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Isabel While Isabel isn't a big fan of the Gothic scene, she's been looking into other clothing lately in an effort to make herself harder to recognize. She's been styling her hair differently, trying for a more stylish look. It's currently drawn back into a wavy tail, a pair of artfully careless locks framing her face and subtly changing its shape.
She's currently standing in a shop whose name translate as Monstrous Mode, looking through a selection of skirts. Her hands are hesitant as she leafs through them, as if she's not that keen on touching them, but she doesn't step away.
Celeste Celeste just so happens to bump, well not literally anyway, into Isabel as she says "Oh hey there! Isabel right? I met you last time with Buck. Didja want some help picking a skirt?" Her arms filled with a menagrie out things, though mostly gothic or lolita if not both. Her feet swaying herself side to side as she says "I have a variety of things I was going to see if I wanted to get. I usually make my own things."
Isabel "Oh... hi! Celeste? C-something," Isabel says, blinking but managing a smile despite her discomfort with the look of the shop. She shrugs, her smile turning a touch wry. "I'm not very good with picking out this kind of stuff," she admits. "Honestly, I need a whole outfit or three. I need to change my look." Perhaps that nervous glance at the door hints at why.
Celeste Celeste beams as she says "It is Celeste, you got it correct." She nods softly and looks over Isabella curiously as she asks "Are you wanting skirts and dresses or pants? I can pick out a couple of things for you to try on and see if you think any of it works."
Isabel "Honestly, maybe a couple of both would be good, with some options to mix and match? Can you do that with Gothic Lolita stuff?" Isabel asks, frowning thoughtfully at Celeste and the rack of skirts. "I'm kinda new to that."
Celeste Celeste giggles and shakes her head no as she says "Lolitas always where skirts or dresses. Not pants. Are you wanting to do the lolita look like mine?" Her eyes flitting over the skirts before looking back to Isabel.
Isabel "No pants? Ever?" Isabel's answering look is a little stricken as well as puzzled. "That must be awful on windy days! Or should I make sure I own the right kind of underpants?"
Celeste Celeste giggles a bit and muses "I would own the right kinda panties. Ruffly ones are cute. Or bloomer style is traditional too. I don't worry much about the wind since Buck carries me almost everywhere when we go places together and all. But no never pants." She walks over to the dressing room area to set down her gathered things and begins to grab various skirts and blouses that can easily be interchanged as well as some dresses and says "I think these are your size. Go ahead and see which ones you like the fit of on you."
Isabel "I think I'm in trouble..." Isabel muses, glancing down at her jeans as if recalling what's beneath them. "I never knew Buck was so courtly. I guess I never saw him with the right girl, though."
She stays with Celeste, accepting what the more knowledgeable girl finds as they move through the store. "I think you're right about the size. Is there always so much black?" she has to ask, finding four items in that color in her hands.
Still, without the help she'd still be dithering at the rack of skirts. Nodding, she lets Celeste find a room first, then looks for one of her own. "I hope I can get them on by myself..."
Celeste Celeste giggles a bit and muses "We are just unique with one another. I doubt he will ever be like he is with me with another. And for Gothic Lolita there is. I adore Black though." She bites briefly upon her bottom lip and then comments "If you need help, just tell me and I will come in and show you how to put all of it on. Okies?"
Isabel "...Okies," Isabel replies, trying the word out uncertainly. "Sorry I'm so hopeless." Which she isn't, really, but this is scary new territory for her. She pulls the curtain shut behind her, hanging up Celeste's admittedly expert choices, and begins slipping out of her own clothes.
Celeste Celeste shakes her head no and says "Not hopeless, just learning is all. And you are wanting to learn which to be is quite the opposite." Once the curtain closes, Celeste sits down next to the outfits she grabbed and says "Come out and show me it when you are done. I am sitting right outside."
Isabel Isabel is busy for a few minutes, struggling to figure out what goes where and how. She finally emerges, clad in a white blouse under a short black jacket trimmed in white lace, and a black circle skirt lined with layers of petticoats. It hits the right notes, though it's actually fairly mild in its Goth-Loliness. "Have I got it right? I wasn't sure about some of these closures," she confesses, pirouetting slowly so Celeste can see how she did.
Celeste Celeste smiles as she says "You got the clasps right, though.. it is more Lolita than Gothic Lolita but it is still super cute on you. I think this looks nice on you. I wash out in white personally cause I am soooo pale. I think I reflect light sometimes." She giggles a bit and then says "Try on another one."
Isabel "The petticoats are a little itchy," Isabel confesses, though she smiles as Celeste tells her she didn't mess up. "Black would be a great contrast for you. I don't know about me. Maybe it's a little much, with my dark hair."
Still, she doesn't have any other ideas, so she bobs a quick little curtsy and steps back into the changing room, pulling the curtain shut.
She's gone longer this time, finally emerging in another circle skirt, though this one features two lace ruffles at the hem and halfway down to it, with a white blouse that features puffy sleeves and lace-trimmed, flared cuffs at the wrists. "Are they supposed to cover your hands like this?" she asks, showing them to Celeste and wiggling her fingers like a storybook witch. They're all that shows out from under the sleeves.
Celeste Celeste nods as she says "It does work well for me indeed. But there is nothing wrong with being a normal Lolita. I just prefer my darker colors is all. She giggles at the question that is posed to her and says "They are yes, it is meant to make you look adorable. I have some like that. And tend to nibble on my fingertips while wearing them. Though been doing it for so long it comes naturally to me now." She stands up and shifts herself to look like she is trying to feign her innocence after being accused of stealing and hiding the cookie jar, twirls her hair with one of her index fingers as she softly bites upon the other index finger and holds it for a few moments as she softly rotatoes side to side as an example.
Isabel Isabel, still looking uncertain, at least smiles a little when Celeste demonstrates the concept of adorably uncertain innocence. She does try it herself, looking from side to side, wide-eyed, fingers applied gently over her mouth. Lowering her hands, she clasps them in front of herself and tries a shy smile, swaying and twisting a little from side to side.
Celeste Celeste smiles to Isabel as she says "You are getting the hang of it. It just takes time is all. I have always been rather teeny so I was dressed up like a doll most of my life. I just enjoy it. Got me weird looks while I was doing my interning at the hospitals during my third year of med school."
Isabel "I'll have to practice, I think," Isabel says, finding a mirror and gesturing Celeste over. "I've always been small, but not quite so small as you. I had to make up for it with practical clothes. It sounds like the opposite way works, though... wait, you were a medical student? And you dressed this way at work?" she has to ask, looking at Celeste, surprise written all over her face... and a touch of respect, too.
Celeste Celeste walks over to the mirror as she says "Oh yeah. I almost have my full degree actually. Just a few more tests and I will be Doctor Celeste. I graduated early a lot. I like healing people. Buck just makes my needing to mend him a very frequently occurance." She giggles.
Isabel "He does have that tendency," Isabel agrees. "I saw it once or twice in Raccoon City. I patched him up once... I can only do first aid, though, cleaning injuries and bandaging and the like. But that's better than nothing. I'm glad he has someone who can handle /real/ medicine, because he definitely needs it!" She offers the miniature medico a smile. "Take care of him, please? He hates it when I worry about him."
She gestures to the mirror. "Show me a cute pose, and I'll try to imitate it? I know I need the practice, badly."
Celeste Celeste giggles a bit and muses to Isabel "He knows I worry but tells me to let him do the worrying and I just do the mending." She nods at the gesture and begins to bend forward and make her fingers look like peace signs and hold them against her chin as she smiles, forming a v.
Isabel Isabel chuckles. "That sounds like him, all right." Seeing the gesture, she smiles and bends over as well, giving the mirror a pair of peace signs that meet her chin. "Cute..." she muses.
Giving it a try of her own, she lowers one hand, bracing it on her knees as she bends farther forward, tilting and turning her head just a bit and keeping the other peace sign intact, but holding it beside her face. She keeps the smile, too. "How's this?"