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Kitten The Raccoon City Police Department was dealing with an abundance of calls tonight, that's why Trixie had been sent on her own to Mission Street where a 'brawl' had been reported in the streets by a fairly busybodied neighbor of Barry Burtons.

Usually Barry would have been sent to deal with Mrs. Krinker's calls but Barry was not available so Trixie had been sent.

Immediately upon pulling into the suburban street she could see a group of young men in the middle of the road gathered around what appeared to be a corpse kicking it.
Trixie Trixie rolls up to the scene, aiming the Tahoe's headlights at the 'brawl' as she brings the heavy vehicle to a stop, its red and blue lights flashing. But she does make sure to kill the siren; one reaming from a superior officer was enough to beat that lesson into her. "Hey! Police! What's this all about?!" she shouts into the crowd as she climbs out of the truck. Her hand rests casually on the holstered Samurai Edge at her hip. Just in case.
Kitten "RUN DAD IT'S THE COPS" A teenage boy screamed before a bearded man, obviously a little older than the rest grabbed the teen by the back of his hoodie. Many of the people around had sticks and were poking what appeared to be a corpse, but the stench of decomposition hit Trixie from far away as she approached.

There was no way that corpse belonged to someone recently deceased.

The bearded man stepped forward and said, "Officer. We called 911, this guy attacked my son's friend. We were able to get him off the kid, but fuck, we don't know what's up with this guy. Where's the ambulance?" Likely they had called after Mrs. Krinker.
Trixie "Hey, easy! Let's just sort this out, 'kay?" Trixie called toward the kid, in what she hoped was a placating and soothing voice. "Thank you, sir," she adds to the bearded man. "So this man lying there attacked your son," she begins.
Then the breeze gusts and she gets a strong whiff of Eau de Corpse. "OhmiGAWD..!" she cries, coughing. "EUGH! No WAY that guy could've attacked him! He'd have to have come back from the /dead/!"
Wait... didn't Claire say something about people coming back from the dead and attacking living people?
"Oh, shit..." she whispers, resisting an urge to hyperventilate. "She was right... she was totally right..!" Taking a deep breath, she throws her hands back and out, as if pushing off of a wall, and raises her voice, remembering her theater teacher's lessons about projection of the voice. "Everybody step away from that guy, /now/. He's probably gotten bit by a rabid animal, and he might be contagious. Please, step away from the body, right now!"
Kitten The teenagers and the father seem a little surprised at Trixie's reaction, it didn't seem to be that of an accomplished or experience police officer. The father reached out to put his arm on Trixie's shoulder, asking the much younger woman, "Are you alright Officer?"

The kids began to step away from the man.

Trixie was very much failing at resisting the urge to hyperventilate. Whatever she had heard, it was all too real. She was living in a nightmare.
Trixie Trixie has to fight to be able to speak at all. Her body and her very panicked mind wanted very badly to breath-breathe-BREATHE! for all she was worth, yet she still felt like she wasn't getting any air. "No... no, I'll... I'll be fine..." she managed, breathlessly, raising a forestalling hand, the other being planted on her knee as she struggles not to crumple right to the pavement on the spot.
She instinctively backs awkwardly toward the Tahoe, sitting down on the lip of the doorsill and putting her head between her knees as the world tries to swim out of focus. "But the boy... the one... that man... attacked..! Where... where is he? Was he... was he hurt? This is... very important..! Oh, gawd..." Tears burn her eyes as she realizes just how pathetic and ridiculous she must seem, a sworn officer of the law on the verge of fainting in the face of danger.
Kitten The man patted Trixie calmly before she backed away and smiled at her with a gentle fatherly smile, kneeling down to try and comfort her, "Don't worry about it, okay? You're gonna be fine. The kid is gonna be fine. The ambulance will get here and your backup will get here"

Trixie saw the corpse rise behind the man, but she was too terrified to do anything about it.

Everything happened in slow motion as the formerly 'dead' man lunged at the father and sunk his teeth into the man's neck, the poor guy crying loudly, "ARGHHH!!!!"

The people in the street began to scream in terror and run away. Everyone except the teenage boy, who ran to help his father.
Trixie Trixie smiles weakly up at the fatherly man. For just a moment she is back in a warm, familiar place, her father comforting her after she'd woken up screaming and crying from a nightmare. She knows this man isn't her father. But all good fathers must share a gentle smile and a soothing voice.
And a fate. Her smile becomes a wide-eyed gape of sheer horror as the dead man rises in slow motion and lunges, biting into the good father's neck as if it were a big turkey leg, the poor man's blood splattering over all three of them. Somehow it didn't hit her in the eyes, yet some of it splashed on her cheek and forehead as she sat rooted to the spot, staring vacantly at a dead man gorily mauling a live one.
And then some part of her wits caught up with her eyes, and she screamed like a madwoman, with all the considerable power of her cheerleader's lungs.
Kitten Carl Riker cried out loudly as he tried to swat the infected man off of him, the R-Virus Zombie having luckily not severed any vital locations but he was still wounded badly. His son Steven however had played his fair share of video games and was possessed of the courage one was granted when a loved one was in danger.

"DIE YOU UNDEAD SCUM!" Steven yelled as he slammed a brick into the zombies skull. When the zombie fell to the ground, Steven continued to slam the brick into the corpse until it was nothing but a mess of bones, brain and blood, "Mother fucker." Steven spat at it before tossing the brick aside and running to his father.

Carl was holding his neck but he was a good man, the kind who put others first, looking to Trixie he said with concern, "Officer, I think it's safe to say, we all need to get out of Raccoon City. Now."

Grabbing his son by the arm, he ran for his house and began shouting, "Marie. Get Susan. We're leaving."

In front of Trixie was the corpse with the smashed in head.
Trixie The chunk of the brick against the dead man's skull brings Trixie's mind back to the forefront, and she started to come to her feet, her training taking over as her shaking hand found the grip of the Samurai Edge at her side, thumb snapping off the thumb break of the holster...
And the threat is past. The dead man lies on the ground, his head all but gone in a mess of rotting gray matter and gore. The son, the hero, is at his father's side, and both are running for their house, the father bleeding freely and terribly from his mauled neck.
Trixie stared after them mutely, jaw slack, eyes focused on something a thousand miles away. "Mister... you're... you're bleeding, really badly! You need to get that treated!" she calls helpfully after them.
And then she gets back into the Tahoe, closes the door, and sits, shivering from shock and terror. She inwardly tells herself she's waiting for the ambulance.
But in reality, she can't stop shivering. Can't stop seeing that dead man stand up and try to kill - no, EAT - that poor man...
"What the hell am I doing here..?" she murmurs brokenly, her shivering echoed in her voice.