Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night January 23rd, 2006
Chateau de Night
9:00 AM

Due to a... minor, very unlikely incident a few days ago, Archene Night is bound to his bed, while about any visitor was disallowed to even come into the mansion grounds to see him. Esa Collins was among those who could come. He'd surely be guided directly to Archene's room on the highest floor of the Chateau, where Archene could be found lying on his bed with a casted leg and arm, his eyes closed as the TV on the opposite side of the room showed international news.

The room wherein Archene could be found was as luxurious as the rest of the mansion with light wooden tiles on the ground, an overly spacious bed, among a small variety of things.
Esa The guard had practically waved Esa by as he drove up in a F.B.C. issued vehicle. His face was familiar to most of the guards as he has spent so much time at the Chateau Night visiting Emma. Heading up the flight of stairs, he thought on how he was going to break the news to Archene. So much was going on, and so much more was bound to happen.

Upon entering the room, his eyes travelled to the television as he listens to repeated information about the take down of Umbrella Asia. they then shift to the man himself he has met once before. "Mister Night?" Comes the voice of Esa's escort, a female maid. "Mister Collins is here to see you."
Silent Night "Alright, Danna. You may leave us alone now." Archene nods at the maid, which promptly leaves the room, closing the door besides her. Archene looks up at Esa without sitting up, "What brings you here, Mr. Collins." Whatever pains he was feeling during the call a few days earlier, can't be heart in his voice anymore.
Esa Slipping his hands into his gabardine trench coat pockets, Esa says "Sitrep of sorts." He replies calmly as he takes a few steps further in, eyes examining the room carefully. "Emma surgery went well, though she did die on the table for a few minutes. She was in a comatose state for about two days and is awake now." there is a hesitant pause there, as if whatever he wants to say is harder to speak on then the former information. His eyes avoid contact with Archene. "There Is a complication."
Silent Night Archene nods at Esa, giving the man the attention he is due. A smile appears on his face as he hears of the success of the surgery, "I see, then in the least. I hope that her life is no longer in danger." He briefly sighs before asking, "What are the complications?"
Esa Esa sighs; it was hard for the man to speak the latter half of the news. Perhaps it was his feelings for her or maybe not wanting to cause too much grief for the man in front of him who was recuperating. Steeling his face, he looks toward Archene and says "She has suffered Traumatic Amnesia; doesn't recall who she is; hell, she doesn't know who anyone is, including her own family." A pause is given to allow that to sink in; then adds, "Whom are in town."
Silent Night "...I see," Archene seems... unaffected by the news, "Let them know that I'll be giving my full support in any way they may need. As it is, I still need another day or two before I can even use a wheelchair." He sighs, "Are there any other complications with her situations?"
Esa "Not that I have been informed of." Esa replies calmly "However, the doctors are looking to release her. They want her to come here and I believe her parents will want to inspect the place and meet you." He notes lightly.
Silent Night "I have no problem with her returning here, this has been her home after all. And I also have no problem meeting with her parents. I just hope to recieve a call a day before they come to at least be able to prepare things" Archene replies briefly.
Esa Esa gives a nod as he looks away from Archene quietly. "I will speak with her father and let him know." He replies calmly.
Silent Night "Thank you," Archene smiles slightly as the man looks away, "I hope that this isn't being too hard on yourself. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know."
Esa Esa smiles faintly as he looks back to Archene. "It's difficult to watch the woman I care deeply for go through this." He replies with a sigh. "Also, the F.B.C. is reviewing the car bombing. I will hopefully have some information for you in a few days' time." A small pause "And I will be out of country for a few days... I have a mess to clean up." He notes.
Silent Night "I know how bad that can be, but she will get better." Archene smiles softly, "Don't worry, just do what you can to make her life as plesant as possible." He pauses briefly, "As for the bombing, do give me as much information as soon as possible. Hopefully, it will be unrelated to the reason for me to be in bed as well." He nods, "Good luck cleaning up messes."
Esa Esa nods "Yeah, about that. Anything you can give me about how the hell you ended up looking like shit?" He asks bluntly, though a smile crosses his face. "May help to know, in case something does come up." He notes.
Silent Night "Umbrella assassins is the most I can give. The rest just looks like some stupid plot taken out of a movie." Archene sighs after replying.
Esa A quirking of the brow is given. "I see." He mulls that thought over for a moment. "Do you honestly think Umbrella would send an assassin after Emma?" He inquires; he knew of her time in Raccoon but not too much else. Just pieces she has told him over time.
Silent Night "Given that someone has, even after being recommended against, snooped at Umbrella?" Archene does seem to ponder on it for a moment before saying, "Very unlikely, except for the fact that now she isn't just 'any med student that survived Raccoon city' and sort of an important member of Terrasave that would be listenned if she spoke too loudly. Not that after all that happened to Umbrella Asia and Umbrella America it'd matter very much unless she found things she hasn't shared. And they found out she knew them" He sighs, "As far as I know she is an unprofitable target to attempt something against."
Esa Esa gave a nod. He frowns at this informational report given by Archene; saying "Which leads us to wonder why she was attacked, and more what was she attacked for." A glance to the television is given as the Umbrella Asia switches to a blurb about the FBC incident in Argentina. His face contorted to a deeper frown before disappearing.
Silent Night Archene sighs and nods, "Exactly. Hopefully, she will be able to recover soon, and enlighten us." He glances at the TV before looking at Esa, "The mess you will be fixing?"
Esa "Just a training accident that should not have happened; Lost a few good men." Esa replies quietly in a lie as he looks back to Archene. "And yeah, hopefully." He adds optimistically.
Silent Night Archene sighs and nods, before saying, "I see... I hope that all matters related to it are taken care as soon as possible in that case." He pauses for a moment, "I should be getting some rest before lunch now." He smiles softly at Esa, "Thank you for soming personally. It is appreciated."
Esa "Anything for a friend of Emma." Esa replies cordially. "If anything changes further, I will let you know." He adds as he steps back. "Have a great rest of your day."
Silent Night Archene nods at Esa and saying, "Thank you," he smiles briefly before continuing, "To you as well."