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Esa Alright, I guess we will get started. This is more or less an informal introduction meeting. I had hoped we'd have more players on, but it this appears to be it.

So I'd like to briefly introduce myself as the player. I've been gaming for about seventeen years on text base gaming systems (MOO, MUSH, MUD, MUX) as well as table top RPG (WoD, D&D). I am hoping that my experience will help bring some new playstyles to the table for FBC and help run certain events smoothly.

As far as Resident Evil goes, I have been here for just over a month; so I am humbled and honored to work alongside everyone here as he progress further on as the Faction Head.

so, going to our first topic of the night: my position within FBC IC and OOC.

I am sure some of you are probably wondering exactly what I will be doing here as the Faction Head.

My position will be mainly from a OOC standpoint - I will be here as a person to coordinate events, run events and help new players coming in. I will not be running the show IC. That spot is still reserved to Wesker and Richard Stadler. As far as IC goes, Esa is just another player with Raptor team.

Any questions so far?
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, "No questions so far. However, I am a bit suprised that Wesker of all people is the IC Faction Head."
Katherine Quinn Katherine Quinn says, "Wesker's evilness was not revealed during the Raccoon City thing."
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, "I suppose that makes a lot more sense now that you mention it."
Esa "Correct, also remember that Re:R uses the backstory and information from Games and Movies; however all actions are done by the players themselves. So, things change. Events in the Games transpire differently. Certain characters who shouldn't die, die and those that should've died live."
Bob Bob says, "So, are there going to be any story archs focusing on the FBC rather than just "good guys" in general? Also, what can and can't we do when it comes to running FBC related scenes?"
Esa "Okay, so as it seems we are moving towards questions on scenes, PRE's and story arcs I will close out the introductory questions."

"First on Story arcs: The short answer is yes, eventually. Currently I am attempting to draft a story arc, but nothing concrete has been put into place. Some may have noticed things being progressed within the journals that will eventually (hopefully) lead into this larger arc."

"For Scenes and PRE's: My overall goal is to run scenes weekly (maybe multiple) and PRE's bi-weekly. PRE's will either be from the +playerevents and focused solely on FBC, or something I will draft up and running as a PRE. As for individual scenes, I do not think there isn't anything you cannot do. If you have questions, or are unsure hit me up and we can talk about it."
Kitten Kitten says, "to fill in a gap there in the answer, you can run pretty much anything you want for the FBC."
Richard Stadler :will note he's at work, so he's just viewing at the moment.
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, "Not a question but if you need any help with that story arc I'd be happy to assist if it can get it set up quicker. :)"
Bob Bob says, "Cool. So a licker pack breaking into the hospital's nursery and nomming on babies while all those people are visiting Emma is good."
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, "Or and independent scene about chasing down the man with the German Accent that was mentioned during my questioning at the hospital?"
Esa "I would say this as an add on to what Kitten said: Within reason. As we know, Paris is winding down. Attacks have all but stopped and FBC has taken care of the QZ and most of the catacombs are safe again. There are a few lingering PRE's to run. I would say a licker attack, for example, on a hospital might be a stretch." :)
Bob Bob didn't know about those things until just now. Now I'm wondering how I missed them.
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, "How does one obtain faction rank bot within and out of character?"
Esa Glances to Bryant "I'm not sure I know what you mean exactly." To Bob "our news storyline have been updated recently" :) To Bryant "Not that I am aware of."
Kitten Kitten says, "If you really absolutely need promotions, the rank perks exist. Otherwise it's mostly based on exceptional stuff IC since in an IC timeframe you won't see much promotions going on since it would take years realistically."
Kitten Kitten says, "Likewise, Rival wise, I mean Umbrella. Bioterrorists mostly. Tricell has never done anything to warrant being lumped in with Umbrella."
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, "I guess that makes sense but it would be less gratifing to just buy rank."
Kitten Kitten says, "Well, the only reason to /NEED/ a rank perk is for your own self-esteem or ego, in general. TBH"
Kitten Kitten says, "Great example: Esa is the faction head, but that didn't mean he needed to be promoted to the highest IC rank for example."
Kitten Kitten says, "It's unlikely most people who are 'soldiers' will make it out of the Private/Corporal/Sergeant grind unless they are specifically aiming for it."
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, "I-I just like being a detective rank doesn't matter too much I was mostly just curious about how it worked."
Esa "Kind of curbing it back to the questions about PRE's and scenes; I want to encourage players to try to pick up a PRE and run it. Doesn't have to be for just FBC but can be for everyone. If need help, got questions hit me up in @mail, channel or pages. I'm always willing to assist where and when I can."

"For now, though we will be seeing a wind down as we continue forward. Within this wind down, I will try to be keeping our activity going by providing one on one scenes and a few PRE's. We have a new storyline coming up (RE:4) that will move us to another location. Between now and then, we will focus on closing up loose threads in Paris; some of these have already been started or done (For example the scene with Trixie and Molly). Others are still out there and are being worked on behind the scenes to connect them together."

"Any other questions before I move forward with what's coming up in the next few weeks?"
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, "I just wanna say thanks for having me in the faction and that i appreciate how much work your putting into this. Question-wise however I've got nothing, sorry. :|"
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler looks up, and nods. It's been quite fun so far (I wish I could have gotten in on more RE3 stuff, but I'm intensely looking forward to RE4).
Bryant Crothers Bryant want's to do things by the books but sometimes also shoot bad guys.
Esa "Okay, so coming up in the next few weeks are a few PRE's"

"The first is already ongoing - Emma's accident. She has ironed out a few more details which will be wrapped into an active PRE event. Those details have been handed to me and we'll run them this week. These scenes will be investigative scenes and non-combat related. Beyond Emma's PRE, I am looking at running a PRE hopefully next week. Lastly, Black Sword scene has been put on hold and may be ran as a journal entry.. maybe a cutscene small RP. I will get with Bob regarding this. Additionally, do not forget about Kittens Sins of the Father"
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, "If I claim it do I have to gm or can I find someone else intrested in gming for me."
Esa :nods to Bryant "All scenes within Emma's PRE for investigation are open to all FBC players that wish to join in. I will be posting a +schedule for this."

"Any questions regarding PRE's, Scenes, things coming up in the few weeks; if not I will be moving on to the next quick topic - hours of availability."
Esa "PRE's are typically run by the owner or person that claims them. I'm always willing to assist and walk you through things, but my suggestion is waiting until you as the player feel comfortable in running a scene."
Kitten Kitten says, "Yeha, if you claim it, you are signifying you want to GM it"
Esa "Okay, so hours of availability."

"I'm quite often found on this game throughout the day. I'm usually on RE from about 7a to 3:20p and 5p to about 10p Central Standard Time. During the 7-3:20 I'm at work and prone to idleness; but will and have run scenes for people. Weekends are bit different. I may not be around, or if I am, it is in the evening time."

"One of the things I'd like to get from everyone is your hours of availability so that I can schedule things around all the players and not just a select few. This includes random scenes or PRE events. I ask those to be @mail'd to me, and I will be posting it to the FBC board."
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, "My hours vary heavily. I'm getting a checkup soon to check for some sort of sleeping disorder as my sleeping schedule fluctuates heavily with no warning. I've also become unemployed as this problem has progressed so if I'm awake I'm likley on, if I'm idle I might be playing something else in another tab."
Esa Okay, that's really all I have. Please not that we will have another monthly meeting in May; first Sunday of the month around this time. I'll open the floor tany questions at this time."
Esa "Alright if that is it, then I'm closing the meeting. A FBC post will go up regarding highlights within this meeting and I will submit the scene later onto the wiki. Thank-you all for attending. Have a wonderful night!"