Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa Sunday, Jan 30
7:00 PM

Outside the weather was cool as snow began to fall. The sun was slowly setting on a rather quiet Sunday. The house smelt of honey glazed ham that was cooking in the stove all day and now sat on the table. A bowl of toss salad, dinner rolls and mash potatoes also sat at the table; along with three plates, forks, knives and flutes.

Esa was finishing up the cleaning of the kitchen as he looks to the time. Frowning, he made his way to the bedroom for a quick change as he knew they'd be here soon.
Emma Not long after, there is a knock on the door. Behind it would be Lennon, and Emma, who is in a wheelchair. And she has a tray on her lap, and bottle of wine too.
Esa Throwing a long sleeve blue shirt on, he moves to the door "Coming!" he shouts as he enters the main area and unlocks the door. Esa smiles warmly to Emma as he sees her, stepping back and opens the door wider "Do come in." He says kindly, his free hand gesturing them in.
Emma Lennon nods in greeting, and Emma gives Esa a big smile. He wheels her in, while his sister hands over the wine. "An - an I baked some thin' for ya, or us, or however it works." The package is handed over too.
Esa Balancing the wine in one hand, Esa takes the package and gentle sets it on the kitchen counter piece. Walking around to the back, he grabs a wine bottle opener. "So how are you two doing?" He asks warmly, eyes glancing between Lennon and Emma.
Emma Emma is wheeled to the room, and shrugs. "I - I am okay, feelin' better now that my memory be back, an' I kind of want ta get back ta work." So soon?! She must be mad! "I am fine, thank you. Very curious over what I be learnin' today."
Esa Esa grins at Emma "Ah, well you should be pampered for a bit by your family, hon." He replies warmly as he pops the top off the wine and walks over to the table. After pouring wine into each flute, he sets the wine into a bucket of ice, he looks to her. "No need to rush back into things so quickly." He adds tenderly.
Emma "I - I had a rest, I'm gettin' a boot on an' will be able ta walk. I can't just.. sit 'round anymore." Emma sighs a little. "People need help, an I wanna help." She truly is a doctor at heart. Lennon nods, though, as he agrees with Esa.
Esa Esa looks to Lennon and smiles meekly. Emma was strong, he knew of that. He gestures Lennon to wheel her to the seat the section missing a chair. "I know hon. But.." He sighs and begins to carve the ham and looks to Emma with a warm smile. "I think this why I care so much for you; that heart and caring spirit you have." He confesses in a fond voice as he takes a bit of the carved ham and sets it on her plate "Salad and potatoes?" He asks her and Lennon as he places another slice on Lennon's plate.
Emma Emma goes a bit red, while Lennon lifts a brow. He isnt the typical brother, who is so protective nobody can look at his sister. "Aye." Says the man, with a nod. Emma nods as well, giving a shy smile to Esa. "Sme - smells wonderful." The lass says, and then bites her lower lip a little with a smile.
Esa Esa smiles to Lennon, a nod being given as he dishes out the salad and potatoes. After the guests were served, he moves to his seat and serves himself. He glances to Lennon quietly, asking "What made you decide to join military?" as he asks, he lifts a piece of cut meat to his lips.
Emma "Ya serve yer country." Lennon replies, as if it were simple. "I'm trained in ways many aren't, I get excitment, and the feelin' that I'm helpin' out." He smiles a little, around eating. "I enjoy service and teaching people to take care of themselves. What about you?" He asks in return.
Esa Esa looks to Emma slightly as he is asked. He gives a small grin before looking back to Lennon. "I hacked NORAD when I was eighteen. Failed and got caught. Government gave me a choice, join the Army or face jail." He shrugs as he scoops up some of the potatoes "I rather not be in jail, so I chose the Army. Most of what I have done was redacted or scrubbed and I served in special operations as a Technical Operator. Aside from the.. questionable things, I did very much enjoy my service and your right about that excitement and feeling when you help people."
Emma Emma looks to Lennon a moment, and then to Esa, and smirks a little, going back to her food as they talk. Lennon studies Esa, it is something that seems like it will take forever, then at last he speaks. "So yer talented then." He comments, smirking a little himself. "Hackin' can be essential, if yer tryin' ta get into places you shouldn't. We got one on staff as well."
Esa Esa chuckles "Truthfully, I've been a hacker most of my life." He replies as he eats. "Military put me to better use, I suppose. And well.. my office wasn't in the States. It was with a unit.. A kind of like Special Forces, just.. everything is classified, ya know?" He inquires of Lennon as he pauses. "So are you planning on making it a career?"
Emma "Oh, I know." Lennon nods, agreeing with what Esa has to say. He clearly gets classified, given the sound of his voice. Oh the stories he must have! When asked, he nods. "Aye, I am. It leaves little time for much else, but I'm not as compelled with ta need ta have family or children, maybe because I have seen to much. I'll live through my siblings." Looking up to his sister, he smirks.
Esa Esa nods quietly. "Ah." He says as he picks up his flute and takes a small drink of it. "Well, making it a career is beneficial; I mean.. with the States military force, we have retirement packages and benefits.." He notes with a smile before taking another bite of his ham.
Emma "As does ours." Lennon says, putting down his fork and taking a sip of wine, looking between the two. "How 'bout we start talking zombies?" He asks.
Esa Esa nods as he pushes the plate forward. "Well, I suppose if everyone is done we can." He says, gesturing toward the back half of the apartment. "Shall we?"
Emma "Lets." Lennon says, nodding, he goes to take the wheelchair so they can all sit.
Esa Taking his and Emma's wine glass, Esa follows them down to the living area. Once Emma was parked or seated, he hands her flute and sits down. "I honestly do not know a whole lot about the zombies. What I do know is that Umbrella had a type of virus they were attempting to modify and something went wrong with it. Supposedly, the virus was suppose to ehance strength and such." He looks to Emma quietly, hoping she'd fill in the gaps.