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Bob The hospital is neither too busy nor to quiet today. There's a few people mingling about in the hallways and waiting rooms. One of those people is Bob, seated quietly in a chair off by himself. There's clearly a lot on his mind as he slowly sips from a cup of coffee. The last few days have not been particularly kind to him. He's got a five o'clock shadow and looks rather exhausted, almost like the coffee and grit are the only things keeping him going.
Celeste Celeste walks into the hospital and as she is walking, she spots Bob. A hint of worry shows on her face as she notices the state he is in and begins to make her way towards him. Once she is close enough she says "Hey, Bob. How is she?" She had a right to worry about Emma, the woman was her leader after all, even if she did tend to go off on her own adventues.
Bob When someone greets him Bob manages to look up from his coffee to see who it is. Celeste gets a little wave, Bob barely moving his hand to do so. The presence of someone else gets him to move somewhat, at least enough to lean back in his seat so he can look up at her better, "Hey Celeste. She was sleeping last time I checked on her." There's a gesture towards the seat next to his, "She's got traumatic amnesia so her doctor says to give her plenty of space. She doesn't even remember who she is right now."
Celeste Celeste sits down next to Bob and sighs sadly as he updates her. "That is horrid.... Those fucking bastards.... Hopefully sleep will help her body recover. At least she isn't still in the coma... right?" is uttered from her lips as she looks down to the floor, watching her feet dangle.
Bob "I still don't know all the details about how it happened," Bob admits with a deep sigh, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees after another sip of coffee. "But yeah, she's out of the coma and out of the woods, so that's positive. And the more rest she gets the better for now." A deep sigh escapes him, "I'm still going to worry about her, though. She's one of the first friends I made when I got here."
Celeste Celeste gently leans against Bob and says "You have known her longer than I have. But I am terribly worried too. I am glad she is at least out of the really bad woods, even if still kinda in the woods. I suck at this stuff... I hate people getting hurt... and dying... part of why I am studying to be a medical doctor. So I can be like Emma..."
Bob "It's just a mess, is what it is," Bob says to Celeste with a deep frown on his face. "I hate when my friends get hurt, I always kind of take it personally, even though I know that it's got nothing to do with me." He lifts his chin in Celeste's direction, "How did you end up studying in Paris, anyway? You're from the states, right?"
Celeste Celeste nods softly and explains "I was studying aboard. Is how. On a scholarship. I almost have my degree to. Only a few months left." She then sighs softly and says "From Salem though. Originally. My French isn't the most fantatic. But I am trying to quickly pick up on it."
Bob "Studying abroad? Nice," Bob says before he stifles a yawn into his arm. "How much longer you got to go before you graduate and I'm calling you doctor Celeste instead of kiddo, or something else that'll piss you off?" he makes a joke her way, even gently elbowing her a little bit. "I'm from Philly, myself. And my French still sucks, but Emma's been..." Ugh. He has to stop to make sure he's got his emotions in control, "Emma had been helping me with it."
Celeste Celeste giggles a bit and asks "Did Trixie mention how I snapped at someone for calling me such things while I was working on Andrei? And only like a month and a half left, maybe even less." Her small hand begins to rub on Bob's back as she says "Me too... you know what would be best for her though? If we were more positive about the fact she will recover. Instead of being in sorrow about what happened. We still have her breathing with us and not six feet under."
Bob "No, haven't talked to her about that. Trixie and I hardly know each other, to be honest, we're usually assigned to different missions for whatever reason," Bob explains to Celeste with a bit of a chuckle sent her way. When she rubs his back he seems to go with it, an affectionate touch being what he needs right now, "I know she's going to get better, in all likelihood. Doesn't make the waiting easier, though. It just sucks to be helpless." He straightens himself up a little bit, "But I'm happy she's not dead and she should make a full recovery physically."
Celeste Celeste nods and says "I didn't know that about you and Trixie. I sometimes wander about with her but Buck prefers I not go dangerous places unless he is with me." Her hand continues to rub on Bob's back as she continues to say "Exactly, count the blessings, I am sure her memory will come back. The brain just needs time to heal. She may not get all of it back but I am sure that soon enough bits of it will turn up."
Emma Emma has improved. Vitals are strong, and pretty much regular. Most machines have been removed, and hell, she even tried food. Or well, broth. It's all a good step forward. Physical recovery will take a while, as well as mental, it seems.

Still a bright spot to this is that she is recovering, and as a bonus, they hooked her up with a wheelchair. Still in no condition to push herself, the door to her room opens via a nurse, who then pushes the red head out. The broken leg of hers is rested up, and her opposite arm, broken too, rests at her side. The bandage around her head is off, revealing a stream of stitches going down the side. By some miracle, no shaving needed to happen. Beside her is the roller-stand, attached to that her IV and painkillers. The nurse say something in French. The doctor replies in French, totally unaware that she even knew it! So the look of surprise on her face is amazing. Her memory is still gone, so everything I new.
Bob "If I were him I'd prefer you not go to dangerous places at all, but to each their own," Bob replies to her with a soft little shrug of his shoulders. "And you guys can invite me along if you want someone else to watch your six. I need distractions when I can get them." The two of them sit side by side in some chairs near Emma's room, the intention being to give her some space to relax despite Bob's clear desire to check on her all the damn time. He tells Celeste, "Traumatic amnesia has a pretty high recovery rate so I'm not overly concerned. And if she still doesn't come all the way back I'm sure she'll still be an awesome person."

Then Emma appears and Bob's face grows a huge grin, so happy is he to see her. He starts to get out of his seat, then stops himself about halfway up. It's unusual for Bob to be this unsure of himself, but as he is he has to think for a second before making up his mind to finish standing up. Still with a smile on his face he waves towards Emma, turning his head slightly to take a look at the sutures on her head, examining his work with a keen eye.
Celeste Celeste nods softly and says "I have to make sure he doesn't die. I'm kinda his personal medic more or less. Though I eventually want to have a practice of my own. And I will let Buck know that. An extra set of eyes is always a good thing. And I think you are right Bob."

When Emma appears, her smile shows as she begins to slip out of her seat. She looks to Bob and says "As long as we don't hover about her I think she will be ok." She begins to walk towards Emma as she says "Hey Emma. I know you don't remember me right now. But I am Celeste. We work together sometimes. How are you feeling?"
Emma Emma's grey-green eyes show total confusion, and weariness. Being one of the doctors in this building, there are so many kind greetings from unfamiliar faces, but they are given a stiff unsure smile in return, it's the least she can do.

Looking over to Bob, eyes fix on him a second, recalling him as one of the men who are in and out of her room, a man who is said to be her friend. As he examines the stitches, which are doing great, her eyes examine him. "'e - ello," Begins the Scottish lass, in her thick Scottish accent. "Yer well, aye?" The nurse steps away, knowing Bob well enough to know that her grabbing some papers off the desk a foot away isn't a bad thing.

Shifting attention to Celeste, the woman is regarded curiously, but there is no recognition now. Still, a tired smile is given to her, with a faint nod. "H - handlin' thins well 'bout 'ere?" Being told she is a doctor, the lass is trying to fit into that roll, a little, but is going about it awkwardly. "Must be - be chaos, an' all that."
Bob "I think you and he are both a couple of mother fuckers, but you're alright people and I don't want anything bad to happen to you," Bob says to Celeste, smiling now that Emma's out and about. He even gives the tiny person a little pat on the shoulder. "Okay," He tells her when she reminds him not to hover. And he does give Emma her space, trying not be right up on her. When she greets him he says, "Hello, Emma. I'm Bob." A big smile for her, "I'm doing well." He still looks exhausted but now that he sees Emma out of bed he seems to be telling the truth. "How are you?"
Celeste Celeste makes a so-so motion with her hand as she says "More or less yes. But things will manage soon enough. You just need to worry about getting better." She looks and shrugs "I just like to do research."
Emma "Mo - mother fuckers?" Emma asks Bob, confused as ever. Who is? What is? Her world is full of such innocence right now. The nurse that wheeled her out in the wheelchair returns, and stands quietly with some papers for a second. "'ello, Bob. Yer 'round lots, hm? We - we're friends, aye? I am, I dunno." It'll take time, and a couple rounds of reassurance for her to feel like this is true and, well to come around to what she has been through.

Looking to Celeste there is a nod, with a frown. "I - I am nat worried, ya'know, scared really." And that's mostly for herself.

"Has anyone seen her parents?" The nurses says, catching a moment to talk. The group is outside of Emma's room, the lass being in a wheelchair, her broken left leg up, her broken right arm at her side, bruises all over her body, and stitches down the side of her head. Also, she looks pale, and those freckles are all the stronger from it.

"In the next day or two, the doctor wishes for her to go see her home, if thing go well, to try to help her memory return." And the red head frowns. "Home? Where - where is home?"
Esa Wearing his gabardine trench coat, Esa walks into the hospital quietly and proceeds to the elevator. Within a few minutes he is let out on the floor where Emma was staying. Hands in his pockets, he makes his way down towards them quietly.
Bob "It's cool. I don't blame you. I mean, I was there that night, right?" Bob asks Celeste, giving her a friendly little chuckle. "If I had an issue with it I'd have said something at the time." And then his attention's back on Emma, "Not you, Emma. It's an insult, but the way I meant it was designed more to be... something else, I guess. That word has a lot of uses." And then he nods his head several times, "Yeah. You and I hang out a lot, once a week or more. We go on little adventures and check out the touristy things around town and you tell me about them." When the nurse asks about parents Bob says, "I'll call them and have them right here." He looks at Emma once more, "They'd love to see you again. They're sweet people and they just want to take good care of you." His hand reaches into his pocket to get his phone so he can call Ramsay's number. His non cell phone hand comes up to cut a wave in Esa's direction when he spots the fellow, but then he's busy making a call.
Celeste Celeste offers a sincere smile as she says "I can understand that but we are here if you need us Emma. I am sure Buck would be willing to make sure are kept safe too if I ask him nicely." Her attention then returns to Bob as she says "I figured you woulda said something and couldn't have offered to come along to help watch out 6 if you have a problem with it." Her attention then looks to the unfamiliar face of Esa and she offers a wave hello.
Buck Rogers Buck had received a note from Celeste earlier in the day saying she was coming to the hospital-- a note pinned to the fridge with a thin happy face magnet. "Going to check up on Emma," he reads aloud, half-forming the words and trailing off. "Please come meet me there." His lips purse into a straight line of concentration, brow furrowed, as he peels the magnetic sticker off, letting the paper drop to the floor. "Well hey there, little guy," he says to it, pinching either side of it between both his thumbs and forefingers. He bends it this way and bends it that way, rolling it into a tube. "Aw, don't frown," he commands, once he's turned it upside-down. "Come on. Let's go see the nurse."

As he enters the hospital, all done up in his wealthy man's outfit, Buck's broad arms are filled with flowers. A giant's handful of bouquets that wrap him in a flowery perfume, and draw a few eyes as he waltzes around, directed by a helpful nurse with red hair (she reminds him of someone) to the room. He doesn't yet know what the problem is, exactly, but as he blasts through the doorway with all commotion, he figures he'll understand quick. "Honey, I'm hooome."
Emma "We - we do?" Of course Emma doesn't recall this, but she'll accept the information. "Do I like tha sights or somethin'?" Unsure what her likes and dislikes are, the lass can only guess right now.

She looks to Celeste and raises a brow. "Who - who is Buck?" And when the others spot Esa her head turns that way, only watching him in an unaware fashion.

Behind him comes Buck, and her head tilts back some, the guy is tall. And if anything, a little frightening. "Ah - um, who, who be you?" Asks the lass, totally unsure.
Esa Esa looks to Buck with a heavy frown "Dude, grow the fuck up." He said crisply before his head shakes "Jesus, this ain't some fucking game. She's got amnesia for Christ sake." He turns and walks away to cool off.
Bob Esa's approach and then sudden walk off has Bob pointing to him for Emma's benefit, "Emma, that's Esa. He's another friend of ours."

The sound of Buck entering the area catches Bob a little bit off guard and he whirls around to see what the hell the noise is about. When he spots the big guy bearing flowers he lets out a low chuckle, "Yo Buck." And then he even gives an introduction between Emma and Buck, "Emma, this is Buck. You guys have known each other for a while." Bob is Mr. Helpful.

When he looks back to Emma Bob nods at her, "Yeah, sweetie." There's an unusually gentle tone to his voice. "You're really smart and you like to show me around. We sometimes have deep conversations, too, and I like to reassure you that you're a great person."

Finally he seems to get ahold of someone on the phone, "Hey Ramsay. Emma's doing great. We're just doing some talking so if you guys want to come up and visit now's the time."
Celeste Celeste points to Buck when he brights in with the flowers and says "He is Buck." When Esa makes his comments, she looks nervously, if she had cat ears they would be flat. Then she is looking to Bob as he speaks on the phone, then she walks over to Buck and says "Hey hunny, it was nice of you to bring flowers."
Buck Rogers With an idle look toward Esa as he walks off, Buck huhs. "Who was that?" But the curiosity fades as quickly as it came; in the end, he doesn't really care. Arms full of flowers, he scans the room looking for a place to set the bushels down before he smells like a garden all week, leaving only a single carnation clutched between his fingers. "Amnesia's a terrible thing," he says, flashing a smile to Celeste and approaching Emma's bedside. The giant lowers the gillyflower to the ginger's chest. "You wound me, beautiful," he says with the stoniest of faces, reaching down to gingerly pat her head. Gingerly-- he's not looking to reinjure her. "All those years spent together in holy matrimony, and a little disaster's all it takes to make you forget?" A click of his tongue, but then the stone of his countenance breaks into a warm grin. "Well, it'll come back to you. You just focus on getting better now."
Emma Emma watches Esa go for a moment. She knew him as the guy who sat by her bed a lot, but now he just.. left. Having to take Bob's word for it, eyes move back to him, there is a slow, small nod. His description of her leaves her a tad quiet, because she can't believe it. "If - if ya say, so." The lass says softly, eyeing Buck a moment, after she had glanced to Celeste.

It's a perfect moment for her family to come up and hear what the giant had said. They are a few feet away, all stopped, jaws dropped. "-What-?" Says Ramsay, her father, blown away and protective of his daughter. "Are ya a liar, son?" He isn't afraid to square off with Buck. "She'd of told us if she be married an' all, who are ya?"
Bob "I mean it, Emma. I think you're an amazing lady and I happily spend much of my time with you," Bob says to her with a big, friendly smile on his face, trying to reassure her. "When you're feeling a little better I can show you around if you would like." The confrontation between Buck and Emma's dad has Bob starting to laugh a little bit, amusement clearly evident in the way he watches them. He'll let this matter sort itself out.
Celeste Celeste's jaw drops as Buck tells the lies to Emma. She pouts and crosses her arms over her chest and glares at Buck. She mutters to Ramsey "He is my boyfriend... and I dunno why he is telling those lies..." the sound of upsetness can be heard in her voice.
Buck Rogers Buck's laughter is loud and sincere. "They always told me good humor's important when recovering," he says, reaching over to sweep an arm around Celeste when he sees her pout. "Christ, you're all so dour. She ain't dead, laugh a little." He leans in and presses a kiss to the gothloli's crown, rubbing the scent of flowers off on her. "Sorry, Emma, but you're not my type. You really can't remember a thing, huh? Must have clobbered your noggin hard. We knew each other back in Raccoon City-- wouldn't call us friends, but I've always kept an eye on you. Helped you out here and there when you get in trouble."
Bob "He's just joking. I don't know the guy super well, but he's like a giant, walking sense of humor," Bob offers to Celeste with a gently pat on the shoulder to hopefully get her feeling a little bit better. His attention is directed at Emma's family next, "I wouldn't take him seriously, folks. Like I was saying to Celeste here, he's just trying to be funny. Maybe cheer her up." And then he goes on to do introductions, "Buck, Celeste, this is Ramsay, Sarah and Lennon, Emma's parents and eldest brother."
Celeste Celeste's pouts fades once Buck picks her up and kisses on her crown. Her smile slowly returning as she murmurs "We are all just worried is all Buck. I mean she was in a coma which was pretty scary." Her hands grasping onto his trenchcoat as she says "It is nice to meet you all. I wish it were under better circumstances."
Buck Rogers "She's a scrapper," Buck declares, waving a hand toward the carnation-bearing redhead. "It takes more than that to off a survivor'a Raccoon City." Setting Celeste down easy, the man strides toward Emma's father, hand put out for an ogre-strong shake. "Buck Rogers, sir," he introduces, looking down at Ramsay. "I was a cop back then with your daughter." Buck Rogers, former Raccoon cop, is a name known to anyone who follows American media or celebrity gossip-- after all, he's still the first and most famous person to speak out on the disaster there, with book and movie deals and sensational nation-wide appearances galore. "She's a hell of a doctor."
Bob The greetings going on now that things have seemed to calm down have Bob looking more relaxed. He's even got a cup of coffee nearby which he picks up to drink from, finishing it off and tossing the cup into a nearby trash can. Then he's quiet, resting his hip against a nearby counter to watch the other folks do their thing.
Esa Esa quietly slips back into the area, hands still in his gabardine trench coat. He sees that the parents have finally made it and a faint smile is given. as he looks to Emma; eyes lingering on her before looking away. To her parents, he says "How are you two doing?"
Emma Emma had, after a time, been taken to the side with her parents, and they all would be talking, with the nurse. She's discussing the idea of taking the doctor home in short spurts to try to help bring her memory around. Once that is done, the group is joined again.

Ramsay would of nodded to Buck, and clasp Bob on the shoulder after, then look to Esa, along with his wife, who greet him with a smile.

"'ello, Esa." The red head says to him, and then looks to the others a bit. "Wh - where is home?"
Celeste Celeste remains quiet as others talk, looking about and finding a chair to sit in. Climbing up to sit on it. Her eyes flitting from person to person as they speak.
Buck Rogers With a roll of his shoulders, Buck walks over to Celeste, snatching up one of the handful of bouquets he bought and placing it on her lap. "That one's for you, princess," he murmurs, placing another kiss atop her head, before straightening. "Alright. Room's feeling a little crowded, and I've got things to do. Glad to see you're doing well, Emma." Two fingers tap his temple and cut to the redhead in idle salute, and the big man turns, making his way toward the doorway. "Rest'a you keep an eye on her."
Bob "Alright, Buck. Take care of yourself," Bob tells the big man before his attention is reabsorbed by giving an affectionate pat to Ramsay and a smile back to Sarah, clearly pleased to see the folks. Then he turns to Emma herself and smiles, "Well, you live out in the country with your horse and another friend of yours."
Esa "It is the Chateau De Night. Just outside of Paris." Esa speaks softly to her parents, but his eyes were on Emma as he spoke; a fond kind look upon his face. A fond, happy smile crosses his face at the memories of her and him out at the place; of the horses and stable duties he's done a few times. "I can drive you over some time. Sir Archene Night actually owns the property." He adds gently as he looks from Emma to her parents with the same fondness "I can also introduce you two to him and show you the property. Pretty sure it will remind you somewhat of your land in Scotland."
Emma Emma looks to Buck as he leaves, and gives a small wave. He has left her more confused, even if it was a joke, the lass wonders a little, how long they have known each other for such an ease of joke to be made.

Eyes move between Bob and Esa, they both seem to know about where she lives. "H -- horse, I gotta horse?" No way her mind can connect to that, or believe it. "Sir?" She asks Esa that, looking away from Bob.

"I live with - with others? Who?"
Celeste Celeste hugs the flower bouquet close to her chest and softly says "Emma, I hope you feel better. I am going to let you all talk but. Bob has my number if you want to ask me anything." She looks to all the others and says "I hope everyone will be well. I have to do more research for one of my papers."
Bob "Yeah, you told me about it before. And you have a very large dog, but they're being taken good care of," Bob says to Emma with a side smile as he makes his way towards a nearby chair to grab a seat and relax. He's pretty tired and it's starting to show again as Bob yawns into his arm and shakes his head a little bit to clear it. "Emma, I can't tell you how glad I am that you're awake and talking and everything. You're just so special and when you were first hurt it broke my heart."
Esa Esa rubs the back of his neck gently "Er yes. The residence belongs to one Archene Night; a friend of yours from Raccoon City. Dubbed a Knight by the Queen of England not too long ago and works for Tricell." He tells her softly. Another pause and he adds in "And yes, you have a horse. A Camargue; a very gorgeous, stubborn French breed." He notes fondly, the warmth of a smile crossing his face as he tells her.
Emma Emma regards Bob thoughtfully, taking in what he says, processing it. "Th - thank ya." The lass speaks, quietly, not knowing why she is so special, and perhaps not even believing it. Her parents are quiet, while they regard the man as well.

"Aye, ya got a horse, ya love horses." Ramsay adds in, nodding and following along to what Esa had said, when his daughter looks their way. "I've not yet met this Archene, nor has yer mother, but we heard tons. From you."

As for Emma, she blinks. "I - I see, horses sound scary." That's the oddest thing to come out of her mouth, given that the girl is an animal lover to the bottom of her heart. "Do - do ya all ride then? An' why do I live with this, Archene?" Her grey-green eyes move to each of them.
Bob "You're welcome," Bob tells Emma with noticeable hint of emotion in his voice, even though he's trying to keep it tamped down. His hands move to rest on the arms of his chair, waiting quietly while she sorts out questions she's asking. The others there are better equipped to answer than he is.
Esa Esa smiles fondly to Emma "You actually showed me how to ride." He recalls quietly "On a horse named Duka actually." He notes "He offered you a place to stay in Paris while you did your residency here in this hospital to become a Doctor." He adds gently.
Emma "I see." Emma replies, thinking this over, as to why she lives with this 'Archene'. At best, she'll need to accept it.

To Bob she glances and nods some. "Ya - ya know, I dun know how any of us met." She asks suddenly, of Esa and Bob.
Bob "Well, you and I met in a bar one night," Bob starts to explain to Emma with a little smile after a moment of thought. "You were watching soccer and had your dog, Shamus, with you. We ended up talking about medical stuff. We ran into each other a few times after that and became friends and started hanging out intentionally." His smile gets bigger, "And you treated me when I've got hurt, too."
Esa Esa smiles gently "We met up one day after you got off work." He replies quietly with fondness as he recalls. "We talked briefly, exchanged numbers.." The smile fades slightly as the facade he hides behind cracks. "We hung out a few days later.. and you kicked my butt at Super Mario World... Then there was.." He pauses, as tears were forming in his eyes and looks away, shifting a bit as he took out his cell to look at something; but more using it to hide the emotions from Emma, though her parents might see it better.
Emma The story Bob tells gets her attention, and Emma frowns a little. "I see. An' I went with ya ta, places, and taught ya things?" She asks, a little unsure on that, she can't imagine herself being smart about for something like that. "We talked medical? Yer a - a doctor to then? Sounds like a - nice way ta meet someone." It does.

Then Esa gives his story, and he is give a glance, and a frown too. Sure, that head of hers may be blank, but, she can see the emotion. "Ya - ya okay?" Asks the lass worridly, passing a glance to the others. Ramsay and Sarah frown too, Sarah going to give Esa's shoulder a squeeze.
Bob "You taught me all kinds of cool stuff about a variety of things," Bob tells Emma with a big smile, pleased that she's retaining the new information that's going her way. "You're very well educated and knowledgeable. It's a joy to spend time with you." And then he shakes his head and laughs a little bit, "Not a doctor. Or a licensed physician, at least. I'm a combat medic. We talk about trauma care since that's my area of expertise. And it was quite a nice way to meet. We get along very well."
Esa Esa looks to Sarah and nods slightly to her as he slid the phone away. "Sorry." He whispers to her and looks to Emma "Just.. ya know, hard." He adds, whispering as he looks back to Sarah, giving an apologetic smile as he does so.
Emma "Aye," Ramsay adds in, to what Bob said. "An' ya dance, an' sing too. And ya do a fine job of it to, so ya'know. Ya loved animals, and were shyer than any child I could remember, but in yer sweet, kind sort of way." He leans down to place a kiss on his daughters head, out of habit. That isn't rejected, though, Emma smiles a little, and nods to Bob and her father.

Looking to her mother, and Esa, a brow lifts curiously. "Ya - ya okay?" Asks the lass of Esa, not understanding his strong emotion.
Bob "Exactly. I've heard you sing before and you're great at it," Bob agrees with Ramsay to try to boost Emma's feelings however he might be able to. "You are shy, too. But it's adorable, makes me want to make you blush." There's a soft chuckle at that statement. He looks over at Esa, giving the other fellow an understanding nod, trying to let him know that he's also there for him should he need it.
Esa Esa looks to Sarah and smiles weakly "Care to get a cup of coffee?" He asks gently.
Emma Emma watches Esa and her so called mother a moment, but her attention snaps to Bob. "Ya - ya have?" She asks, startled, and even more so when he mentions how he likes to make her blush. Almost on cue, that happens, and true to her nature she looks down in her shy way. Of course, she doesn't realize this is a habit of hers, but for now, it's a totally new reaction. It makes Ramsay laugh a little.

"Of course dear," Says Sarah, in her warm, sweet way. "We'll be back soon, I know Emma is in good hands." That kind smile is given to Bob and her husband, before an arm would wrap around Esa's so they can go get coffee.
Bob "Oh yeah. New Years Eve there was a party at the bar where we met," Bob tells Emma with a big smile, leaning on his chair so that he's a little bit closer to her. "You got up on stage and did some singing, even dragged some other people up there with you, but you were the best." As Emma starts to blush Bob starts to grin, so amused is he. A sigh escapes from him, though it's warm and happy sounding, full of relief.
Emma "I -- I sang at a bar?" Emma asks, her jaw drops. Ramsay has taken a seat next to his daughter, and laughs. "Aye, yer a Scot." He says, shaking his head in an amused way. But his daughter is still red, and she looks down shyly still. "Ram -- papa? Ramsay?" Eyes move from Bob, to her 'father', who seems to take the switch up in names in stride, having come to terms with understanding that his daughter doesn't remember him either. Even if it hurts. "We - we're from Scotland, aye?" Duh, she has a Scottish accent. "Bob where ya from then?" She asks him.
Bob "Yeah, it was after we played some drinking games, too," Bob says to Emma with a big, happy smile on his face, settling back in his seat some more. Telling her this seems to amuse him greatly. His attention then turns to Ramsay and Bob says, "Philadelphia. I spent my whole life in the city until I joined the army. Got to travel a bit, got stationed in Kentucky, Texas and Georgia and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan."
Emma "Drinkin' games?" Emma asks, wanting to know more.

Her and her father listen as Bob talk, getting to know the guy and all. "Sounds like ya had a good run." Ramsay says, with a slow nod. "Lennon has been.. well, many places himself, he doesn't say much 'bout that, though." He shrugs, but Emma tilts her head a little. "Any family at all? They must be worried sick."
Bob "We played a game called quarters which involves bouncing coins into a glass. Those that scored didn't drink while those that failed to score had to take a drink," Bob quickly explains the rules to Emma. "When you're feeling all better I'll show you how to play."

Relaxed, he responds to Ramsay with his own nod. "Yeah, it's been a good opportunity to travel for a little bit, even if the places I go aren't very tourist friendly," Bob jokes with a little smile. And on the subject of family he smiles, "Yeah. I've got my mom and dad and three siblings back in Philly. Never been married and don't have any kids." And then his shoulders shrug, "They worry about me but we correspond a lot. We email each other a lot, I've been taking pictures of some of the stuff out here and they like seeing them."
Emma "Oh -- okay." Emma says to Bob, and nods, she really isn't sure what this game is, but at least it sounds fun.

As for Ramsay, with his daughter, he listens to what Bob has to say, with interest. He sits back against the chair. "So son, what be yer goal in life then? Ta continue ta serve, see tha world? Or are ya wantin' a family, ta settle down eventually?" Yup, typical father.
Bob "You'll enjoy it. Though you might need to be a little drunk to get the most out of it," Bob tells Emma with a wink, reassuring her the best that he can. He's back to Ramsay in a moment, looking thoughtful when asked those questions, "I intend to stay in the service. I've never really wanted to do anything else, but I've got tentative plans for school to become a physician's assitant when I get too old to keep soldiering." He thinks further before giving up more answers, "I'd love to get married and have kids someday, but I need to make sure it's with the right woman."
Emma Ramsay nods slowly, and pats Bob on the shoulder. "Sounds like a good plan for a future, son." He comments, rubbing his scruffy beard idly. "Ya know, I never planned ta marry, not till I met Sarah. I went to British Columbia, she was studyin' ta be a doctor. And well, my plans changed." He shrugs some, and looks to Emma then. "She's our only girl to, we were sure she was ta be a boy, but we got a girl. We were gonna try till we got a girl, ended up with five kids, a real hord!"

Emma lifts a brow, and listens to them talk, taking it all in. "I have -- have four older brothers?" She sounds amazed.
Bob "Thanks," Bob says to Ramsay with a big grin, easing back in his seat and looking relaxed. "That's nice. I bet it's hard to keep to a plan once you fall in love," He says with a chuckle, clearly enjoying the conversation. "Five kids is a lot. I thought my parents were crazy for having four," Bob jokes with Ramsay. "You seemed to do very well with them, though. Your kids, those I've met at least, turned out pretty good."
Emma Ramsay looks to Emma, and then to Bob. "For us, family is everythin' ya'know, I can't imagine a life without kids, even if they make ya wanna pull yer bloody 'air out." He laughs some. "It ain't easy, ta be honest, but, ya give tham a chance to live, and watch them take off."
Bob "I can understand that. It seems like a nice life you've got, though," Bob says with a small smile, giving Emma a glance himself. He smiles her way to remind the young lady that he's still thinking of her. "I'm not sure how many kids I'd like to have. That'll depend a lot on whoever I end up with, really. I think I'll be a decent role model. I like taking care of people, after all, and teaching things."
Emma Emma shrugs a little. "I -- I have no idea." She replies, because she really, really doesn't have any idea.

Ramsay nods some himself. "Ya may be son, ya may be. But this is some words of wisdom for ya, kids are chaos, wonderful, but chaos, be ready, because it's a wary yer never gonne win." He winks, and laughs.
Bob "You've got a lot of friends, a good job and I think you're pretty great all around, for what it's worth," Bob tells Emma softly. Then he returns to speaking to Ramsay, giving the older guy a chuckle, "Ah well, I've got some time to get ready for it. It'll take some getting used to, but I think it'll be worth it. Plus, I'm sure it'll be good for me after what me and my siblings put our folks through."