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Emma The hour is later now, least the rain has stopped. Emma is improving every day, physically anyway. Sure she is still beaten and bruised, and broken, but, healing is happening.

She is in her bed, resting back, looking at the television, flipping through channels. Her dinner is half ate, and there are a stack of papers too. Those are ignored, she looks tired, but seems to refuse to sleep.
Markus Berger Despite the late hour Emma is about to have a visitor as a certain Doctor knocks at the door before slowly entering without actually waiting for any kind of response. At least he has the decency to not fully barge in and more or less peeks his head into the room first.
Emma Emma looks away from the tv when Markus enters. The remote is put down, and the volume brought down as well.

"Ma - Markus, aye?" She is pretty sure she knows his name, and looks like she feels bad for even asking that question.
Markus Berger "Correct. So your memory really has been scrambled during the whole mess, huh?" He briefly grinds his teeth after saying that before shrugging and entering the room fully, sitting down on the next best chair he can find.
Emma "It - it has." Emma frowns, and looks away from Markus. It's so hard, to not remember, and so badly does she want to, but it's like endless blankness.

"I - I live with ya right? An' a knight named Archene?" Slowly she looks back up to Markus. "How long have I been?"
Markus Berger The doctor patiently nods and leans back as he prepares for a lot of questions to be answered. "Yes. Archene Night owns a Chateau outside of Paris where we two live as well. Since he got a management position with TRICELL he can afford it, besides I work for the scientific department as well, so there is that. As for how long you have been out? Over a week and a bit I guess? I tend to loose track of time."
Emma Emma takes this in, and is silent, trying to process this. Living with two men, very curious to her.

She reaches out to take up a piece of paper, going to hand it to Markus. "Th - they want me ta visit 'home' ta see if my memory'll come back. Is there anythin' I need ta be aware of?"
Markus Berger Markus quickly snatches the piece of paper and takes a look at it while still talking while doing so. "Nothing comes to mind right about now. Reminds me though, your family showed up here all the way from Scotland to visit you while you were still in a coma. Think you should be aware of that."
Emma "Aye I - I know they have, we've been talkin' lots, an' they went out for dinner right now. I know they'll wanna st - stay close, will this Archene allow them 'round? Ta stay and help? With my arm an' leg I am gonna need ta have some help.." Not only is her memory gone, but, she is immobile too. "I - I have a dog to, right?"
Markus Berger "Well, if Archene causes trouble I'm going to annoy him until he concedes to every demand. Also... yes. Shaemus, your Newfoundlander. Right now a pile of whining misery back at the Chateau. Sure, he likes me, but he is really wants to have you around again." Having said that the Doctor briefly closes his eyes as he makes some mental notes ranging from buying more dogfood all the way to appropiating another lab... for reasons. Like becoming explosion proof.
Emma "I - I don't wanna put anyone out." Emma says, frowning. "If he wouldn't like me or my family bein' there, then I'm sure we can go elsewhere." When Shaemus is mentioned her breath is held. "He - he is a nice dog, aye?"
Markus Berger Eye rolling is Markus first reaction along with a sigh. "We have more than enough rooms and space and neither of us is around that often. I see no reason not to have them stick around. Besides, its more comfortable and safer than sticking around in Paris after everything that happened here. Just got to lock the basement a bit more. And yes, Shaemus is ridicilously nice for such a big mountain of fur."
Emma Emma is watching Markus, and eventually nods. "O - okay." All she can really do is take his word for it. Yet with the news that something happened, a brow lifts. "Wh - what happened ta makr Paris dangerous?"
Markus Berger Without saying another word Markus briefly glances over to the door and then pulls out a smartphone once he is sure nobody is anywhere nearby he types a bit and hands it over as it now displays a diashow of pictures from the Quarantine zone... and some of the 'things' he ran into in the catacombs. "This. Umbrella HQ was blown up quite a while ago, quarantine zone was established and bunch of monsters started to show up. Situation apparently died down and has been cleaned up, but my experience tells me that that doesn't mean that much. Before you say anything, we both along with Archene, James Scott and Benny Chang had our fair share of run ins with things like that since over a year ago. Like it, or not..."
Emma Emma looks at the images, listens to what Markus has to say. Only some names she knows. Not knowing who James or Benny are, she assumes that they are friends?

But what does happen is that she begins to shake, clearly trembling, breathing gets heavy, and fear is in her eyes. This as triggered an anxiety attack.
Markus Berger The smartphone is quickly put away again as he briefly scribbles down a note on a piece of paper which he places nearby. That being done he quickly places his seat next to Emma's bed and tries to lay a hand on her shoulder.
Emma Emma doesn't say much, or react much to his hand on her shoulder, she tries to curl up - which is barely, given her casts, but does hug a pillow. A reaction like this could mean something though, that information is near the surface.
Markus Berger Markus himself just waits and slightly squeezes Emmas shoulder. Traumatising her much further likely isn't that much of a good idea... after all, at worst she might just shut down.
Emma She rocks back and forth a little, and pulls the pillow against her, even if it hurts. Emma seems scared, and mentally is breaking down a little.
Esa Over the last week, Esa had been found in one general location; Hospital Saint-Louis. Though today he left briefly to shower and check up on his apartment he secured as part of the transfer to Paris Field Office. A few hours later, Esa returned to the hospital, stopped first grab a coffee in the cafeteria and spoke with the people had come to know him.

Stepping off the elevator with a gentle ding, Esa heads down the hallway with his coffee in hand, the gabardine trench coat brushing against his legs as he walks. The nurse at the nurse station smiles softly "Hey Esa. Emma is awake, but has a visitor. Probably been in there for a half hour or so." She says to him warmly.

Esa gave a nod "Ah, I see. who is it?" He asks gently as he stops at the nurse station and sips the coffee.

Picking up the chart, she says "A, one doctor Berger." and sits the clipboard down.

Esa nods "Thank-you Suzy." He replies and heads to the door opening it.
Markus Berger The opening of the door is greeted by Markus head swiftly snapping into that direction and a glare in the very same. After all, the Doctor doesn't want to have to deal with more people... especially not at this late a hour.
Emma Emma is on the bed, holding a pillow to her, looking very much the same as when Richard was here pushing for a sample of her DNA. Esa's arrival isn't seen, her face is in her pillow.
Esa Closing the door behind him, Esa turns to see Markus at the bed side. Then his eyes fell upon Emma. "What happened?" He asks calmly, but with concern in his voice. The coffee is place on a small table next to a chair and he proceeds over calmly to the bedside. His hand gently reaches for her hand as he whispers "Emm's, hon, I'm here." He says sweetly and soothingly before looking to Markus questioningly. It is a curious look more than an accusatory.
Markus Berger "Anxiety. Nervous breakdown. You see... I'm a very blunt man who shouldn't be alive, so... I may have talked too much." He shrugs helplessly with an apologetic look on his face. "Lets just say that I'd like her to be either home or in Scotland the moment she can leave the hospital." With that said he slowly gets out of his chair and walks up to Esa to whisper something. "I hope you can imagine the reasons why I want her out of Paris."
Emma Emm only looks up to Esa a little, her expression is tense. She puts her head down into the pillow, as if to block out the world, and lets them talk.
Esa Esa listens to Markus quietly, eyes closing as he sighs. Seemed like no one knew how to approach an amnesiac person correctly. Taking a gentle breath and releasing, he looks to Markus after he walks over and whispers to him and gives him a faint smile. Whispering back, he says "There is nothing wrong in Paris; not anymore anyways." FBC and other agencies had made sure of this.

He pauses to look toward Emma as he speaks again, "The doctors and family wishes were for her to return to Chateau de Night. I've made the arrangements with Archene already and spoken with the doctors; but not her father." all of this is said as he sits down in the chair by the bedside, hand gently holding onto Emmas. His body language comes off as a person wanting to reassure her things were okay and of one with strong emotions for her than one that is being protective.
Markus Berger "Of course, I'm the last one to hear about anything. Might as well move into my lab at work at this point. Besides, 'nothing wrong' is a combination of words I can't take seriously anymore since a long time ago." With another glance towards Emma he turns towards the door and begins to leave. "I'll leave you two alone. Take care of her, yes?"
Esa Esa looks to Markus as he heads towards the door. There is a momentary pause, a look of puzzlement before he replies "I will." Then a second, awkward pause as he really did not mean to drive the man off. "Markus, you should stay. She could use the company and support of all of her friends." He finally says kindly, giving the man a gentle smile.
Markus Berger He is nearly done opening the door as he swiftly closes it again, turns around and sits down on the next best chair again. "Oh well, your mistake though. I don't do the whole 'get along with people' thing." Having said that he continues to mutter in a far lower voice. "Lifes too fleetin to care."
Esa "And why would that be?" Esa asks of him not getting along with people; the latter half he did not hear. He shifts a bit in his chair to look at him more comfortably before releasing his coffee is on the opposite of the room and growing vastly colder. Standing and gently letting go of Emma's hand, he proceeds over to take the coffee and sip it.
Emma Emma eventually calms, and looks up, resting her chin on the pillow and listens.
Markus Berger "Well, Raccoon City, Heaven of the Seas... and quite a few other occurences. Firsthand experience in life being worth awfully little to some people. One doesn't really develop much of an interest in having to deal with others if one expects to suffer from leadpoisoning or getting chewed on at any moment." For someone who supposedly has seen some of the most serious occurences of Bio-terrorism in the past firsthand the Doctor sounds way too calm though as he talks about it.
Esa Esa listens quietly as he took another sip of the coffee. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Emma looking up and gives her a very warm smile before looking to Marcus. Esa knew of the classified reports; part in thanks to the Director, part in thanks to the rank and outfit he was now assigned to. "I am sorry you had to go through all of that." He replies sympathetically to him. "People that have gone through this events come out in one of two ways; stronger or insane asylum." Well, technically a third; suicide. "So what is it you do, Markus?" He asks calmly as he moves back over to the only chair readily available, the one by the bed. Sitting, he shifts to give the man his attention.
Emma Or insane? Emma frowns, thinking to herself now. "Am - am I goin' insane?"
Markus Berger "TRICELL, research. I mostly rotate between their various groups and help out where needed... well, except for the rare occurences when a certain group or another requires consultants, but I'm right now not talking about it because that is so classified that its headache inducing. You know... the whole thing about some things officialy never having happened or never having existed in the first place." To someone like Markus it sometimes feels like Raccoon City or the Heaven of the Seas themselves officialy never so much as existed nowadays, which doesn't really help his mood. "Also... Emma. I'd say, no. You always managed to handle things rather well even after Raccoon City."
Esa As Emma asks if she was going insane, Esa looks to her and shakes his head. "No, hon your not." He reaches through the rail to touch her hand gently "You will get through this and find your as normal as the rest of us in this room." He states kindly before looking to Markus. He knew of Tricell but didn't know about Tricell. His head gives a light nod after Markus talks, then a slight frown at the mention of Raccoon City. "Well then, I may need to keep your number on file if I ever need a good researcher." He replies with a soft smile.
Emma Emma is looking at Markus, trying to figure out if they are all sane or insane, it's hard to figure out. "I - I recovered from what?" She asks and looks to Esa, gripping his hand briefly in thanks
Markus Berger Markus swiftly grabs another piece of paper and scribbles his number on it which he hands over to Esa. "Anyway, I'll be leaving. I need to visit Archene since that guy is a mess as well. Not as badly as Emma, but still enough that I need to check up on him as well. I'll see you both some other time, yes?" With that said the Doctor once again makes his way out of the room.
Esa Esa gives a nod as he accepts the paper and stuffs it into a coat pocket. "I am sure we will Markus." He says with a gentle smile before looking back to Emma. "Just some things from your past." He replies gently and squeezes her hand "Nothing to worry on or about; I promise."
Emma Emma watches Markus go and then looks to Esa. "No - nothin' ta worry 'bout?" She asks, sadly. "Then why - why am I gettin' scared over mythical things? Is - is that tha devil tryin' ta turn me?"
Esa Esa looks to Emma quietly and bit his lip gently. Not trying to avoid the subject, he asks "What did he tell you?" It's a gentle, serene tone of voice as he gives her is full attention.
Emma "Sh - showed me picturs, of - of awful lookin' things, dead an' distorted creatures." Emma shakes her head, a touch, with fear. "Tha devil is tryin' ta get me, isn't he?"
Esa Oh Markus, what have thou done. Esa sighs, his head shaking ever so slightly. "Love." He says gently and with meaning. "The devil is not trying to get to you; I promise. Markus should not have shown those pictures to you." He said with a small frown regarding the fact. He lightens the frown with a gentle smile.
Emma Emma shakes her head and sniffles some, on the verge of tears. "Ho - how can ya believe that? Tha devil works ta deceive, an' lie, and tear tha mind. I - I don't know what's goin' on anymore."
Esa Esa gave a slow, steady nod. He was raised Christian and understood where she was coming from as his hand squeezes hers gently "Emma, The Devil will try, but God will always shine brighter. His path is true and blessed with light. He will put friends on your path at the right moments when you need them most." He says reassuringly and in a soothing tone of voice; a fond smile on his face. "I understand all of this is frightening; scary stuff. But I have faith in you and I know that your strong will, will overcome this. You will perceiver, you will triumph over this. I know this for a fact."
Emma Emma listen, and sniffles again. "I - I hope yer right." She says, nodding just a little. "I feel so lost, an' confused. This is - is so odd, like I woke to a dream."
Esa Gently he takes a tissue from a box and hands it to Emma, his head nodding "I know you well enough that you will pull through." He replies kindly; adding "And yeah, I've heard that said about soldiers with amnesia whom woke after IED's went off." He said with a hint of sadness in the tone.
Emma " You're so, so kinda ta me." Emma says, and bites her lower lip a little. "Why? I don't even remember you."
Esa The biting of her lip causes him to smile fondly, which holds even after she asks why. Esa sighs and squeezes her hand gently. He knew to take things carefully, and has seen how certain topics has cause problems for her already. "I.. we.." He stops and looks toward her. "Probably best to wait till you've gotten your memories back." He says; unless she presists in knowing.
Emma "Wh - what?" Emma asks, frowning more. "We what?" Yes she is pressing, desperate to know about the life she has forgotten.
Esa A faint smile crosses his lips as he looks into her eyes; there is a twinkle of something within his as he looks to her. "We were close, you and I." Esa says quietly as he looks down slightly to their hands. It'd explain why he was there all the time, by her bedside through it all.
Emma Emma doesn't miss this, but she does look surprised. "Oh." She says softly, looking down and sad. "M - must be awful for ya, ya'know, ta - ta sit here an' know I don't know who ya are. I can't- I guess could imagine, I don't know who I am."
Esa Esa shakes his head as he looks to Emma briefly as he contemplated in thought. Looking away, toward their hands of which he attempts to intertwine, he says "My grandfather use to have a saying: you always be by the side of those you care for; even when they may not recall exactly whom you are. My grandma passed away of Alzheimer when I was in high school." May explain is abrupt attitude with Buck the other day and stepping out. "He use to visit her every day. Some days were good, some days were bad; but through it all he stayed." He smiles on that memory of him and looks back to her. "So, regardless I will be by your side through this." He adds quietly.
Emma "Wo - wow." Emma says, and though she doesn't know him, she does sense that he isn't lieing. The only response she can seem to give, is pulling him into a hug.
Esa Esa cheeks flushed as she pulls him into a hug; thankfully the rail was placed down earlier. He smiles gently and just holds her until she lets go, saying nothing at the moment.