Umbrella Surveillance System
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Owner Pose
Vivienne Vivienne opens the door, looking more than a little rumpled in a pair of loose pants and a baggy t-shirt. When she sees Esa she jerks her chin to invite him in and manages a sleepy grunt that might resemble. "Good morning." She turns and pads towards the living room, waving at him to get him to walk with her. When she gets to the living room she climbs back on the overlarge couch, settles in next to two puppies and pulls a soft blanket back over her legs with a yawn. "Welcome to the creative living household. Coffee is back there somewhere, I brewed it but haven't partaken yet."
Esa Esa steps inside quietly, giving Vivienne the warmest of smiles as he does. Upon stepping in, he hangs his trench coat up and turns to look at her partially. "Ah, alright." He replies, making his way to the kitchen area "You want some?" He asks casually as he finds two cups and begins to pour coffee into one.
Vivienne Vivienne rubs at her eyes with a hand and she focuses on Esa's words before she shakes her head. "Nah. I prefer to wake up naturally or some shit." She calls out, pulling Dempsey into her lap to cuddle him close. "C'mon back in here and sit down, I got something to say before you start yammering."
Esa Esa takes the mug by the handle and heads into the living area where she was. "Oh?" He asks as he sits down in on the opposite end of the couch; cup rest on a coaster on the table. He gives her his attention as he turns to look at her.
Vivienne Vivienne lays out her journal. Several things have been written there, apparently a conversation of sorts had been happening at some point in the recent past. Written in a bold scrawl it says. "Just remember, this place is bugged. So be careful what you say, yeah?" The word bugged has been underlined and she rolls her eyes as she sits back, puppy squirming in her arms.
Esa Esa nods slightly as he leans back in the chair. "So has my box from the States arrived?" He asks calmly as he picks up the coffee and drinks it slowly.
Vivienne "Yeah, I got your present." Vivienne says, setting Dempsey near the larger dalmation puppy as she gets to her feet. She walks over and picks up a box from the fireplace. Reaching out with a toe to click on the fake flames, she stands there another second before she turns to walk back to Esa. She opens the box, hands it out to him and smiles. It's full of sheafs of paper and nearly a half dozen flash drives. She takes a seat and Dempsey comes rollicking back over to cuddle in her lap.