Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's cold, no doubt of that. And the sky is grey, calling of snow. It will come soon.

Thus, at this mid morning hour, it's not overly busy. Also, many seem to stay away from the PQZ. And with good reason.

Emma - now out of hospital, has requested a tour of Paris, to get out and to see if her memory can return. Yet ignornace is bliss, too. In a wheelchair, her brother Lennon is pushing her. Given that she can't walk. There is a blanket over her, a toque, and warm clothes. Her parents don't seem to be around right now.
Esa Esa walks alongside Emma and Lennon, his jacket buttoned up against the sudden change in temperature. His hands dug inside his pocket jacket as he looks around quietly. "So, Lennon, how long will you be in Paris for?" He asks calmly.
Bob Not too far away, Bob's around. He'd been contacted by Lennon to come meet up with Emma and them if he wanted to. He's barely had time to throw on some jeans and a sweater after finishing a shift before managing to make it over. When he spots the others he heads in their direction, giving them a wave and calling out, "Yo! How's it going?"
Emma "For as long as I need to be." Lennon replies to Esa, looking his way. It's a simple answer, from a level man.

Emma is looking around, then up to them as they talk and then to Bob. "'ello, Bob, are ya - ya not cold?" She asks. Lennon looks around to. "There be a coffee shop over there, we can get a warm drink while we walk?" He suggests.
Esa "We should get some beers later on then." He replies lightly to Lennon with a soft smile and nod. Glancing to the coffee shop, he hmm gently and says "Coffee is on me; my treat."
Bob "I'm from Philadelphia, it isn't that cold yet," Bob says to Emma with a wide smile on his face, even though he's by now stuck his hands in his pockets. "Although a coffee couldn't hurt anything," adds the man with a nod towards Lennon. When he hears that coffee is on Esa Bob gives the guy a big grin, apparently liking that idea quite a lot.
Emma Given all the medications, Emma has not drank, but she looks curious as this is said. "Do - Do I like beer?" This has never been asked. "Mi - mint tea for me please." Adds in the lass, looking to Esa for a moment. Lennon would nod about the beer.

"Oh - oh, yes, where you grew up. It get cold there?" She asks Bob.
Esa "Er, yes somewhat." Esa replies with a soft smile to Emma about the beer and gives a quiet pause in talkng at the mention of mint tea; eyes shifting toward Lennon with peek curiosity. "Well, I think we're all in agreement to coffee and tea." He said with a chuckle, pausing and adds "So, to the coffee shop?"
Bob "Philly gets colder than most of Western Europe does," explains Bob to Emma with a great deal of patience and a smile. His stride keeps him easily alongside the others, enjoying the company and the crispness in the air. With a look over at Esa again Bob's head nods, "Lets."
Emma For Emma, it's nothing to of asked for mint tea, though Lennon looks a little curious too.

She'd cradle her cup in her hands, and yawn a little, looking up she looks to them and then to Bob. "Re - really? How cold?" She asks.
Esa Esa passes out the drinks quietly before shifting a little to drink from his coffee. He keeps quiet for now as he looks around the area quietly.
Bob "It gets colder in winter and hotter in summer. Goes anywhere from below zero to around thirty degrees throughout the year," Bob continues his explanation as he gratefully accepts his drink from Esa with a friendly little nod. He takes a drink from his coffee.
Markus Berger As it happens a certain doctor is setting near the group, having had a newspaper in front of his face so far and silently been drinking coffee before audibly putting it down on the table he sits at. "Sounds better than the weather back home. That one tends to be awfully murky three quarters every year. Good day, by the way."
Emma "Huh." Emma says, in her wheelchair, sipping her tea. Her head can't wrap around bitter cold.

She looks over to Markus and stares at him a second. She has been to the chateau, and knows they live together. Frowning, she looks out the window. "Can we go there?" Asks the lass, pointing to the PQZ.
Esa Esa looks toward the PQZ.

A concrete wall rests about midway down the PQZ chain-link and barbed wire fence line. A set of electronic doors sits in the middle of the concrete and vaguely one can see armed FBC soldiers out at the gates; as well as walking and driving the perimeter.

Esa hesitates as he looks to Lennon with some concern. "Hon." He says, looking to Emma. "I am not sure you want to go down there. It's a quarantine sight from bombing attempt a month back." He informs her with a kind, heartfelt voice.
Bob "I'm pretty used to it, so it's not that big of a deal for me to be cold," Bob shrugs his shoulders at Emma. He looks over towards the guy that commented on the weather and gives him a friendly grin, "Where's home, may I ask?" And then he's giving the QZ a look of his own, kind of a frowning scowl. Nope, don't want to go there.
Markus Berger "Western Germany. Ruhrgebiet. Close to the Bergisch Land so it rains way too often." With that said Markus quickly empties his cup of coffee and fols his newspaper under his arm as he too glances towards the QZ. "Still don't trust that area myself."
Emma As they talk of the PQZ, Emma tilts her head a little, taking this is. She looks down to her tea, thinking to herself about this. "Why - why was is bombed?"
Esa Esa pauses and looks toward Lennon and Bob. Looking into the cup, he says "It was terrorist group called PITE. Set of a dirty bomb. Took out a few blocks." He says with sorrow and remorse before taking a quiet sip of the cup.
Bob "Some day I'm going to have a reckoning with those sons of bitches," Bob declares when Esa mentions PITE, his scowl only deepening as his hands squeeze the hell out of his coffee cup until he can remember to relax.
Markus Berger "Even I got to experience some of the fallout firsthand and made sure to stay away from all this for the most part. Got a couple of scars to prove that." Markus is likely the only one to sound way too calm about all this though as he keeps more of an eye on the others than the QZ itself.
Emma "But - but there are zombies in there, an tha catacombs." Emma says, out of the blue. "I - I miss tha acreage sometimes."

That was strange, and yes, it seems like her memory has just come back, or is. The lass doesn't seem to realize it either, just sighs and looks down to her tea.

Lennon, for his part, looks amazed, yet unsure.
Esa Esa looks at her carefully, however does not respond to the zombies. He smiles quietly, his head nodding "Out in Scotland?" He asks quietly. His eyes do flick to Lennon slightly, his head nodding in confirmation that it was, indeed a memory returning.
Bob "That's probably smart," Bob tells Markus with a nod before he takes a drink from his cup. And then Emma's seeming to remember things and Bob turns to stare at her. Just openly staring as he processes what she just said.
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile just wisely decides to shut up and subtly keeps an eye on Emma. Things usually do not go well when he talks too much.
Emma "Aye." Emma says, after a sip of her tea. "Ya - ya know, away from it all. From Racoon, from tha zombies tha licker things, Umbrella." This is so casual! The way she talks. "Bloody 'ell, not even as a doctor can I help those people." It makes her sad.

But then it clicks, she looks up with wide eyes, realizing what just happened. "Oy, holy fuck." She murmers, trying to wrap this around her head.
Esa Esa smiles broadly, warmly in fact as he reaches across to touch her hand softly. "What else do you remember?" He asks calm, gentle tone a voice with curiousness.
Bob Yeah, there definitely are times to just shut up and listen. Bob's not subtle about it, still staring at Emma, bu tat least he's quiet.
Emma "E - everythin'." Emma says, suddenly in a sea of emotions. "I - I remember it all." Her eyes are down, looking at her broken leg. It was so scary, to be trapped in a body she knew nothing about.

"I - I am so, so sorry everyone." The lass expresses with emense guilt.
Esa Squeezing her hand softly, Esa shakes his head "Nothing to be sorry for, hon. You.. had a traumatic experience.. an accident. We all understand.. and are here for you." He smiles a warm fond like smile to her; his voice fill with compassion and understanding and soothing and gentle like.
Bob Finally, Bob starts to speak again, "Emma! You're back!" He's so very happy, smiling and chuckling and everything. "I'm so happy. You've got nothing to be sorry about, okay?"
Markus Berger "Damn... I'm glad, Emma. I was beyond worried." Thats about all Markus says as he hears what he needs to hear before he quietly makes his exit while everyone else is showering her with attention, likely to send someone a message about the good news. As things are he will just leave the taking care of Emma to people more suited for that.
Emma Emma is suddenly overwhelemed, by so much. She wipes a tear from her eye. "St - still." The lass stammers some, taken aback by it all. "It's so strange, it's like I was - was in a shell, lookin' out at anothers life." There is a sigh. "Must of been hell for everyone.."e
Esa Esa stands and walks around Lennon. Squatting next to Emma, he smiles to her; his hand taking hers softly and squeezes affectionately. "Hey." He whispers to her, smiling. "I will always be by your side; through the good and bad.. and even on through hell." He tells her lovingly.
Bob "It sucked, not having normal Emma around, but I knew you'd remember everything eventually," Bob says to Emma with a bright smile, leaning back in his seat happily. Esa's mushy bullshit also seems to have him amused and he refrains from further interruption.
Emma Taking a deep, steadying breath Emma nods to Esa. "I - I know." She says, mamaging a smile. Lennon is standing there, with a hand on his sisters shoulder, happy to have her back After a sniffle the lass looks to Bob. "I - I may not be so normal though." She nods to her leg. "Did someone really blow up my car?"
Esa Esa nods quietly "Aye, someone did." He replies quietly to her. "Though, officially you were in a car accident" He smiles gently to Emma "I pulled some strings and the incident was covered up until we could investigate it; find out why it happened." He tells her in the same quiet voice.
Bob "You weren't normal before, Emma," Bob tells the young lady. "You were exceptional. And I see no reason for that to be any different now." He polishes off his coffee and leans forward somewhat to shrug his shoulders, "Also, your cognitive functions seem to be operating at a normal level based on what I can tell, so I don't think you've got anything to worry about."
Emma Emma cringes, it was true. And the fact that it was covered up, ugh. She sighs and rubs her head. "Oy," The lass frowns. "Do so - someone wants me dead? That's en - encouragin'." Lennon leans down a little, looking at Esa then Bob and then to his sister. "None of us are gonna let that happen, sis. Bet yer life on that."

Nodding some, but unable to remove the fear from her stomach attention turns to Bob. "I'm- I'm pretty plain, actually."
Esa Esa squeezes her hand again "Aye, what Lennon said. You are safe." he replies quietly.
Bob "Oh yeah, anyone who messes with you is going to disappear," Bob confirms for Emma, hoping to help her relax a little bit, but God knows he's not the best at that sort of thing. He barely remembered to lower his voice to avoid being overheard. At the remark about her being plain, Bob starts to stare at her, "I don't know why you keep saying things like that. You do remember the night you patched me up, right? Everything I said was true. Morphine makes me crazy disinhibited. Always does."
Emma Emma gives a thankful squeeze back to Eaa, but her attention turns to Bob, and cheeks go red, yes she remembers. "O - oh." Stammers the lass, clearly thinking he was just high as a kite.
Esa Esa smiles slightly, though a brow did raise ever so slightly as her cheeks go red at what bob states. Shifting, he pulls the chair that Lennon was in and sits and once sitting, uses his free hand to grab his coffee and sip it. He says nothing.
Bob "Yeah, you were assuming I either forgot or was just really high? Well, I didn't forget," Bob tells Emma, barely restraining a chuckle when he sees how red her cheeks get. His hands fold in front of him on the table as he relaxes somewhat. Turning to Esa he says, "I get super fucked up when I'm given pain killers. I'm usually good for a few laughs."
Emma "I - I figured ya'd not know." Emma replies to Bob. "I didn' realize ya meant them." Yeah she is surprised, and looks to Esa. "He - he is good for a few laughs aye."

Lennon sits and looks at them all. "Zombies?" He asks.
Esa Esa gives a slow nod, and a soft smile "Ah, I see." He says still confused, but gives a soft squeeze of Emma's hand nonetheless. As Lennon inquires, he looks to him, then to Emma. "I think I should bring him up to speed privately." He says "The field office procured my apartment finally. Maybe you two can come over for dinner." He looks between Emma and Lennon "And I can explain everything." He tells Lennon.
Bob "Where?" Bob's response to the word 'zombies' is instant. He's on his feet, scanning the immediate area first and then looking out further for trouble until he realises that it was a question and not a statement. With an exasperated sigh he plops back down in his chair. Esa's got the question handled, Bob's got the overreaction down. Once he's gotten himself under control he looks to Emma and says, "We'll have to wait to go dancing, unfortunately."
Emma Lennon is a patient man, and realizes when one needs to be silent on topics. This seems to be a time for that. "A good idea." He says, then turns to Bob and eyes him a little. Emma gives Esa a bit of a smile. "I'd not know where ta - ta start myself." She shrugs and laughs at Bob's remark. "I won't be dancin' for a - a while. Damn, I was ta compete with a friend. Guess I can't now." She sighs.
Esa Esa looks between Bob and Emma quietly; still feeling pretty lost as to what was going on. He glances to Lennon, head nodding slightly before looking away toward Emma slightly. "Say tomorrow then?" He replies quietly with a warm smile.
Bob "Sorry man," Bob says to Lennon with a little shrug, not looking to be too bothered by anything. His head slowly shakes when he looks at Emma, "That's alright. I'm sure they'll understand. Worse comes to worse I'll step in for you, I'm a pretty good dancer." That last bit is a offered jokingly.
Emma "Tomorrow." Lennon says. "What can we bring?" Emma asks Esa, with a smile, and then shrugs to Bob. "A -aye, but I was lookin' forward ta dancin'."
Esa "A good wine." Esa replies to Emma with a warm smile. "I'll cook the rest." Wait, he can cook? He looks to Bob and gave a hmm "I wouldn't mind joining. Emma is a terrific dancer." He looks back at her with a smile.
Bob "When you're on crutches we'll work something out. I'll just have you drape yourself all over me and tell everyone that you're too drunk to walk already," Bob says to Emma with a dismissive wave of his hand, like it's nothing. He's clearly joking, though, based on the big smile that appears. Looking over at Esa and shrugging, "You're welcome to come dancing, of course. I'm still searching for a place for salsa. You'd expect the French to have some culture." Another joke.