurs, her lips pursed.
Tabitha Tabitha looks to Emma, then Esa, then a glance to Eve. She sighs and flumps back in her seat. "I dont know shit, so.. yea.. ", she shakes her head. "..monsters.." She retrieves her coffee mug, swigging back the cooling dark java. "I guess thats better than nothing. Biological monster warfare. And here I thought things were going to be easier." She turns to Esa. "Craig's warning came first. Then Jenny's package. If they were watching me because of Craig, then they know Jenny was in contact with me to, most likely"
Emma "It gets worse." Emma informed Tabitha, softly. "Much more than - than ya can imagine, an' I can't put ta words tha horrors." There is a pained look in her eyes. "Esa can - can ya come an' try ta crack this?"% She rolls back in her chair to make room for him and then looks to Eve. "Tab - Tabitha needs a place ta stay, ta be safe, I'd like ta turn tha spare office inta a temporary place for her. Until we can find a proper an' safe."
Eve Eve nods briefly to Emma and makes a note in her book. "I'll see that it's prepared for her." The woman says, offering Emma a smile. "Anything else I can help you with right now?"
Esa Stepping over to the computer, Esa sits down and nods "Sure love. Let me see what I can do." He replies as he puts the thumb drive in, and the another from his trench coat. A dialog linux box comes up and he times in CHARLIE FIVE. The box chimes approvingly and another comes up with a source request. Typing in in the thumb drive location, the program pulls up the encrypted data.

He pauses and a frown creases his lips as he reviews the encryption system. "Umbrella was smart. there is a five-layer encryption system on this device." He looks up to Emma and smiles warmly. "Not that its a challenge for a world class hacker." He says with a grin. Glancing to the screen, he broke through the first level of encryption with ease; but the second one causes him some frustration "Oh no come on you little..."

He mutters, hands going across the keys. He nods suddenly in approval as the second layer is cracked. Working once more on the third layer, his eyes narrow a little in concentration. "Oh no you dont.." He mutters as the third layer chimes bitterly at him. He pauses and writes in another series command before nodding "Ah, there we go." he says optimistically as he cracks through the third layer. The fourth layer didnt seem to difficult and the fifth layer went by with us. "Yeah, thats what I thought." He states boastfully as the final layer was not much of challenge and leans back, smiling at his successful hack.

"Im in." Esa says quietly to the room as he looks up from his computer.

Master Hacker 1, Umbrella 0.
Tabitha Tabitha leans forwards as Esa works, curious as to what's on there, grasping whatever tidbits of information that might be revealed, literally sitting on the edge of her seat.
Emma Emma motions for Eve to sit, so she can be here to take notes on this all. As Esa does his hacking magic, the lass, in her proper posture way leans forward, her chin nearly on his shoulder as he tries to open the file.

"Let me read it." Asks the lass, once it's opened.
Kitten Unfortunately, all of the bad stuff that Esa looks at on his PC slows the process down.

Plot Twist... it's not even Esa's PC. Shame on you Emma.
Eve Eve takes a seat on a chair, opens her notebook and starts to write in fluid shorthand. She crosses her legs and scoots to make room for Emma so that she can see the screen betterr.
Esa Esa looks back slight to Emma and smiles "Its slow; probably the encryption system. The software must break through the layers; which it has done. It then recompiles the data stream before processing. Five layers is a lot. over kill, but.." he looks to the computer "When you have a good black hatter, it isn't enough."
Tabitha Tabitha hovers on her chair, leaning on the desk. Screw 'better off not knowing', the diagnostic side of her medical training is not taking a back seat if she can help it.
Kitten #1. First file contains: Information on something called 'The Plague' which Umbrella's South America division is hoping to harness into a bio-weapon that will make the t-Virus obsolete. Most of the information is presented in a undecipherable manner, at least to your eyes given your lack of knowledge on virology. All you can glean from the file is that 'The Plague' is not just a virus, but a parasitic organism of some kind.

#2. Second file contains: A photograph showing a young Colonel Albert Wesker at Lord Oswell E. Spencer's estate that was on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Oswell E. Spencer is the founder of Umbrella Corporation.

#3. Third file contains: A top secret Umbrella communication that took place between REDACTED & REDACTED to 'deal with James Marcus'. James Marcus was one of the founding members of Umbrella Corporation and apparently developed the t-Virus.
Emma Emma grins a little to Esa, and like everyone else, goes to read over the information, 'hming' some as she does. "I - I've heard of that location a few times now." But she isn't saying much detail about it.
Esa "Sweet Jesus." Esa says quietly as he sees the picture. He reviews the information quietly and looks to Emma. Shifting back, he begins to copy the data off onto another two thumb drives he withdrew from is coat. "Markus may be able to help with the virology stuff. The rest I need to do a hand off with." He says looking back to Emma. "To you know who." He tells her quietly. Taking one of the drives off, he gives it to Emma; along with the original hard copy encrypted thumb drive. The other is stash in his trench coat.
Tabitha Tabitha sits back down in her seat, getting nothing really from the comments or the picture. "whats on it?", she asks.
Eve Eve keeps steadily writing, her eyes narrowed as she tries to take good notes. Satisfied that she has all she can gather she gets to her feet. "Do you want me to go and get her room ready now Ma'am?" She asks Emma.
Emma Emma nods, slowly. "Ma - maybe Markus, aye, an' another, I want two minds on this, make sure results on conclusion." A pause, she eyes Esa a moment. "Can - can we wait on that? I'm not against, just, this came ta -me-, I wanna make sure I know all I can before I loose information. I ain't gonna sit idly by on this, not if - if there be somethin' worse than Lickers or Zombies or, tha other stuff."

"Please." The lass says to Eve. "Let me know when yer done."

Then to Tabitha. "Anythin' yer needin' for yer room?"
Esa Esa gave a nod and smile "For you love, I will." He replies as he stands and wheels the chair "here you go." He adds in a kind voice as he moves back around and sits in a open chair.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyebrows crawl towards her hairline. ".......Lickers? Zombies?" brows begin knitting like her forehead was about to produce an afghan. She opens her mouth to say something like 'you cant be serious'.. and closes it again. She seems to realize a question was asked while her mind was casting about for more yarn. "Uh.. bed or a sofa.. someplace to crash", her cheeks flushing. "I shoved my bag in a locker at the airport", a hand going to her forehead. "I should have planned better."
Eve Eve re-enters the room, pushing a stray lock of hair that's fallen from her bun behind an ear. "Miss Emma, the room is ready for .." She gazes at Tabitha and her eyebrows climb a bit before she looks at Emma again. "Our guest." She says, nodding twice. "Is there anything else that you require Ma'am?"
Emma Emma gives Esa's arm a squeeze, with a shy smile. She looks to Tabitha and frowns. "The devil couldn't create horrors like that - that which Umbrella makes." She frowns, and looks to Eve. "Th - thank ya eve, perhaps, pizza an' beer? Or whatever people drink, I think we all need ta relax."
Esa Esa gives her a warm smile in return before he stood to give her the chair. Looking to Tabitha, "Yeah.. Umbrella isn't all kittens and rainbows. Some wack-a-doodle shit goes down in hidden lab facilities.." A glance to Emma then to Tabitha "Or even those well known."
Eve Eve gives Emma a curt, but polite, nod and steps aside. She pulls out a phone and dials, her foot tapping as she waits for the person on the other end to pick up. "Mhm yes, Magnusson. Large pizza, loaded and some bottles of Guinness. Yes..yes.. deliver them to Emma's office." The woman rolls her eyes and sighs. "You have thirty minutes, if you're late you get no tip." She snaps her phone shut and turns to Emma. "Food will be here shortly Ma'am."
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Esa. "Kittens and Rainbows dont evoke words like 'Licker' and 'Zombie'.. okey.. maybe Kittens.. kinna sorta..", her southern drawl accentuating with her stress and fatigue.. the words 'Pizza' and 'Guinness' add a bit of iron to her backbone as a smile starts to dawn on her face. She's not been out of school long-enough to have abandoned pizza. She gives a nod of appreciation to Eve's skills. Clearly a Class-A assistant. Tabitha mumbles to herself "..french pizza.. "
Esa Esa stands up and gives an apologetic look to Emma "As much as pizza and beer sounds good.. I should get back to home and rest." He replies gently and moves to give her a soft hug. "Dinner at the my place tomorrow?" He asks as he steps away, turning and moves toward the door; glancing at her prior to opening it with a warm smile.
Emma Emma had watched Eve with a smirk, and laughed some as Esa and Tabitha talk Umbrella. When Esa goes to leave she looks at him and goes a little red. "S - sure." She replies, with a small smile.

This of course makes her realize that her office is to small to eat in. "Why - why don't we go ta tha lounge are an eat? More room, an' video games." Shs suggests, lifting her ortho-booted leg off the, and using her non cast hand to push to stand.
Eve Eve steps towards Emma and offers an arm to help her move around. "Let me help Ma'am." She says, picking up her cache to bring with her. Her phone rings as she moves around the desk and she picks it up. "Magnusson. Yes.." She smirks and shakes her head. "Tell them it's out of the question, business hours are over and if they wanted to be taken seriously, they would have called at a more appropriate time. Ciao." She hangs up and smiles at Emma. "Shall we?"
Benny One man leaves and another man enters, Benny pokes his head through the door and peers in. No he's not using binoculars, just his eyes this time and blinks when he see's Emma has a few casts. "Em...Emma? Are you okay?" He doesn't fully enter the room and managed to slip past people at the front desk, without getting noticed or he's just a real charmer. He then glances at the other folks in the room, but he doesn't recognize the two other ladies that are speaking with Dr. O'Connol. "Hi." he says in a rather shy voice and then turns his attention back to Emma, a very concerned expression on his face and then opens the door, holding it open for the ladies to walk out since it appears they were about too. "Oh, uh...sorry was I interrupting something?" Yup, he now looks sheepish.
Tabitha Tabitha jumps at the voice, any relaxation she had established before just shot out the window. A hand presses to her sternum to try to keep her heart in her chest. Pale hazel eyes look to Benny's, followed by a paniced glance to Emma and Eve for some kind of reassurment.
Emma Emma seems to enjoy the way Eve handles business, it makes her grin. With the offered arm, she takes it and stands, getting her balance. "Th - thank ya." Remarks the lass, and looks up as Benny is suddenly there. "Of - of course I am." There is reassuring look to Tabtha before the red head would go to give Benny a hug. "I - I'm fine stop worryin'. I - I only survivied an assassination attempt." Did he know that though? Woops! "Co - come on were goin' ta tha lounge ta have pizza an' drink. Eve, order another large pizza if ya could. Maybe two. Ma - make it two, an some 7-up too."
Eve Eve gazes at Benny for a moment before glancing back towards Emma. "He is cleared, yes?" She asks, one hand behind her back. She relaxes as Emma doesn't seem to be alarmed and she nods, pulling out her phone. She dials quickly and speaks into the device. "It's me, another pizza and some seven-up soda." A beat. "I don't care if the first pizza is almost here, I just told you that I wanted a second, I don't believe I asked for an argument either. You know the time frame, don't dwadle." She snaps her phone shut and gestures for everyone to make their way towards the lounge. "The first pizza will be here presently."
Benny Benny returns Emma's hug but his cheeks go red during the embrace. Yup, this dude seems like a shy guy alright. "Hey....well I'm glad you are doing alri...uh, did you say what I think you just said?", that wasn't it. She said Assumption, no no Assassination!? "Wait...lounge, oh pizza? Uh, how did you know I was hungry?" Food trumps concern it seems, at least for this particular moment in time and he glances towards Tabitha, blinking. "Oh uh, sorry for startling you. My name is Benny by the way. Emma and I know each other from back in the States." He then looks over at Eve, giving her s shy smile when she doesn't punch him in the face after she says he is cleared and then orders more pizza. Things sure have changed recently.
Tabitha Tabitha blinks, eyebrows lifting "the States?", her words carrying the drawl of of the south, hinting at Tobacco and Cotton.. "Uh I'm Tabitha..", deciding to go for first name rather than title.. feeling the need to at least attempt some for of obfuscation. "uh.. Hi..", she manages.
Eve Eve returns Benny's smile, but hers isn't shy. The smile brings out two dimples on each cheek, and her eyes sparkle with mischief. She continues to help Emma out of her office, carrying a bag and a laptop with her. She stops and turns, pushing the laptop and her bag into Benny's hands. "Here, you carry this so I can help the Boss, okay?" She leads Emma through the door towards the lounge.
Emma Emma is clearly Scottish, so maybe the States comment is odd? Still she bites her lower lip, and looks at Benny. "So - someone tried ta - ta kill me." She tells him this, with a frown. "Given that they have not succeeded.." She doesn't need to explain what that means. And yes, she noticed the blush and smirked some. "Food'n drink, that's tha nights goals, an' maybe video games or somethin'." Eyes move to Tabitha and then Eve, with a small smirk and take her help to the lounge. "Yer - yer always on tha ball." She says with a smile
Benny "If I can help in any way i will, Emma." Benny replies, his blushing still evident but his expression and tone is serious when he says this. His eyes even narrow just slightly as he takes in everything in the room, glancing to his left and right, when they exit and taking the laptop as well as the bag from Eve in one smooth motion. He walks with a graceful gait and despite his slender frame he carries himself like someone who knows how to handle himself. "Sounds good Em." He nods politely to both Eve and Tabitha as he props the door open with his foot, allowing the ladies to walk ahead of him and follows along since he doesn't know where the lounge is. "Nice to meet you Tabitha." Since Eve didn't introduce herself he hopes the nod will suffice.
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Benny, standing from her seat and fetching her coat, a long London Fog. She moves to follow, letting Emma lead the way. A little knit of her brow accompanies Emma's movements.. as if she weighted the cost of moving while ingured with the benefits of mobilty and activity towards healing. She moves to follow her 'new boss', giving a warm but somewhat tired smile to Benny
Eve The hallway leads to a large lounge, a large couch, chairs and a television set up with a hot pizza on a table near the couch. She gets Emma settled into a seat and picks up a plate, putting two slices on it and handing it to her boss along with a bottle of Guinness. She walks over to Benny, takes her bag and laptop and sets them down on an empty chair. "Is there anything else anyone requires?" She asks, glancing around. "Anything else you need me to take care of Ma'am?" She asks Emma, specificially. She hovers, not sure if the Boss wants her to stick around or not.
Emma One can tell in some of her movements that Emma has a grace about her, but her breaks limit it. Still she is pushing through, unwilling to yeild. "I - I know." She says to Benny, giving his arm a squeeze. "Ya - ya always refused ta let me be taken down." Once they are in the lounge Emma would sit, and rest back, looking to Tabitha and then Eve. "For ya - ya ta sit an relax, just a moment. Not like anyone will come in shootin' at us." She hopes.
Benny Benny shakes his head when Eve asks if anyone needs anything, shyly looking away from her and then blushes a bit at Tabitha's smile towards him. He then relaxes just a touch when Emma gives his arm a squeeze but doesn't reply to her because he was taught if he had nothing nice to say don't say it. He feels like cussing aloud at finding those responsible for trying to kill Emma. Sitting beside Emma, he puts his hands on his lap and tries to think of something witty to say but there are too many thoughts racing through his head, that the cat has got his tongue apparantly.
Tabitha Tabitha flumps onto the sofa, seeming to require a great deal of personal will and fortitude not to just fall over sideways and curl up for a nap, but Pizza and Good Beer promise full-belly naps later. He pulls her legs up beneath her, shoes cast off and falling to the floor like shed petals from a wilting flower. In a practiced motion, she pulls her hair up behind her, using a strand of hair as a tie. "So, is everyone as cluelss as I am?", looking from Emma and Eve to Benny.
Eve Eve gives Emma a slightly skeptical look and settles in a chair closer to he door. She is obviously keeping an eye on the exit, opening her laptop and tapping at the keys with quick, sure strokes. "Just keep in mind, Ma'am that you have an early meeting tomorrow." Her gaze settles on Emma and she gives her a brief smile. "I can cancel that though, if you're not feeling well. Nobody expects you to push yourself so hard, so quickly." She leans back in her chair and works quietly, occasionally reaching up to wrap a platinum curl around her finger. "About what?" Eve says, gazing over at Tabitha.
Emma Emma grabs a pillow and wacks Benny with it, then looks to Tabitha. "'bout tha new Umbrella weapon? 'bout who wants me dead? Or, tha pizza guys funny- funny floppy ear that seems ta hang lower than normal?" As a doctor, this intrigues her too. Looking to Eve a brow lifts, it's half a battle won, she is sitting. "Keep it, I'll be fine ta - ta work tomorrow, unless my car blows up again." She laughs a little.
Benny "Owww." Benny exclaims as he gets whacked with a pillow by Emma and he was so deep in thought he didn't even react to it until it was too late. Some martial artist he is, with reflexes as dull as a tree stump it seems. He is too stunned to say anything else, just listening to Emma fire off comment after comment, first about serious stuff and then it starts to slide into the silly side of the force. He blinks again when Emma jokes about her car blowing up. "A car bomb? Are you serious..." This is no joking matter and he glances towards Tabitha as well as Eve for clarification on this. Yup, he's got a lot of work to do.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyebrows lift at the mention of Car Bomb. With all she's been hit with today, nothing seems out of bounds. A worried glance darts from Emma to Eve, half expecting the woman to pencile the explosion into Emma's itinerary, complete with response-times from the local fire department taken into consideration. Pale hazel eyes dart to Benny, seeking some kind of solace or affirmation that it's a joke. At this point, she's likely to belive anything.
Eve Eve meets Tabitha's gaze and she gives the woman a polite smile before she turns to speak to Benny. "She is serious, and it's been noted that she's in danger. That's partly why I was assigned as her..attache of sorts." She shifts in her seat and the holster of a weapon can be seen below a jacket. "I stay with her, unless she's safe and comfortable enough to be alone." She goes back to working on her laptop, her eyes shifting towards Emma, after a few minutes of tap tapping she adds. "I'm working on trying to dig up some more information about those notes I took earlier, Ma'am. We'll see if I can get any hits."
Emma "Tha - that crash in tha news, not a crash, someone tried ta kill me with a car bomb." Emma is saying this with a level tone. "Odd ta - ta have someone want ya dead, ya'know? Zombies just wanna eat yer brain but actual livin' people..." She trails off and shudders, but gives Eve a smile before looking to Tabitha and then Benny. "It was - was like a real life video game explosion though." Yeah digging for humour there. "Also this stays between us. All of us,"
Benny "I'm going to get to the bottom of this..." Benny replies and is visibly upset, but trying very hard to hide it but it keeps bubbling to surface as his brow furrows. He swallows and then puts a hand on Emma's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. "I'm glad you are alright though and recovering from it. Sorry, I haven't been around much for support. But it seems like you've got plenty of people around who care." He sighs softly and then looks over at Tabitha. "If you are new in town, I can show you around a bit. Emma here gave me a tour when I first arrived in Paris. I won't be able to do what she did justice but I can try my best." He hopes to at least put the lady at ease a bit with some normal talk and then turns his attention to Eve. "I'm glad you are watching out for her. She's trouble. Believe me." He gives Emma a wink but she probably knows that what he says it true.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles to Benny.. "I speak French was well as a Possum, and with just a thick an accent.", nodding to him with a smile. " if you can keep me from embarssing myself horribly, i'm most appreciative"
Eve "Miss Emma is nothing of the kind." Eve says, getting to her feet and smoothing down her skirt. "I'm going to go surprise security, I think. Make sure they're not lazing about that box watching French pornography again." She turns and slips her laptop into her cache and closes it, slinging it over her shoulder. "I'll be back in a short while, Ma'am" She says to Emma, as the second pizza arrives. Her gaze would cut the delivery man to ribbons if it were a knife and she stomps towards him, assaulting him verbally in rapid French as she ushers him out the door.
Emma Emma frowns, she can see this in Benny. So, shuffling over she'd go to link an arm with his - a little awkwardly due to the cast, and put her head on his shoulder. "Do - don't worry. I know yer - yer busy, an' got other things ta do." She clearly doesn't seem to expect to have him stop his life on account of her, even if people are wanting her dead. Her gesture is that of support. Looking to Eve her head lifts, with a nod. "I - I will be here or my office." Which is code for 'I likely fell asleep here again'. Then, to Tabitha she glances. "Knowin' French helps, I'm fluent too. An' in - in Gaelic. Don't go to tha catacombs, I've happened inta zombies there." Yup, that happened to.
Benny "I know, I know...but your like my little sis and it is my right as a big bro to worry about ya." Benny replies in a sincere tone to Emma and rubs her arm gently as she leans against him. Looking over to Tabitha, he smiles shyly in reply. "Possum is also useful and don't worry, I'm more apt to act foolish to get embarassed than you are. Emma can vouch for that." He sagenods.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles warmly to Benny. "Well, color me forty shades of Humble. and dont underestimate the abilities of a good southern girl to get all kinds of embarassed?, leaning forward to fetch a slice of pizza. "Y'all are the experts. I'm the new hired help.."
Emma "I - I know." Emma says to Benny, then nods to Tabitha, bit is distracted a second, to grab pizza and eat.
Benny "You obviously never seen the power of a Canadian before then." Benny says with a smirk towards Tabitha and gives her a wink. Since people are getting slices of pizza, he then grabs a slice, devours it rather quick bites and then goes for his second slice. Yup, he's an eating machine with no conscience it seems as well as a shy guy. In between bites he says. "I'm no expert. Just got lucky and I wish I was half as smart as Emma here. That is why she's the doctor and I'm an IT guy." The shy Asian says with a bit of a sheepish expression and then looks over towards Emma. "Everything okay?" He knows when Emma goes quiet that something is bothering her.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles to Benny, working hard to make more than one slice of pizza disappear with the same enthusiasm as a broke college student. In an afterthought, she nibbles one bit of crust, then sets the other crust aside as a tribute to the 'Pizza God'.. a bit of reverence in the act. "I do hope to see you again", she offers to Benny, as a belly full of warm pizza and jetlag begin to gang up on her.
Emma "I'm fine." Emma says quietly, taking small bites of the pizza. She is a little mor quiet no, and seems to just pick apart her food.
Benny Benny won't pry anymore but he knows something is bothering Emma but he leaves it alone for now. "This is great pizza." He is now on slice number four, what happened to three nobody really knows but it was gone pretty darn quick after number two. Yes, he's a bottomless pit with no shame for foods. "Oh wait, I forgot to take my lactose pill. Oh no..." He blinks and then reaches into his pocket to take out his cell phone, which wasn't ringing but he looks at the display. "Oh, I uh...better get call. It was nice to meet you Tabitha and here's my card. I gotta get going." He looks towards Emma. "We shall talk soon, Emma. Take care and keep safe." He then rushes out of the room, faster than a speeding pizza!