Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night Chateau de Night, France
January 27, 2006

Archene was resting on his bed, no longer with any casts on his arm or leg, but still resting. He was currently on his laptop, either working very serious or distracting himself very successfully. His room, of course, was just as well organized and perfectly fine as usually, though the TV was off at the moment.
Markus Berger Either possibility is about to be interrupted as Markus abruptly and without much in the ways of announcing his presence strides through the door, carrying around both a medical kit and a laptop for... reasons of sinister nature. "Less half-dead than before, I assume?"
Silent Night "Mostly alive currently, casts have been removed and I can properly attempt to walk. Still strained, and not in proper conditions for combat. But good enough to type one handed." Archene replies as he looks at the Doctor, "What brings you here, now?"
Markus Berger Without wasting anoter moment the doctor places his medkit down and opens it, reavealing a few syringes. "Hopefully accelerating your recovery. I admit, I'm not even remotely as capable as Emma, but a man can hope. Well, not that she is in any condition to do anything herself currently... as it were." With that said he pulls a syringe out of the kit and glances at it. "After I'm done I assume we both need to talk. With the situation in Paris supposedly having been handled and Umbrella having gotten its ass kicked we need to work on a few things while everything is calm. Also, before I forget it I would like to hear your personal observations on the effects of the experiment."
Silent Night "Thank you," Archene puts his laptop aside, "And I've heard of how she is." He sighs, "Hopefully, things will be better for her soon. But yes, Paris seems to be in proper condition now, at least around here Umbrella has quieted down. As for the effects." He hmms, "By all means, if it were me before then, I think I'd still need the casts on, waiting for surgeries and the like."
Markus Berger "Well, then it worked out as intended. Anyway, hold your arm still so I can inject a few things. Mostly painkiller and some concotions that should encourage your natural regenerative abilities to accelerate briefly... if they work that is." With that said Markus approaches with the first syring in hand and waits for the chance to start.
Silent Night Archene nods, holding his arm in place so that Markus may administer the proper, concotions, "I did hope it'd work well. And thanks to you, it did." He nods, "If you ever think of further improvements to the treatment, that don't have a considerable chance of my death. Do let me know how can we cooperate." He smiles.
Markus Berger Markus proceeds to use up about three syringes one after another before placing them back in the medical kit and shrugging. "We will see. I at least have two examples of how to go about it now, but proper analysis would require human experimentation and I'd rather not go about it like Umbrella does. Not to mention that I doubt anyone would volunteer either to be experimented upon due to the inherent risks. Anyway, the injections should start working sometime today."
Silent Night Archene glances at his arm, closing and opening his hand after Markus is done before saying, "It shouldn't be hard to find actual volunteers for it, no problem if it is consentual in the end, correct?" He hmms, "Though most ways to go about this do look terrible on hindsight. You can deliberate more on the examples if you wish. If it is appealing enough, the least I can do is try to increase the chances of things going right. As long as the chances are positive enough, I see no problem in volunteering myself."
Markus Berger "Actually, you are by now not a particularly good candidate for further experimentation since I highly doubt I can do much more to mess with your genetic code without involving the T-Virus and we both know what that usually means even if it works in the short-term. So... yes. Volunteers will be required and a considerably longer time to prepare any operation." The doctor shrugs once again as he closes the medkit again and instead sits down on the next best seat and opens his laptop.
Silent Night Archene nods at Markus, "That is very understandable. Sincerely, I'd refrain messing with that. To our purposes, something like that feels like only like an unfinished product." He sighs before saying, "I'll procure appropriate volunteers." He nods thoughtfully.
Markus Berger Markus doesn't bother to reply much as he seems more concerned with whatever he is doing on his laptop right now. "Allright. Aside from that there is still the idea to construct a database on the varying zombie and mutant variations, both for scientific anc tactical purposes. The former so we can keep track of anatomy, associated viruses and biology and the later to give out pointers how to kill them. I would appreciated it if you could see if you can use your connections to get us some reports from somewhere. Besides, I'm quite sure that there are a few groups who would gladly take a copy of the tactical version of the data should we manage assamble a database."
Silent Night Archene seems to ponder on it briefly, nodding at Markus words, "I will see what I can do about this. The least I can do is give you detailed account of what I've personally found, once I can properly move about I will see what I can do. I'll be making some calls later today." Not necessarily calls, but even then, they'd be something, "I'm sure many will be interested in this."
Markus Berger A laptop that snaps shut and a short nod are Markus immideate response as he himself ponsers for a moment. "Good. I have been starting to write something up and starting to prepare a framework, but until I get something more to write its more a waste of time than anything else. Well, now that I have bothered you enough I got to ask... do you have anything in mind with which to pass the time productively in the near future aside from our usuall work? If not I'll leave you to recover in peace."