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Emma It's been a day since Emma was taken off life support, vitals are doing well, she seems to be getting stronger. People had been visiting in shifts. The rain still comes down the morning like the last, grey and wet.

Everyone had been asked to leave some time ago. They needed to bathe her, check stithes, do some testing. It's normal procedure really. And not something they with visitors to be there for.

So those around - being her parents and bother, went to the cafeteria to get brrakfast while they waited.

Nobody mentioned when they were done, and so Emma was left alone for some time. And just as fate would have it, that is when the lass rose from her slumber, going from darkness to the cold brightness of the room, to the beeping of machines. Who knows how long she has been awake. Unable to really move, she resigned herself to staring out the window to the rain, lost in a world of confusion and fear.
Esa Esa came back from the cafeteria after about an hour of time. and stopped at the desk. He chatted up with one of the local nurses whom informed him that they were finished a little while ago and he could proceed inside.

Giving a nod, he smiles gently and went to Emma's room again. the door opens quietly and he steps through; closing it gently behind him. Turning, he walks over to her bedside and stops half way there. "Em.. Emma?" He calls out and moves quickly to her side "Hey, can you hear me?" He says as he looks down to her, seeing her awake. He quickly fishes his phone out of his pocket and sends a text message to her father before slipping it away again. "It's okay; you were in an accident. You're at the hospital." He said calmly to her, a hand gently taking hers in a reassuring manner.
Bob Back and forth from the QZ, Bob's been busy putting in some work to help fill the time while he awaited Emma waking up. But then curiosity got the best of him and he found himself drawn back to the hospital. It's good timing too, as he approaches the room he hears Esa talking to her already. There's a gentle knock at the door before Bob enters, wearing a big smile as he says quietly, "Hey!"
Emma It's as sudden as there was light, that Esa is there. Eyes slowly move to him, mixed with fear and confusion. There is little she can say, Bob enters to and the confusion grows. Her body doesn't feel right, the lass can only accept that she is in hospital. Eyes move between them, and with a dry, raspy voice she finally speaks.

"Who are - are ya? Who am I?"
Esa Esa looks to Bob with concern before looking back to Emma again. "You are Emma O'Connal. You were in a very bad accident and brought to the Hospital Saint-Louis. I am Esa Collins; a good friend of yours." He gestures to bob "That is Bob Delgado; another good friend." He tells her in a gentle, smooth and reassuring tone of voice.
Bob "Yeah Emma," Bob agrees with Esa's re-introduction, nodding gently in Emma's direction as he enters the room the rest of the way, a very clear furrow in his brow. He gets a little closer to the bed but doesn't want to crowd the young lady so he ends up hovering a few feet away.
Emma This information doesn't help, at all. The fear is growing in her eyes now, they move between Esa and Bob. "Who - who is Emma?" This doesn't seem good.

Just then the door opens and in enters her family. Right away her mother goes to her side, happy tears in her eyes. Her father does the same, and Lennon stands by Bob.

"My darling little girl.." Says her mother happily, but that is crushed when Emma gives her reply.

"Who - who are ya all?"

The look on her families faces show just how much they look side swiped.
Esa Esa looks to the mom with a sympathetic look before looking to Bob "Get the doctor." He says and looks back to Sarah. "I think the accident has caused trauma to her brain. Could be localized amnesia or .. temporary amnesia.." He wishes he knew more about medical diagnosis.
Bob Yeah, there's no good way to handle a situation like this. Bob's left without anything to say or do to be helpful except to do as Esa asks and go fetch the physician, "It's probably just traumatic amnesia, but I'll let the doc explain all that." And he's headed for the door to go find somebody.
Emma Bob leaves to get the doctor, and would return minutes later. Having been updated, the doctor would swoop in, making everyone step back.

From there, he'd examine Emma. "Do you remember your name, what you do," He asks her, to which she shakes her head. "Do you remembe your friends and family?" Another shake of her head, marked wih a few tears. The lass ia frightened. "It's okay, you're safe." He assures her and turns to everyone. "Let's give her a minute and go step outside and talk."
Esa Esa nods to the doctor, turning and heads for the door. His face shows deep concern and sympathy for the family; as well for Emma. As he approaches the door, he shifts to look at her again and gave a soft smile before stepping out.
Bob At the doctor's instruction Bob leaves Emma' room so she can be alone for a while. Once he's out in the hallway he leans against the wall out there and slides his hands into his pants pockets. It's not time for Bob to speak yet, better that he listen to Emma's doctor.
Emma Right now, everyone is standing in the hallway outside of Emma's bedroom. A nurse had gone in, to tend to the woman while they all talk. Her parents are here. Ramsay her father, a gruff looking Scot with a greying beard and red hair. Her mother Sarah, a blonde sweet woman, and Lennon, the eldest son, and military. With them is Esa and Bob.

"I would suspect that is traumatic amnesia." The doctor says to the group, looking serious. "It could be a few days, a few weeks, we don't know. She took very serious head trauma, we will need to be gentle with helping her. There will be a lot of fear, and uncertainty right now. So don't pressure her, take it slow."
Esa Esa gave a nod of understanding and folded his arms against his chest. A soft sigh is given as he steps back and leans against the wall. His eyes linger over to the O'Connal's as he said, "I may have to go out of town for a few days; but I'm around if you need anything at all. I will help in whatever way I can."
Bob Bob listens closely to the doctor, nodding a long a few times while the guy fills them in. The look of concern on his face doesn't go anywhere, he's too worried not to show it. His hands come out of his pockets so that he can gesticulate a little bit while he talks, "You guys can count on me, too. If work doesn't need me just give me a call and I'll be around."
James Scott It's around this time a figure dressed in black turns down the hall and makes his way toward those gathered outside Emma's room. It quickly becomes apparent to Bob and Esa that one James Scott has finally made his appearance. To Emma's family it's a taller male who could be nineteen or twenty-five with a visible neck tattoo. He's dressed in black slacks, shined shoes, a crisp button-down, and a black leather coat.

"So, she's awake then." He looks relieved. "That's positive." His one eye moves to the unfamiliar faces and he gives them a slight nod. "You must be Emma's family, I've heard a lot about you. I'm James, I met Emma in Raccoon, way back when the world was normal."
Emma Ramsay sighs heavily. "Thank ya'doc." He says in his thick Scottish accent. The doctor nods to them and departs, going down the hall to his next patient. Sarah looks to Esa with a small smile. "Don't yoy worry sweetie, we'll keep an eye on her too. Nothing will happen with us around." But Ramsay and Lennon are a little more tense, it's clear she doesn't know what actually happened yet. "I'll shoot ya an call or message, Bob." Ramsay says to him.

When James arrives the family looks to him. "Nice ta meet ya son." Ramsay says to James in a fatherly way. "Oh, yes, Emma mentioned you a few times, a pleasure." Sarah adds. As for Lennon, he gives a nod in greeting.
Esa Esa gives a soft gentle smile back to Sarah along with a nod. Looking to Ramsay, he nods "Alright, thank-you." With James arrival, he looks to him and gives a simple nod and a "Hey James; glad to see you got my text message."
Bob "Hey James," Bob greets the newcomer evenly, glad to see another friendly face. "Yeah. Anything I can do," He says to Ramsay with a nod before he looks towards Emma's door next to them. It's clear that things are getting to him. Between the excitement and happiness of seeing her wake up and the concern and disappointment when he learned of her amnesia. Mostly, Bob just looks really thoughtful.
James Scott "Good to meet you." James nods once more, before falling quiet to take the news in. His gaze moves over to Esa as he speaks, "Yeah, I put on my coat and came right away. Just glad she's alright, I'm sure she'll be back to her usual self in no time. Don't know many people as strong as her."
Emma The nurse comes out of Emma's room, and closes the door gently. "She was given a mild sedative, it will let her sleep for a few hours, it can be quite traumatic to wake and not know who or where you are. We'll be sending in a therapist at some point to help. As things are improving, you can all go rest while she sleeps." The nurse says this to them all and then departs.

Lennon moves to stand by the door, acting like a guard for his sister.

"I think the hardest battle will be getting her memory back." Sarah says, sad and crushed. "She doesn't know who any of us are. My little girl." Her head turns, and a few tears are shed into her husbands shoulder.