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Emma It's raining hard today. Like the shy is unleashing anger upon the earth. It's near impossible to not get soaked at this point, and the heavy grey clouds suggest there will be no break in the weather for some time.

Emma is in her room, and she looks like a mess. Her left leg is in a cast, so is her right arm. She is pale, and thin, bruises line her body suggesting of further injuries that are not seen as her gown hides them. But her face has some. There is a giant line across her head, it's plain as day to see the stitches there. She took serious head injury. Luckily, they were able to stitch around her hair so none was shaved.

With the bed propped up, the lass is staring blankly at the television, her one good hand - though an IV and wires are there, idly switches channels.
Isabel Isabel could learn to hate rain. It was raining when she was at the Eiffel Tower, it rained all night when she was at the hospital after, and it's raining now worse than any of the other times. At least she had a chance to clean up and patch her raincoat, which is the only reason she's not soaked to the skin right now. Her jeans are dark with dampness from the knees down, though, and her footwear isn't any better. Even her socks are sodden. At least her get-well-soon present for Emma isn't wet, protected by a plastic bag.
She had to ask at the main desk to get the right room, but now that she's in the hallway on the way there, she can't help but shiver a little. It's actually on the same floor she was on earlier.
She finally spots the right door, pausing to knock lightly. "Emma?"
Emma Emma sighs, she puts down the remote. Nothing looks appealing, and nothing is helping her remember. Tugging at the sheets she looks to her broken arm, then leg. The sound of rain hits the window, and then there is a knock on the door.

"Th - that is what they call me." She says, but it doesn't sound like a joke. "Co - come in." When Isabel would enter, she'd see Emma, and she looks like hell beat her relentlessly.
Isabel That's... a very strange thing to say. Isabel blinks, confused. "Okay..," she replies, opening the door slowly. Her blue eyes widen at the sight of the redhead. "Oh! Oh, Emma..." she exclaims, quickly shutting the door.
Her first impulse is to run to the woman's bedside, but a cold drip on her hand reminds her that she's wearing a soaked raincoat. She hastily sets down the bag with the present and unbuttons the garment, slipping it off and hanging it beside the door. She moves to her friend's bedside. "Goodness... I wasn't expecting this at all," she murmurs, her eyes full of worry and sympathy. "I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner."
Emma Emma watches Isabel, looks at the present and then her again. There is nothing but pure confusion, and a sudden statment that may make this all the worse.

"I - I am sorry, who be ya?" Asks the lass. "They say I'm Emma."
Isabel It does.
Isabel blinks, wide-eyed. "Um... you're definitely Emma," she says, astonished. "I know you by sight. I'm Isabel Welsh. We're friends. I guess we could be closer friends..." she adds, blushing. "Not that we both haven't tried."
Emma There is a frown, Emma looks down and sad. "I - I am sorry." The red head says, shaking her head, the line of stitches visable to Isabel. "Se - see, all I know for sure was that I was in an accident." Slowly those tired grey-green eyes move back up to her. "An' now I got amnesia. I - I don't remember anythin' or anyone. They think my mind'll come back, one day. Or so they hope. I'll need ta take yer word on us bein' friends." There is a small smile.
Isabel "Oh... oh, wow," Isabel murmurs, the sympathy mingled with confusion. What do you say in a situation like this?
She finally just goes with her heart. "I'm sorry, too," she says softly. "I heard about the accident, but nobody mentioned /this/. I hope it does come back. I wish I knew of some way I could help, but I guess the only way is to just... be your friend." She gently clasps Emma's good hand, careful of the IV needle. "I'm being totally honest about that... the friend part, I mean. I'm just glad you're alive."
Emma Emma looks down to the hand a moment, curious. It doesn't spark much, and though that makes her sad it's also accepted. Who knows what'll trigger everything to come back, if anything does. So she looks up to Isabel and gives her a small smile.

"Th - thank ya, it means a lot. I could use some friends, ya'know?" There is a small shrug that follows. "Wha - what's in tha bag?"
Isabel "I think everyone does... need friends, I mean," Isabel says, in that unsure way of hers, managing a shy smile of her own. "It's kind of like needing food when you're hungry, water when you're thirsty, clothes when you're... going to go out in public... I should just stop before I say something even dumber, huh?"
She glances back at the bag by the door. "Oh, I almost forgot," she says, hurrying to retrieve it. "It's something I thought might help pass the time... only I didn't know about your arm," she confesses, blushing. "I could leave it anyway, for then?"
Emma Emma at least looks a little amused. She nods, a touch, those stitches across the side of her head look so out of place. The lass looks like hell struck her with a mallet, repeatedly. Broken arm, broken leg, bruises and everything.

"Yer - yer nat wrong," The lass assures Isabel, with her thick Scottish accent. "We do need those things. I - I am sure I said worse." Eyes move to the gift. "Let's see. It's kind of ya ta - ta even brin' somethin'."
Isabel "Not that I've heard so far," Isabel says, giggling a little sheepishly. "But it's kind of you to say so."
She opens the bag, pulling out a handheld Tetris game, still in the box. "It's not much, but I thought it might help. I guess it's a little too soon for it, though."
Esa There is a gentle wrap of knuckles on the door before Esa steps inside; following behind him is a fresh face to the group - Bryant Crothers. Esa gives a gentle, warm smile to Emma as he steps inside and glances back to Bryant. It's then he notices Isabel and hmm. Looking to Bryant, he says "Keep the questions simple; most of which happened is being withheld from the general public. Also remember that she may not recall anything."
Bryant Crothers Bryant Bryant nods to Esa before turning to face Emma, a dull smile sluggishly forms inside his goatee. "Hello Emma, my name is Bryant Crothers. I'm a detective with the FBC." He pauses to clear his throat. "I'd like to ask you a couple questions regarding your accident." He pulls out a small notepad and looks down toward Emma. "So what exactly, if anything, do you remember?"
Emma Emma looks to the gift. "Tetris?" She asks, looking up to Isabel. "Th - thank you." Her tone is soft, and thankful. "Once I - I figure it out, I'm sure I'll love it. Can ya - ya show me?"

Then the door opens and she looks that way. "'ello, Esa." She greets with a small smile, he ia a familar face.

The unfamiliar one of Bryant gets a glance. "No - nothin', Sir. Not of what they said happened."
Isabel Isabel's answering smile is genuine, and maybe a little relieved. "I don't know... you might want to play it right off, and with your arm that way..." she teases lightly, leaning over the bed to show Emma anyway.
She glances up as the door opens behind her, blinking at the two incoming gentlemen. She hurriedly straightens, blushing. "Um, hi," she murmurs, stepping back a little so they can approach the bed without having to step around her.
Esa Esa smiles just a little bigger at the small smile being given. His eyes shift to Isabel as he takes her in. Hadn't he seen her before some place? He pauses as Bryant speaks, eyes leaving Isabel to watch Bryant and Emma converse. It was as he thought, she hadn't recalled much of anything.
Bryant Crothers Bryant Bryant raises an eyebrow inquistivley after hearing Emmas words. "What they say happened?" He rasies a hand to the hair on his chin and makes a few scratching motions with his fingers before looking over to Esa to make sure he's been listening. Looking back to Emma he inquires her further; "What do they say happened, and who is 'they'?"
Emma Emma is in the bed, and it's pouring rain out. She looks to Isabel, then Esa, and finally Bryant, regarding him for a second, before she shrugs a little hopelessly.

"I - I dun know who blew up my car." She says, unaware that this was being kept secret. On the news it stated it was a crash! "I - I close my eyes an' hear a bang, I dunno what from but I do." She frowns and looks down, totally lost, and scared. "I - I just don't remember." Her expression makes it clear how frightening this really is.
Isabel Standing beside the bed, out of the way of Esa and Bryant, Isabel gently squeezes Emma's hand, a silent gesture of support.
Esa Esa blinks and gives a glance toward Isabel, then over to Bryant. Looking to Isabel, he says "What you hear in this room is classified, miss." It is simple enough words, and probably leads him to be aware of Isabels adventures of debunking the fictional webs spun by Umbrella and FBC. Looking to Bryant, he says "I think that may be enough for now." He says with concern for Emma's wellbeing.
Richard Stadler Stadler was a busy man, these days, despite the fact that Paris hadn't... totally exploded just yet. But an investigation was an investigation, of course, and for some one that was stuck in a hospital, there weren't any doctors visiting. Or, well. Doctors you could trust. And had a gun they managed to sneak by the door guard in case something happened. A bit of a march up the stairs, tie fluttering from it's perch on the dress shirt and dress shoes clicking aganist the linloeum of the floor, taking comfort in the scent of antiseptic as they he approches the room with a quick knock on the door.
Bryant Crothers Bryant finishes scribbling something on his notepad before looking over to Esa. "You sure?" He looks back over to Emma, realizing how frightened she is, he tries to smile reassuringly before sighing deeply. "Thank you for your time Miss Emma." He shoves the small notepad back into his pocket before turning his attention to the sudden knock on the door.
Emma There is a quick, thankful smile to Isabel at her gesture of support. Her tired grey-green eyes move to Esa, and consider him a moment. The lass is trying so hard to remember people, but there is nothing. It's simply blank. With a heavy sigh, eyes fall on Bryant then, with a frown. "I -- I am sorry," Stammers the red head, feeling so helpless on so many levels. "I - I don't recall anythin', an' no matter how much tha - tha doctors try, nothin' is comin' back." It's like being lost in your own body.

Then there is a knock on the door. "Come in." She calls out. When Richard would enter, he'd see that Emma has stitches along the side of her head, from her sever head injury (not no shaved hair, at least!) A cast on her right on, and on her left leg. She looks beaten and bruised, everything you'd expect from someone who had their car blown up.
Isabel "Classified? Wait, her car was blown up?" Isabel asks, blinking in surprise, looking at Emma then at the two investigators. "I saw the news story, but I thought..."
She looks at the two for a long moment, going quiet. "Sirs, if someone tried to blow her car up, I... I think I should speak to you both in private later," she says, more softly.
She squeezes Emma's hand again as the door opens, looking at the unfamiliar man coming in. "Maybe I should stand by the heater. This room's getting kind of crowded."
Esa Esa walks over to Emma quietly and gently, caring and fond like, touches the side of her arm. "Hey, were all here for you; remember that." He says in a sooth caring tone of voice. "You'll get through this, I promise." He notes softly. He looks to Isabel and nods "Alright, we can do that."
Bryant Crothers Bryant nods in a agreement with Isabel and Esa. "Get well soon Miss Emma, if you remember anything at all it is imperative that you tell us. If there is anything you need in the meantime let us know. We will be around for a while." The dull smile fades from Bryant's face as he moves towards Esa and leans towards him to speak quietly. "Hey boss, a word?" he gestures towards the hallway with a turn of his head.
Trixie Trixie, thankfully, hadn't /needed/ to sneak a gun in for any reason... her pistols were worn quite openly, in easy reach, and don't clash with her body armor and the much-detested gray FBC BDU's. Assigned to serve as bodyguard for Major Stadler, she had followed him right to the room door without any trouble from security. She considers loitering in the hall, due to the sheer volume of people in the hospital room, but the conversation is just too interesting (and worrying!) to stay outside. Besides, Emma was a friend, and a fellow survivor from Raccoon City.

"Got room for one more, Sir?" she asks the Major, through the open door. Emma is given a deeply sympathetic look.
Richard Stadler Stadler turns to Trixie, looking at the gear she's in. "We need to work on a better cover story for this. People start to ask questions when we get in that uniform and walk into the hospital. DO you know how to get a gun through a metal detector?" He asks... quietly, before opening the door and walking through at the acceptance from the knock. "Folks. My name's Doctor Stadler." He says, with very little preamble. ID case is flicked out and offered to Esa and Bryant. "I'm with you folks." He notes, before looking back to Trixie. "Post at the door."

Back over to Emma, he nods. "I know, from the charts, you probably don't remember me, but we were in a city in Colorado when some... things occured. I just want to make sure that we have good medical knowledge... first hand knowledge. I'dlike to conduct an examination."
Emma Isabel speaks up about information, and this causes Emma to look at her, and then to the others, with interest. "No - no," She states softly. "I - I wanna hear it, maybe it'll help?" She asks, maybe something is known that'll help her memory come back! She is desperate to remember.

"I hope yer - yer right." She says to Esa, and then nods to Bryant. "I - I am sorry." She feels so, so bad, that she can't remember.

Then Trixie is there, another face she doesn't know, and then Richard, yet another, and he seems to have plenty to say, and even ask to examine her. "Why?" The lass asks him, tilting her head a little. "Yer - yer a doctor?"
Isabel Isabel gives Esa and Bryant a troubled look, hearing Emma's request. After a long moment, she nods to Emma. "Within a couple of days of Emma's car bombing, a man with a German accent tried to kill me at the Eiffel Tower. He might've done it if I hadn't been suspicious of him from the outset," she says, shivering at the memory. She pulls down the collar of her wide-necked sweater, showing the bandaged wound on her upper arm. "The police say he was trying to commit suicide and shot me when I tried to help him. They're lying. I'm not crazy; I /know/ what he did."
Esa Esa burrows furrow slightly at the report given by Isabel. Strange things appear to be happening with a lot of people. "Not sure if yours and hers incident is tied; but it is something we can look into of course." A glance to Bryant is given. He looks reluctant to leave Emma's side. He nods however to Bryant and follows him toward the door. The Arrival of Stadler doesn't surprise Esa; but he gives a curious look as he wasn't sure why the man would suddenly be in Paris. Odd. Continuing out the door, he looks to Bryant "What's up?" He asks.
Bryant Crothers Bryant looks around for a moment before speaking. "I didn't want to press her further as she seemed genuinely frightened and putting more stress on her won't help us get anywhere." He looks around once more, peeking in to the hospital room for a moment before looking back at esa. "From what I understand; she's been told by the doctors and the news that it was a crash, however she mentioned that she didn't know 'who blew up her car.' That's either what she still has of her memory serving her well enough to know it wasn't a crash, or she knows more than she lets on." Bryant roots around in his pocket for a moment and pulls the notepad and pen out once again and begins writing inside. "Clearly the man with the accent is connected, you don't just show up and try to kill the friend of a bomb victim for no reason. Suppose we need to undergo further questioning with Isabella?"
Trixie "Wasn't in the training for 'Rifleman', Sir. FBC or Army," Trixie replies evenly to Major Stadler, with a slight shrug. "Or any other training. Anyway, the orders I got stated 'protect Major's six'... but 'plainclothes' wasn't in there. Might want to speak to them about that later." She takes the post outside the door without question, however. None of which stops her from listening to the conversation, which is, in a word, troubling. Bryant, who she doesn't recognize on sight, merits a curious look.
Esa Esa shoved his hands into the pockets of the gabardine trench coat and hmm. "It can be a coincidence, honestly. Isabel is known for her activist behavior; putting up film reels from Raccoon City and apparently now from the Quarantine Zone on the video sites." His eyes shift to look at Trixie whom stood guard and lingers on her as he spoke the last bit. He then looks back to Bryant. "Emma O'Connal is a director of the French Corporate office for TerraSave." He pauses before adding "I suppose her father may have told her the truth. Him and his son Lennon know the truth or she has recalled vague memories; which means more could come soon." He seems optimistic on that latter half.
Richard Stadler Stadler nods. "I'm a doctor, yes... well. Somewhat. Primarily a microbiologist, but I know research, and there's certain things I'd look for that a doctor in this hospital or from the police wouldn't look for." He pauses for a moment, turning to Isabel as she speaks. "I'm also, by profession, an excessively paranoid man who would beleive you when you said a man was an assassin or setting up a car bomb." He says, reaching into his pocket, and quickly donning a pair of latex gloves from a small case. He's clearly read the chart, because he does go to where the wounds are, gently placing a hand on her chin, tilting her head to take a look at the bandaging. "Don't want to remove that... just yet." He says, before removing the covers, "That's damaging... ribs look broken, contusions around the left breast.. amd a broken leg and arm. I'd be hard pressed to say this was all from one accident. And that they didn't pull some Sharpnal out of you. I can see what I can do for some of these..."

To Trixie, he nods. "I'm not suprised. Orders get mixed up all the time around her. But I appreciate the muscle. Can you go to that cabinent and pull me out a roll of gauze and an aural thermometer?"
Trixie Trixie has a feeling she's being watched when Esa gives her that long look. But she doesn't return it, since that would mean turning her head... and she is, after all, on post. "On it, Sir. But what's an aural thermometer?" she asks, moving to retrieve the items from the cabinet.
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, ""Unless Ms. O'Connal has a sudden epiphany we dont have a lot to go on. Any lead is worth following at this point, I think we should ask further questions into the incident with the 'Mystery Man'." He closes the notepad once again and put it back in his pocket. "Any more business to attend to here Boss?""
Emma Emma is overwhelmed, yes, by all of this. So many people, so many things. Though trying to hide it, there is some fear. What did she wake up to? What sort of world? For a second her eyes grow distant, as if trying to grab at something.

Then Richard approaches and begins to examine her. This drawing her attention eyes slowly move up to him. "All - all at once." She says, because that's what she knows. Even if she is unsure about this, the red head is just silent, looking down, letting the world spin around her.
Isabel Isabel blushes at the sudden scrutiny from three directions. "I guess I'm not as anonymous as I thought," she murmurs. "I don't know if the same person set the bomb /and/ shot me, but I do think Umbrella is trying to clean up their trail. I just don't know what they have against Emma. It's pretty obvious with me: My footage was the only accessible proof of what happened to come out of Raccoon City. If posting that is activist behavior, I guess I'm an activist."
She glances towards the bed, blinking as Richard whips the covers off of Emma. "Maybe I should clear out," she murmurs, pulling her sleeve back up. "I'm just going to be in the way here. But leave a message on one of the video sites if you need to see me." She leans down to kiss Emma's bruised cheek. "Get well soon, Emma. I'll be back, promise."
She slips through the cordon of men and steps out, nodding and smiling faintly to the obvious guard outside. It's Trixie. At least there's one familiar face here.
Richard Stadler Stadler snap points to the cabient Trixie's at. "Cylinder with a tappered end. There should be some disposable covers with it. Thermometer for the ear. You have a notepad?" He says, moving to gently palpate the area around the arm wound. "Tell me if this hurts, and when." He says, to Emma. To the people still in the room, heading out, he's nodding to them. "We'll handle it here. I'll only be a few minutes, but I'll see what I can do that the doctor's here couldn't; give some instructions and come up with a report."
Esa Esa shakes his head "No, not as of today. Go ahead and follow up with Isabel about her incident; but I am sure it will turn up to be unrelated." He replies casually. "As for Emma, I will talk to her a bit more later on; go ahead and get yourself acquainted to the city." A pause "Welcome to Paris."
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, ""Wait a second." Bryant exclaims hastily. He roots around in another one of his pockets and pulls out a sealed document. "This probably isn't the best time, but..." He pauses for a moment and looks around before discreetly handing the document to Esa. "I probably won't get a chance to give this to you later. This is intel from a contact in the Bolivar Republic. I don't know what's in it but I was suooised to deliver it directly to you.""
Emma Emma really isn't sure, and flenches when he gets to a tender spot. "Wh - what could they of missed that you will find?" Asks the lass, eyeing Richard a little. "Yer a - a microbiologist, aye? Thinkin' there is somethin' in me too?" She is confused now.
Trixie Trixie searches through the cabinet. "Um... 'kay, here it is," she says, producing two rolls of gauze, the thermometer, and a packet of sanitary covers and setting them on the bedside table. "Notepad, notepad... notepad!" she murmurs, triumphantly producing it, complete with a crappy folding pen that promptly breaks the instant it clears her pocket, as if it were killed by the light of the room. "Can I borrow a pen, Sir?" she asks sheepishly, looking down at the pieces of the folding pen by her feet.

She looks down at Emma, quietly taking her free hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze. "He really is a doctor, sweetie. You're in good hands," she advises, with a small smile that she hopes is reassuring.
Esa Esa gave a small nod as he slips a hand out of his pocket and accepts the package. "Er, thank-you." He said curiously as he looks to the folder. He'll open it later he decides and slips into a side pocket within the trench coat. "Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with." He informs Bryant.
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, ": raises an eyebrow inquisitively towards Esa. "Any idea what that might be about, boss?""
Richard Stadler Stadler nods to Trixie, moving to take the thermometer, snap a cover on it, and press it into Emma's ear that isn't bandaged, holding it there. "I would say I'm the type that deals with battlefield injuries more than they do. And I look for certain things that might be a bit odd and inside of you, yes." He says. Another reach into his coat, snapping a skilcraft pen open and handing it over to Trixie. "Just take a few notes, if you can. Befoe I forgot." He says, pulling out another device. It's a small, and it's easily pressed aganist Esa's arm, a puff of air and a bit of a cut provided. "Biological sample, for the aforementioned certain things. All right... let's see here."
Emma Her jaw tenses, and Emma seems displeased. She has no idea why she is being so triggered, and even with the comfort from Trixie, it doesn't help. "Stop!" She snaps, loud enough for everyone around to hear. Richard is scaring her, for some unknown reason, something he said.. just hit. "Nothin' -- nothin' is inside of me!" Even if it hurts, she tries to pull away.
Esa "I do-" Esa stops and walks back in, looking to Stadler and Trixie "Enough. Out. Now." He Commands; eyes locked, jaw tense and face rigid.
Bryant Crothers Bryant 's posture straightens abruptly, startled by Esa's sudden actions. He stands for a moment starting into the room blankly before he finally find the capability to form words. "Sh-should I go too?"
Richard Stadler Stadler pulls back with the sample device, placing it slowly on the table itself, next to his bed. Arms raised for a moment after she says she's not comfortable with it. "All right. Moving back. Your decision. You can keep that." He says. He looks over to Esa for a moment, meaningfully, and it's clear there might be some confliction with the chain of command there. "Mackenzie, that'll be enough for the moment; if you can post yourself at the door, we'll be leaving shortly. I didn't mean to upset you, miss, but I think this might be important. Is there a reason you're so frightened right now?"
Trixie Trixie stares down at Emma in surprise and dismay as the young doctor suddenly tries to twist and pull away from the Major. "Emma, please, calm down! He's not going to hurt you!" she protests, her voice rising a little in spite of her efforts to prevent it. Esa's sudden intruding Command voice, short-circuits any further thoughts of comfort on her part, and she lays Emma's arm down and steps back with some haste.

"Posting now, Sir," she adds, moving to the door. As she passes the three officers and agents, she speaks the words still echoing inside her head. "She said 'Nothing is inside of me', Sir... and you said, 'Biological sample'."
Emma Her head is swimming, and there is a pain from jerking away, and tears in her eyes. Some make it down her freckled cheeks. She trembles, eyeing the device Richard hard. When he has moved away, her gaze moves to Trixie, who is trying to calm her, but it isn't working to well. Looking to Bryant, then Esa, around shaking some the lass manages a soft: "Th - th - thank you."

When the question is posed to her, her tired water stained eyes move to Richard, her jaw is tense, even as she sniffles a little. Slowly, her head shakes from side to side. "I - I don't know, somethin' bein' inside of me? It scares me, I don't know why! I don't!" Even though the adjustment has seemed to be okay since she woke, the walls are cracking from this sudden trigger, and all her fear and anxiety is coming out.
Esa Esa frowns as Stadler keeps his line of questioning going. His eyes shift from him, to Emma and he walks over to the other side of the bed; his hand gently taking hers in a reassuring manner. Eyes looking to Stadler "Given everything that is going on, do really think it's wise to keep pressing?" He asks of him with a voice of concern for the woman. "I think she has had enough." He adds, looking back to her.
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler keeps his hands up, nodding to Trixie as she walks back to the wall. "Understood. Both good points. And I'm trying to make sure. You may not know me, miss, but we've meet once before, 8 or 9 months ago, in a hospital like this. One you were working at. And then we went through some of the same things, so I understand why your afraid. I get it. And I want you to know that you don't have anything to be scared of, all right? From what I see, there's nothing wrong with you, none at all. And what I want to to do is prove it. Get you a piece of paper that shows all those negative check boxes ticked off. All right? If you don't want me to, you can keep that. It's yours."

A look over to Esa. "I know it can be painful. And I'll be leaving right after this. But, yes, for this one question, I'll press."
Bryant Crothers Bryant shifts his eyes from Stadler, to Emma and back to Esa. He scratches the back of his head a bit not sure if he can should leave, or stay to see what information he may gather from Stadler pressing Emma further. He hesitantly starts to reach for his notepad while watching the inside of the hospital room.
Emma It's been a lot in a short amount of time, and Emma is strong, but she is also human. And it's a lot, to wake in a bed, hurt badly, having no memory, and people poking at you. Even when Esa takes her hand, he can feel her shaking. More tears run down her face, the lass is beginning to break it seems, whatever it was that triggered her, started this off. It may not be her memories coming back, but it's a sign that something is there, under the surface, awaiting to break free.

"F - f ---" But she is crying harder now, looking down, her face red and wet with tears and emotion. Words can barely be made, and feeling like she is trapped, within this broken body, within this bed, surrounded by people she can only assume know her, being totally hopeless all she can really do is feel like she should, and has to, cave in, she isn't going to win. "F - f - fine." Mutters the lass, eventually, to Richard, while she trembles and cries.
Trixie "Permission to provide investigative input, Sir?" Trixie asks from the door, trying to hide the fact that she has been watching as best she can out of the corner of her eye.
Esa As Emma began to cry and seem to fall apart, Esa looked to Stadler quietly; anger flashed in his eyes. It's the words 'fine' that stopped him from lashing out at the superior officer. He sighs calmly, closing them and cooled himself as Emma cried. Looking to Emma, he smiles reassuringly, his face gentle and serene; his hand squeezes hers reassuringly as he looks to her "I'm right here." He whispers fondly before looking to Stadler. "Get it over with." He said with an edged voice.
Bryant Crothers Bryant has already found his way back into the hospital room. Standing far enough away from the hospital bed to give Emma her space, he holds his notepad and pen at the ready.
Richard Stadler Richard nods to Emma, waiting there, face somewhat sotic as she makes her decision, and as she cries before doing so. And, of course, deep down, he feels bad for making her do it, and worse on how, at this time, he can section that human part off for him to make a rather rational decision. When you've shot things that look like your neighbors in the head, it was hard to really feel everything you should. So he nods, and steps forward. Taking the sample device from the desk, checking a read out on it. "I've got what I need here. No need for anything else. And I'm going, now. I'll be back with that paperwork showing everything's negative very, very soon. All right?" He says, before nodding, and true to his word, walking out the door, after a slight look to Esa. He'd have some talk to do to that one, certainly. And a lot of it would be deserved.

As he comes out the door, he signals Trixie to follow him. He waits until they're outside to nod. "Walk and talk with me. We'll revisit her later, but I said I'd leave, and I'm leaving."
Trixie "Walking, Sir," Trixie says, falling into step beside Stadler. It's not the proper escort position, but she can't talk to him from that. She gives poor Emma one last long, sympathetic look before the doorway passes from her field of view.

"Two things leap readily to mind, Sir," she says softly, her voice faintly terse in spite of her efforts toward calm. Her fists clench as she continues. "Infection and pregnancy. And I don't know if either of them's right, but considering who we're dealing with, they scare the living hell out of me."
Emma Emma can't look, she can't watch, she can barely breath. Her arm is out, for Richard to take what he needs, but there is nothing to be said. Her crying says enough, that her world has tumbled down and the true force of realization has happened.
Esa Esa just sits in the chair next to the bed; his hand holding hers gently as he watches Stadler do what is needing to be done. He says nothing, just keeps a very calm, serene and caring composure; facade to hide the storm of emotions that filtered just beneath his mask. After Stadler finishes and departs, he looks to Emma "Is.. there anything I can get you?" He asks soothingly.
Bryant Crothers Bryant begins to write in his notepad for a moment before stopping to put his arms by his sides. "Infection?" he asks. "You're talking about 'that' kind of infection?"
Emma Trying to shrink into a little ball, but being mostly unable, Emma lays in the bed, tears falling down her face. Richard and Trixie leave, and there isn't any farewell given. Not that she is trying to be rude, but there just isn't. She quickly looks to Esa, and shakes her head. And then looks to Bryant, as she trembles, but has no idea what he's talking about.
Esa Esa nods gently and looks to Bryant, shaking his head slightly before looking to Emma. He just sits there, trying to comfort the woman he cared about by just being there. Using his free hand, he takes a tissue and gently moves to dab her eyes and cheeks with it. "I am Sorry that he put you through that." He whispers after a minute or two of silence.
Bryant Crothers Bryant approaches the hospital bed slowly, putting his notepad away once again. He gives Emma a sympathetic look before speaking. "Are you going to need anything Ms.O'Connal?"
Emma It's a barely managed thankful smile that Emma gives Esa, when he wipes her tears. But she is so shattered, lost, and scared, and that is so plain to see in thi smoment. "Wh -- what do they think is in me?" She asks, even if she is scared of the answer. Looking to Bryant there is a sniffle, and shake of her head. "My memories, but nobody can - can help with that." There is a sob, the lass feeling trapped.
Esa Esa shakes his head "I wish I knew, hun." He replies softly and gently squeezes her hand as he finishes wiping the tears away. Taking the box, he sets it in the bed next to her. "Probably just tests; blood sampling, count levels and stuff like that. Probably nothing actually residing in your body." He notes softly.
Bryant Crothers Bryant pursed his lips in reaction to Emmas words. His eyebrows rose sympathetically as he tried to think of something to say. "I-...I w-..Y-." He stopped himself from continuing his idiotic studdering. At a complete loss for words and not sure how to verbally handle this specific situation; "I-I'm sorry" those were the only words that could come to him. He felt bad for Emma. Badly, he wanted to press her further on the incident hoping that all this emotion would jog her memory, but the last thing he wanted was to stress the poor woman out even more. "What now, Boss?" he says as he looks over to Esa.
Emma "I -- I think, he wanted ta - ta look for somethin' else." She says, but what, she has no idea. His hand is given a return, thankful squeeze. Her big grey-green eyes then look to Bryant. "Th - thank ya." Emma remarks, softly, with a sniffle, now feeling embarassed on top of everything.
Esa Esa smiles at the squeeze before looking to Bryant. "Follow up with Isabel; get her information and compare it. Get yourself acquainted to the city." He says gently with a soft smile. "I will be here if you need me." He adds gently.
Bryant Crothers Bryant says, ""Alright. Hopefully we find some sort of real lead." he nods to Esa before turning to Emma. "Get well Ms.O'Connal, I hope to see you again soon." yet again that sluggish smile would crawl across the lower half of his face. With a small wave he turns and makes his way out of hospital room, failing to discreetly begin to pull a flask out of his coat on the way out."