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Trixie "I've never worn petticoats before... they sure take some getting used to," Trixie observes to Celeste as they walk into the cafe. The two are dressed in full Gothic Lolita finery, Trixie for the first time, and the taller girl had been a little reluctant to accompany her style tutor into the public eye in her new dress. But Celeste was persuasive and adorable, and so here she is.

"Do people always stare at you like this? I haven't felt so many eyes on me since I turned thirteen," she whispers, blushing slightly.
Celeste Celeste smiles to Trixie as she says "I know but it looks very cute on you Trixie." Her hand holding Trixie's as she says "Yeah they usually do. I am just use to it. You will be fine I promise. Now for our little tea party. And sandwiches. And cakes. Cakes must be had as well." She giggles more and asks Trixie "Are you going to wear it when you aren't working?"
Trixie "Not every time I'm on shore leave... but definitely sometimes. It's too pretty to waste," Trixie replies softly, with a small smile for Celeste. "We must be quite the spectacle, to go by all these stares. I can get used to being this kind of pretty."

She gestures to the seating within, which encompasses tables and a couple couches with coffee tables. "You know more about tea parties than me. Where would you like to sit?"
Celeste Celeste giggles a bit and says "I suppose it could be. I am use to it though the stares have intensified since Buck carries me everywhere. I like it though. Makes me feel like a spoiled little princess." She walks over and climbs up onto one of the couchs and sits down, wiggling a bit until she makes herself comfy. Her hand then goes up as she tries to wave down one of the servers.
Trixie Trixie seats herself gracefully next to Celeste, stifling a giggle. "I can see how it might. It sounds adorable and romantic, but Buck and I have never really seen eye to eye on everything. I can't see him carrying me like that, and I'd feel wrong asking him to." She glances at the menu board thoughtfully, blinking and blushing slightly. "Oh geez... I forgot that it's all in French. They've got this glazed apple cake confection that's to /die/ for, but I can't remember the name..."
Celeste Celeste giggles as she says "I could ask him to if you wanted. He rarely tells me no. Unless it is something dangerous, then it is always no." More giggles before she says "Maybe the server will be super nice and know English?"
Trixie "Maybe you shouldn't... it feels too much like imposing. But thank you for the thought. It's very sweet of you," Trixie says softly, giving Celeste a warm smile. "There was at least one waitress here who knows English, and probably more... I expect that they get a lot of tourists through here."

Just then a pretty blonde waitress approaches, smiling. "Bonjour!"

Trixie blushes a little more, giving Celeste a sheepish smile. "We may be in trouble..." Looking to the waitress, she asks, "Parlez-vous Anglais?" (Do you speak English?)
Celeste Celeste giggles and says "Nonsense, it isn't imposing. Buck is a big softy once you get to know him deep down. He just wants to make sure no harm comes to me. And I think we might have luck." The waitress as a strong French accent says "Oui, I speak English. What is it you ladies wanted?"
Trixie "Thank you... I'm sorry, my French is really bad," Trixie admits to the waitress, blushing a little. "My friend is probably better qualified to place our order, since I think she had something like a tea party in mind."

She smiles at Celeste, nodding her agreement. "He's a much better person than I had thought back in Raccoon City. I'm glad I had the chance to make amends with him."
Celeste Celeste smiles to the waitress as she says "I would like to order some tea, some tasty little finger sandwiches and a tasty cake dessert. Surprise us I trust your judgement." The waitress nods and is off to place the order in for the two women dressed up in the lolita outfits. Though Celeste looks more like a doll than a person unless she is moving about given her small size.
Trixie Trixie glances after the waitress and gives Celeste a grateful smile. "Thank you... I was feeling kind of lost for a moment there," she says softly, keeping her voice generally low. "Cafe's still make me a little nervous... we have a bad history. First time I was in a cafe here, someone tried to shoot a woman at the next table. Second time, the place got bombed. You can probably see why I get nervous in places like this."
Celeste Celeste giggles softly and says "I do not mind. I like having little tea parties, it is part of the culture of Lolita." As Trixie confides in her see offers a warm smile and says "Try not to think about that right now. I am sure nothing like that will happen. But I am understand the nervousness. I am sure if there was possible danger, Buck would have told me to just have my little tea party at the apartment."
Bryant Crothers Bryant 's stomach growled as he walked down one of Paris' many sidewalks. 'How long has it been since I've eaten?' he wondered. Ever since he arrived in Paris his mind had been all about work, obsessing over small details of the Emma O'Connal incident, looking for any tiny lead he could. 'Why would someone blow her car up? Why did she think something was inside her? Did the man with the accent that the other woman mentioned have anything-' he shook his head and stopped himself. He was doing it again, drowning out his body's cries for food and rest by becoming to obsessed with his work. 'I really hope I'm not becoming a workaholic.' he thought to himself and then chuckled to himself out loud at the absurdity. His stomach growled again, louder this time as he suddenly noticed the burden of his heavy eyelids and empty stomach. No longer distracted with his assignment he finally realized how tired he was. He read the signs one by one as he passed them on the sidewalk, he had taken years of french in highschool, and yet he couldn't understand a word of what he was reading. Perhaps he could have looked in the windows at the various things on display and figure it out like tourists might have, but he was too tired to even think of that. Finally a sign he partially understood; 'Cafe des Anges' he assumed that 'cafe' meant the same thing in Paris as it had back home. With sluggish pace he approached the door and walked inside, the bell on the door ringing loudly as the smell of Coffee Beans hit his nostrils.
Trixie "I can't remember the last time I had a tea party... I was an Army brat, so we moved around a lot in my early years. I didn't stay in one place for longer than a year until I was almost ten," Trixie says thoughtfully. "That was when Dad got out of the Army and we moved to Raccoon City." She looks around at the cheerful, peaceful cafe and gives her companion a congenial smile. "You're right... nothing to worry about here."

She glances up as the door opens and the bell tied to it rings. "I could swear I've seen that guy somewhere before..." she murmurs.
Celeste Celeste looks up as Bryant enters, recognizing his uniform before she looks to Trixie and says "Hey isn't he one of your co-workers? Ask him if he wants to join. He doesn't have to like... eat or drink like we are but maybe he would like company. I know I was needing to get away with everything going on lately to be honest." Then the waitress is bringing them a tea cups and a pot of tea as well as cream and sugar. She begins to add a splash of cream and a lot of sugar to her tea before stirring it with a spoon. The spoon is daintly dragged out and then placed upon the saucer. She then says "I had only brothers growing up but I was much more advanced than they were or are. I mean... how many women can says that they are a medical doctor by age 22?"
Bryant Crothers Bryant sat at the nearest table he could find, letting out a large drawn out sigh of relief as he sits down. "Shit." he says to himself in a winded tone, leaning his head and shoulders back in the chair, resting his eyes closed. Patiently he waits to be served or to fall asleep, he was content with either outcome.
Trixie Trixie's eyes widen as Celeste mentions the uniform. "Geez, you're right... he /is/ FBC!" she whispers. "I think I saw him at the hospital, too. Interesting coincidence..."

She smiles at Celeste's story, watching her take her tea. "Not many. You must be a genius, to be so qualified at your age. Kind of makes me wish I was smarter, especially given my profession."

She stands slowly, trying to be careful of her skirts. "I'll ask him if he wants to sit with us. Be just a moment." Walking over to Bryant's table, she dips a graceful curtsey. "Pardon my intrusion, M'sieu, but would you like to join us?" she asks warmly, half hoping he doesn't recognize her...
Celeste Celeste smiles warmly to Trixie as she says "I am rather smart yes, not sure if I would say genius but I do suppose I am pretty close to one considering I also do some computer hacking and not just do my medic thing. Even if it is just for Buck lately. Well And Andrei when he got injured working on doing that remodeling on that house. Still can't believe how hurt we was when we found him. I swear it was just in the nick of time." Her attention then flits to Bryant as she says "I promise we do not mind the company."
Bryant Crothers Bryant looked up at the voice speaking to him. He was on the threshold of consiousness and unconsiousness. "Wh-what!? Huh?" he exclaimed as he abruptly leaned foward in his seat into a more 'awake' posture before getting a good look at the figure in front of him. His eyes squinted with bewilderment. "H-Have we met?" he asks pushing his words coherently through a yawn he had failed to hold back.
Trixie Trixie blushes faintly, nodding. "The hospital... I was Major Stadler's security," she replies, instinctively bobbing that graceful curtsey again. "Anyway, please feel free to join us. We'd feel awful if you fell asleep here and got rolled or something."