Umbrella Surveillance System
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Trixie Another day in Raccoon City, the City In Denial Of The Apocalypse. Trixie Mackenzie, S.T.A.R.S. rookie officer and modern-day lost soul, guides a reconditioned '98 Tahoe police vehicle bearing S.T.A.R.S. markings down Mission Street and wonders what tomorrow will bring in her ever more mixed-up existence. And maybe whether 'The City In Denial Of The Apocalypse' would look good on the 'Welcome To Raccoon City!' signs at the city limits. Pity the city council would never go for it...
"Have you heard any more about that crazy rabies outbreak?" she asks the fellow S.T.A.R.S. officer beside her, in the shotgun seat of the Tahoe. "Well, besides the climbing victim numbers every night on the news, I mean?"
Prestige William Caldwell Sitting in the passenger seat of the Tahoe belonging to the STARS members was none othen then William Caldwell, his face nearly had giant marker writing which read "God I wish I wasn't in this city right now" written on it. He takes a look out the window, keeping his sidearm near he side, "Yeah..I uhh..actually visited the hospital the other day. Checked in on some victims, none of them are getting better and nobody knows why. Their flesh is decaying and some are in comas but not a single one has gotten better..crazy thing." he sighs and looks around the empty streets, making sure Trixie had her headlights on and if not, giving her a STERN talking to! "It's not just dogs attacking though, it's people too. I'm starting to think it's not crazy methheads but something else entirely..I just don't know what."
Trixie Trixie sighs softly. "I was afraid of that," she replies, "but I didn't know about the skin problems. This stuff is /way/ over my head." She tries to keep her eyes on the road, but does glance at William in surprise for a moment. "/People/ attacking /people/, too? So that's all true? I'd heard a rumor or two, but I didn't know it was real! This is just /too much/... I'll try not to hyperventilate or anything." 'Cause hyperventilating while driving is distracting. "But mind officially equals /blown/ here."
Prestige William Caldwell William quietly drums his hands on the dashboard, obviously trying to keep his hands from shaking, which they do slightly anyway "The doctors said nobodies losing fat, which is apparently never before heard of. Just /flesh/ falling off. Like some bad horror movie." he takes a deep breath and rubs his eyes lightly for a minute "Yeah...That's what I hear at least, haven't seen it happen myself yet. I've heard from a..well..what I think is reliable source, the towns due to going to shit in a few days. Sooner rather then later. I'd pack up and leave if you aren't prepared to defend this place." he rests against his seat and sighs again.
Trixie "Reliable source..." Trixie murmurs, nodding, easing to a stop at a Stop sign to let someone in a Lincoln cruise through the intersection. "Who was it? Maybe I know this person. I've heard similar things. It sounded wacked-out as hell, but this stonewalling by the PD and the city government just /screams/ that something more's going on besides a rabies outbreak. I mean, we have /cures/ for rabies, right? I've never heard of anyone dying of it... and definitely nothing like /this/."
Prestige William Caldwell William looks over to Trixie and grimaces "An umbrella virologist investigating whatever the fuck is going on in this city. It definately isn't rabies, that's for sure." he shivers at the thoughts of what it COULD be, some form of super virus maybe? A new undocumented strain of rabies? Possibilities were endess.
Trixie "Okay, not who I spoke to. But I believe her. Or him," Trixie replies. "My mother was a biologist, so I tend to think of scientists as female if I don't know yet." She eases the pedal down and glides through the intersection as she speaks. "Better tell your virologist to be ready to get out of this town if the treatment continues to go nowhere. I have to wonder how long this town can keep working like a town if people don't start getting better."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell nods to Trixie "It was a him, but yeah." he sighs and taps his fingers against his sides "I only met him once, he told me was getting out of here already. He doesn't suspect it to go anywhere, I have a feeling it isn't gonna go anywhere either to be honest. We might be under quarantine soon with how fast people are getting infected sadly.."
Trixie "Quarantine? Ummmmm... /dammit/..." Trixie blinks and stomps the brakes as she almost misses seeing another Stop sign. The Tahoe grinds to a gut-wrenching halt, front bumper a full foot beyond the sign, but safely out of the intersection by an inch. Maybe.
The rookie winces. "Sorry, Sir... I'll keep /both/ eyes on the road from now on," she murmurs, blushing and rubbing the back of her neck. "I don't know what quarantine means, but it just /sounds/ bad. Like, martial law bad. Tanks going down Main Street bad."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell is thrown towards the dashboard but thankfully his seatbelt stops him from flying out the window. "No worries, just a corporal anyway." he takes a deep breath and releases it slowly "Quarantine means we'll be locked in the city with whatever is causing this infection, and if these people begin to start spreading the infection, it'll eventually spread to the whole city whoevers not outside by the time shit hits the fan. It's worse than Martial Law in my opinion."
Trixie "Thank you, Sir," Trixie murmurs, cautiously proceeding through the intersection. "I guess I'm not leaving, then. I'm sure every able body in the RPD will be needed to enforce the quarantine. So... been great knowin' ya, Corporal. Just have a badge and a pair of pom-poms carved on my headstone, 'kay?"
Prestige William Caldwell William clenches his seat as the young girl takes the intersection, expecting to be slammed into by another car. God the joys of working with kids. "Glad to know you're in this fight till the end, Trixie. I'll be here as well, just waiting to die I guess. Or get biten. That sounds fun as well..yay. Or better yet, dealing with looters. Even bigger yay."
Trixie "Where would I go if I left? Family's dead, and the Guard doesn't like deserters. Doubt the PD would like me much better if I ran for the hills. So I guess I'm here until there's no more 'here'." Trixie smiles sadly. "Guess it's easier to stay put when you've got no choice. Not exactly how I wanted to go, but I guess Dad would be proud."
Her smile turns wry as she contemplates potential trouble ahead. "Rabid animals and people... what a cast list. At least looters don't bite. Usually."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell sighs and shakes his head sadly "Sorry to hear that, Trixie. RCPD wouldn't really judge you if you booked it though, I know I wouldn't. Things are going to hell more and more every day, best thing to do is leave while ya' can." he gives Trixie a brief hug and a pat on the back as best as he can over a seat. "Everyones already proud of you, your dad included i'm sure. But yeah..better load up on ammo and supplies while you can I guess."
Trixie "Don't have a truck and a couple hundred dollars lying around, do you?" Trixie asks wryly, with a helpless shrug.
Prestige William Caldwell William shakes his head for part of it "No truck, but I do have some money saved up." he smiles at her and laughs lightly, relaxing in his seat
Trixie "I'm kidding. I couldn't take your money... not and look in the mirror tomorrow without feeling guilty," Trixie replies, her sad smile returning. "I made a few preparations and packed up Dad's old truck, just in case I had to run, but I'm probably in this to the end. Just nothin' else for it. 'Sides... Dad would come up out of the grave and shoot me with my own S.T.A.R.S.-issue handgun if I did less than my duty."
Prestige William Caldwell William nods to Trixie Stix, giving her a smile. "Well, i'm glad you care about people, that's a good trait to have." he gently brushes off his uniform and sighs "I feel like it'd be better if you ran for it, no sense having more people die then we have to, yeah? I'm more than likely a throwaway soldier, i'm sure you could make a pretty good life for yourself." he smiles again at Pixie Trixie "I'm sure your dad would completely understand you wanting to live. In fact, i'm sure he'd encourage it."
Trixie "I'm... kinda on the fence about that. Think it would revolve around /how/ I ran for it, somehow," Trixie admits softly. "Don't ask me how it would work, 'cause I've got no idea. Unless it involved taking a truckload of endangered survivors out with me, maybe. Think he'd approve for sure then."