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Emma Christmas in Paris, it's that time of the year when the streets are lit up, and people are in the festive spirit. A layer of snow had fallen through the night, and that has created this magical feel.

Within Chateau de Night, there is a festive feel in the air too. A certain red head had taken to decorating the place, which means lights, a Christmas tree, and everything else a person can imagine.

It's in the giant living room that the tree is standing, sparkling with lights and full of dcor, the room is warm this morning, and the sight of snow is seen out the windows. It feels like a cozy, lovely place right now. And for Emma, it is just that. She had come home late, and is on the couch, sleeping. On her stomach, half her face in a pillow, one leg on the floor, a hand tucked awkwardly around her. She is wearing scrubs, which says that she must of just got off work. On the coffee table, is a bowl of old cereal. While his master is sleeping - left there by the staff who didn't want to wake her, Shaemus is standing up, paws on the table, drinking the milk out of the bowl.
Benny Benny was let in by the security staff at the front gates, as they know him by now and he was expected. He was also let in by the Chateau staff at the front door, since they didn't want to disturb Emma who was sleeping peacefully when he finds her on the couch in the living room. Of course, when Shaemus see's him, the big newfoundlander woofs, then runs over to him for behind the ear rubs. "Hey boy. How are you? Merry Christmas." He does give Shaemus a nice earrub and has a Christmas treat for Emma's best friend, that he pulls from a paper bag to give to him. It is a nice big, fancy bone that he picked up at the pet store that will help him clean his teeth as well as keep him occupied when he just feels like chewing on something.

Benny is also dressed in his usual attire, black waxed cotton belstaff jacket, red graphic t-shirt with Chewbacca wearinga santa hat on front, blue designer jeans and his favorite white Stan Smith adidas sneakers. He glances towards Emma, not wanting to wake her so he keeps as quiet as possible while he pets Shaemus.
Emma Emma would like remain asleep, if it weren't for Shaemus. His woof causes a delayed reaction. Somewhere in her dream, it came to her, and startled her. Suddenly, the lass is sitting up, her red hair a bit of a mess, and a touch of mascara smudged on the side of her eye. There is that confused sleepy sense about her, those scrubs wrinkled too. "Wha - what tha ever livin' -" Words cut off as reality sets in, a hand rubs her head tiredly. "Be - Benny?"

Shaemus, happy with his treat and attention, woofs, which causes his master to wake up more. Looking around while trying to get her bearings straight, she yawns. "So - sorry Benny, didn't.. how long was I asleep for?"
Benny "Merry Christmas, Emma!" Benny says with a warm smile when you wake up and gives Shaemus one more big ear rub before letting him chew on his bone, although he's sure he will be followed as he walks over to the couch where Em has just woken up. "I have no clue how long you were asleep though but I just go let in so no worries." His smile is still warm, not caring or noticing that you have that just woken up look. You guys survivied Raccoon together, so he's seen pretty much everything in the way of looks that you have.

Pulling an envelope out of his jacket, that is the size of Christmas card he presents it to you with both his hands, as is Chinese custom when giving a gift to someone. "For you." He says with a slight bow of his head and dip of his waist.
Emma "Merry Christmas." Emma replies, with a warm yet sleepy smile.

A hand comes up to try to smooth down some of her hair, it's habit really. As Benny comes up she'd begin to move so he can sit, but stops, when he offers the card. A brow lifts, there is surprise on her face. "Ah -- uh, thank ya." A delicate hand comes up to take it, trying to show respect to his culture by bowing her head in return, but has no clue if this is the right move. "It's sweet of ya ta - ta get me somethin', ya didn' need ta."

Finally moving over, a hand pats a spot on the couch, a motion made suggesting he should sit. "I got ya somethin' too." There is a nod to the Christmas tree, which has some presents under it.
Benny Benny sits down on the couch and waves his hand dismissively when you mention not having to get you something. "I know, but I wanted too since it is our first Christmas since meeting one another. I just hope you like it." He smiles shyly now once he takes a seat next to you and glances towards the Christmas Tree. "Oh, well thank you." He waits to see if you will open the envelope that he got you first or if you will go and get his gift to open the presents together.
Emma "Yer right." Emma says, grinning. "It is our first, an' ta think, we made it out alive, not livin' in that hole of a place." It amazes her for a moment, just how far they've come. With the envelope in hand, it's laid on the table, then the lass stands and goes to the tree, stretching as she does so. What she grabs is one of the bigger presents under it and carries it over, going to set it on the floor in front of Benny, with a bit of a sly smile. "You'll never guess."
Benny "Wow, that's big and I allowed to shake it?" Benny says with a big grin on his face and a mischevious look. "Yup, we made it alright and cheers to that, as well as many more to come." He motions to the envelope, "You first and I'll try to guess." He winks at you and then sits back in the couch to get comfortable, while he watches you open it if you choose too.
Emma Emma smirks a little, and retake the envelope. Shaemus is off, chewing on his new treat, happily, wagging his tail, often playing with it and rolling about. That dog, always in high spirits no matter what happens. "Ya can shake it." Says the lass, with a growing smile. "It's sort of wrapped up though, so yer not gonna break it." Is that a hint? It could be!

Looking to the envelope, she goes to open it to see what it is.
Benny Benny gives the box a little shake but then shrugs. "I have no idea but maybe it is delicious cookies or scones or cupcakes or PIE?!" Yeah, he looks pretty excited about the prospect of his present being some sort of pie, but he loves to eat as you now so no surprise that food makes him happy.
Emma Emma opens the envelope and looks inside, pulling out what's within and going to look it over. She is grinning, but quiet a second. Looking up, suddenly Benny gets a hug, even if it will make him go red. "Th -- thank ya!" She says, with a squeeze added to it. "It's wonderful I love it!" After a second, she lets go and smirks a little as he shakes his gift.

"Well, I - I got a batch of honey crulers made for ya, they are in tha kitchen though, in a box, as I didn' wanna leave them out for Shaemus ta eat." Because her dogs stomach is sort of close to Benny's in terms of eating anything and everything. "OPen it up! Come on now!" She seems excited to see his reaction.
Benny "I'm so glad you like my gift." Benny replies with a warm grin and then opens his gift carefully and when he looks inside, his face lights up and he completely geeks out by gently lifting the helmet admiring it, like it is the most precious thing in the world. "Wow, thank you so much Emma. This is amazing and I have no idea how you found this but I love it!" Yup, this is better than food and he is still getting food as well! He ever so gently, lowers the helmet onto his head to see if it fits and gives you a big smile! "This is red leader, I'm going in. Red one and red five cover me." He then does a double take when he looks into the box to see that there are two more gifts, in the form of lightsabres and picks those up, one in each hand. "This is so /awesome/."
Emma Emma beams, seeing how much he likes it. She near bounces in her seat some, laughing as he puts it on and puts on his little act to go with it. "I - I'm glad ya like it!" She says, though to be honest, she was pretty sure he would when he found it. "It - it was worn by Wedge, in tha first movie. I mean, four, not those other first ones that weren't so good." Least, in her opinion.

If she can, she would reach into the box and grab one of the lightsabers, smirking some. "Feel like a dual? I'll go easy on ya!" Yup, that's a challenge.
Benny "I love it and thanks again, Emma. You are the best!" Benny replies with a shy smile and reaches over to give you a hug if you let him, blushing as he does of course but you are probably used to that. "Yeah, I always like the original he best of all the other movies. Wedge is awesome." He blinks when you mention a duel, but then nods. "Your on." He hands you one of the lightsabres, the red one of course since it matches your red hair. He then stands from the couch and pushes the button, to turn on his lightsabre as he flicks his wrist to extend the toy blade. "May the force be with you but the light side is stronger."
Emma With a bit of a laugh, Emma returns the hug. "I'm - I'm happy ya like it." She says, more than pleased.

When handed the lightsaber, she takes it, eyeing the red colour. Following his lead, the lass moves to stand as well and flicks hers on. Likely, unlike him, she isn't well versed in holding weapons. But she'll try! Eyeing Benny a brow lifts, questioning what he had said, with a laugh. "Yer - yer sayin' I'm tha bad guy?!" There is mock hurt in her voice. "May tha force be with ya when I kick yer ass."
Benny Benny stands with his feet shoulder width apart in a bladed stance, holding the lightsabre with two hands and the blade held vertical in the classic Obi Wan Kenobi defensive posture. "It isn't too late, you can turn from the dark side, embrace the light and join us from the shadows. It is never too late. There is no shame in yielding to come back to what you know is right. Search your feelings. You know this is true." Yes, he's a super geek and has memorized lines from Star Wars as well as added his own take on it. "If you choose to attack me, or kick my ass as you say. Then bring it." He then removes once hand, holding it towards you and wiggling his fingers at you.
Emma Emma stands there, just holding her lightsaber out, like some loony that has never held a weapon before. Her lips are pressed together, because she is -fighting- not bursting into laughter. Not that she finds this 'nerdy' in a bad way, in fact, it's awesome, but the finger wave thing, damn, that just does it and she suddenly bursts into laughter. It's to much! In a good way!

"'eres yer force." She remarks, reaching for a pillow on the couch and going to toss it at him. "Yer jedi mind tricks won't work on me!"
Benny "So, that is how you want to play it, eh? Well, you have given me no choice then but to defend myself." Benny replies with a lopsided grin as he catches the pillow you throw at him, then sets it down on the couch, a look of strain on his face as if he's using the force to deflect it in slow motion. "I was hoping you were weak minded but I was sorely mistaken. I do not wish to fight you but I will defend myself." He then moves in with his toy lightsabre to defend against your first strikes.
Emma Emma smirks. "Tr - trust me, if I were weak minded -" But she doesn't finish that train of thought.

Instead, she goes to defend his attacks. But unlike Benny, the lass flails more, her attacks more like flinging her hand about, hoping against hope to make a hit, even if it's totally unlikely. She is laughing, and having fun. Going to jump away, her hand raises and like he had before, she does the wave-wobbly finger thing. "You will go get honey crullers an - an let me win tha battle.."
Benny "I will never let the dark side...honey cruellers?" Benny blinks and then lowers his lightsabre to let you whack him. "If you strike me down I will only get stronger....oww." He jests as you whack him a few times and he laughs. "That was a lot of fun and thanks again for the laughs." If he caught your first comment, he doesn't really question it or bring it up again and since he's not blushing, it probably went way over his head anyways depending on what you meant by it. "It was worth it for the honey cruellers, which your's are the best." He then retracts his lightsabre and sets it down on the table gently, also removing the vintage helmet he got and puts it back into the box. "So how have things been? I haven't seen you since the party." He won't bring up that Poncho wearing guy since it obviously might be upsetting to her since she did leave abruptly after he showed up. "I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. Been working quite a lot since I'm the junior guy in the IT department, I got stuck with all the call out shifts."
Emma "There is yer weakness, Benny, yer stomach," Emma taps her head as if she knew this fact and planned it out, grinning some and going to lower her saber and turning it off, then going to put it back in the box gently. When he mentions the party, there is a frown. "I - I am sorry 'bout that, I shouldn' of ran off, but.." That too isn't finished, whatever is said, seemed to get to her some. "I'm doin' okay, very busy with work lately, an' I don't mind that to much. I figured you were busy, an' living in Denver an' all, I get why yer not aroun' much." Shrugging some, and moving to the door, she asks one of the staff to get the crullers and then turns to him, casually putting her hands on her hips with a shrug. "We all need ta go our own ways, ya'know? But I never think yer ignorin' us, or me, I just know yer busy, tis life. I'm busy too." He's given a smile.
Benny "Yup, you know my kryptonite." Benny smirks and wraps an arm around your shoulders giving you a gentle squeeze. "Don't worry about it, Emma and I will always make time for you as well as the rest of our old gang. You are all my friends and I shall never forget that." He smiles once more and walks with you towards the honey cruellers. "I hope you got a few days off during the holidays or do you have to go back to the hospital since you are still an intern?"
Emma Emma puts her arm around his torso, and chuckles a little. "I - I know, I'm here for ya too, an' tha others, we all went through a lot together." They really did, and for all that it brought them together, it also makes her a little sad that such horror had to befall them all. Torn from that thought, she looks back up to Benny blinking a little. "No real days off, only here an' there, 'bout it, plenty of work ta do, an' it's busy this time of year, lots of attempted suicides."
Benny Benny nods. "Well, you try to take it easy then and enjoy the time off that you do have." He then gives you another hug squeeze and then his eyes light up when he see's the honey cruellers. "Best Christmas ever." He then proceeds to polish off many honey cruellers, while providing Yoda quotes. "The best these are! Indeed!" Yup, he's still the same old Benny alright.